ATLC #19 – Do a GBB!

Everything is a mixed bag in life!

Nothing is ever all good or all bad.


So, one of the most useful SOT thinking tools is the GBB.

When you do a GBB you deliberately judge the Good, the Bad and then you go even further to discern what could be Better.

G = GOOD. The good things about an idea why you like it.
B = BAD. The bad things about an idea why you don’t like it.
B = BETTER. What could be much better about an idea.

Everyone agrees that we should all be more broad-minded, more tolerant, more thoughtful, considerate, and more creative. Why don’t people THINK? How often have you heard that question?

It is easy to say to someone, “Why don’t you be more broad-minded?” But it is not so easy to actually do it. This is because it is impossible to focus attention on general attitudes like the ones mentioned above. They sound great as slogans and battle cries but have proved to be of little value as operating tools which can actually be practised and used.

However, a GBB is specific. It is possible to ask someone to “Do a GBB on this.” The thought-leader then takes pride in the skill of being able to deliberately see the Good, Bad and Better points in the situation.


Instead of just saying that you like an idea, or you don’t like it, you can use a GBB.

When you use a GBB, you give the good points, the bad points, and also the points which are neither good nor bad but are much better.

You can use a GBB as a way of managing ideas, suggestions, and proposals.

You can ask someone else to do a GBB, or you can be asked to do one yourself.

DFQ #19:
Do a GBB!

Tomorrow is the last lesson in this 30-day leadership pipeline so today is a chance to reflect on your journey so far. Do a GBB on this month’s training!

• List 3 GOOD things.
• List 3 BAD things.
• List 3 things that could be BETTER.

Post your GBB below:

303 thoughts on “ATLC #19 – Do a GBB!

  1. 3 good things
    – learnt new things
    – this PRR is helping update brain software and possibly sub-consciously I am becoming a better thinker
    -I feel good that I am deliberate in my thinking
    3 Bad things
    -I did some lessons one after the other
    -not sure of the feedback ( am I becoming a better thinker/leader)
    -did not spend enough time to interact with fellow students
    3 Better things
    -space the lessons
    -revisit the responses and read others responses carefully
    -and 2 of the better things that Kamyar has suggested .( see responses / see whole puzzle )

  2. 3 good things:

    * Exercises are good opportunity to practice my writing
    * Writing assignemnts are mind expanding, getting you to look at the situation from a different perspective. They get you out of your CVS
    * Instructions and assignments are given in small bite size chunks which makes them more manageable

    3 Bad things:

    * Minimal feed back from the instructor
    * Unable to do the lessons every-night, will have to wait until weekend
    * Minimal interaction between students

    3 things that could be better

    * To see the whole puzzle instead of bits and pieces
    * To be able to review all my responses in one place, kind of like a dashboard
    * To see how I can use this in my business

  3. List 3 good things
    1. The daily habit
    2. The progression
    3. The answers of other people

    List 3 bad things
    1. Not much material to work on;
    2. Some instructions are vague
    3. No feedback from the teacher

    List 3 things that could be better:

    1.More precise feedback;
    2. More videos;
    3. Interaction among students

  4. GOOD
    1. I am constantly looking for new opportunities.
    2. I have been more active both physically and socially.
    3. I am more committed to my goals.

    1. The course has highlighted lost opportunities in past.
    2. It has been difficult to discuss matters of a personal nature.
    3. It has been difficult to find time to do the course as well as the other commitments that arise from doing the course.

    1. I can try to help other people take up their opportunities.
    2. I can constantly revisit my past responses and commitments in the course.
    3. I can manage my time more efficiently by identifying the time which is being wasted during the day.

  5. Good – Daily practice skills, triggers insight, no right/wrong answers
    Bad – Can be uncomfortable talking about problems, wish team had similar insights, keeping track of what needs to be done.
    Better – Personalised dashboard of current answers and previous answers, ability to analyse responses of others to match similar or alternative views of other users, ability to match mentors within the community.

  6. G – gets you to think / question and revise your thoughts

    B – no feedback / time in-between lessons / unless practiced daily you forget what you learnt the day before

    B – Feedback / Feedback / Feedback

  7. good- gets the brain thinking better and wider
    bad- they keep banging them out.daily. also might be a bit deep. (no couches at work to lie down on and pour out feelings)
    better– feedback to our posts. its all good to provide info. are we reacting in a suitable manner. who would know ?

  8. List 3 Good things. – Thinking about myself more, looking at ways of motivating staff, looking at better ways of doing things.
    List 3 BAD things. – Finding time to be alone and focus on training, making sure I am implementing what is learnt, once I lose a focus on the training it will not be a part of my habits.
    List 3 things that could be BETTER – More time to complete DFQ’s, focus points to be printed and run over again and again to stay focused at end of training, being better self managed.

  9. G: Learning what my strengths are, learning what my weakness’ are, learning about PTO
    B: Being able to read other comments before answering, not always having the time to complete the daily training, forgetting the lessons.
    B: More ways to implement learned skills, more interactive training, a recap of skills after each feedback question

  10. Good
    -made me think, reflect and review

    -To really get the most out of this training, more time is required and unfortunately, it is time I don’t have at work
    – more time between these sessions with more examples and explanations

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