ATLC #17 – Problems and Happiness


NEW research that shows that choice of partner and life goals drastically affect a person’s satisfaction with life — overturning the popular theory that happiness is largely decided by personality traits moulded early in life and genetic factors.

TIP: Take a moment to read this research article, it’s something to really think about (CLICK).


What are the three most important problems facing you in your relationship/life/business/career right now where you need to PTO? What is it that keeps you awake at night? What is your #1 problem?

Here are some examples listed by previous members
– to save my marriage;
– to cope with a difficult boss;
– to pay my mortgage;
– to choose between academic courses;
– to overcome fear of using the telephone in selling;
– to speak in public;
– to make new friends;
– to lose weight.

DFQ #17:
Choosing one of the three problem areas you thought of above give yourself an orange to peel. Complete (with, who, when and where) the following sentence:

Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO ….

287 thoughts on “ATLC #17 – Problems and Happiness

  1. Regarding my job security problem, I will research different avenues for bringing in finances today at my house.

  2. Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO ….

    set a strict guideline for myself regarding finances by the end of 2015. and being accountable to myself and my children.

  3. Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO ….
    My problem is trying to become as fit and healthy as my husband by end of 2015

  4. Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO …. discuss the pro’s and con’s of my problem with those closest to me, set out and action a plan to have the problem resolved by the end of the month and achieve the goal by the end of the year.

  5. Working on the balance of work and family time. I will PTO by making sure that I balance the 2 making sure that the family is not always coming in second and I am missing important events.

  6. number 1 problem is surrounding myself with people who share my enthusiasm and interest in developing themselves. PTO I will look to find relevant groups that I can assimilate with

  7. Regarding my (#1 problem) I will PTO …. Exercise, 2015, Home.
    Regarding my (#2 problem) I will PTO …. Location, 2016, To be decided?
    Regarding my (#3 problem) I will PTO …. Staff, 2015, In-store.

  8. The problem surrounding my life:
    -Budgeting Monthly
    -Spouse is not financially responsible
    -I want to manage my time better and keep healthy.

  9. Regarding my career path and reaching my full potential I will assess if I am in the right place now or if I need to finally take that step and accept an offer from elsewhere that will allow me to grow and lean new skills to further my career and potential.

  10. Regarding my balance of work/relationship time/own time, I will PTO by dedicating the correct percentage of my time to each to live a happy life.

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