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School of Thinking is the biggest program in the world for teaching x10 Thinking and metacognition with over a half a billion lessons since 1979.

Without exception, for 40 years, SOT has received positive media, nationally and internationally, for leading the world in teaching kids to think for themselves.

ALAN KOHLER, QANTAS RADIO, Melbourne  (2022): Better ‘return on payroll’ to corporations through the online x10 Thinking lessons.

PETER FITZSIMONS, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney: If Dr. Hewitt-Gleeson has his way, Australian schoolchildren will have the study of ‘x10 thinking’ as much a part of their curriculum as the traditional subjects of maths and english are now.

– ESME BLACK, LIGHTS-ON Magazine (UK 2017): Michael Hewitt-Gleeson says “Thinking is not a gift but an acquired skill that can be learned and developed through lessons and practise, like volley-ball, guitar, chess or cooking a soufflé”.

– CAMPUS REVIEW (Australia 2015): Dr Hewitt-Gleeson says, “Fair or unfair, if our goal is educating as many students as possible, as affordably as possible, then the evolution of the university from campus to smartphone is a liberation for civilisation and not a letdown”.

– RALPH FLETCHER, USAIR Magazine: Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and the School of Thinking are aggressively marketing their ideas. Some people have dubbed them the “McDonald’s of Thinking”.

– PATRICK COX, Reason Magazine, California (1983): Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, the world’s first PhD in lateral thinking, believes that as communication’s technology improves and people are taught to think for themselves, systems such as democracy, socialism and communism – where a few do the thinking for the many, who are, if anything, asked simply to vote on other people’s ideas – will be replaced by ‘cognocracies’, societies of individuals who think for themselves.

MORTON HUNT, Readers Digest, Cover Story, New York: His system has been adopted by corporate executives, taught in schools and studied by government officials.

GQ, Cover Story, Global Style, New York: (Hewitt-Gleeson), scientist and lecturer, is an international mover and shaker.

RAY MARTIN, Ray Martin Show, Melbourne: I want this for my kid.

THE TODAY SHOW, Channel 10 TV, Sydney: Australian kids will soon be taught to think for themselves.

THE WEST AUSTRALIAN, Perth: Dr. Hewitt-Gleeson’s mission is to teach Australians to use their whole brains for thinking, not just the left hand side.

– DAVID SMITH, The Sun, Brisbane: If Michael Hewitt-Gleeson has his way, Australia will become the clever country.

– CATHY SAWYER, Daily News, Perth: He claims schools teach children what to think not how to think.

TOM SKOTNICKI, The Herald, Melbourne: De Bono and his other mentor Gallup have obviously been influential in the development of Hewitt-Gleeson’s theories.

– HANNAH RYAN, The Moorabbin Standard, Melbourne: Now after having appeared in newspapers all over the world, having co-written a book with Dr Edward de Bono, having appeared on many television shows such as “Ray Martin” and his own show in America, this character has shown nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

– DAVID-JOHN DOOSE, The News World, New York: Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is the leading authority on lateral thinking in the United States and is a member of Britain’s most prestigious think tank, the Centre for the Study of Thinking.

– STEVE HELLER, The Steve Heller Show, KREX Colorado: It’s so simple yet it really works!

– MARK PENTRAK, Mark Pentrak Show, Pittsburgh: This has been one of the best interviews I have ever done

– JOSEPH SELDNER, Rocky Mountain News, Denver: Gleeson is adamant about America catching up with other nations in the thinking area. Venezuela, for example, regards thinking as a legitimate skill to be taught to children.

– GENE MAEROFF, New York Times: Education Winter Survey: Teaching to think: A new emphasis at schools and colleges. A major new effort to teach thinking skills is planned by the University/Urban Schools National Task Force, which will soon initiate a program in the public schools of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Minneapolis and Memphis. The College Board will provide $300,000 for the project… The School of Thinking in New York is the base in this country for teaching skills for breaking out of traditional thinking patterns. This means trying to devise new ways of looking at problems … it affirms the belief that without specific efforts there is no assurance students will learn to think laterally.” (New York Times: Education Winter Survey. January 9, 1983.)



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