ATLC #17 – Problems and Happiness


NEW research that shows that choice of partner and life goals drastically affect a person’s satisfaction with life — overturning the popular theory that happiness is largely decided by personality traits moulded early in life and genetic factors.

TIP: Take a moment to read this research article, it’s something to really think about (CLICK).


What are the three most important problems facing you in your relationship/life/business/career right now where you need to PTO? What is it that keeps you awake at night? What is your #1 problem?

Here are some examples listed by previous members
– to save my marriage;
– to cope with a difficult boss;
– to pay my mortgage;
– to choose between academic courses;
– to overcome fear of using the telephone in selling;
– to speak in public;
– to make new friends;
– to lose weight.

DFQ #17:
Choosing one of the three problem areas you thought of above give yourself an orange to peel. Complete (with, who, when and where) the following sentence:

Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO ….

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  1. Regarding my problem of will I have enough money to retire on I will PTO ….by discussing with my wife strategies to achieve this, researching and seek professional guidance to implement a plan within the next 6 months.

  2. regarding my problem: how to finish my acdemic courses? I will PTO by doing hard and stop some other things

  3. Regarding my choice between academic courses I will PTO this problem by focusing on which will provide a better level of learning and opportunity for me, this only involves me there is nobody else involved in the decision as ultimately I have to live with it. I would like to begin in 2015 early rather than later and where is not really a big factor to me as long as I can complete this online at my own pace.

  4. I will continue peeling the problem orange of my smoking habit. This will include using more NRT throughout the day and performing more deep breathing to calm the cravings.

  5. Regarding my problem of balancing my work with my marriage, will PTO and sit with my wife and work out a plan that will see me working less hours per day and planning more time together. This will include booking time together like going to the movies, dinner or just going for walks after work or after dinner. We will sit down after the first week and review our success or failures. This will include assessing my job and where we live and determine if we need to make changes in this area as well.

  6. I don’t normally class something out of my control a problem but there is only one thing that keeps me awake at night and that is waiting for a position to become available in the career that I have been working toward my whole life. While I do my current job well and work with a fantastic crew. I can’t be truly happy without giving this my best effort, and being as close as I currently am it is stomach churning with anxiety and pride.

  7. Regarding my problem of training for a bike riding trip, I will PTO and follow the training program prescribed to me by a good fried. I just need to stop wasting time and do what I am told to do, the results will follow.

  8. Regarding my #1 problem which is self betterment I will PTO ….continue to discuss thoughts/actions with family and friends. I will continue to read and do courses such as this. I will continue to seek feedback and self analyse and continue to learn both from engagement and by mistakes alike.

  9. What keeps me awake at night is my problem of not having enough money for retirement and living under a bridge with wild goats when I’m 80…. I will PTO by discussing with my wife the best way for us to sit with our financial adviser Steve, and put together an action plan. We need to do this by the end of this FY, June 30 2015

  10. regarding my problem with my career path I need to focus on the positives and work hard to achieve my personal goal in my current career , the only way I will achieve it is to improve my work ethic and people skills.

  11. regarding my problem of growing new business vs keeping current customers happy with service level and having everyone happy it will be a balancing act that requires full team effort and co operation pto can be tricky.

  12. Regarding my concern of having the right strategies in place to allow for a good retirement.
    I will be speaking to financial planners and ensuring that our current plan is working to maximise savings and secure our future.
    I will be making the appropriate changes/ adjustments as may be required to ensure we are on track to achieving our goals.

  13. Regarding my future retirement, My partner and I have been planning with our financial adviser, for this now and put in place a strategy to ensure we can live our lives to the full.

  14. Regarding my problem with financial security I will PTO, with my wife and family we need to sit down and work out what we need in the future. To do this we need to make a date to discuss and then contact an advisor and discuss options.

  15. Regarding my #1 problem of not always being able to do what people want or tell them what they want to hear. I can, and do what needs to be done although this isn’t always received well and I tend to think about it after the fact for to long. I need to get better at PTO and just move on to the next task.

  16. My #1 problem is that my first baby is due AFL grand final week…
    I need to PTO on this difficult nerve racking dileema that may arise for myself later in the year which could get more curly if my team goes deep into the finals :S

  17. Regarding my familys financial security I will address the current situation with family and plan a strategy with goals along the way to make life easier.

  18. Regarding my balance of work/relationship time/own time, I will PTO by dedicating the correct percentage of my time to each to live a happy life.

  19. Regarding my career path and reaching my full potential I will assess if I am in the right place now or if I need to finally take that step and accept an offer from elsewhere that will allow me to grow and lean new skills to further my career and potential.

  20. The problem surrounding my life:
    -Budgeting Monthly
    -Spouse is not financially responsible
    -I want to manage my time better and keep healthy.

  21. Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO …. Exercise, 2015, Home.
    Regarding my (#2 problem) I will PTO …. Location, 2016, To be decided?
    Regarding my (#3 problem) I will PTO …. Staff, 2015, In-store.

  22. number 1 problem is surrounding myself with people who share my enthusiasm and interest in developing themselves. PTO I will look to find relevant groups that I can assimilate with

  23. Working on the balance of work and family time. I will PTO by making sure that I balance the 2 making sure that the family is not always coming in second and I am missing important events.

  24. Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO …. discuss the pro’s and con’s of my problem with those closest to me, set out and action a plan to have the problem resolved by the end of the month and achieve the goal by the end of the year.

  25. Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO ….
    My problem is trying to become as fit and healthy as my husband by end of 2015

  26. Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO ….

    set a strict guideline for myself regarding finances by the end of 2015. and being accountable to myself and my children.

  27. Regarding my problem with increasing my profitability, I believe that the task which I have been avoiding is promoting myself. I believe the first step is to re-brand my business. Therefore I will spend one hour this weekend on researching graphic designs and two hours during the week making contact with the person to do the design.

  28. Peeling the orange that is my business I will start working on my marketing strategy immediately and will have a workable outline by 12/05/17. I will create a list of goals and criteria for my marketing strategy and outline steps that will most likely lead me to be able to generate more leads for my business. I will document step by step the process of the lead generation so this process can be studied and improved. I will outline key metrics that will be monitored in order to measure my marketing effectiveness. I will create a mind map that will help me visualize the entire process and tweak things as needed.

    I will be responsible for setting up the systems that I need to be able to make my business a successful world-class business. I will start with the actual doing the work starting 12/05/17, that I need to do to bring in new customers. I will make this systems more user-friendly which allows me to accomplish what I need to do.

  29. Regarding the business problem, I will PTO conceptualizing, marketing, meeting more people and talking to them about the importance of thinking and creativity development.

  30. Regarding my problem of thinking what will happen in my job in future I will PTO by practicing gratitude and let go and do my best now and enjoy the slow time leading up to holidays !

  31. Regarding my (#1 problem) ….
    My problem is that I get annoyed and bewildered in the mornings , because I usually feel so rushed. As ever ,i don’t have enough time for other priorities.
    I will PTO by:
    • arranging to get my priorities right;
    • planing to spend 80% of my available time dealing with my current top priorities;
    • Creating more stable home and office environments.

  32. Regarding my problem with continuous earnings, I will review all my different sources with my family this month.

  33. Regarding my problem with future financial security I’ve organised to meet with two of the most successful business people I know over lunch this weekend to have a conversation around strategies to increase wealth.

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