59 Second Course

Insight Four of the 59 Second Course in Thinking is:

Two cvs options are:

defend the cvs, or escape the cvs

DEFEND the cvs

The history of Western thinking is dominated by Platonic thinking, the search for certainty. The search for THE truth.

This has led to the notorious I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong thinking. Or, my cvs is right and your cvs is wrong. Dialectic thinking. Two-sided thinking. Black vs White thinking. The Westminster system in politics – debating between one side and the other – government vs opposition. In the legal system it’s The Crown vs The Defendent.

There is much value in this strategy. The main value of this system is the strengthening of positions. The feeling of certainty. A feeling of righteousness. God is on OUR side. It is less complex. It is less risky. It is familiar. It is ‘tried and true’. It is logical and ‘common sense’.We have the truth and you do not. I have ‘that feeling inside my head’ that I am right.

This is the option: defend the cvs.

While most of the time we probably do need to defend our cvs the main weakness of this strategy is that it is so slow and costly. Changes come late. Long after the need for change. In extreme cases, it can take hundreds of years of conflict and the loss of many human lives before a change is achieved. The main disadvantage is that most of the thinking effort is devoted to defending a historical position (because it is The Truth) and very little is devoted to designing a new, evolved or innovative position.

The more effort that is devoted to defending the past the less effort that is devoted to designing the future.

ESCAPE the cvs

The other option is: escape the cvs.

This is much easier said than done. Because most Western thinkers have thousands of hours of practise and skill in defending a cvs it is no surprise that they find it so difficult to let go of a cvs. But it is possible to do so.

The whole history of science and innovation is the history of escaping from one cvs and moving to a better one. Sometimes this happens by mistake, mutation or accident as in darwinian evolution. Sometimes by experiment or intuition or curiosity or inspiration or design.

The Universal Brain Software – cvs2bvs – is a tool for doing it by experiment, by curiosity or by design.


What is one of your favourite examples from history of the ESCAPE from a cvs? In 100 words or so describe what, when, where, who, how etc?

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  1. I now through years of persistence on issues with us understand the statement better.

    I seriously think if Universal Brain Software — cvs2bvs is introduce it will help our planners to escape from cvs to find bvs in the process we can move faster in our development efforts. How can’t our leader go out begging for aids every day.

    I also think that the western educational system was put in place to do just that to limit others from doing something better even if its good or against their very best interest. Plato truth virus as the pillar of the western educational is something very deep. its something that one needs to observe more critically for it root in every weakness in man wherever you find him. historically we are all witness to wars at over the world.

    Universal Brain Software — cvs2bvs will some day embolden and empower humanity.

  2. Around 3000 BC in Iraq ( Mesopotamia) the wheel was invented as a potters wheel. Through experimentation a thousand yearslater the Egyptians used it for chariots; but it wasn’t until the 19th century’s industrial revolution that is became a central component in technology used in thousands of different ways.

    This perhaps the worlds greatest invention form a CVS 2 BVS was brought on by curiosity, experimentation, intuition, inspiration, design and necessity.

  3. 1- Newtonien mecanics concieved by Issaac newton (CVS) to Theory of general relativity concieved by Albert Einstien (BVS).
    2- Theory of general relativity concieved by Albert Einstien (CVS) to Quantum mecanics (BVS).

  4. What is one of your favourite examples from history of the ESCAPE from a cvs? In 100 words or so describe what, when, where, who, how etc?

    During World war 2 it seemed at the early stages that Germany would rule the world, USA had not yet been attacked and the British Expeditionary Force had retreated- smashed up – from Dunkirk . Churchill, almost alone thought that Britain could hold out and did and said everything he could to persuade the world that Germany could and would be defeated. His BVS prevailed after an enormous cost .

  5. Off the top of my head I have to say Nikola Tesla and his getting the public to shift from direct current (dc) to alternating current (ac). Despite Edison’s rigorous defense of direct current since he believed that alternating current was useless, even going so far as electrocuting a cat in public to defend the cvs! but Tesla was able to prove the superiority of alternating current (the bvs) and the rest, as they say, is history.

  6. My favourite example of the escape from a cvs is how people in Zimbabwe over a Century ago accepted and lived side by side with colonizers from Britain. The escape from that cvs is represented by the realization, following defeat in battles then, that the best way to go forward was to accept the colonizers and their ways and then attempt to reclaim sovereignty of the black people using the colonizers’ knowledge and skills (bvs).

  7. CVS2BVS becomes a process for change management. The feelings associated with change (moving into a better space) are the biggest hurdle to realising the change. CVS2BVS, when done properly, builds a bridge for change.

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