ATLC #11 – Review your strengths


For today, just read and review the DFQ comments left by other leadership trainees for the past week.


DFQ #11: Read and review these DFQ comments for Lessons 6 to 10:

DFQ#06 –>
DFQ#07 –
DFQ#08 –
DFQ#09 –
DFQ#10 –


COMMENT: Having reviewed last week what is the most interesting thing you got from the week’s training on ‘strengths’:

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  1. Is it human nature to focus on weaknesses or is it a learned behaviour? I found it interesting that flipping the switch from evaluating weaknesses to strengths was a far more positive experience. I am guilty of berating myself for weaknesses far more than respecting my strengths. This week I noticed more energy and less negative self talk when evaluating strengths.

  2. The diversity of strengths is amazing. Not just how many there are but the combination in each of the programme’s attendees.

    It’s clear that discovering one’s strengths early on is crucial to a better future where the individual can contribute, strive and change the world in his own way. It’s something we need to teach early on and refine constantly throughout life.

  3. Review of strengths makes me feel confident and also humbled. I am good at lots of things but not all and therefore its important to stay anchored on your strengths and always remember different people have different strengths and thats what makes life interesting ..

  4. My responding to the last 5 DFQs made me dig more deeply into my life experiences; I found that throughout my life i had applied these strengths which I have just figured out, and these were the same strengths that gave me the confidence to pursue the riskier path of becoming a programme manager working under a lot of stress in areas of conflict.

  5. Our strengths can be our weaknesses too. It all depends on the appropriateness of the application of the strength to the circumstances of time and space.

  6. Everyone has different strength and weaknesses. Everyone has something interesting to contribute. Success is going beyond your limitations. Often, we get stuck in our current view of the situation. We don’t see the better view of the situation.
    Our strength comes from discovering what we are good at and doing more of it. They key to happiness is finding our strengths and focusing on them. By practicing daily on our strength, we go beyond our limitations. To achieve extraordinary results, do ordinary things extremely well.

  7. Different people have different strengths. It is better to look for other peoples’ strengths before trying to look for and remedy peoples’ weaknesses.

    Often people do the opposite and look for weaknesses first. This could be because we are conditioned with doing things “right”. It is also easier to focus on errors. Looking for strengths forces you to make the effort to get to know the person before judging them.

  8. People have interesting stories and ideas relating to their strengths. We should try and utilise those strengths as much as possible.

  9. There are a lot of strengths out there – and a strength over used becomes a weakness.

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