AIXIO S1:Lesson Seven

Practise Three – Marriage Options

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A strength of using AI/ChatGPT to do a GBB is that, as a thinker, it can help you to change your mind. cvs2bvs.

Do you agree or disagree with this assertion? Can you say why?

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  1. I agree. The tool helps to broaden your thinking. Even though the outputs are in generalities, it does make me think out side the normal good/bad paradigm.

  2. In a society with a legal framework around relationships, divorce and custody – most of the good feeling statements above are quite frankly irrelevant once 5 years arrives.

    Any psychopath that is setting out to make a gain at the expense of another person knows that and will enthusiastically embrace the framework outlined above as a means to an end.

    So for me the parameters outlined by Chat GPT can only apply to short term relationships.

    The Books Surrounded by Psychopaths and Surrounded by Narcissists by Thomas Erikson are real eye openers in this area and should be read by any young person contemplating a longer term relationship

  3. I agree with the statement. But I would put emphasis is on the word in the sentence “can”. The GBB exercise provides a way of prompting ones thinking to change one’s mind. You still have to go through other processes such as screening and analysis. You also have to put the change of mind into practice.

  4. I agree. Using ai/gpt can broaden .points of view and add positive poss inabilities ( as well as. Negative and “interesting/ neutral points of vi3w”).

  5. I agree with this assertion.

    AI/ChatGPT has this strength which thinkers can exploit. It can quickly avail to you information from different sources and viewpoints for your consideration. However, before you are comfortable to apply the results and one must critically evaluate it starting with review of the inputs to ensure that they provided the relevant information and the pertaining context of the issue. If necessary, go for additional advice before applying it.

  6. A ChatGPT GBB can certainly provide new perspectives. Chat GPT has limitations however. For example, in this example of marriage it struggled to differentiate a GBB on this topic from the perspective of a male versus female (essentially providing the identical result). The developers have tried to avoid some biases, although often it is important to understand an issue from another person’s perspective. It would be helpful to better understand which biases it can mimic.

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