ATLC #16 – Problems and Opportunities

When I was a boy in Melbourne my grandmother used to take me ‘into town’. We’d dress up and go in on the tram. It was like going ‘downtown’ in the US.

There were many treats and special things we did but one of my all-time-favouries was to vist Downyflake in Swanston Street. It was donut central! A major donut establishment with the freshly cooked donuts tracking around the store and all along the front window on what looked like a little toy train track.

I would look in the window and salivate for as long as I could stand it and then Sammy (my own nickname for my grandmother) and I would go in and make our choices. Yummm! I still specialise in donuts to this very day.

As I was munching through my second donut, happy now, and the feeding frenzy was beginning to subside I would always look up at the very big colourful mosaic mural which displayed a huge donut and the following words of wisdom:

As you wander on through life, whatever be your goal,

keep your eye upon the donut and not upon the hole.

This week is POW WEEK or Problem/Opportunity Week.

I want to get you thinking about what are the Top 3 Problems and the Top 3 Opportunities in your business, career or life right now.

This week we are not looking to solve the problems or to harvest the opportunities – just to identify and list them. That’s all!!

Problems and Opportunities

A problem is a situation which may require a solution, a way out, an option, a fresh start, a cure or a new approach.

An opportunity is a situation that may need to be explored, a plan that needs to be worked out, an idea that needs to be developed, a possibility that needs testing or researched.

Your problems or opportunities are often personal, business, family, recreational, academic, scientific, physical, or philosophical.

When we ask about their problem/opportunity areas business people nearly always say:
– career or purpose in life,
– time
– stress,
– getting a better balance between professional and personal life,
– money issues,
– bringing more creativity and flexibility into their company.


DFQ #16:
Choose between the following and cut and paste your choice below:
– I tend to focus more on the problems in my business/career/life.

– I tend to focus more on the opportunities in my business/career/life.

327 thoughts on “ATLC #16 – Problems and Opportunities

  1. I tend to focus more on the opportunities in my business/career/life.
    Every day, I face problems relating to my business, what I often do is to look for alternative possibilities.

  2. Past few months when I was busy on a project I was constantly thinking of opportunities
    and after the project is over I am observing that I tending to think more of problems

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