ATLC #04 – Leadership Thinking

My view is that leadership thinking can be based on a simple formula of three imperatives:

Escape + Search = Think

Escape + Search = Think

Escape + Search = Think

Click through and read about The 59 Second Course in Thinking and then think further about why these three imperatives were chosen. After that return here and do today’s DFQ.

DFQ #04:
Post your comment on how you think
ESCAPE + SEARCH = THINK might help
you to become a much better leader.

351 thoughts on “ATLC #04 – Leadership Thinking

  1. Leadership = Action. The good leader recognises there is always a BVS, to escape the CVS takes action as opposed to the general view of to stop & think. To escape needs a START, an action, and by searching you are in motion. Thinking as a dynamic rather than at rest.

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