AIXIO S1: Lesson Four


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ACTION: It’s surprisingly simple to train your AI. Just go to your ChatGPT account and open a ‘New Chat’ and teach your AI/ChatGPT about The GBB. To do this you just write in or copy and paste the following prompt:

GBB means GOOD, BAD, Better. When asked to do a GBB on an idea or proposition one gives a list of 10 GOOD points that may be considered positive or of value about the idea. Then a list of 10 BAD points that can be considered negative about the idea. Then a list of 10 BETTER points that offer alternative points to consider, new possibilities or innovative choices and options to consider.

When you have completed that ACTION step you have now prompted ChatGPT how to do a GBB. You have begun to train it to do lateral thinking. We will continue this in the next few lessons.

Today’s Daily Feedback Question:

Do a GBB about how you currently feel about AI and ChatGPT.

• Post below a GOOD point you like about AI/Chat GPT.

• Post below a BAD point you don’t like about AI/Chat GPT.

• Post below a BETTER point you think could be better about AI/Chat GPT.

20 thoughts on “AIXIO S1: Lesson Four

  1. for Eilleen Shields (posted by SOT)

    Lesson 4
    Good: saves time searching for data and offers a larger volume of data to review
    Bad: contains bias but more importantly smothers the ability to think for yourself eg too easy to jump on the application in the first instance, rather than stopping to work it through on your own then supplement with the chatgpt.
    Better: it does offer an advantage of being able to spot patterns and customise to your need

  2. do a gbb about your own censoring:

    Good – Mitigating Misinformation: It reduces the spread of false or misleading information, contributing to a more informed user base.

    Bad = Freedom of Speech: Excessive censorship can infringe upon freedom of speech, stifling open discourse.

    Better – User Customization: Offer users granular control over censorship settings, allowing them to define their own boundaries.

  3. 1. Good Point – saves time
    2. Bad Point – unclear on where the assumptions used and or replies are coming from.
    3. Better Point – personalised Chat GPT designed to use only ‘approved’ data sources.

  4. 1. Good point – AI ChatGP gives rapid access to background to any problem being considered

    2. Bad point – AI ChatGP has a tendency to be very factual based and appears to be adverse to reporting matters that are media reported even when prompted to use same as well.

    3. I am looking forward to it using GBB as it has promised to do in future as it should enhance the process

  5. Good – can be used for lateral thinking
    Bad – it can lead to a virtual reality
    Better – disclosure of its use to people to whom the results are communicated

  6. Do a GBB about how you currently feel about AI and ChatGPT


    Shorten time

    More choices

    Irrational creativity


    Find the right thing





    Simple to use


    Requires simplified thinking

    Requires sophisticated thinking

    Can deceive when you have no understanding in the subject matter

    Can lead to wasting time on wrong directions

    When you insert a stupid question, you get extended stupid question

    Has no EQ

    Does not know me

    Destructing the focus

    Does not know when to stop

    When conducting a conversation, it loses direction


    Mutual training in thinking

    Requires objective thinking

    Can teach faster new things

    Enable to communicate better with technology

    Balancing deep knowledge Vs. Shallow

    Triggers my thinking

    Create diversity

    Makes me think

    By using prompts, it trains me in productive thinking

    Training me to think faster

  7. ChatGPT gives access to a vast amount of information.reliability of information is unknown. it can give different points of view regarding the focus of attention

  8. I trained Chat GPT with GBB on one subject today, it profoundly an amazing experience that led to a list of exploration. I will do more tomorrow and the following 9 days to cover 10 areas and practice the model

  9. Good – It thinks very fast
    Bad – It can hallucinate
    Better- It starts using lateral thinking

  10. Good: the option to have a vulnerable/frank discussion with Chat GPT and it’s ability to role -play is remarkable.
    Bad: Not understanding the limitations of ChatGPT. It can sound incredibly confident as it makes something up.
    Better: The opportunity for super-prompts – just using the GBB prompt today was remarkable. Having this available to everyone and them to be able to have a discussion with AI is remarkable

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