#006 DFQ

Irshad Manji, author of Allah, Liberty and Love:

“Praise Allah for the Internet! With the web making self-censorship irrelevant–someone else is bound to say what you won’t–it became a place where intellectual risk-takers finally exhaled.”

DFQ #006:

What is someone else saying that you won’t risk saying?

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  1. I experienced 2 very different responses to this statement. 1. The diversity of ideas that fill the web is truly a celebration of freedom and the interconnectedness of humanity. 2. And to consider – are all ideas valuable, are some more important, more true.

  2. It happens that someone else say what I´m ready to say. But, when there is something important to say I just say that. Never hopping someone else to say what I think, feel, like/dislike or need.

  3. It is easier to be anonymous on the internet but even the internet can be monitored by governments who can track people down. Saying risky things in person can result in being removed from a group of people. Jesus said risky things and was killed. Political correctness usually triumphs over truth. In the pursuit of truth and frank discussion there is still a place for tact and not being rude.

  4. Others are saying they are willing to risk comfort and quality of life in order to 100% follow their dreams.
    I am not convinced that making such decisions will result in my having a happier, more fulfilled life. I still have dreams and am working to achieve them but I don’t think that risking it all in the hopes that they may come true would be a wise decision.

  5. Not really an issue for me, tend to say what I feel except where it is more for me than for them. Being honest is not always good when the honesty is really just so I can vent, not so that a better bvs can come about.

  6. How truthful is this. Self censorship is dangerous if you do not think twice telling what people do not want to hear. But I trust the most in dialogue face to face in order to catch the glimpses, tone of voice, expression of eyes. But yes most times people say things you would not dare to say, but many times it is their truth not the ethical Truth.

  7. I wouldn’t risk saying things about which I am not sure. Some people make disparaging comments about others simply to satisfy their own hidden agenda and distorted thinking or to please their benefactors. I would never indulge in such an act nor will any Thinking person.

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