ATLC #18 – Opportunities and Happiness

What are the three most important opportunities facing you in your business/career/life right now where you need to PTO?

What turns you on?

What are you ‘passionate’ (overused, I know) about?

What are your strengths?


Here are some examples listed by previous members:

– to buy some land
– to get a better job
– to help the sick and the poor
– to learn acting
– to start playing the piano again
– to grow their business; to go back to school
– to raise their income
– to give up smoking
– to improve their golf.

DFQ #18:
Choosing one of the three opportunity areas you thought of above give yourself an orange to peel. Complete (with who, when and where) the following sentence:

Regarding my (#1 opportunity) I will PTO ….

290 thoughts on “ATLC #18 – Opportunities and Happiness

  1. I have not had any contact with my father since my parents separated just after my first birthday. A few months ago a friend him in another country. I now have the opportunity to make contact which I have been holding back from. This weekend I will place a phone call and see what comes of it.

  2. I have an opportunity that’s to lead a purposeful development program for backward student. The program aims at upgrading their knowledge and skills, then to enable them to catch up with ordinary students.  I am seriously thinking of taking this opportunity-which is a good thing to do for my career. If I decide to take it I will plan to upgrade backward students not only to an ordinary level, but also to an outstanding  level, that would be a good example of applying CVS to BVS.

  3. Business:
    • I have an opportunity to build a great business. A world class business that serves the needs of its customers. A cash machine that is enabling me to live the kind of life style that I want for myself and my family.
    • To make a difference the lives of the people that need my help.
    • A business that runs like a well-oiled machine, operating with well-defined processes and procedures. A business that is enabling me to be take time off and take care of my family.
    • A business that brings an abundance of financial, emotional, spiritual, emotional and physical comfort to me, my clients and the people that work with me. To be able to see that what I am doing is making a difference in people lives and provides benefits to many people that need my help. To be able to have all the financial resources that I need and not have to worry about money.
    • I want to solve problems and create value for my client in a way that is making my business unique and see my clients making progress and achieving their goals.
    • An enterprise that is going to provide value for many generations and to be able to sell my business when time comes for a handsome profit.
    Regarding my business I will PTO: to complete my 1-page business plan that give direction and focus to my business.
    • Staying active in my field and to be able to offer value for many years to come.
    • Commit to learning and furthering my career by learning new things that I can use to help my clients and friends to create better lives for themselves.
    • To contribute to the wellbeing of world by using science and searching for the truth.
    Regarding my continuous learning I will PTO: to make time slot available in my daily schedule to read and learn something new

    • My children are my most important challenges and the opportunities.
    • To give them the chance to make something of their lives and become responsible adults. To help them discover what they want to do with their lives and how they can achieve their goals.
    • My greatest joy is to see that that they are doing the right thing and to have children that are happy, healthy and productive members of the society. People that have good moral character and can provide value for others and take care of themselves financially.
    • To help them become better folks by being a good role model for them.
    Regarding my children I will PTO: to become a better listener so I can communicate better with them and be able to help them achieve their goals.

  4. Regarding my opportunity to grow the thinking school, I will market to more people, sharpen the courses and teach more vigorously next week.

  5. Regarding my reducing golf score opportunity, I will practice techniques will watching the golf channel at my hotel in the US to see if the tips make my game better.

  6. Regarding my (#1 opportunity) I will PTO ….
    by being accountable to myself. staying focussed, finishing what I start “turning up and putting in” the time and effort

  7. Regarding my (#1 opportunity) I will PTO ….by spending quality time with by family. Planning things that are fulfilling for us all. Working on this weekly and not losing focus will help to have a clear open mind at work also.

  8. Regarding my (#1 opportunity) I will PTO ….try to keep up with the hign maintenance of my house and garden. So little time – so much to do

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