59 Second Training – Introduction

The purpose of 59 Second Training is to compress SOT ideas and insights into an ultrashort course that can then be unpacked by SOT instructors in their longer courses.

Today we will discuss the Introduction.

The Introduction is:

Thinking, in any situation, is escaping from your current view of the situation (cvs), and searching for a much better view of the situation (bvs).


You have now been studying and discussing the idea in this Introduction. What, for you,  has been the main insight of this idea?

53 thoughts on “59 Second Training – Introduction

  1. The main insight I take away is the point of not having to accept a cvs as the best view, eventhough it may have been drilled into you from a very young age.

    We seem to do things purely because they seem to follow and we dont try things because we have fear.

  2. there are many insights in the 59 second video (can we still call them videos) however for me it is the ability to switch leap onto a parrellel universe. i have this image of being able to jump from a moving train that is heading in the same direction but on a different track.

  3. The main insight is the sheer simplicity of ceasing to defend the CVS, thus giving you the necessity & opportunity to find a BVS, which, by definition, has no bounds.

  4. A tremendous leap, i.e. cvs* 10 = bvs is to have a deep view of Islam. Although highly prejudiced and intentionally misconceived by the Western media, Islam is #1 religion people convert to worldwide. Just think about the numerous scientific evidences recently discovered through technology but that have been stated by Prophet Muhammad more than 1400 years ago. Aren’t these a material proof of the truthfulness of Islam? The problem is that people judge Islam through behaviours of Muslims, but unfortunately few Muslims stick to the real teachings of Islam.

  5. Well, I would be happy if I could spell better; the question to me is, how can one be sure of the bvs is really a bvs and not an illusion or another cvs? So is thinking the answer? Meditation would seem to say not. Thinking is the wave not the ocean.

  6. I don’t know why but even though I’ve been through the SOT, the you-tube pesentation was powerful. Now to apply it, I will read the comments below and try to Escape, Like medition! Share it with everyone to find your bvs. As below:

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