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SOT @ Melbourne Grammar School (MGS)
Centre for Learning and Leadership.

For your interest, here is a small selection of the hundreds of feedback comments from MGS Students and Teachers who have been enrolled in the SOT brain training @ MGS in 2007 and 2008.

• These comments are all from MGS Students and Teachers doing the SOT training.
• These comments have not been edited except to remove names for privacy reasons.
• Each SOT lesson has a DFQ (Daily Feedback Question).
• DFQs are not closed questions requiring ‘right’ answers.
• DFQs are open questions requiring the trainee to think up their own answer or form their own opinion.
• Members are invited to post their comment to each lesson. Here are some of their comments:

The previous responses were excellent. As they have stated, our complacency in this current golden age could prove to be our doom. We live in this world, believing that everything was made for us and that we can use it in whatever way we desire. And when something does not turn out right or has disappeared, we say it is fine and we wont need to do anything about it
When all resources dry out and the resourceful age ends, in our current state we will be in for a rude awakening.
A popular recent example of mine would be global warming. I at first always thought it was something of unimportance. As I lived in an area where resources seemed unlimited and pollution was never a problem.
However now that increasing evidence of the disasters global warming will cause has been proved, my views towards such a sensitive issue has changed. I now believe it as a serious issue that humanity will inevitably suffer from.
I’m here to live, to breath, and to think. There is no purpose of life, but everyone can create a purpose of themselves to accomplish, and that is living. My most important ‘purpose’ or goal in life is to live happily and enjoy my ’short visit’ as much as I can. A purpose I make for myself, however, is to inspire people with my thoughts and ideas through writing or one of my strongest passions, visual art. When I grow and find someone I love and cherish I am eager to provide a new life that chance to live happily and have a purpose, whatever it may be.
That people need to harden up, life is harsh. Its nice to pretend that things will sort themselves out on their own, and sometimes I find it hard to admit that reality doesn’t stop to hold your hand. Eventually responsibility falls to no one but oneself.
Using Tenpower to evolve patterns.

The use of repetition in order to break out or in this case induce habitual thinking involves the course of practicing, rinse, repetition and rehearse. Then invovling ten power can help accelerate this process. When the above formula of repition is followed successfully then it becomes much easier for us to switch to the BVS. Furthormore allowing us to explore other ideas to improve it even more, by tenpower.
1. I will read another 10 chapters on my book
3. I will list 10 things that I will do today which I wouldnt do normally
4. I will write out ten pages of latin words to improve my vocabulary
5. I will wrap ten presents today for the christmas celebrations
6. I will add an extra ten minutes when I walk my dog today
7. I will deduct ten seconds from my sudoku time record
8. I will spend an extra ten minutes on making my room tidier
9. I will devote 10 minutes to writing my resume
10. I will decrease my stress levels by tenfold

THen i will continue this for 10 days (or until i run out of presents)
Increase my optimism by ten, despite the weather, and decrease my stress by ten, despite the upcoming exams.
CVS is no greater nor equal to BVS
CVS is no greater nor equal to BVS
CVS is no greater nor eqaul to BVS
Happy Birthday SOT, its great to hear that this program has last for such a time with insurmountable results. Congratulations to the Thinking Instructors.
In your necktop computer, logic is useful enough for labelling and mail-sorting and dealing with the past but it’s not nearly enough to help you cope with the challenges of the future.
GOOD- The lessons in the course allowed me to adapt to different methods of thinking, a break from the daily cycle I would usually follow. The routine also required disclipline and again gave me a break from daily difficulties.
BAD- Some of the lessons were difficult to follow and sometimes long-winded
BETTER- Its not enough! We need more! Also encourage us to keep continuing with the course, alot of people drop out after the first ten lessons
At school I now attack tasks and assignments with different perspectives. Instead of answering every question I am given the same way everytime, I now allow myself more time and thought to decide how to answer them in the best possible way.
The outputs: Better Attitude, Better Response and Better Marks!
I will reward those who have made my “parachutes” today. The people who have made life much easier by making things that I can rely on when things go wrong, hence the term “parachute”. Many of these people’s efforts go unoticed as they recieve little or no aknowledgement, today I will change that.
Using multiple caps at one time when deciding on a solution. At first it was hard for me to see beyond my CVS, but following this training has made it easier and clearer. It can only get better with practice. I also need to practice my whistling, in my free time, where nobody else can be disturbed!
1. Jeffrey
2. Melissa
3. Dave
4. Peter
5. Michael
6. Chris
7. Sam
8. Jake
9. Jed
10. Eyrn
Laughter is a world-wide form of communication. It allows us to be more productive, more eager and more open towards situations [even difficult ones]. Fun is such an important word. In can change something from being tedious, boring, into something we can all enjoy.

Do I hear the sound of laughter every day?

Well, my primary environment is the classroom. Here were are meant to learn facts, and study. There is little room for laughter, recreational times may give us time to relax but even that is consumed by duties. Often my fellow classmates would cause a disturbance or make a joke in a feeble attempt to bring humour and “fun” into the classroom to make everyone else laugh.
This is usually to the teacher’s dismay so it is only experienced momentarily and the person ends up being punished. “Follow something you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life”
Today I woke up with a different mood, and it stuck with me all day! I gave smiles to everyone I met, they reactions made me feel good [despite my mouth feeling awfully sore!].

Also while I was catching the train back home today, it broke down in the middle of trip. After hours of the train limping its way to the next station, I still managed to keep myself in a good mood. Much the the suprise of everyone else. Adding to that there were two people singing aloud [they sounded to be tone deaf] in the same carriage. Instead of joining everyone else and giving them furious glares, I went up to them and gave them helpful insights on improving their singing. They immediantly stopped after that, realising what they did and feeling guilty about it.
What am I dealing with today? Schoolwork
How can I make a better approach?
I already strive for my best in the majority of my schoolwork, however there is always room for improvement. Today I could bring more effort into improving my speed handwriting, it is terrible. I should strive to make it intellegable by the examination period.

“Contrast this with the dumb ‘whatever-I-can-get-away-with’ attitude.”
Consider that people have this ‘attitude’ because they think it is enough, and it is for them.
This is of course is not the advised way of thinking, and it is why people hold back.
Another search keyword, “Modus Vivendi” [a way of living life]
Use a combination of both hats, black and green. Judge the situation, improve on it. Judge the situation again, improve on it even more. Continue this to such an extent that you are satisfied with the stragety. It can be a tedious process which is likely part of why we hardly switch between hats. But if we persist, there will always be a “right” AND “creative” way of dealing with situations. I tend to use my White hat for most situations, a big weakness.
Things to fufill my burning ambition, in which my “modus operandi” also benifits others
Keep learning the skills that will set me up for life.
Stop putting off my biology assignment, no matter how much I hate the subject.
What should I be thinking about? Difficult question. I could think about consequences of my actions towards, fellow bystanders I suppose. Occasionally I would start a conversation while we are waiting for a tram, and they produce very interesting results.
What else can i think about?
Adding onto my previous statement. Perhaps it is my inexperience that hinders me, but I also need to think about long-term consequences. Its sort of a grey area for me
After gathering this information i can progress higher in the cognos with a BVS.
What could I notice today?
While catching the train from the city this afternoon I put down my book and studied the expressions of people sitting in the carriage [without being caught mind you!]. The majority of them were elderly and wore solemn and morose faces. This was explainable as they were likely returning from Remembrance Ceremonies.
As I noticed this, I thought: “Why are these people so sad? They should be happy that their family members sacrificed their lives for the country. I realise its a terrible loss, but its for a cause no greater than this”
-I do understand that I have not experienced such loss yet [hopefully never] but we pick ourselves up and move on.
What could i do right now?
Be more open with my parents
Get on the phone and call all my friends’ numbers
Research on local First Aid Training
Read the paperm and make a habit of it
Draw up some ideas/designs for future art projects
And start revising

The rest may seem too daunting, however i could improve my CVS with that list and make it seem a whole lot easier!
1. Create a revision programme for exams
2. Clean my room
3. Update myself more commonly with news
4. Get more involved in RAAF events
5. Do a first aid course (level 2)
6. Do more art projects
7. Improve on my athlectic talents, get fitter
8. Get involved in cooking classes
9. Learn more about school history, and plans
10. Contact old friends to renew connections
Just suppose water was the most valuable thing on earth. Just suppose families were given daily rations of water for living. How would their daily lives be different? What different uses of water would there be? Would they have a lesser quality of life?
And what would happen if they ran out?
We need to think solutions for the future to prevent these situations. To give us a taste of whats to come, we need to SUPPOSE what would happen and SUPPOSE what our response would have been. These thoughts could are so crucial in counteracting our upcoming complications.
Where could I find my STAIRWAY?
If a peculiar situation interests me, and my CVS is limited. I would conduct research on it and explore other people’s ideas. This brings clarity to the sitation step by step. As I get higher up the stairway, the easier it is for me look back, understand and take advantage of the situation. The stairway strategy is a great emphasis and I would certainly use it to improve my CVS daily.
8. Why not use an alternative?
Why not catch public transport instead of using a car? Why not cook up something fabulous for the family instead of taking them out? Why not invest time in the small moments that count instead of stressing about the larger ones?
Oppurtunity to think and assess the situation is always there. Whether it is used to make us more comfortable with the outcomes or prevent unwanted situations from happening. We just need to discover the OPPORTUNITY to do so.
Why is this my reaction?
Why do I react to situations like this? My beliefs play an enormous role in my actions as I am still young. Whether it is a daily situation or perhaps a life changing decision (havent had many of those yet!) habits that I am taught kick in. Why should I just think with what I am taught? Why should I not bring the effort to bring my CVS to a BVS?
My CVS for today: I am going to study hard for the upcoming exams
What can I do to make it a BVS by using tenpower?
At first I should step back and reduce my worrying for the exams by ten. This will allow me to properly assess what needs to be revised and what doesn’t and the hours required. This will increase my productivity by tenfold. And as a result i will have X10 more relaxation and optimism.
That proves BVS>CVS by 10
What I would try move away from today is emotional patterns that hinder my performance. And not procrastinate so often.
Being reminded of the fact that we can train our minds to take on a ‘bvs’ is helpful. I need to be conscious that there is a bvs out there for the many things we do in a certain way because ‘that’s what we’ve always done’.
I will adjust from my CVS to a BVS by asking for feedback from my peers and use them in a way to improve future situations, and to help avoid unnessesary situations that can be prevented.
Unfortunately i was unable to attend the event. So I was wondering if there was a video or some audio recording of the speeches because i would love to hear it!
CVS’s are often full of constraints. The key is unlock the chains (more perceived than actual) and to be determined to move to a BVS. IT seems to me that even leadership teams are hindered by the black hat thinking mode. I am now conjuring up an image of the tagger’s weapon of chice, namely, a spay can. My challenge will be to utilise the spray can on the balck hats.
What an amazing man! His ability to make the complex ’simple’ was revealing. Consideration, control anger – two key points (amongst others!) to take away!
Fantastic Interview, I very much appreciate you sharing it here. I certainly learnt a few things while reading through it.
Being conscious of other points of view and different ways of looking at situations is helpful in almost all circumstances. The trick is to make yourself stop and refelect before making knee jerk responses – sometimes in the heat of the moment!
Social activities and constant interaction with common and unusual problems. This is easy for me because i still attend school. It is such an important part of everyday life
Down mood at the moment. I forgot to organise a meeting that involved four other people. I have let them down! Anyway, time to move to an ‘up’ mood and quickly redress the situation!
If you can’t see the lighter side of almost any situation then the working day can be a very long one! We spend so much time with our colleagues and we need to make sure that is quality time. Being happy is the way to go!
I always rely on humour – can’t think of a more normal way to be! Some people take themselves far too seriously…..
You need both! You need to be able to form a judgement on a situation but you should always take advantage of the possobility that changes can be made. You have to be able to question situations – just because we’ve always done things a certain way doesn’t mean we have to follow that path forever.’
Get on with the ‘too hard’ basket!!!!!!!
I need to be thinking about ‘where we need to be’. I have to keep in mind the pros and cons about how to get ‘there’. Getting there involves asking questions, visualising, imagining, propsing, involving, considering and then acting.
If i wanted to learn about something in many different ways, i would certainly refer to someone else’s CVS. A popular example is the multi-coloured apple. From where i am sitting i see apple as green, so i say it is green. However the person sitting opposite from me sees the apple as red, and so he/she says it is red. Our thoughts alone contradict each other, however if we share them we discover more about the apple itself.
I notice that the people I work with lead very busy lives. I think that sometimes some of these people think hey are ‘hard done by’ in relation to expectations at work – when really their employment situation is very generous.
Write down those ideas I have been thinking about.
Show them to the people I need to show.
Consider feedback
Make decisions.
Get on with it
Just suppose I could start my life over again – would it be more comfortable or more challenging?
I can ask my ‘clients’ for their input/perception on a more regular basis. Sometimes its a case of not seeing the trees for the forest!
This can be asked when trying new things with hesitation
The Adults always say things that we children would never even dream about saying. But then we become adults and just say what we dreamt that we would never say.
Why not do this differently? Fresh eyes can see tasks that need to be performed can be done just as effectively but in a new manner.
i need to endulge myself in a land i have not advented for a number of hours – *unspecified*
This motto conveys meaning of very little use or relevance to myself, or any perons of today as far as i can tell. The Latin tense of “nascitur” is present, or technically, a vivid imperfect. Thus, the meaning of the words in latin could infer that nobody is a skilled thinker, without having been taught, or trained in “skilled thinking,” and so does the english translation, in turn, focus not on the thinking ability on one’s first day in this world, but rather on the natural talent of people.
i am a strong believer that, in the nature/nurture debate, nature is a powerful victor, and am unable to believe that man’s natural abilities do not superseed ones that can be taught.
However, the jovial nature of the motto appeals to my more appleased mind, in that it creates the illusion that such web-analisers as these, (which come unannounced and wholly unheard of – other than here, in cyber space) are not a waste of time, and are “just tops!!!”
There is always an opportunity to rethink how things are done here. The trick is making the ‘thinking time’ available in which to plan new ways.
Most recently I rised above the idea that there are some things people can’t do, because with a lot of hard work we can pretty much acomplish anything.
It is truly amazing our situation on Earth. How humans suddenly appeared on Earth perfectly situted with one another and able to reproduce with one another.
Why is this organised this way? Having moved into an existing situation I need to ask this question quite often. Sometimes the reasons are quite simple and other times not so. I need to look at situations and ask ‘how can we do it better/simpler/more efficient?’ – and then explain to others reasons for change.
I can involve more people in CVS thoughts to generate a BVS. Constant questioning and analysis from a different perspective is something I need to consciously improve on.
That life is way too busy and difficult, and most things i must do have no purpose.
Staying in my comfort zone and not giving anything new a go
What we say and what we do has a value to our society. Whether intended, hurtful or optimistic, it proves an insight in who we all are.
spending hours in front of the computer
Why not use an alternative?
I need to be aware of other peoples CVS and how their persepective of a situation can be as equally (more?) valid than my own. Build further trust.
Everyone, well most people anyway, can make a difference. Tangible changes are very possible in the near future if democracy is looked upon as a real, living thing rather than a concept from a distance. Cooperation and proactive participation is the key to progress.
Being in a pattern is very easy, but it dulls the mind. Trying new things, unexpected and out of the ordinary, is great. Maybe I should try sticking it to the man a bit more, question the establishment and not take everything for granted. Most people just put their heads down and ride it out and hope through diligence and conformity that when they stop to look around they will have made it somewhere. But the really great people are not ordinary, they didn’t follow any tried and true methods, and thats what separates them from the pack.
To think differently from the way i usually think when i strike a problem.
That the colours I am seeing are the same colours you are seeing.
It is important in the modern world that people learn to respect and become aware of other people’s opinions and to understand the subjective nature of the world. There is no right and there is no wrong, and there is certainly no point in blaming others and attacking them for what they stand for, it is however alot more constructive if everyone takes on an approach of hearing out each other and to understand what and why someone thinks the way they are thinking and work it out, this will make the world a peaceful place to live where cultural sensitivity and respect for one another prevails.
To develop leadership and management skills.
I could do my latin homework.
An opportunity exists for me to take control of my future, rather than letting circumstance dictate to me.

The motto states that nobody is born a skilled thinker. Can anybody be born a good footballer? When born, was the fastest man in the world the same as everbody else, or did he have a special muscle make-up? I believe that sportsman, mathemeticians, etc, are born with a special gift in that the way they are made up is beneficial when learning the skill of their given sport, etc. When it comes to thinking, i believe that nobody is born with a special make-up which makes them a skilled thinker, skilled thinking can only be learnt and therefore, ‘No-one is ever born a skilled thinker!’
That life is short, and you cant do everything you want.

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  1. Once we realise that thoughts are real the rest is elementary.

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