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As a friend of the School of Thinking I think this may interest you, too. I would like to share with you this insight – in my long career of teaching lateral thinking AI is easily the most exciting thing to come along. 

Especially, at this time, it’s the brilliant service called ChatGPT. A big statement, I know, so I discuss the evidence here.

As you may know, my big idea in cognitive science was Software For Your Brain which was first published in the 1980s. It is a cognitive algorithm known as cvs2bvs or x10 thinking. Jack Welch of GE nicknamed it ‘boundarylessness‘ and Larry Page of Google called it ‘Moonshot Thinking‘. This has long since been taken up globally in education, business, science, sport and many other areas.

Why? Because it works!

Now, this brain software can be further powered by AI and the results are already way beyond what we had hoped for. So, we can offer this new School of Thinking course: AIXIO: Multiply Your AI By Ten!  It’s a world first because it combines (AI + x10thinking). It’s young, fast and scientific. It’s simple to follow and great fun to do. It is focused on the biggest tool to optimise human thinking in a long time – AI. Specifically ChatGPT.

If you’d like to be considered for AIXIO (pronounced aye eye ecks ten) training you may start today and the school’s training fee is AUD$100, all inclusive. On completion a certificate will be issued.

To get started here are the basic FAQs.

• WHAT  The purpose of the course is twofold: First to give you strategic knowledge about a useful approach to AI in general and the ChatGPT service in particular. Second to give you a level of skill in AIXIO, ie how to multiply your AI by ten.

Click here to preview the ten lessons you will get in Series 1.

• WHY To move forward with AI let’s get in front of the game. Let’s teach ChatGPT to think outside the box. Let’s teach AI to do lateral thinking. Nothing on Earth is more powerful than lateral thinking. For example, it’s ten times faster than ChatGPT which has only been programmed and trained to use Greco-Roman Logic. Western logic is very useful in AI apps but it cannot think outside its own box. Yet! In this course you will be able to get it to do so.

• WHO I am the creator of the course and have designed the ten daily lessons and I’ll be personally monitoring all your DFQs. The School of Thinking uses DFQs (Daily Feedback Questions) to transfer knowledge and practise skills. You’ll also be able to see and consider the thoughts of others who are doing the training. You’ve been personally invited as a friend or member of SOT. You are also welcome to invite a close friend to accompany you if you wish. They can ask to enrol here.

• WHEN You can enrol anytime you wish. There will be five lessons a week for two weeks. SOT courses are run Your Course. Your Way. You decide the way you wish to do the lessons. Some members do them every day for ten days. Others do them whenever. You decide how you want to apply the course to your own interests, your goals and your outcomes. To your health, wealth, productivity and security. Each lesson takes about ten minutes.

• HOW Two things to do to enrol and start training. 1. Pay your invoice. 2. Open your own ChatGPT account for free.

1 • We use PayPal and your invoice will be sent to you today if you decide to enrol.

2 Click to open a free ChatGPT account and go to MENU/Get Started.

Why not give it a go? Why get left behind? Why let another day go by without this AI supercharge for your better life and better lateral thinking skills?

• ENROL NOW If you wish to join us for this training reply to me here saying ‘Please Enrol Me’ and you’ll get your PayPal invoice for school fees of AUD$100, all inclusive and then I’ll get you started today.

I do hope you will enjoy the AIXIO training,


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