59 Second Course – Insight Two

Insight Two of the 59 Second Course in Thinking is:

Insight 02

The Universal Brain Software allows the brainuser to switch from one parallel universe to another


At any particular moment you, me, your puppy all live in that unique and personal universe made up of our perceptions at that time. And, of course, this is true for every other individual brain on the planet.

But, there are many other possible ways of seeing things.

There are many other moods one can be in. There are many different chemical states of the brain. There are always more facts to be uncovered. There are always many possible and parallel universes. If only we could hop from one universe to another …


Well we can do this on command. Because human perception is unstable we can always change the way we look at things using tools and brain software like cvs2bvs.

The Think Switch

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What is the most interesting insight for you, at this time in your life, that you can take away from this lesson?

36 thoughts on “59 Second Course – Insight Two

  1. The most interesting insight for me is that there is a whole world of possibilities that most people are missing (myself included) by being too narrow minded.

  2. I can switch my thinking on purpose: cvs2bvs – look for something better, more improved, more beneficial, more satisfying, more income, more knowledge, a better attitude, increased capacity and capability, new skills, more qualifications. and I can scale the ladder by X10!

  3. Your perception becomes your own reality. Why not perceive a better reality using CVS2BVS. If our lives have parallel mind universes then you have more choice then ever!

  4. We can choose outcomes to events; are in control or, at least, can greatly influence outcomes. Events and outcomes need not be random.

    If events can be perceived differently, then problems can be framed differently which will beg a different set of solution and outcome.

    Since it’s a conscious thought–a state of mindfulness–the way we choose to see/analyze a particular situation/problem, we can then choose to discard a two-box solution in search of a 3-, 4-, 5-box solution.

    The cvs2bvs is the key to doing that. To flip our perception of “reality” (the now in the present space-time) to other possibilities, thereby, setting the course to alternate outcomes. From a single point in the now moment, several probable outcomes are possible in a future point in the space-time continuum.

    Knowing that cvs2bvs is such a tool, we can remind ourselves to use it daily where appropriate, knowing that events and outcomes need not be random, but are determinate, and we can consciously influence them.

  5. I see tha t this understanding give me the ability to vast my thinking in a right area more positive thoughts and both of it right to realise the perception wich is much more totality.

  6. The most interesting insight that I can take away from this lesson is the potential for creativity. By being able to look at things from a number of different ways I should be able to generate a number of creative ideas.

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