Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #08 – TPF: Your Industry x10

If you’re interested in speed of thought, lateral thinking can be x10 faster than logical thinking and so the end point of lateral thinking can be value creation.

Bill Gates 1999 book, Business @ The Speed of Thought

But, what do we mean by ‘speed of thought’?

• Speed of thought is how lonG it takes you to change your mind. cvs2bvs.
Speed of thought is how long it takes you to escape from your current viewpoint. cvs2bvs.
Speed of thought is how long it takes you to stop defending your current viewpoint. cvs2bvs.
Speed of thought is how long it takes you to switch to a much better viewpoint. cvs2bvs.

The biggest roadbump to speed of thought is your fear of being wrong. The most common cause of cognitive inertia is mistake-phobia, the morbid fear of making a mistake. Excessive use of logic makes us fearful thinkers. Logic is a natural thinking style for humans because it is driven by the strong emotion of fear. The fear of mistakes. Western education has put too great an emphasis on logic, the kind of binary thinking focused on judgement of right vs wrong or good vs bad or black vs white etc etc.

At the level of human2human relationships, many causes of daily conflict often are exacerbated by binary I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong logic-style thinking. Our obsession with logic is bad philosophy. Our over-use of logic has made us very slow thinkers. Very fearful thinkers. Very aggressive thinkers.

The search for ‘better’

Especially in the business context. Most business thinking is far too slow and costly. Lateral thinking is a tool for speed of thought – for creating better solutions. Better strategies. Better opportunities. Better attitudes. Better timing. Better outcomes. Better returns. Better results. Better consequences, Better Futures, etc etc.

In the last lessons you considered TPFs for Your Job and Your Company. In this lesson consider a Three Possible Futures for Your Industry.

DFQ #08: Do a TPF for your industry?




79 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #08 – TPF: Your Industry x10

  1. 1. In my industry, the IT industry, things evolve so fast that one possible future may be that, a major paradigm shift occurs, and IT professionals find themselves having to re-learn most of their skills in a different way.

    2. Another possible future could be that, what are now paid IT services, could become free services, and IT providers find themselves having to develop new income streams.

    3. We could enter a totally new dominant era/age, which dwarfs this information age.

  2. 1. Change from PVC to another type of material using waste/recycled material
    2. Heat Pump hot water systems that also cool homes.
    3. All roofing material to contain solar energy paint to provide every house with free energy.

  3. 1. Work with Unions to ensure that workers are compensated for their labour.
    2. Develop work programs that employees can modify from the ground up instead of relying on the Top.
    3. Create an environment where the Top respects those below them.

  4. 1- Creating opportunities for a better life.
    2- Protecting individuals from disasters and changes that the world will face.
    3- Different educational care adapted to the new era.

  5. TPF in the Human Potential Industry.
    1. We have evolve so much even in the last 10 or so years with the coming of the digital age now.
    2. This has brought many knowledge to a lot of people in the developing world yet it’s still not felt strong yet. But it will accelerate quickly and we will move faster.
    3. Advance knowledge of the Human mind is advancing faster and is accessible to those who desire to know and will master it in there lifetime. Thanks Michael.

  6. Three Possible Futures for the personal development/coaching industry . . .

    1. Regulate the industry and mandate for minimum academic qualifications for all providers of training/coaching in self development.

    2. Ensure the industry remains free and ‘Laissez-faire’ with a low-bar of entry for service provider.

    3. Make it illegal to provide coaching, counselling, or consulting services in the personal development industry unless the service provider holds an accredited degree in psychology.

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