Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) – Lesson #05 –Introduction to Memes

There are the common memes spread via the Internet, often through social media, that are funny images paired with a concept or catchphrase. They’re called internet memes. But, these are just the top of the meme iceberg. There’s a lot more going on with the real power and behaviour of memes than just trivial internet jokes.

• Click here to view this lesson’s tutorial (43 mins). For context note that the time of filming was prior to COVID-19 to be declared a pandemic …

DFQ #05: What, in your opinion, was the most useful idea you got from this lesson?

PS If you are into memes here’s some further reading – my fastbook Antidote! – a 15 min read. For context note that the time of publication was before COVID-19 was to be declared a pandemic …

25 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) – Lesson #05 –Introduction to Memes

  1. Very interesting indeed. Now I am thinking about memes. I wonder how we can amplify the purpose of our organisation – how can we create a meme or a memeplex that transfers our internal organisational culture to the external eco-system – via our customers – to “infect” and “acquire” people to our culture and purpose

  2. DFQ from Jo:
    I enjoyed learning about the true meaning of “memes”, however what I found most helpful from this video was the examples of applied BVS thinking, in particular the example of the marathon race plan

  3. The 15 billion years got me confused…were you instigating a meme with an obvious error or going along the lines of people hours (e.g. 1 person takes 8 hours so 2 people take 4). Anyways, Dawkins memes and genes are excellent models to view the world (a BVS no less!). I see how this could be useful in selling science, something scientists are notoriously not good at. In the running of science, I’d still like to think that the important idea is greater than the most memorable though there are countless counter examples (e.g. VHS vs Beta).

  4. Didn’t know so much powerful a meme can be and make a strong impact!!!
    Antidote is showing a realist way to see it.

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