Francesco Caso, School of Thinking’s Master of Positive Psychology (2023)

Francesco is the Master of Positive Psychology at the School of Thinking. He holds a Bachelor of Law from Italy at University of Naples – Federico II, Department of Jurisprudence.

In Psychology he has a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Melbourne University. He is also a founding postgraduate of MAPP, the Master of Applied Positive Psychology faculty at University of Melbourne (2016). Francesco is an experienced business coach and currently has access to the latest ideas and research for increasing productivity.

For 2023, Franky has designed a bespoke consulting program called The Time Is Now. It’s positive business psychology, one-on-one.With his specialisation in Positive Psychology, He will prove the tools to achieve your goals, develop your self-esteem, and learn to mange stress and negative emotions. If you’d like to be considered please click here and be in touch with Franky. He will get back and answer your questions.

Positive psychology is a new branch of psychology that uses science to help achieve  a satisfactory life. It’s techniques can help all your stakeholders–you, your partner, your children, employees and customers.


What do they say about Positive Psychology?


Within 24 hours of announcing that everyone would be working remotely, teams all across Canva had made it a reality. And not just a functional reality, but an enjoyable and productive one. Clarity was given on all the tiny minutiae of working from home ⁠— mobile internet allowances, lunch stipends, flexibility for parents juggling at-home kids. Teams adjusted their cadences for video meetings and online collaboration. Our in-house gym went virtual with daily video training sessions. Partnerships were made with mindfulness apps to support our mental health. Our kitchen converted all the produce slated for company lunches into meals that could be shipped to those in need via charities.

Business leaders can take seemingly small steps to improve the psyche of their employees changing the overall working environment.”

“A decade of research suggests that happiness at work—defined as pleasure, engagement, and a sense of meaning—can improve revenue, profitability, staff retention, customer loyalty, and workplace safety. “

“People who cultivate a positive mind-set perform better in the face of challenge. Every business outcome shows improvement when the brain is positive. I’ve observed this effect as a researcher and lecturer in 48 countries on the connection between employee happiness and success.”


Positive psychology has certainly had a significant impact in the corporate world. Across all industry sectors, leadership programs have incorporated positive psychology concepts; ‘psychological wellness’ is being increasingly accentuated in workplace wellbeing programs; and ‘stress management’ training has long been overtaken by ‘resilience building’ workshops.” 


Francesco Caso 2023:

Stress can have negative effects on physical and mental health, leading to conditions such as anxiety, depression, heart disease, and other health problems.

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Additionally, you’ll receive a 45-minute zoom consultation with me, Francesco. During this one-on-one, online session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your specific stressors and receive bespoke, personalized advice and guidance on managing stress.

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• Personalized support and guidance to help you identify and tackle the sources of your stress.

• An arsenal of effective tips and techniques for managing stress in your daily life.

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