ATLC #14 – The Paradox of Peel the Orange!

What is a paradox?

A paradox is a statement that apparently contradicts itself and yet might be true (or wrong at the same time).

This is a paradox! paradox


As we discuss the leadership skill of PTO we have an interesting paradox or contradiction …

PARADOX: On the one hand we are promoting and teaching thinking skills and individual sovereignty and the right of individuals to think for themselves. On the other hand, we have a leadership program which teaches the leadership skill of “Peel The Orange”, which is the skill of being able to carry out appropriate instructions, without question, on command.

So, are you ready for your first orange?

DFQ #14
Think carefully and demonstrate your clearest thinking skills to peel this orange:

Resolve the PTO paradox in 111 words.

315 thoughts on “ATLC #14 – The Paradox of Peel the Orange!

  1. One thing guaranteed is that if you keep thinking you will have more thoughts, and more thoughts may get in the way of action. Rarely I suggest would a PTO be thus – At my command… THINK! No it would be action and what we are learning is precision thinking as action. In learning to follow appropriate instructions on command I believe you have to peel away layers of ego. When I coach 7 & 8 year old to play football they have no problem following instructions without question. So the paradox lies in that to learn sovereign thinking you may have to unlearn how to think, deny ego and follow instructions.

  2. The paradox stands in the dichotomy between an unquestioned order and thinking. Since you can’t fully remove the ability to think from a person, this paradox only exists in theory. Every order received is thought upon in a split second or longer. During that time, the individual exercise is inalienable right to think and act. When the order is simple, such as ‘run’, the brain can be trained to accept it without question but during the training that leads there, he or she thought about it and found it acceptable. Any further such order, therefore, appears to go unquestioned. Add the words ‘…off the bridge’ and the person would question its validity and decide to not act, or even act, on it.

    PS (as I decided to write this in 122 words instead of the 111 asked : )

  3. Its a very interesting question and yes a bit paradoxical if the PTO of the leadership thinking course is affecting adversely our ability to think.
    The millions of years of logical thinking software requires that force, commitment, trust and willingness coming from the PTO approach.
    And the PRR(DFQ) of the mode of instruction and training is not asking us to do a simple action but to think and answer which helps build the cognition and leadership skills as intended.

    And we are not literally only peeling oranges, the instruction and content of command contradicts the contradiction !

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