Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) – Lesson #05 –Introduction to Memes

There are the common memes spread via the Internet, often through social media, that are funny images paired with a concept or catchphrase. They’re called internet memes. But, these are just the top of the meme iceberg. There’s a lot more going on with the real power and behaviour of memes than just trivial internet jokes.

• Click here to view this lesson’s tutorial (43 mins). For context note that the time of filming was prior to COVID-19 to be declared a pandemic …

DFQ #05: What, in your opinion, was the most useful idea you got from this lesson?

PS If you are into memes here’s some further reading – my fastbook Antidote! – a 15 min read. For context note that the time of publication was before COVID-19 was to be declared a pandemic …

31 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) – Lesson #05 –Introduction to Memes

  1. That maybe memes are replicating thru us and USE us rather than we use them. I’m still unsure why Michael makes that assertion, but it’s an interesting paradigm shift or idea indeed.

  2. To improve my thinking skills I need to be aware of the ideas that have limited how I think. The idea of memes infecting my ability to think effectively is persuasive and therefore learning alternative memes through this course is stimulating and I can begin to see how combined with the x10 meme will be a crucial way to look a dressy at my current business challenges, that are themselves the product of a variety of memes.

    1. We need to be conscious of the memes around us so that we can be aware of the times when they threaten to take over our thinking. On their own, memes are neither good nor bad, but we need to know how they serve our own purposes. It may be necessary for us to escape from our own “in the box” thinking, and this is where lateral thinking and the ability to move from cvs2bvs becomes critical. Being able to see memes as part of the cvs and having the ability to escape to a x10 bvs is a super power that we must definitely cultivate.

  3. wow!
    Our views of the world and the images we have affects our thinking to be able to do x10 thinking we need to find a way to challenge these perceptions. Dr Marshall was able to challenge the meme and concept that peptic ulcer is a disease and surgery is the only solution!
    His breakthrough result was that a 5 day course of antibiotics will cure you of peptic ulcer led him to win the noble prize for medicine
    Even in the current context we need researchers and pharma r&d to do x10 and challenge a lot of assumptions about the virus
    We need to do latera thinking i.e. think outside the box or square !

  4. The most useful idea i got from this lesson which I find amazing is ” Escaping from the CVS of thinking about growth in terms of percentages- 10%, a BVS of x10 thinking the growth” and how this is simplified by thinking of increasing the number of customers contacted instead of focusing on the deals closed

  5. ‘Meme Theorey’ is new to me. The insight that ‘meme’ acquires you is a powerful one. By itself ‘meme’ doesn’t have any meaning and power. What I also realised is, how ‘x10’ can be achieved by rightly focusing on what really impacts the objective than the objective only. This approach is more actionable wholistically than narrow focus. I also now appreciate why x10 thinking is important to gain that competitive advantage as against natural thinking.

  6. Dawkins had it right in terms of replication being a matter of innate gene selfishness – its need to dominate. Memes are selfish – they want to take over your thinking. The object is to see beyond the meme’s appeal to its message (the harmful virus element) to ensure that you’re not infected. The flip side is to infect others through a symbiotic approach to delivering ideas that carry benefits such as humor & social cachet.

  7. It was a good topic the one of this lesson, especially around the definition of a meme… I never thought of it a something beyond what we se in the internet.
    But after listening to the video and reading (swiftly) the document, this seems to be real, and dangerous. We need to be aware of these memes and also need to develop ourselves, from a mindset perspective in order not to let ourselves influence by these un-real things.

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