I designed and published the Cognitive AI Operating System (NewSell, Boardroom Books. New York) in 1989.

The meme is C AI O S. It’s an algorithm for co-operating artificial intelligence with human intelligence in order to add value. The current project is AIXIO.

Cognitive Science

C AI O S arose out of my post-graduate work in cognitive science. My PhD was the first ever in Lateral Thinking (1980). Since the explosion of the Information Revolution and the rise of personal computers, we’ve become even more interested in the brain and how it works. What is intelligence? and How can we improve it? are questions being asked in a whole new field of science devoted to these things called — cognitive science.

Cognitive science is concerned with neuroplasticity and the processes of sensing (seeing, hearing, smelling); storing information (memory) and recall; reasoning, planning and intelligent action. It also includes areas like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics. In other words – thinking – both in animals and machines.