AIXIO S1:Lesson Six

Practise Two – Mood Badges

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A strength of using AI is that it can be fast eg in doing a GBB.

What is another strength of using AI/ChatGPT?

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  1. Frees up your time and mind. Provides for rapid information retrieval which can lead to faster decision making, or at minimum, gives you back time for other tasks.

  2. I agree with some of the other comments. I encourages people to think outside the box. A good way to train ones thinking is to do a GBB on a topic oneself and then use AI to do the same exercise.

    Another possible use is to use specific answers to conduct further GBBs which are more precise in their focus.

  3. It stretches your own thinking into new horizons from different angles where might not have reached without.

  4. Another strength of using AI/ChatGPT is the jump deeper into the answers. For example with the 10 better suggestions, getting it to rank those 10 based on impact, or ease of use, young versus old, country X versus country y, and the like. If comes back to having a conversation with ChatGPT – a discussion about the answers. Fascinating!

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