59 Second Course – Insight Two

Insight Two of the 59 Second Course in Thinking is:

Insight 02

The Universal Brain Software allows the brainuser to switch from one parallel universe to another


At any particular moment you, me, your puppy all live in that unique and personal universe made up of our perceptions at that time. And, of course, this is true for every other individual brain on the planet.

But, there are many other possible ways of seeing things.

There are many other moods one can be in. There are many different chemical states of the brain. There are always more facts to be uncovered. There are always many possible and parallel universes. If only we could hop from one universe to another …


Well we can do this on command. Because human perception is unstable we can always change the way we look at things using tools and brain software like cvs2bvs.

The Think Switch

For more insights on the instability of human perception see also:

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What is the most interesting insight for you, at this time in your life, that you can take away from this lesson?

36 thoughts on “59 Second Course – Insight Two

  1. People’s perceptions of things are subjective. Given that it is appropriate for people to change their views on things and that should not beheld against them. Everybody sees the same thing differently!

  2. I am currently considering moving into new fields of work, and think it could be very helpful if I use cvs2bvs to put myself in the shoes of potential business partners or colleagues.

    It may be possible that someone else’s cvs is for me a bvs…

  3. CVS2BVS claries that we have endless choice.

    Life itself is about choosing. We can however limit the choice we make available to ourself if our thinking and habits are anchored to our CVS.

    EST = 10X. Believe in a better world – keep looking for a BVS.

  4. A great example of the Necker Cube which really demonstrates this ‘flip/flop’ of perception.

    Having experienced it in this example along with the true instability of perception. Im keen to practice this a an effortless perceptual ‘switch’ that can be done at the user level with CVS2BVS

  5. it is always useful to have the reverse view tuning it around to see what is there. Hence the CVSto Bvs is so powerful tool at all times. I do not think it can fail when use purposefully.

  6. ” There are always more facts to be uncovered. There are always many possible and parallel universes. If only we could hop from one universe to another …”

    The more facts you uncover when in BVS. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

    Even in the present world there are many who are HOODWINKED to believing that what they BELIEVE is ‘true”. In fact it is a “brainwashed truth” due to perhaps a “lie” repeated over thousans of years.

    That is why it is always good to re-visit and re-think your present state.

    There are certain belief systems people have adopted from birth BLINDLY. But when you grow up you never question that. Another good exampe is when you buy gold you will test for its purity whether it is GENUINE or not. Then WHY NOT QUESTION the BELIEF SYSTEMS that was INSTILLED in to you from birth?

  7. I find it fascinating how easily people (myself included) tend to revert to a CVS. Across a whole range of areas. But it’s possible to switch to a BVS with even the smallest stiumulus.

  8. The most interesting insight I found while using the Necker animation was that if I held onto my perception of the structure and disregarded the stimulus of the moving objects I was able to prevent the reversing effect over 90% of the time! If we are so sure we know the truth and what the world is supposed to look, act and feel like you will disregard any other evidence which is contrary to what you desire to observe. I tried to retain my first perception and if it is crucial to your concept of Life any evidence presented no matter how correct or compelling will be ignored. The first goal of teaching then it appears is to break down the baririer to new information much like plowing the ground to receive seed. With the barrier in place we are throwing good seed upon rocks where it will never germinate into thought or different actions. The question is…..HOW to penetrate the barrier effectively!!!??

  9. Am I living the current view or actually participating in the better view of my personal situation. Am I in the process of escape or stuck in a current view.

    My interpretation of my current universe and my actions upon that particular view are what I am currently about. Is my baggage packed and ready for the trip or have I merely been avoided unpacking and decided to where the same old clothes I have been all too comfortable in. I see the glass and it’s dilemma. Today I choose to knock over the glass and enjoy the pattern of the stain on the table…

  10. For me, it is having more choices.

    It forces me to stop and think just a little longer about my current situation and not jump into the most obvious solution. How many possible bvs’ can I think of?

    In moving to the bvs, it also stretches my decision into the future and positions me from a more strategic viewpoint e.g., seeing the wood from the trees. What are the possible future implications I might face if I choose this path?

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