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Insight 01

The Switch is The Universal Brain Software known as cvs2bvs

The cvs2bvs switch is the School of Thinking’s premium brain software or neuroware.

Insight One shows there are three dimensions of cvs2bvs that can be considered:

1. cvs2bvs is a switch,

2. cvs2bvs is software for the human brain, and

3. cvs2bvs is universal.


Choose one of these three dimensions and in 25 words or more, elaborate on why it has been a useful one for you to think about.

60 thoughts on “59 Second Course – Insight One

  1. cvs2bvs is **universal**

    Yes, that’s true. cvs2bvs can be applied to any domain. Right now, that’s what I’m doing, because I’m trying to escape my current “thinking situation” and trying to improve it. The brain tries to search for something to fill the void. This thing is knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the more you’ll have. Knowledge can bring curiosity in a domain. Curiosity bring motivation, consistency and happiness. To do all of this the brain improves the situation’s view. For example, If you don’t know what food to eat right now (cvs) and later you improve that mindset (bvs). In fact we are switching from cvs to bvs constantly.

  2. 1. cvs2bvs is a switch.
    If it is as simple as flicking a switch to change the way you think each day, this should be case of practice. This will work in theory but like anything you need to improve it will take continuous effort.

  3. 2. cvs2bvs is software for the human brain
    The brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and perhaps the most remarkable.

  4. Cvs2bvs, as a universal tool for changed perception.
    The bvs many be an appreciation of something as it is or a compelling vision of something as it could be.
    It’s a punctuation of our current state that mitigates the victim mindset.

  5. CVS2BVS is a switch. The status quo is sustained because no initiative is taken to alter and improve upon until a switch is flippedto create the desired change

  6. switching from cvs2bvs is the only tool available to consciously take control of ones brain power and direct it to ones desirable ends.

  7. 2. cvs2bvs is software for the human brain:

    I prefer this feature as it implies we are only limited by our imagination, which I believe to be true. All man made things must germinate in the brain before coming into being. It is only when we think of our brain as an ideas machine that CVS2BVS can really work well.

  8. cvs2bvs is a switch:
    The concept of a switch, implies movement or transition from one state to another or a replacement; depending on how one chooses to understand the word “switch.” The three synonyms I have used all suggest change, however a switch is also an object such as a light switch, where it can be moved from one position to another. By replacing/changing/positioning one’s perspective from cvs to some bvs, requires conscious effort and cognition – a thought or an intention to transition from one state to another. This suggests and requires some control over one’s thinking.

    cvs2bvs is software for the human brain:
    Software, is a series of instructions that are predetermined and dictate the exact behaviour of electronic hardware. The excellence of the human brain’s architecture is that it is a vast and extensive neural network, to which the concept of installing software, can seem altogether strange. However, the connections made within the network determine the trajectory of the information within the network and in some sense could be considered the software. The cummulative experiences of a lifetime and the information encountered by a human brain, determine its capacity to evaluate new information and categorise it in some fashion. cvs2bvs could be considered a concept stored in neural pathways, combined with an enforcing concept that suggests that this approach to thinking be applied to all or many circumstances – however other information may get in the way.

  9. For me, the key difference between hardware and software (and therefore, why it is useful to consider) is that software is far easier and cheaper to reconfigure than hardware.

    Using software as a metaphor for change is therefore very powerful. For example, in a recent presentation about the take-up of electric vehicles into Australia, it struck me that, while charging infrastructure and EV car sales are certainly key issues, probably more important are the issues relating to government policy and community attitude. Both of these are a marketing opportunity – in other words, software!

    In technical terms, at the most practical level, some of this will be achieved with software in the devices themselves – Time of Use pricing controlling the recharging of batteries, and Vehicle to Grid allowing the flow of stored energy from the car batteries back into the network!

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