Bonus message for SOT Lateral Thinkers: Meet Sir Gus :-)

As a special bonus message I’d like you to meet Sir Gus Nossal who is a great friend of the School of Thinking and is a founding member of our SOT Science Symposium which meets quarterly to discuss issues relating to thinking and science.

Sir Gus is also one of Australia’s greatest science lateral thinkers of international reputation. Most importantly he is a very nice gentleman. I love being in his company and you always learn and laugh at the same time.

In the July 2018 symposium the question under discussion was: How can placebos work in the triune human brain? Click for more info
Sir Gus being invested as a knight by Queen Elizabeth II at Yarralumla in 1977.

I recently found this wonderful video (27 mins) which is full of great stories and allows you to go for an intimate joyride with Sir Gus. Yes, the sound is quite scratchy but, no matter, there are sub-titles and it’s a fun interview and will lift your spirits and inspire you, as a lateral thinker. The episode is called Scientists in a $h!tBox Spelling it Out and just click here and fasten your seatbelt …


If you would like to get your Lateral Thinking Certificate – Advanced (LTC-A) from the School of Thinking just complete all 10 DFQs from these lessons and email me requesting your Certificate.

48 thoughts on “Bonus message for SOT Lateral Thinkers: Meet Sir Gus :-)

  1. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for thought provoking course. It is sure to influence they way I approach thinking and decision making both at work and home.

    Can you please email me a certificate.

    Cheers Marty

  2. Thanks again for the interesting and applicable course Michael..
    If it is no trouble, I would appreciate a copy of my certificate.
    Thanks, Nick

  3. Thanks for the great inspiring course. In a world of linear thinkers I have found most of my lateral ideas has resulted in rejections. Some formal using institutionalised rules, others just too far ahead of its time. But some make it through determination, Sir Gus’ third point, so not giving up. Cheers.

  4. Hi Michael,
    Thank you very much for the valuable lessons on lateral thinking. I have set myself some x10 professional goals and will aim to achieving it by actively using CVS to BVS strategy.
    I have completed all 10 DFQs, could I please email me the certificate?
    Best regards,

  5. Thank you for the lessons and especially the final treat of the Sir Gus Nossal interview. He touched upon lateral thinking at one point in the interview.

  6. Hi Micheal,

    Thanks for opening up new possibilities in not only my professional life but also personal life. I enjoyed the course and appreciate if you email me a certificate.

    Best regards,
    Sabah Sabaghy

  7. Hi Michael, Thanks for providing this course to AVR scientists. Very interesting and insightful. Can you please email me a certificate. Thank you. Matt

  8. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for providing the course and the new way of looking at things. I plan to use the techniques in my future scientific endeavours.

    I too would like the certificate,

    Cheers and Merry Xmas and a safe and innovative 2021.


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