Keynotes to Audiences

Associations, Government, Educational, Sales and Business audiences of all mixes, types and sizes and of many interests, occupations and passions have sought Michael’s presention of his Keynotes and Masterclasses. In his long and celebrated speaking career he has shared the platform with everyone from Presidents and Prime Ministers to Olympic champions and Nobel prizewinners. He always leaves his audience wanting more …

-  Here are some of the audiences and themes Michael has been working with recently:

– 270 CEOs and Govt Heads of Departments at Sydney Convention centre on “There’s Never Been a Better Time for Exponential Business Growth”.

– 150 Year 9 girls at Genazzano College for a 3-hour masterclass on “Much Better Strategies for Thinking and Learning”.

– 300 Delegates from Queensland State and Local Government on “Managing Change in Tough Times”.

– 450 women at AIM South Australia Women in Management Breakfast on “How to get a much better work/life balance”.

– 1000 Accountants in Canberra for the CPA Congress on “Software For Your Brain – Double Your Speed of Thought”.

– 150 top performing Insurance Sales Agents and Senior Managers and partners at offshore recognition event in Amsterdam on “WOMBAT Selling: “A Billion Customers Can’t Be Wrong” .

– 400 CEOs and CFOs from New Zealand Corporate and Government sectors in Auckland on “Innovation Strategy”.

– 260 delegates to Sales and Marketing Conference of multinational food brand on “Masterclass – Double Your Sales in 30 Days with Newsell”“.

– 40 National Sporting Development Managers invited by the Australian Sports Commission to hear Michael talk about “Innovation Strategy”.

– CEO of Telstra and 120 Senior Managers in Queenstown NZ on “Telstra X10″.

– National Roadshow Tour (in 5 Regions) for the invited Executive Clients of a leading international HR and Recruitment organisation to see and hear Michael’s classic “Software for your Brain” presentation.

– 500 Pacific Rim delegates at the Association for Manufacturing Excellence on “Excellence: Defining the Essence”.

– 2000 School Captains, Prefects and student leaders from Government and non-government secondary schools across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania came to hear about Michael’s personal journey of leadership and the values he espoused as important to a leader.

– 130 Graziers, farmers and country business people on “Strategic Thinking”.

– 320 finance, accounting, and business professionals in Queensland to hear about “Innovative Thinking Techniques to Improve Business Effectiveness”.

– CEO and Senior Business Development Leaders of multinational pharma corporation to discuss “Strategy for Business Growth”.

– 500 delegates to Meetings & Events Association (MEA) in Tasmania.

– 370 delegates to FPA National Convention (Financial Planners) on “Software for your Brain”.

Biosciences_Research_Division_Workshop_093_v4.jpg – 60 members of Leadership Conference for multinational executives in timber/packaging industry on “Strategy vs Tactics”.

– 120 CEOs and CFOs at 3rd Annual Finance Business Leaders Summit on “Creativity”.

– 300 franchisees and partners at Bakers Delight Annual Convention on “Fresh Thinking”.

– 120 petroleum industry leaders at Rotorua Thinktank on “Strategy vs Tactics”.

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