ATLC #11 – Review your strengths


For today, just read and review the DFQ comments left by other leadership trainees for the past week.


DFQ #11: Read and review these DFQ comments for Lessons 6 to 10:

DFQ#06 –>
DFQ#07 –
DFQ#08 –
DFQ#09 –
DFQ#10 –


COMMENT: Having reviewed last week what is the most interesting thing you got from the week’s training on ‘strengths’:

290 thoughts on “ATLC #11 – Review your strengths

  1. Continuing to be open minded and taking in other peoples views to determine the best way to handle situations.

  2. Having reviewed past comments, it shows me that we all have different strengths and different ways to enhance them. This is good for Reece as there are so many good people with diverse backgrounds and skills to continually help build the brand.

  3. Working on our strengths is a great confidence builder, it’s good to back to when you’re getting a bit demoralized.

  4. Positive feeling in the store, had a breakthrough with a customer and have an appointment with them tomorrow. Staff are performing well and have been acknowledged today. Daily Huddles and discussion help inspire us for the day ahead.

  5. Re focusing on your strengths can change your frame of mind and move you towards a happier state. It’s a wonderful mind shift.

  6. I have learned that the daily self-reflection I do regarding my strengths and weaknesses has been leading me down the correct path.

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