AIXIO S1:Lesson One

The Problem – GIGO

The purpose of AIXIO Training (pronounced aye eye ecks ten) is to help you to multiply your AI by ten.

This course is 100% by email. Starting today, there will be five email lessons a week for two weeks. All SOT courses are run Your Course. Your Way. You decide the way you wish to do the lessons. Some do SOT lessons every day for ten days. Others do them whenever. You decide how you want to apply the course to your interests, your goals and your outcomes. Each lesson takes about ten minutes. You can expect immediate results.

If you need to open your own personal ChatGPT account there is no fee. ACTION: Click here and go to MENU then LOGIN.

The Coursebook

You will also need to have your coursebook AIXIO: Multiply Your AI By Ten. You should have already received a copy. There is no charge for the coursebook. It was co-written by myself with ChatGPT.

Let’s get started. This is from page 1 of the coursebook. In these supporting lessons there are instructions to READ or for ACTION. Just read the READ parts and do the ACTION parts.

READ here, or on page 1 of the coursebook. The written conversation is between myself and ChatGPT …

READ here, or on page 2 of the coursebook …

READ here, or on page 3 of the coursebook …

ACTION: SOT uses DFQs to help transfer from knowledge to skill by collecting your thoughts and those of the others in the course. Each lesson has a DFQ = Daily Feedback Question. To receive a Certificate of Completion from SOT you will want to complete all ten DFQs in this training. To complete today’s DFQ just post your comment below.

Today’s DFQ: What is the most interesting idea, or insight, you personally discerned from this lesson? 

25 thoughts on “AIXIO S1:Lesson One

  1. The more detailed and specific the request, the more quality the output. Let us train this ChatGPT to use parallel thinking to enhance our own parallel thinking. Let us train the trainer.

  2. One insight, amongst others, is the reference to “bias”. I need to take care in writing my question to be aware of unconscious bias and in the GPT response, read for possible bias.

  3. I should be careful and not accept that ChatGP will be an authoritative source as it may reflect my own biases. However it should be a good source of alternate viewpoints and flesh out areas to consider.

  4. That: I should always feed ChatGPT with accurate information in order to receive an accurate reply.

  5. Shame on me. I had not thought about the process of GIGO when using ChatGPT. I need to think through what I’m REALLY asking and stay away from the ‘ordinary’. This will take retraining on my part… and I expect it will be totally worth it!

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