#006 DFQ

Irshad Manji, author of Allah, Liberty and Love:

“Praise Allah for the Internet! With the web making self-censorship irrelevant–someone else is bound to say what you won’t–it became a place where intellectual risk-takers finally exhaled.”

DFQ #006:

What is someone else saying that you won’t risk saying?

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  1. Jesus preached love and forgiveness and that the Truth will set you free.
    And at it’s purest level Islam is a unique and individual dialogue between the heart of the believer and Allah.
    If you fully and lovingly embrace either of these systems of belief then you have no fear, there is no risk in saying what it is you feel you have to say.
    I am an atheist but I fully subscribe to the Truth, wherever it may be found, so there is not much that I wouldn’t risk saying, so long as it was in the pursuit of honesty and justice.

  2. At times, I’m to soft and forgiving. I should stand up more, to ask for what I want to see happen. At the moment I’m trying to make some things happen in business. It feels like I’m not moving . I trying to push and stop the wheel from roll back. I have others now trying to help, but finances are a bump i need to get over to start rolling and move forward.

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