ATLC #17 – Problems and Happiness


NEW research that shows that choice of partner and life goals drastically affect a person’s satisfaction with life — overturning the popular theory that happiness is largely decided by personality traits moulded early in life and genetic factors.

TIP: Take a moment to read this research article, it’s something to really think about (CLICK).


What are the three most important problems facing you in your relationship/life/business/career right now where you need to PTO? What is it that keeps you awake at night? What is your #1 problem?

Here are some examples listed by previous members
– to save my marriage;
– to cope with a difficult boss;
– to pay my mortgage;
– to choose between academic courses;
– to overcome fear of using the telephone in selling;
– to speak in public;
– to make new friends;
– to lose weight.

DFQ #17:
Choosing one of the three problem areas you thought of above give yourself an orange to peel. Complete (with, who, when and where) the following sentence:

Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO ….

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  1. Regarding my problem with future financial security I’ve organised to meet with two of the most successful business people I know over lunch this weekend to have a conversation around strategies to increase wealth.

  2. Regarding my problem with continuous earnings, I will review all my different sources with my family this month.

  3. Regarding my (#1 problem) ….
    My problem is that I get annoyed and bewildered in the mornings , because I usually feel so rushed. As ever ,i don’t have enough time for other priorities.
    I will PTO by:
    • arranging to get my priorities right;
    • planing to spend 80% of my available time dealing with my current top priorities;
    • Creating more stable home and office environments.

  4. Regarding my problem of thinking what will happen in my job in future I will PTO by practicing gratitude and let go and do my best now and enjoy the slow time leading up to holidays !

  5. Regarding the business problem, I will PTO conceptualizing, marketing, meeting more people and talking to them about the importance of thinking and creativity development.

  6. Peeling the orange that is my business I will start working on my marketing strategy immediately and will have a workable outline by 12/05/17. I will create a list of goals and criteria for my marketing strategy and outline steps that will most likely lead me to be able to generate more leads for my business. I will document step by step the process of the lead generation so this process can be studied and improved. I will outline key metrics that will be monitored in order to measure my marketing effectiveness. I will create a mind map that will help me visualize the entire process and tweak things as needed.

    I will be responsible for setting up the systems that I need to be able to make my business a successful world-class business. I will start with the actual doing the work starting 12/05/17, that I need to do to bring in new customers. I will make this systems more user-friendly which allows me to accomplish what I need to do.

  7. Regarding my problem with increasing my profitability, I believe that the task which I have been avoiding is promoting myself. I believe the first step is to re-brand my business. Therefore I will spend one hour this weekend on researching graphic designs and two hours during the week making contact with the person to do the design.

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