59 Second Training – Introduction

The purpose of 59 Second Training is to compress SOT ideas and insights into an ultrashort course that can then be unpacked by SOT instructors in their longer courses.

Today we will discuss the Introduction.

The Introduction is:

Thinking, in any situation, is escaping from your current view of the situation (cvs), and searching for a much better view of the situation (bvs).


You have now been studying and discussing the idea in this Introduction. What, for you,  has been the main insight of this idea?

53 thoughts on “59 Second Training – Introduction

  1. The insight apparent to me here, is that if we take the time to think laterally or just differently than we would normally – with all our prejudices and presumptions – in any given situation it is possible that we should be able to adapt our perspective to a potentially better one.

  2. cvs2bvs enables me to move from a reactive mode to a proactive one. Searching for a way to move forward in the midst of the prevailing challenges/conditions instead of focusing on just overcoming/reacting to issues besetting me now.

    So instead of being preoccupied with the present situation, I focus on searching for a new/preferred situation and the solutions needed to get me out of the present fix into a situation more ideal to me.

    So instead of being mired in the prevailing conditions/”set of rules”, the focus will be on searching for a new possibility, an alternative solution/route. Mentally, it allows for a refreshing new perspective. The prospect of taking control back is an uplifting thought and the process of doing so an uplifting experience.

  3. my situation of the cvs to bvs required my brother demand from me to work and be tired very much my cvs I will make his advice a habit but my bvs I can learn about the internet marketing so on make a website increase thez visitors and make maneoy online easier.

  4. The amount of bvs’s available to the user. In the past I would look at a situation in a limited number of ways.

  5. cvs is where you are and bvs is where you can be. There are multiple bvs. Training your brain to know the existence of bvs and the ability of the brain to switch from cvs to bvs is the first and the main insight of this idea. In other words – knowing that there is a world of possibilites far better than your current view of the situation.

  6. The ability to switch from 1 second to the next and explore totally different ideas and possibilities that will lead to a BVS, a better view of the situation.

    The search for a BVS can go thru totally different thought worlds.

  7. CVS is in the now and the BVS is infinite. CVS also could be the BVS from another perspective

  8. CVS – desktop version of viewing this blog only

    BVS – option to view mobile optimized version

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