AIXIO S1:Lesson Five

Practise One – Free Fridays

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Post below what you think is most interesting from this example of AI doing a GBB.

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  1. Ai use is simple and straightforward. Since it has come to help humanity for good. i see nothing wrong with it’s use

  2. The most interesting answer is the tenth answer under Good points as it highlights a perennial problem that people are creatures of habit. One should seek out and try new experiences. It is only by trying them that one can determine whether they should become regular events in your life.

    This is the whole idea of this use of ChatGPT. It is to shift people out of habitual thinking patterns to new patterns.

  3. I found the stretch of thinking especially in the BETTER points very interesting, this shows that with good orientation of the users, they can benefit by improving their own thinking. I had started my DFQ by jotting down my own BETTER points before reading the ones generated by the ChatGPT. This made me appreciate ChatGPT as a tool to supplement my thinking.

  4. What I find most fascinating about this AI-generated GBB analysis is how it dynamically adapts based on the context and perspective provided in the prompt. In a small experiment, I modified the original prompt by including: “To build a stronger sense of community with public transportation…” This modification evidently influenced the AI’s responses. The AI’s utility, I realized, hinges not only on the quality of the input (a case of GIGO or Garbage In, Garbage Out), but also on one’s willingness to iteratively refine the prompt and experiment with different perspectives. This approach allows for an exploration of various purposes, desired outcomes, and impacts, essentially creating a more comprehensive tree of possibilities and considerations.

  5. What is most interesting to me is how the ChatGBT seems to lack focus. It feels random and doesn’t comment clearly on the ‘by law’ part of the question. I would find this if limited use in practice and that makes me question how best to prompt the type of response I would find helpful. For example Good points point 4 not all employers are able to offer manual workers the opportunity to work from home, and point 9 can help reduce costs of transportation seems a very vague point that needs further exploration. The speed of generation is impressive but the quality of content concerning.

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