Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #06 – TPF: Three Possible Futures

We make decisions all day long. When a decision is taken there are always consequences. Future consequences that happen after the decision is made. These possible consequences are possible futures.

These many possible futures may be called by scientists the many parallel universes or the multiverse. Whether or not the multiverse theory is true it’s a useful metaphor.

If we don’t choose the universe we want to be in then it may be chosen by others for us. Or worse, by random drift and circumstance.

So, the TPF is the deliberate thinking effort we make in our PFC to explore possible futures so we may choose the ones we want to be in. cvs2bvs.

There are, of course, a virtually unlimited number of possible futures facing us at any particular moment in time (called NOW) but so many futures may be too daunting to think about. So, let’s just limit our choice of options to three.

The TPF is the PFC brain app which shows that at any time you are faced with a decision there are always at least three possible futures from which to choose.

Usually there is the most likely future which will turn out to be the obvious decision you are most likely to take. Then there are other options, alternatives, possibilities or choices you may or may not consider. This week we’ll practise the TPF each day considering three possible futures, three possibilities.

You are the expert

The eminent American management guru, Peter Drucker, pointed out–you, the individual paid-thinker, are the world expert at your particular job.

So, in this DFQ I’d like to ask you to have a think and then describe three possible futures for your own job.

x10 Idea?

Perhaps you have an x10 idea can lead to revenue possibilities or to cost-savings. Or a different way of doing things. Have a go at estimating potential numbers #, dollars $, and percentages % that may result from your x10 idea. Your possible futures might be inside the box or x10 outside the box. There are no right answers! Your time frame might be immediate, medium term or long term.

DFQ #06: What three possible futures are there for your own job?




102 thoughts on “Lateral Thinking Certificate (LTC-A) – Lesson #06 – TPF: Three Possible Futures

  1. 1. My program (work) will start to scale nationally
    2. We will start to be recognised as the game changer in the industry
    3. We will implement new and exciting ways of being thought leaders in the space

  2. 1. I’ll accomplish my project earnings goal, and then not be sure what to do next.

    2. My project will become defacto, and surpass my earnings goal, exponentially.

    3. My project will get bought off, by an interested party, for a satisfactory sum, and I’ll hand it over and move on.

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