AIXIO S1:Lesson Eight

Creating Value with AIXIO

Two obvious points to make here:

1. Money isn’t everything. However, it’s a useful value measurement widely used in life. For many people today, just an extra $1000 a month will add great value to their family life.

2. There are other useful measurements that are also widely used in life. A measureable increase in these can also add great value in life. For example, adding new skills to your repertoire may add value to your life. Music. Dance. Cooking. Investing. Meditation. AIXIO skill and so on.

READ here, about the four life strategies, or on page 29 of the coursebook …

READ here, or on page 22 of the coursebook …

CREATE: Choosing one of the four life strategies above – Health. Wealth. Productivity. Security – use what you have learned so far in AIXIO to create x10 value today.

ACTION: We all have problems to solve and opportunities to explore. Think of a possible way to create value in your life, then prompt ChatGPT with a GBB on your idea. Think about what you can harvest out of the results.

In around 25 words, post a thought about your ‘creating value’ action to complete this DFQ.

16 thoughts on “AIXIO S1:Lesson Eight

  1. Have tried ChatGPT a few times. It seems to work best when one needs to crystallize a view or opinion. Once I tried to dive into specifics ( eg. what cyber attacks were launched on the dark web yesterday’ it seems to struggle since the data available is from 2021).

  2. I have recently been using ChatGPT to examine issues that I as a director of a successful company need to address in respect to implementing new systems and restructuring as the systems are implemented.

    The ChatGP answers threw up a few alternatives that I would not have considered and laid out a process that seems fair to all concerned.

    The next challenge is to move forward inclusively

  3. I used it for the topic of the speedy growth of an organisation and most of the suggestions were covered but it came up with some that I didn’t expect. Not coming from a particular person it should be seen as personality neutral.

  4. Using the GBB ChatGPT prompt I tested waters around my startup “brain software updating consultancy” ambition got useful information guidelines for structured thorough unbiased success assessment.

  5. This is not only about a list that may contain new ideas, but having a conversation with ChatGPT as part of a deeper dive into those ideas.

  6. I used it to create a prompt which would create persona profiles for topics I’m working on and need to test. The productivity increase here was easily 10x

    A task that used to take a week took an hour. Of course I have to fact check everything but that is way easier than starting from scratch

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