King Charles III on Chivalry

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2 thoughts on “King Charles III on Chivalry

  1. Chivalry remind those in power that they have a responsibility to serve. This is expressed in the expression noblesse oblige and in the mantra of the Knights of St John Hospitaller “To serve the sick and the poor as our lords”. This is often repeated in pop culture through the spider man meme “ with great power comes great responsibility”
    This is so a theme in British constitutional monarchy originating in Magna Carta. And indeed the English National Anthem also reminds the Monarch to uphold the rights of his subject. Let us hope that King Charles and all future Monarchs and indeed our elected political leaders remember this obligation.

  2. Thought Experiment 0423:
    What might King Charles III have to say on chivalry?

    This is how ChatGPT can process that thought experiment.

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