59 Second Course – Insight One


Insight 01

The Switch is The Universal Brain Software known as cvs2bvs

The cvs2bvs switch is the School of Thinking’s premium brain software or neuroware.

Insight One shows there are three dimensions of cvs2bvs that can be considered:

1. cvs2bvs is a switch,

2. cvs2bvs is software for the human brain, and

3. cvs2bvs is universal.


Choose one of these three dimensions and in 25 words or more, elaborate on why it has been a useful one for you to think about.

60 thoughts on “59 Second Course – Insight One

  1. 3.

    This one is useful to me because it is widening the possibilities of when, where and on what I can apply different perspectives. It also makes the possibilities seem so wonderfully endless!

  2. To me, cvs2bvs is most obvious as a switch. Flipping from a reactive mode to a proactive one.

    Equally so is that of cvs2bvs as software for the brain. The brain–the hardware–continues to exist, together with all past lessons learned, preferences, values, wisdom, etc. The data–the prevailing external conditions, the situation, the players/counter-parties– exist as is.

    The cvs2bvs then is the new code/software used to process old/same data running on the old/same hardware which will output a different set of outcome.

  3. I learned before about the law of attraction and the thought which any body think about about it will attract specially if he repeated it if is a positive thought or a negative thought.

  4. It has been useful to think of cvs2bvs as a switch. As soon as I am thinking about the cvs my mind is searching for the bvs. cvs2bvs is just like a switch – off to on almost instantly.

  5. cvs 2 bvs is universal it applies to any person , situation or challenge -cvs to bvs does not depend on mental ability , education or particular circumstnces .cvs 2 bvs is a universal tool nd it’s free. so it can be applied by me everyday , everywhere , for anything

  6. cvs to bvs is universal as it can be applied to any situation and any type of problem. Also it can be applied and is valid in any country or culture. Applying this is very simple and does not require any advanced education.

  7. It is related to subjetivity principle. I create universe as I SEE universe, so if I DECIDE to see I decide to create options. It is a strong will that we can develop to create new realities.

  8. As a switch and the constant repetition has developed cvs2bvs into a mantra. I’m still saying it 100x day in my car and I found I can switch my outlook in an instant. I still get caught up in being a “lazy critic” but now I can stop myself and change direction.

  9. cvs2bvs is a switch.

    i love the idea of a switch. something that we can do manually at first but over time becomes an automatic response. the difference between turning on the light and installing a sensor that turns on the light when you get close.

  10. The beginning is always a fair place to start. It is very simple to think of reality as having two possibilities – what you see/swa the world as, & what you can imagine the world to be. If your focus is on the past (what brought you to the now), then you cannot shape the future (where to go from here) – you cannot escape the CVS. If you switch your thinking to imagining what could happen next, rather than what has already happened, then you *must* achieve a BVS.
    Interestingly, in my work, I try to think agile – which means being able to react to changes in the environment through not over-planning for the future. This is not incompatible, but is not quite correct. BVS is always intending to deliver the best results achievable – but most importantly by not basing that “best result” on what you can achieve now, but what you could possibly achieve.

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