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Reece Employees

Never really thought about it before (must mean I was not born with it)

Everyone can think, but you need to train it just like every other skill.

To me it means that everyone can learn to become better at solving problems by simply applying themselves and continue trying using past experiences, researching their topic, and communicating with others.

Skills are acquired throughout living and experiencing life, and like everything we do practice makes perfect.

No-one is ever born a skilled thinker! – we are not born with many skills at all!!! We have to learn them all…reading, writing, speaking, walking…maybe thinking should have always been on the list.

We generally do not think about why we do things. They become habits and if we stop to think about why we do things may be able to find better ways of doing things. Thinking about thinking needs to become a habit and that will take an open mind.

Putting less focus on things that are out of my control and putting that energy into more positive situations.

Thinking, like any skill, can be honed and advanced by recognizing processes involved.

Review something that isn’t working

We are all born with the basics to think but like any skill it needs exercise, practice and it will develop with experience and training. Limitations are only set by the user

To take on one task that would not usually be approached.

There is hope for me yet. Everyone can be taught.

Like any skill, it needs to be learned and evolved to create a powerful resource,

Everyone has the capability to learn to be a skilled thinker.

It is up to each individual as to how they want to improve their thinking skills It is a learned process

I am here to learn and share my experiences with those that want to share theirs

We all have the ability to become better thinkers….

Anyone can become a skilled thinker

I can develop new skills & become a better thinker.

Like most things if you want to get better you have to train, the brain is no different


Regarding my #1 opportunity I will PTO the focus on customer development. We need to focus on our customer base looking for opportunities to grow our business as our physical service area is decreased.

*With the branch manager, set weekly CD targets and follow them through, discuss in weekly pipeline.

*When, each week.
*Where, out on site, on the phone, at the counter – most importantly, when the opportunity arises.

Personal finance. We have a house in another town that we rent, but would love to sell. We rent where we live now but would prefer to have our own house, but cannot afford to buy at present. My PTO is to reduce outgoings, but still provide fun and interest for the family.

I tend to focus more on the opportunities in my business/career/life.

You can learn to be the best you can be!!!

Want to escape from the day to day trap of doing the same things and think of some new things I can be better doing to drive more productivity to keep growing

Our Reece goal describes the ‘something else’ we can work on everyday “continually improving the service we provide our customers” anyone can sell? But can they sell the Reece Way.

X10 train your brain cant wait

Someone who does what he can, when he can, to help myself and those around me to enjoy themselves.

Worked together as team to show that we could get out of our own boxs and finish a project in quick time. Won back respect for all involved.

To, in some way, enhance the lives of the people around us, so mankind can continue to evolve on earth.

To enjoy life and everything it has to offer.

To support and cherish my husband and daughters – to be there for my family and friends.

Give other staff more opportunities to think of smarter ways to do their jobs

Ask for something else to challenge our daily routine.

I scored 40. A lot higher than I would of thought. Definitely need to work on looking for alternatives rather than being complacent

Today and everyday I can work on thinking of new ways to approach situations that I may think are beyond my capabilities.


Scored 56

Not to give up on learning a new skill as often as possible.

My cvs was just doing the same thing. My bvs is getting out to see my customers.

To see thing from CVS And BVS hopefully the BVS is more today

Spend more time working on longer-term plans, reacting less to current situations and planning for future opportunities.

Don’t take thinking for granted, like anything you want to improve, you have to work on it.

You need to train your brain to be more skilled with thoughts, to be creative.

Think outside the square. Look for areas that are uncovered by others

To add value

Just not get caught up on things that you cant control and concentrate on things that you can influence or control

We all leave a mark in the universe wether it is to help others better themselves or in being better within ourselves to be remembered.

I will focus on something that has failed in the past and find a way to make it work.

Organise a complete stock check and find new opportunities with stock that we don’t keep and will have a very good chance to sell.

To have fun & enjoy all the time I have to spend with loved ones!

My BVS was realising that to get more BVS’s, my first step should be to ask more questions and get more opinions!

Just like other skills in life, the skill of thinking will develop and the more training & practice you do the better it becomes.

To put our own stamp on the world.

Recently, I have had some big decisions to make with work and personal which I believe in the past, I couldn’t have made on my own.

To live, love and laugh as often as possible. To hold our values and teach those onto our children and generations to come.

Help others grow and in turn this will help you

Have been thinking about how to deal with staff and customers in a better way so I can get more out of them. I’ve escaped from a box of being looked over as an authority figure.


My ability not to put things off

Be more aware of my cvs observations.

To enjoy myself as much as I can while trying to make the world a better place.

Think about what you can do differently in the way you do your regular work to improve and/or to simplify things.

40- A good starting point.

Can work on approaching situations with an open mind without letting your ‘point of view’ obstruct your judgement.

Try a different verbal approach to a team member, when discussing performance/process.

To (hopefully) one day contribute something of worth for the greater good. In the meantime, just do things that matter to the people around me.

I scored 42 Wether that’s good, bad or indifferent it doesn’t matter as it has me thinking about what I do.

Make the best of the situation I have been put in and continue to think outside the box

Branch discussion about cvs 2 bvs is now becoming the normal, the team is starting to think for themselves on how they can do things better and implement along the way. This will only be successfully with continuous repetition and follow up of how we can do things better.

Looking at my daily tasks and what goals and outcomes I have for each. Then taking a step back to ‘think’ about better ways of achieving these goals.

Not getting so involved with the things that staff already know how to do , lead by example and show them new things so they can learn and grow thus freeing my time

It takes time and effort to use your brain to help you think/learn.

We are all the same at one stage, but you must work to be greater.

I’ve been seeing a client for the last 2 years discussing the same thing with no result. Changed our approach and we now have the client coming through for a warehouse tour next week. Different approach = different result.

Idon’tknowifIwilleverknowWhyIamhere. ButIknowthatIaimtobethebestthatIcanbe.

People have done a lot to get us where we are now, now its our turn to put in the hard yards

Everyone ‘thinks’. But it’s the quality of your thoughts that count.

It conveys that skilled thinking must be accumulated by reassessing cognition practises. However, it is up to the individual to persist with training to achieve becoming a skilled thinker.


We need to come up with new ideas on how to approach basic tasks, keep it interesting

Take an opportunity you’ve been given and take it to the next level. Don’t stop.

I scored 32. Hope this training works

Get all staff to think of one idea/opportunity. Something none of our competitors are doing.

Scored 46. It makes one realise the processes of thinking things through that we actually do without realising it.

This is the question I ask myself every day. I think it is to do good to oneself and others to enable one to come back in the next life closer to obtaining enlightenment.

“Something else” that I can work on today ……… go in to my too hard basket and take a pick!

To contribute, to inspire, to appreciate and to respect.

At home it would be to, along with my wife , create a positive influence for my kids . Work would be much the same, to create a positive influence to achieve our goals .

I have always worked with the rule of “doing only as I am told,” and have done for many years.

Recently I have been trying to amend this attitude to think more for myself. Apply my ideas and my opinions to situations and constructively question instructions to improve productivity.

To make people feel as happy as others have made me.

Look for something else outside my comfort zone

Prioritising my day better to increase productivity

We must put time and effort into developing our cognitive skills.
There is not a predetermined expectation that we will automatically be great at other skill… So why is thinking any different?

Changing my approach

Looking in from the outside point of view more.

Prioritize and time management

Without assistance follow one of the department training procedures that I have never done before.

Look at what we do daily within branch activities / staff productivity, and change our common view to a better view.

The importance of working together with your wife and family is the most important thing we have


been brought on this earth for. This relationship and respect must also be given when working with our staff.

We learn new thing each and everyday from when we first came into this world. Its how you use than that information and process it.

Keep thinking and implementing new ideas following specific experiences. Today I can take a significant experience we had with a customer yesterday, review our processes and relationship structure with this key customer to establish what improvements we can make that will improve our commercial position with all key our customers.

Not sure right now but I will keep my eye open today for that something else when it appears.

I am me. I define who I am and I demonstrate who I am through everyday life being both through personal & professional aspects.

You need to develop an understanding of how you think

To learn from everyone and everything around me and share it.

Actively seek input from people who are closest to the issue or problem and listen to their solutions from a BVS perspective

To create the best environment for my two daughters and leave them with a great start in life so they may pursue what they want to do in life not just “get a job” to pay bills but to do something they are passionate about with there life.

Make time for thinking about cvs and moving it to bvs

Think outside the square to be ahead of the game. Daily huddle how do we minimise errors to minimise rework.

The “something else” can put us out of our comfort zone that’s why we usually avoid it. Coach staff that we don’t always have to follow the norm.

Have a go, make a difference and leave an impact on someone or something.

To make the most of what I have been given from others and use it to improve not only myself but also others around me.

To appreciate & enjoy life and everyone in it, to contribute to my family & community and make a difference where ever I can while striving to be the best I can be.

To make a difference

To create a positive atmosphere and to make a difference in everything I want to achieve

When you are born you start learning from that first day.


To contribute to others and create an extraordinary life!

If we give it a go and learn the skill of thinking we might just surprise ourselves.

we all have invisible labels worn across our chests and we let people see them by our actions, manner and behaviour. In the workplace, socially and at home. Leaders make decisions on what to do with the identity revealed on these labels.

“As we grow and mature, so does our ability to think more………………”

Make time to offer assistance to those around me for any help they require.

Change staff roles add a new flavour to the day & run with it.

It really makes you think about who you work with and how they could influence the workplace for better or worse. The need to identify is important if you want to move forward and not only be successful but identify who is going to take you there.

Overall to love and nurture my family. They are what everything is about.

Leadership is more likely to be developed in staff when they have strong leadership to look up to and a positive working environment which supports them stepping up and being leaders.

I believe I am here to contribute and do my best in everything I do.

Interact with staff to learn who is a natural leader and who will follow and be proactive in the branch to maximise productivity. Then work with those who are a thought killers/thwarters to minimise their impact if they are unwilling to change their thought process.

Select a topic in branch and coach a staff member to deliver to team

Everyone has the ability to be a great thinker, however it is those who endeavour to be better that become the best thinkers.

Looking at my sons education on weather to go private or not, all past information and experiences must be expelled and make an informed decision on NOW AND TODAY. Look at what will/could be achieved not how much it will cost.

To love my family and together with my wife teach my children the tools they need to be prepared for adulthood and for them to make thoughtful and moral decisions which will hopefully give them the opportunity to have a happy life.

To create a positive environment around me which I believe becomes infectious for others.

To make a difference, it’s up to the individual on where the difference is made.

To have a go in life & never stop enjoying ourselves. Don’t take life for granted.

No one is ever born a skilled thinker but with practice and accepting to learn new things, you can be one.


That this is a skill that can be taught and not something that is instinct

“Think outside the square”

Provided with the motivation, skilled thinking can be developed

First of all I don’t believe I had a choice of being here. Destiny dictated that I was going to be here because my Father and Mother saw fit to reproduce. All I can do is work to the values and standards they had taught me. Strive to do things better then when you do, lift the standard again and again and again .

My father is an example. He would fix things and when it didn’t work he would do it different until he found away. Hero in my book – Quote ” give it to my daddy he can fix anything ” that was me aged 3

We should continually improve our own thought processes

The meaning to this motto is- We need to skill our brain with as much knowledge as we can.

Everybody has the chance to learn to be a skilled thinker. It can be taught, not just born with the ability.

Like any skill you get better by practise

Find an area we need to improve and put something in place to correct it

Make a positive from a negative

I believe that I am here to learn, it doesn’t matter what you learn as long as you learn something new everyday

Currently, to be part of a special community called my family. Wife and children. Hunting and gathering to enjoy a quality of life.

Processing begins when we take our first breath.

I don’t think “why am I here?” rather “what can I learn to make a difference for others while here?”

To continually look at ways to improve every facet of my life.

To support my family and lead the way for my children to follow.

It is interesting what Albert Einstein said as this makes my thoughts a clearer about myself and others.

I am here to achieve the best that I can be , to be mindful of those you have achieved and sacrificed before me also to unconditional help in what ever way I can another person each day whoever they are .


Listen more effectively and set meaningful challenges for staff

1. To love and care for myself so I can,
2. Love and care for my family, friends & colleagues so I can, 3. Make enough money to do the first two things.

It’s a skill we can work on like any other

To have positive impacts on those around me, whether intentional or not. Positive thinking, positive vibes, positive outcomes…

Never let yourself down. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be!

To me it means we learn new things ever day and we can never have too much knowledge.

We are all born hardwired the same way, its how we choose to upgrade our systems that makes the difference. Albert Einstein was born with the exact same hardware as you so what is so different now?

Work with staff to determine potential leaders.

It is imperative to be careful what you say and how you are perceived by others. As a leader you must be on top of your game always.

My father once told me ” we are here for one reason only and that is to help others”.

Evolution, teenage experimentation, defines you, define here?

“Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you. Don’t waste your pain; use it to help others. “
– Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for?

It is never to late to learn something new or to re-train your brain to think differently.

Looking at what we do now, and how we can improve it going forward

What you put out to the earth is what you shall receive in return.

There is hope for me yet.

To try and be the best person that I can be, to try and make a change or a difference, to help others and learn along the way.

Have a discussion with somebody in work that I wouldn’t normally speak with. Gather the opinions of others on how my processes could work better.


It’s easy to fall into the mindset that everything we currently do is the best way to do it.

To enjoy life & share it with others. To learn & develop myself, to help others learn & support their development. To love & support Family & Friends & ensure my children are given every opportunity to be the best they can be.

We all have the ability to think it’s those that train their minds that become skilled in thinking.

Just like any equipment, maintenance and upgrading ensures the continued optimum performance.

To me it means that anyone can become a better thinker so by the end of this SOT I should have a better answer for this question

49! Can still be better yet

Anyone can think but everyone can learn to do it better.

Thinking can be trained to be better and more efficient

I scored 47.

I try to use Empathy in most of my decisions and try to see how they will affect others before making them and how others will perceive them. I am open to others ideas and try to see their point of view.

There is an opportunity to teach my brain a better way of thinking.

Today my “something else” is customer focussed. I am trying to think outside the box and I am focussing on getting my customer organised!

It is a new type of language for me; I have not heard business explained like this. Very interesting

I am here to share what I know and teach others, hoping to make a difference.

Something else to me is doing it different and challenging myself, observe others and look to do slightly different.

That we all can learn to think better, faster

All skills are learnt, put into practice and then passed on.

I am here to make a difference to the world however small it may seem

Like most things in Life Practice makes perfect.

The useful meaning to me is that you can build intelligence with practice.


You Learn something new everyday and this allows you to do this. The Mind does not switch off.

Today I can work on alternative actions to similar problems to see if approaching from a new angle creates a better way of functioning.

I will never know why I am here. Although whilst I am here I will learn and develop to be a good person with strong morals that other people look up to. Once I get my head around that I will show others how this can benefit their lives.

I’m here to be the best I can be. Embrace opportunities and learnings and more importantly share the learnings so other people can develop to there full potential.

Repetition of things can improve and stimulate, such things as muscle memory. Same as working on thought process, can improve the way we think, and go about our daily tasks.

Today I will work on the fact that my current view is not always the right view. To be more open on others views and opinions.

Upon reading this I realise I may have one or two “though killers” in my workplace. This is very concerning… Something for me to consider

All skills are self-taught… In any form.

That thinking is a skill that must be learned.

No-One is ever born a skilled thinker

This meaning makes a lot of sense to me we train our bodies to preform we train our staff to excel we train our pets skills why not start training our brains to excel, preform and develop.

Our thinking is shaped by our environment and values we are taught growing up. To me it also means we are also able to shape our own thinking by looking past these boundaries.

Everyone is born with the ability to think but only with practice and training can we become skilled thinkers

Skilled thinking is another ability that over time can be developed. Like most things the greater effort you put into a skill the better and more confident you will be when the opportunity arises to use it.

Feed your mind!

Skilled thinking needs to be learned

The ability to think intelligently is a learned skill.

The way I see it is that our brain is the same as our muscles. The more we train them, the more powerful they will become.


thank thinking is a skill that needs to be practiced to improve it.

takes work

that with training all of us can be as free thinking as the most well known philosophers

Just that, we all learn to walk and talk and eat but apart from filling our head with knowledge at school no one teaches us to think, it is a life lesson that is lacking.

We can train our brain to suit different skills

Like learning to walk, talk or ride a bike (I have young kids!), practice makes perfect. Practice training your brain to become better at thinking…

Being aware of our thought process, and the ability to understand and change our way of thinking.

Skills can be taught and with the right attitude, everyone has the ability to get better.

Everyone has the ability to improve their thinking skills, we need to put the effort in to achieve this though. If you only do the same thing each day, you will get the same result.

We can all improve our brain functions no matter your age or experience. With the correct attitude and practice you can achieve your goals.

None of us are born with any skills. skills are what we are taught and accept along life’s road. All skills learnt need to be introduced by ourselves on a regular basis to maximise ones potential.

The useful meaning I get from this is thinking of ways I can convey a message for others to understand without over complicating the message I am trying to convey. (So its not lost in translation).

Thinking clearly can eliminate a lot of waste.

Skilled Thinking is task that is learnt

To me the motto means that any individual from any back ground from all walks of life has the potential to be better at what they do.

I am here because I have worked hard in life to achieve all the things I am blessed to have. A great Career with a great company. A loving wife and two of the most beautiful things I have created. My children. I now find myself being challenged to think about how I got here and how I can now do things better.

Intelligence and skill is not predetermined and can be learned

That my day has been wasted by doing house work on my day off, where I should see it as I have made my and the people around me environment better.

Mix it up, try and put a new spin on same day tasks


Your brain is a powerful tool, we take it for granted but don’t use it to our advantage

to aim to leave a person/place happier/better than when you arrived

My score was 42, Why do I consider something to be a priority when others may not .

To work hard to achieve my goals and enjoy the rewards and satisfaction that brings, and to help others such as friends, family and colleagues to do the same, just as they have helped me.

Start looking at things from the customer’s point of view, rather than my own, and working on improving the perception of me by others.

Face a task you have been putting off. Complete duties that are out of your comfort zone. Always remembering Our Goal and why we do what we do. R10.

Believe in myself & put some ideas into practice.

To pass on what I have learnt & make new beginnings.

Learn from your mistakes. If it doesn’t work look into the way other people do things and try their way or parts of there way of doing things that will help you. If you don’t know why something has failed investigate why it has failed and at what point it went wrong. Take it upon yourself to grow your knowledge and don’t always look to others for answers as there way of doing things may be wrong or could be improved. aw 3026

46.Seems like being a natural analyst is similar to being a good thinker. The trick seems to be in the execution to get the desired result.

After a disagreement with a fellow employee my CVS was he is a jerk. This frustrated me but after taking a step back and looking for a BVS I found that my comments were no more helpful than his. I could no longer solely blame him for the direction of the conversation. I am no longer frustrated and aware that I need to use constructive comments rather than tit for tat.

Training and dedication brings results

Realizing that not every situation can be control what will be will be and you just have to adapt with what hand you have been dealt.

Thinking for the future, both financially and mentally, a motto that has come to mind of recent times is doing what you always do and you will get what you always get. Investigating where to spend my time and my money for the future.

If people like it, they will copy

Simple team building exercises and problem solving programs immediately demonstrate where individuals sit within this matrix. Natural born leaders inherently take control of a situation in order to achieve their desired outcome. They understand that building relationships and embracing alternative thought processes will ensure the tasks are resolved effectively. Natural leaders will engage all parties in order to achieve their goal in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Potential leaders will only involve themselves in the decision making process and have their voices heard, once engaged. These people require and crave stimulating development.

Those who choose not to participate or offer negative criticism of the process will easily be identified. A group of thought leaders and choosers will act coherently and alienate these thought killers, because they are distracting others from the task at hand. These thought killers need to be removed, as they prohibit ideas for growth.

To try and live each day like it’s your last day.

There could be a different way of doing things.

To be honest I don’t think I have done this recently. In fact it may be some ten years since I did anything like this.

To live and enjoy live in everything we do , for the short or long time we are on this earth.

To leave a legacy through the way we live our life.

To reproduce. Live life to the fullest and be happy.

Placement in life?

The motto means that no one person ever created inherits the skill of cognitive thought. This is a skill that is learnt & developed through life’s experience & experiences. As an individual your thought processes or processing are refined by these experiences.

I worked out to move from cvs you bvs you first have to listen

To “live well, laugh often, love much”

I believe that it means different/other/stronger ways of thinking, as I have read to train the brain for better thinking.

33. This is how I rate myself, how would others rate me? Interesting.

We have business set targets to meet, by set dates, however it is obvious now that these will likely not be achieved, and have come to the conclusion now, that as long as we are all working together with the same goal ahead, and we are going in a forward direction, not backward, we will get there, and get there likely still within a reasonable timeframe.

My parents made that decision to grow their family

Score 36. I think your score also reflects how you see yourself.

Thinking is like leadership. A skill that can be learned and improved

Thinking is a technique that can be coached and learnt. Push yourself to think outside the box about thinking.


We are all born with certain skills. Its what we do with those skills to enhance our life performances

To improve myself everyday and help others around me improve.

If you repeat something enough times it becomes habitual, if you force yourself to repeat thoughts over a period of time your brain will starts to work that way automatically triggers your thinking processes.

I am working on listening to other peoples thoughts and ideas – Improving my own thoughts by listening to others.

We are born with the ability, we need to practise to become skilled.

I need to train myself to think better. Put more thought into my thoughts.

I’m fortunate, the group I work with are a committed lot always looking for opportunities to do things better coming up with ideas & encouraging each other. When a thought killer is introduced it is evident very quickly and steps need to taken to change their thinking or remove the problem.

As we grow older we rethink the way we think about things

Learn the skill to think about thinking and improve

Learning and Skills can, and need to be developed and that we are products of our environment and how we react and apply ourselves will help develop our thinking capability

To lead, guide, influence and enjoy other people. And to Love what I can create of and for myself.

My score was 34. To achieve my goals I need to develop a plan to help me achieve them.

My ‘something else’ today is to ‘Think’ and to ‘Commit’ to giving the x10 training a descent crack! As this is something I wouldn’t normally read or do.

To make a difference

In any engaged workplace it is easy to recognise & categorise these different types of people. Thought killers are obviously the least productive & most disruptive. It would be desirable to not have any employees in this category. Thought choosers or followers are probably branch staff who have no desire or drive for promotion & are happy to just do their job. Engage them via huddles to maximise their output & your businesses success. Thought leaders are hopefully the management team & are actively looking to improve themselves & their business. Willingly participating in courses such as this one to invigorate how we think & lead our teams.

Who knows? – I don’t. But ultimately to procreate. But what I do know is…….It is up to me how I behave while I’m here. I choose to be positive, and spread that message through my behaviour.

To Learn from & Respect my Elders. To pass on what lessons I have learnt to the younger generation.


Be compassionate & understanding to all facets of Life. (Animals & Humans) Love & appreciate Family & Friends.

Trying to look past my CVS

Thinking about this is confusing, as we truly do not know why, we can speculate and think about what we believe. I am here to support others, as they are here to support me, to laugh, to learn and reach our expectations of life while trying to exceed them.

I am here to enjoy the gift of life and to use whatever influence I have on those around me to do the same

Don’t see things as roadblocks, see them as a change of route

I am here to change my world. By changing myself and encouraging the people around me to change. As soon as we change we encourage others to change, thus begins the domino effect.

I will change the world from the bottom up.

A happy workplace is the key to promoting thought leaders. If people think that their ideas are going to be encouraged and embraced they are likely to express more ideas and think outside of the square.

If they think they will be shot down in flames or someone else taking the credit, they are more likely to become *rock crushers* or thought killers as you say.

In a Happy workplace the *Rock crushers* soon work their way to the surface and do not last long.

Looking outside of the square and escape my point of view

Sourcing new business clients & planning innovative ways to reward existing top customers for the festive season.

Find a better way to conduct my daily & weekly planning.

If skilled thinking can be taught, it can be learned, and it can improve with practice. It exciting that we work for a company that involves in programmes like this for the betterment of ourselves and the business.

The motto conveys to me that you have to work on developing your thinking to grow your mind/knowledge just as the rest of your body grows from infancy through to adulthood.

Today & every other day (for that matter) is to focus on the Positives and things I can control. Attitude is a large part in this way of Thinking. Turn negatives into Positives.

You can only apply yourself as much as your mind let you. Do the best you can, and stay close to your family – Love, Laugh, smile – Family is what will help you reach your goals keep them close.


You will get further in life with people behind you helping to motivate and reach your goals then tackling them solo.

In conversation about the days activities and items to be achieved, I could and will try to settle on a plan and see it through. Not just for larger things but for the smallest of things. Come to a conclusion together, settle on a plan together and follow it through together.

I am here to enjoy each day, whatever it brings. I am here to give to others and to receive from others things that you cannot buy – love, faith, health, family and more.

You only get back what you put in.

CVS2BVS x100

Work on keeping my head up and only have positive thoughts running through my mind. Always try to keep positive – negative seems to take over too quickly.

Thinking is something that takes practise the more we do the better we become. It is something I think that I have never thought about

We can all learn to think better and smarter through these lessons

Today I will start with what I have always promised myself to do. I can do it if I put my mind in the right place and I will.

From the beginning we develop the ability to think and with continued practise we get better at it

You are never to old to learn new skills and improve on what you have.

Skill = Practice makes perfect.

This conveys that it is never too late to change the way one thinks and also it may also be possible to become a better thinker.

What I get from the motto is we are consistently developing skills throughout life, be it work, sport, relationships and … thinking

All of us have the potential to be Skilled Thinkers, those who think outside the square are possibly the ones who become Skilled Thinkers quicker. Learning, Thinking & Acting are the basic’s of Life.

Everyone has the ability to think better

The skill of ‘thinking’ is something that can be developed

Everybody has the ability to learn. Some don’t have the skills needed to find the tools required for them to learn and improve their skills and abilities.

By practising your thinking skills you can become a better thinker, everything we do can be improved through practise and continually reviewing the way you are doing what you are doing.


We all have a brain it depends on what we do with it and how we train ourselves

Your brain is like a athlete, you have to keep on training to stay at your best

Thinkers, like leaders are not born they are trained. Everyone can enhance their abilities.

Thinking is like a choice just as you choose to eat healty or exercise to improve your well-being unless you want to improve nothing will change.

we learn something new every day,lifes not a rehersal.

Like anything thinking is a skill not a giving thing. The more thinking you train yourself in the better and wider the prospects can be. If you can become a skilled thinker it will better your ability to think outside the square.

To live a happy and productive life and to improve the lives of the people that surround me

Looking outside the core business that we provide and looking to establish a new stream of business by sourcing product that we have never sold before.

Focus on what needs to be done. Not what’s already completed

input role reversals / switches with staff

rather than implementing a direction I feel should work – try and challenge the group to come up with a BVS before making any decisions

To work on that “something else” task that someone else would normally do …..

and to have a good laugh along the way!

I am here to provide for and protect my family and also for myself

Never stop learning, everyone has unlimited potential it is how you develop it and tap into it that helps you progress and grow.

I feel if we can make enough positive difference in someone`s life to have them think about something we may have said, something we may have done, something we may have helped them to understand then I believe that is all we can ask for.

Do what you know is right.

To live, learn and hopefully inspire.

More questions, less answers

Ask a Consultant what their priority opportunity is for their customer and come up with a better solution.

Thinking is like any other skill, it needs to be taught and practiced.


You can learn anything if you put your mind to it.

Every day is a school day. Always something to learn.

Try not to get bogged down in the usual daily stuff – think of ways to improve things one at a time

Move more, talk more, write more down.

Try to finish all tasks, leaving a blank canvas for the following day. That way I can look at doing something else, or rather something new with a clear mind.

Everything doesn’t happen because its meant to. Everything happens because of our own choices. I have risen above just accepting what is happening around me and making a conscious effort to challenge the ‘norm’

Your born with the ability to think, You learn to be a skilled thinker

That nothing comes easy you have to learn/earn it.

Move on from what has been done to the Something that needs attention

Thinking if there are anymore TLA’s we can use……

Start thinking outside the square for business opportunities. Look at engaging specialty business at all meetings.

No one is ever born a skilled anything you get what you give and more.

We are all born to think, its how we use what we are thinking to reach solutions, outcomes and goals

Greeting customers in a different way to try to provoke a different response and lead the customer away from just ‘just having a look thanks’

Look at a situation from someone else’s point of view.

Start thinking of a better way to do some of the mindless tasks.

The “something else” I can work on today is delivering STRW training better, some styles and stories that haven`t been used before , CVS to BVS ,

That there is an opportunity for everyone as long as you take the time and effort to learn.

To listen to others opinions and work with them

The motto to me means that anything is possible. People were not born as good as what they are now so therefore, what is stopping myself from becoming that good too.

If skilled thinking can be learned, it can be done from birth. Therefore is it our society that is suppressing the learning of this skill for some reason???????????


Definitely try a different approach for new business, everyone is different, so you cant approach everyone with a one way fits all system

In psychology I was taught ‘ways to learn’ (at a very basic level!) Had I of not studied psychology I would not have learnt skills above and beyond the innate human ability. I derive a similar meaning from this motto but in relation to ‘thinking’.

I have had to make some changes in life recently and as it turns out I have a new look on how things can be done.

Work harder on looking at drilling down questions, to find the difference between us and the competitor

Being in control of our own thoughts becomes harder the older we get due to mental programs. To regain control of our own thoughts is a skill we can learn.

Trying to think outside the box a little more.

I have spent the last 18 years devoted to my family life, no time for myself always too busy with the kids. Now they are almost of my hands but still I was doing the same thing now too busy with the house. Have made a positive change to get and meet new people and try new things. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a little push in a different direction to make what seems to be ok even better.

Pulled down and put back together a Norton 750 engine. Never done a motorbike engine before. It was quite satisfying.

No one has a natural talent to be a skilled thinker. It must be practised and learnt.

Educate myself on a product that I continually avoid.

Start using CVS – BVS to change the way we see things Identifying opportunities with a fresh BVS outlook

It does not matter what it is. So long as it makes a difference to your everyday

We as humans need to constantly work on improving our skills in order to achieve success.

We become creatures of habit and we need to try new and unique things.

Thinking outside the square, leading, not following

Concentrate on the 1 percenter’s to ensure all those task’s that seem minor or unimportant are not left until they turn into MAJOR DRAMA.

Endeavour to be less predictable & listen to all points of view.

We learn something new everyday


Working outside my Box, doing job’s I would not usually Do.

Put into practice what I have learnt from a recent training session on communication & presentation skills.

Other parts of the business

Always reviewing yourself to make sure your not just doing the same old thing over and over.

Live in the moment. I am trying to stop thinking too far ahead.

There is always room for improvement

The human brain is an amazing tool and whilst we subconsciously soak information up everyday, our thinking is always evolving. Harnessing this information is something we can all improve on.

Get the little things done, to help work on the bigger picture.

It is something that you can develop over time and then continually develop and improve this skill as you improve.

My Something else for the day is to not put off till tomorrow what I can do today. I have cleaned up my customer orders that I should have done days ago.

Adjusting to an equal work and family life. Instead of having tunnel vision looking at the present take a step back and look at the bigger picture focus more time into the things I can control not the things out of my control.

Spend more time with staff.

From the day we are born we are all learning, those who are willing, learn more and faster.

That skilled thinking is a “learnt art” that needs practice.

Doing something like this (x10) to enhance the way you think.

Spend time with your staff members learning about them. Why they do things and how, watch them interact with others and you will find out quickly if they are leaders or followers.

” Something else” look at current issues that divide customers from salespeople & try to put myself in their shoes and see things from their point of view & not just my own.

Focusing on the little things getting them done. Challenge yourself to become better at the things that don’t come second nature

Role expectations, making sure we have a clear consistent understanding with each consultant.

That you can always improve your thinking and learn how to improve how you think and do things in situations


My something else will be the small one or two things that may not seem important task to do, but I somehow manage to postpone doing them until the following day.

My something else, would be to think outside the box on how to get branches more involved in CF sales.

I have changed my method of approaching my internal clients. I use higher levels of management to endorse my activities, resulting in better embracement of activities

Your brain is a tool that is yet to achieve it’s full potential, through training, you can get closer and closer to this goal.

Being open minded and accepting more.

Having an open mind, to others views. Looking outside the current way we do things, with the purpose of finding better ways.

I have stopped trying to have the same as everyone one else … the biggest tv the best car etc, by doing this it has allowed me to focus on the more important things … like family and friends. Things can only get better from here

There is hope for everyone if you are willing to listen and learn.

” Something else ” – Help others during the course of the day

My favourite escape has got be the invention of the automobile or horseless carriage. Back in the late 1880’s Karl Benz produces the first car and then in 1908 the production was streamlined by Henry Ford, resulting in mass production of the Model T. Thereby providing the masses with personal automated transport

To keep you in control of the current situation and allow you to anticipate what might happen next

The Mental challenges that we cross when trying to run to a goal

Cleaning up the little things

That you can always improve to become a skilled thinker

Look outside box to target new business

Smaller tasks in the branch that just need to be done instead of putting them off

We are animals, extremely clever animals. We are born, breed, raise our young and die. While we are here we need to use our minds to the best of our abilities to improve our lifestyle and those that follow after us. Doing this in collaboration with other humans assures the best outcome. Fighting against each other is counter productive

To me this quote says we get trapped in conventional thinking just because it works. The problem that is what everyone else does too. So next time when asked a question I would normally have to say no to, I will think differently and try to find a yes answer.


Today My something else will be focusing on pipeline meetings with my staff. I have not had a week where I have got through all staff for their pipeline meetings So this week I am going to complete them all.

My “something else” is listening more to others point of view and not always assuming that I am always right.

You get to a stage in life when you think you have it all sorted out. Where you started, what you have achieved, goals you have set, goals you have achieved, goals you have yet to achieve. Sometimes you fear for the unknown, what the future holds, will you achieve your goals, what if you don`t? My CVS is I have taken measures to “hopefully” achieve my future goals, my BVS is to reassess my goals, concentrate on the achievable, work harder and remove the uncertainty.

Just like every thing in life, skills are taught and need to be practised every day to keep them sharp otherwise

without regular exercise and use, your skills will become blunt.
“USE IT OR LOSE IT” is probably the best way I would describe any skill.

It’s a skill than CAN be taught.

Let other staff ring our regular clients and I will ring clients that don’t spend as much or don’t trade with us

Time to learn new skills

I think that Having customers develop Business relationships with other customers and working out the best way to tie them into each-others business, is and idea I have been working with for quite a long while, I think this has mutual benefits for not only the customers that buy from us but for the end user. Instead of recommending someone to do 1 particular job, which is a method that is typical through our industry. Thinking of a better way, thinking of a point of difference.

Think outside the square when next in a difficult situation and include and challenge staff to do the same.

I need to be more pro active with my quote follow ups. I will start that today

Not sure of it’s usefulness, but I derive from the motto that thinking is innate, skilled thinking is learnt.

My ‘Something Else’ is to work on not assuming that every one understands, but making sure that they understand.

To become a great thinker you need to adapt the idea that what you know now is not enough.

I’ve been putting off self audits due to thinking they aren’t important. I will be starting them today

To make a difference in the lives of others that makes their day to day more enjoyable


I have been adamant not to stock concrete stormwater pits, today I will try to change my think and stock some.

Look at ways of implementing more frequent, but shorter and less complex training sessions for staff

Risen outside the box of comfort and am trying to strike more conversations with a broader range of people. – Building repour will greatly increase confidence and make life easier down the track.

I guess you can you this in a personal developmental way. I try and link it to working in a business where you are, to a certain extent, controlled by the boundaries and rules in which the company acts. In my working environment there are opportunities to think ‘outside the box’ but there are always limitations that wouldn’t apply if you were the owner of the business.

When asked a question think am I just giving my point of view or can I think of something else

I think for myself everyday. In order to be the best at what you do you need to think outside the square.5+4=9 but so does 6+3. Age is no boundary to succeed!

We are all part of the world, and we all affect how we all live, whether we know each other or not. The things we do, create, act upon, will somehow, directly or indirectly impact on others that we do not even know. Like the butterfly effect. The trick is to appreciate everyone. Unfortunately, not everybody thinks like everybody else, making this world a unique place with no guarantees.

That you can always continue to improve the way you think about every situation.

Engage with the person speaking

That even I can become a skilled thinker

We have the ability to improve or change the way we think.

“Metacognition” of how I’m wrong, perplexing my summary in being more accepting of others.

Thinking is a skill. Skills improve by continuous training. It is up to the individual on where there limit (If any) is.

Some things are passed down from our parents the skill off thinking just develops with hard work and knowledge

We are all born with basic instincts including the thought process, teaching people how to think “their” way has not always been a positive outcome for the human race.

The sky is the limit !! Utilise what you have got and grow !

The harder you work the better you become !(skill)

Look for other customers not specifically our core and focus on customers who use our other products for leads.


It means I’ve got a lot to learn

If we continue to go to basics and practice we will improve the way we think

Don’t think do!

Change is always difficult to accept, I have accepted the change in my life and made it a positive move forward.

Life’s twist and turns develop our natural thinking but an open positive mind and education make us a skilled thinker.

We are continuously learning everyday and will always when we put our mind to it!

In my mind I have not changed a bit in 10 or even 20 years. But the way I rationalise things and the view from which I understand things is always changing.

Look at things you do well and see how they can be improved further.

We all have the ability, it’s in there somewhere; and how we can extract these ideas/ thoughts and turn them into actions to make a significant difference.

Thinking is just like Reece you learn something new everyday.

That we learn to use our thinking skills over time.

The situation does not have to be broken to go from CVS to BVS. We may be doing something very well already, that doesn`t mean there isn`t a BVS still out there.

The Golden Rule.

Recently I have been thinking more about my Team at work, better ways of training the newer staff so they grasp processes quicker. Being patience and a thorough explanation is the key, obviously people think differently to myself which makes it challenging.

So improving the way I approach situations being at work or at home.

I’m here to help create a better atmosphere and environment that allows others to think differently, think better and ultimately do better work that benefits everyone.

To actually think of CVS 2 BVS as an option in my thought process. Try and always think of a Better View of the Situation.

Continuous learning is the constant for success in all things

To make a difference

It means, you have to work to become a skilled thinker, and train yourself. No one ever, also says to me, all the smart and intellectual people in the world have had to develop the art of being a skilled


thinker, this then gives one a greater appreciation for the ability.

Listen, really listen and understand. ‘Everyone has a story to tell, if only you have the patience to wait for it and not get in the way of it.’

Think outside the square. Listen more…

We are all here for a reason very day we come closer

Should always think beyond what you need to, think outside the square

I have risen above the idea that everything needs to be solved instantly. Sometimes we need to sit down take 5 engage our team and come up with the best resolution

To be the best father I can be for my child

Stress is caused by worrying about things you can’t control. When you realize your stressing, identify the subject causing it, consider whether you can influence outcomes and if you can’t move on. I very rarely suffer stressful situations as a result of my thinking. Life’s to short.

We can train our brains to become a skilled thinker.

Rather than just reacting to tasks thinking about what others need/want from me and get in first.

The possibility of improving the way I think.

I want to take on looking at a number of possible solutions before making a decision for the intent to have a better outcome, being a win/win outcome. Rather than a default reaction.

We all the potential to improve ourselves

Thinking that you can do something to the best of your ability, then surpassing it. Proving to you that it can’t stop at 1 level.

Say thank you to the customers I deal with today , and mean it. Engage them to leave with a ‘yeah that was a good experience.

Work with staff and identify potential leaders.

I’m here to enjoy life and tackle whatever life throws my way. To reach my goals, learn and take every opportunity to become a better person. Then use what I have learnt to coach others so they also can reach their goals.

I am looking at each store and seeing my CVS…. then working on each stores BVS.

Love, learn, share & enjoy

I believe we are here due to the natural and unrelenting processes of evolution. Right here and right now is our turn to live and to learn from the past before we hand the baton to the next generation


and teach for the future.

My CVS was always that I needed to be better at something and my BVS is that I’d rather be having fun with it and that’s how I will get better.

Anything outside normal routine

Instead of ear bashing someone for making a silly and costly mistake I chose to coach him and other staff on how they could prevent this from happening again

Stopped counting the score and started do thinking about why I think in certain ways. Always can improve thinking time and not rush decisions.

A TRS change, unfortunately this will take time but will save us work in the future.

To enjoy whatever is served up and to get on with it.

To leave some form of mark on the world

Improving myself by treating people the way I expect to be treated.

39 I need to listen to others point of view rather than pushing my own

Teach and grow other staff members to help them for fill the potential

Help others grow by teaching them new skills to them and by doing that will provide me with more spare time.

I think it means that you have to train your brain to become a skilled thinker, it doesn’t just happen overnight.

I’ve been able to successfully engage my staff and turn my business around , escaped from the giant box called ” self doubt ” and got through to the other side.

Given the stats of 1 in 10 could fit into this category given the correct environment — I would create small working teams on issues and watch the dynamics of the team and the final solution.

Through learning, hard work, trial and error we all have the ability to challenge our way of thinking, but its up to yourself to unlock your thinking vault.

We all have a role to play in the big game called life.

Some months ago, I damaged my back. Doing regular tasks were a challenge let alone anything physical like go for bike ride (something I love).

Satisfied that this was it, and that I was going to have to put up with the pain and niggling, “this was as good as it gets”

Than I snapped!


No longer content with the CVS, I decided to stop putting up with the pain and sought medical advice. Now with a healthier mind-set and a more positive approach, I’m back on the bike, feeling better with more energy not only at home with my family but also at work.

You need to use both hats. To achieve the best results, you need to use different approaches rather than just one hat.

No one person has the right way of thinking, there is always another way, another option, another path, and another direction to go and still reach the same goal.

My wife, workmates. Customers

1. Direct reports
2. Peers or leadership team
3. Operations or Senior management

When a price objection arises don’t automatically down sell. Stop & explain the features & benefits of the product. Look for the opportunity to teach customers about products & their cost differences inturn giving them the opportunity to purchase something to suit their needs.

Take the time to think of the consequences before taking action. Jumping in with a solution straightaway can lead to the problem being bigger than what it originally started. Utilising others thoughts and advice can help with strategic outcomes.

We will not quit does not matter how difficult it gets. I will enter.

I have found that most people procrastinate starting due to a fear of failure, once they realise that most success comes from failure and they learn to accept a hit then starting is a lot easier. The list is not a bad idea but if the fear is still there then it to will be procrastinated.

Keep doing the things you do well on a daily basis.

I have found that most people procrastinate starting due to fear of failure, when they learn to overcome this fear or realise that its ok to fail or that most great things come from failures then it becomes easier to start.

The list is a good idea but if the fear is still there then the list will be procrastinated as well.

My Partner, My 2ic, and my staff member.

My Family. My Colleagues My Friends

The stairway will help me step back from the issues – look for wider options! the more entrenched


in the problem, the more I am blinded.

Having multiple objectives can provide you with the ladder runners you need to achieve a BVS, Having Multiple ideas can lead to multiple objectives that can help you achieve BVS and escape CVS. Understanding that sometimes Multiple Ideas can lead to a multitude of different options which could have all differing outcomes some positive and some negative. Taking time to take a step back and assess the CVS is a foundation to coming up with BVS.

Ask other peers in my group ask my partner for her point of view ask newer staff for their opinion

I think any CVS that sticks in your head should at least get the benefit of searching for and applying a BVS. A BVS may not always be a better view, but a more concise and information filled view, which in turn will lead to a BVS.

The main point was “closing the sale”. Taking a BVS resulted in changing the CVS from sale closure to customer satisfaction.

To multiply my CVS x10, I think the easiest way to multiply would be to ask 10 others what they think about the subject. More opinions/view points & research would assist in developing a BVS

By understanding that I didn’t have the complete picture (or BVS) I was able to ask myself and others the questions to give myself a better view of the situation and make changes based on that view.

How does my CVS on one idea fit in with my BVS on another idea? Amazingly well, using that BVS to plan a stairway for the CVS I cant get out of.

The person sitting next me, the person I live with, and the person I drop off at day care.

Instead of jumping in and doing things the way I would normally do, I am going to take some time and think of a different point of view and start from there.

To give love and receive in return, to be kind to others, learn new things and to pass this onto the next generation.

My Staff, My Supplier’s, My Wife

44 – always room for improvement.

My 2IC
The Civil Manager

Why not, we ask ourselves all day long, we can make the change

Sometimes we only look at opportunities when they are right in front of us. By stopping and looking around we may discover opportunities where you wouldn’t normally.


Pre – plan looking at where we want to be. Look at where you are and how will I get there

My Manager, All my Staff, my wife

My Manager, All of my staff, my wife

Try something new that you have never tried before. You wont know if it works if you don’t take the risk to try it.

listen to the customer ask the right questions add value

You have to teach yourself to think.

My stairway will be to ask multiple people for their opinion on a subject.. As I usually would only ask one person, getting multiple opinions may open up different avenues that will be a BVS

Use cvs x 10 on one our accounts that I believe we can get more business out of

Use bvs and change cvs on one account to improve sales

Add value to there business and provide good research. First impression is sometimes a lasting one!!!


I’m ex trade and my brain doesn’t switch off as I am always thinking four steps ahead. Like chess, you may know the possibilities of the moves at hand, but it could all change in one move’s time, life is the same, you may know where your heading but keeping a true open mind will help you weather the storm.

CVS- have some people struggling with development. BVS- find a new approach which will help them ease into development.

Changing the thought process from close sales, to customer satisfaction, hence them buying anyway. Giving the customer what they want, when they want. This wins us a lot of our business.

CVS: Multiple tasks with same deadline
BVS: Multiple tasks that can help me achieve other tasks. I have to prioritise and work smarter.

Effective communication – find better ways to communicate internally so more engagement is created

When approaching a new customer’s, thinking about the angle to take, and understanding there business and current process’s. Think about what response’s may come back from certain questions, and be equipped with your own response. Better planning for customer meetings will help staff get the best outcome’s.


Look for opportunity, ask Why in the appropriate situation to gain that opportunity

My Boss, My Customer and finally my Partner

Why not use an alternative…………method. The first time is not always right

Why not suggest we can get this deal done before Christmas.

The good Doctor Hewitt-Gleeson, my customer and the Branch manager

Why not make a change, with customers and or staff, to achieve a BVS and be able to act on that for a better outcome

Look at different ways to fix reoccurring problems rather to fixing them the same old way

Even when you think you are losing an order there is an opportunity. You cant lose an order more so take a chance and some deeper questions on understanding you wont be getting the business.

everyone can help or contribute

My Broker
My Ex Bank The Real Estate

An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You should never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs

Why not give our brand a go and tell us what you think?

That you can become a skilled thinker and with knowledge and practise can keep improving your thinking.

Why not approach that new customer

Why not eliminate this task. It costs us too much time for its worth.

My Staff

My Family

My Friends

There are always opportunities to anything we apply ourselves to… We just again need to step out


and “think” rather than just same old same old!

I recently went back to work at an old work place to help out for a week. I was really humbled by the warm reception I received from both work colleges and customers. What really took me by surprise was the offers of hospitality from people I ‘know’ on a professional level and never would I have thought about imposing on someone else’s private life. There is a difference between knowing someone whom you serve at a counter, but then to be invited to stay at his or her house? It was a generous offer but felt weird, I had to think quickly on my feet and decline the offers so not to offend or seem ungrateful. There are a couple of guys I had dinner with on occasion but we’ve got a different relationship so it was like catching up with friends. I’ve told a few people since coming home and had a good laugh about it.

Product Control, Manager, Partner

It got me thinking about thinking.

I have a lot of work to do by the look of that score!!

Highlights ones self awareness and emotions

38 might have to change not as high as I thought I would be.

From the day we are born until the day we leave this earth. We will be learning and thinking new things as we evolve with a forever-changing world.

My score was 43 , above average, I have always strived to be the best I can be, I`m on the right path

To enjoy a happy life with no worries both a work and home

CVS – Why it can’t be done BVS – How it can be done This should be the IT mantra

Opinions & beliefs limit opportunities,

BSV slow down, listen with empathy & understanding to find a way forward, let the right people do their job and have confidence they’ll deliver.

List 3 GOOD things.
1. Challenging, I’ve enjoyed the content of the DFQ’s.
2. Openness, it’s really important to think and comment on the topics of the DFQ’s.


3. Great Value, for me this training represents great value as it has been no cost to me. List 3 BAD things.

1. It would be good to talk as a group, I understand the logistical challenge this would represent, but I’d argue the value.

2. Why did I wait until this stage of my life to do this? 3. More accountability and feedback.
List 3 things that could be BETTER.
1. Make it more widely available, teach it in school. 2. Have a mentor to talk to.

3. More interactive, an app, or other media resources.

We understand so little about the brain and how it truly works. The amazing thing though is that if you really want to do something you only need to think about it and then you do. To teach your brain to think better can only help you achieve more.

It makes me think about the capacity that others may have. And that not everyone will be a thinker.

I’m not the best and definitely can improve but it opens up ideas on how to deal with others in a more customisable way

32 – room for improvement

I think I am here to learn life’s lessons, try to better myself and constantly strive to make the most of every opportunity each day.

With the correct guidance I can achieve my goal

Every workplace has reports and documentation that the company policy is to follow. However, the other tasks can be altered to make things more streamline for all users to follow. New policies can be implemented.

100% brain utilisation… Now that would be cool! This shows how we can try to at least maximise the little we do use.

Be prepared to challenge your perspective on every day thinking & be satisfied you got the best result.


34. Seeing things from different viewpoints is what gives the clearest picture.

Everyday is a school day! Think outside the box!

Skilled thinking can be learned and developed

Thinking and making a plan from start to finish with ideas shared from other people in our team, Then putting the ideas into practice.

Leadership is not a given. Yes some have it and some can be taught to be leaders. We need our follows not our detractors.

To start thinking about thinking not just doing but to change the way you look at it

This exercise highlighted a number of steps I was taking though not consciously planned.

Put more planning into my day-to-day work. At times I can easily get drawn too much into reacting, I want to plan more, which helps change the way I view the situation..

Trying to stop and control your CVS is a skill in itself. I will try and take more time on my day to day dealings and make sure I am still happy with the way it is going.

Looking at a better plan for a work area by getting the basic plan on paper. Then to contact an expert in the field to hone & fine-tune the original plan to make it not only practical but economically viable. This work area’s CVS is causing inefficiencies that when the new plan is implemented will give a BVS due to the increased efficiencies & their knock on effects.

I recently made a banoffee pie and only had 250 grams of marie biscuits but needed 280 grams so I added in 30 grams of coconut – this gave the pie an interesting twist.

That we are able to LEARN how to become better thinkers.

39…. still have some improvement on some areas that I could make. Really does make you stop and think about how much you put into making those decisions we do everyday and our automatic responses to decisions etc.

Do each job as it rises rather than defer the ones you do not wish to do

Coaching my staff. Investing the time will only benefit bot the staff member and myself and in turn my clients.

Solving my own problems buy thinking outside the box, Changing cv’s to bv’s Working with others and sharing the load equally.

I wrote a note to a new staff member as encouragement and congratulations after commendation


was received from a customer. Also to reinforce she is doing really well and to offer ‘my door is always open’ for assistance in any matters, as she is new and needs a mentor.

To be the best I can be, learn from others and see as much as I can. Share with others what I see, learn and know. Make a positive difference to all who cross my path in life.

Think outside the square – look for another way of doing something.

Selling on price! Trying to impact my managers to not rely on price

32 more work needs to be done

I am here as a “cog in the big wheel”. Every part is needed to make the wheel go round. I have a purpose to be the best I can be, and by being here, I am able to touch people’s lives in a way that only I can. I think that there are some things that impact on another person because of whom they are specifically and only that one person has the ability to impact on the other at any one time, so I am needed for those contacts. My part also involves the contact of others to me that impact my life to enable me to move forward and pass it forward.

For me, stepping back or rising above the CVS gives me the opportunity for a BVS. Don’t accept the CSV, challenge the way we do things, engage the cognitive power and recognise when this occurs, share your ideas.

I’ve recently taken over an account that had some really old transactions that staff have not previously been able to clear. I found myself following the same routine to solve the problem and found myself at the same dead end. I sat back and looked further into who has had their hands on the situation and tracked down a state manager from the other company that had been involved and used his resources to obtain the information I needed to have the transactions cleared. Not all of the transactions are sorted however we now have the right lines of communications opened and are well on the way to having the account up to date.

I am learning to look at situations from a different angle.

In my role it is juggling peoples emotions and financial situation therefore I have to consider a lot of different situations this causes me to have to think it through before making a decision

Gaining a “can do attitude” In the past I always ask for help with eg excel, but now I use the skills I have to work out problems myself before asking for assistance. Gaining a little more confidence I guess.

I can work on making an impact on someone I work with in a positive manner so they feel good. I can then expand that idea and make an impact on others as I come into contact with them. A smile is free and can be infectious and makes people feel good so that is great for starters. Then a positive comment can be so appreciated by all.

56 even though I was doubtful on some questions I went with first thoughts

self improvement can happen if you try to think out side of the square


If you don’t use it, you lose it!

to be the best I can and pass on my knowledge and live life to the fullest with no regrets.

Up & active, ready for the week. Getting through my priorities

I will look at one of my jobs today and find a more efficient way of this task. Something different that will improve the process.

54 I tend to over analyse

I will try to look at the alternative of each decision made, don’t get locked into a corner. There are no problems only solutions.

I am here to learn from mistakes and successes made by others and myself. As this happens, humans will continue to evolve.

53 – Obviously wanted to try and be honest with myself – Interesting

I have spoken to two suppliers recently (one today) who have helped me out with warranty situations. Both products were out of warranty period. Both suppliers agreed, after I called and discussed with them, to assist us (and our customers).

CVS – product out of warranty
BVS – assistance and problems solved

44 – by simply being happy with an action / consequence, there is still validity in searching for alternatives for a potential better outcome

With a little effort, anyone can become a better thinker.

Putting aside others negative attitude and comments and trying to see the brighter side of situations.

Finished with 40.

It conveys to me that all individuals have to learn skills to improve or better themselves or to learn a new skillset that they are interested in.

My CVS that I want to escape from today is dealing with issues within the business with curtain staff that I tend to avoid.

My BVS is to sit down with the people concerned and be upfront with issues and be clear on expectation of the company. I have started to action today with 1 on conversations with each person with a positive response.

29; I think in an over view, I would say when a decision that would have to be made on fact. This could change my score.


In regards to a new role I am taking on, I try and escape my current view of thinking to become a more efficient problem solver and time manager

Don’t spend time dwelling on the things you cant change or influence – target the ‘gig’ things

I think my purpose is to live each day striving to do more and be better. I think I’m here to help and to make people happy, and to leave a legacy of positive change wherever I can.


Something I did already know, however when I make my mind up I get very fixated on that answer and tend to dismiss others ideas. Obviously an area of improves that’s required.

Thinking is a skill you learn, not a pre-programmed ability.

My total is 32.

I believe as long as you are if fact thinking about what you are doing, what the consequences are and how you can improve for next time, then the actual score may not be that important.

42 – I now realise areas where I can improve

Changing my focus and main time spent from dealing with “challenging customers” to current customers and new customers who positively impact on our business.

In doing so it is impacting positively on my language, attitude and energy in the workplace.

Stopped looking at the smaller picture and getting bogged down in day to day issues and started to look at the bigger picture and how I can bring new customers in the door rather than waiting for the same old faces to come in.

I am going to step outside the box and challenge the way I have approached a certain situation and see what the result is.

35. Shows that there is room to move forward and improve decision making process. Sometimes decisions made possibly without looking at the big picture

The ‘something else’ I can work on today is looking beyond my go-to solutions to hurdles. When I face roadblocks I can make time to brainstorm with colleagues and friends – not ruling out any options at face value.

Is it possible to over think? What does this look like?

Today I focussed on the good points on previous actions of my children and only brushed on the naughty or not so good points. Then relied on them to do something and the outcome was more positive. Changed my way of approaching a common issue with positive results.


Don’t worry about things you cant control

39 room for improvement and I know where to improve

We are not limited by the skills we are born with as we can always learn new ones and better ourselves over time and through development.

We need to be coachable in the skill sets to be a skilled thinker and it is never to late to train the brain.

Instead of just saying hello to everyone who walks in the store today I will offer to make them a coffee or tea. This will enhance their experience.

Just reading the comments on the Hub makes you think is there a better way to do things if I look at the problem from a completely different view.

When we have an idea, its good to get some advise. But if we take rejection and learn from it and look at why it didn’t work, you wont be afraid to keep trying. That’s what hopefully makes a better person too!!!

39, not many things in the world are black or white ,,,if any

There is always more than one way to accomplish a goal or task. From a leadership point of view your way does not always have to be the right way as long as the end result is the same. Challenge your cvs as there may be a bvs.

To create my own person mark on family, friends & others by doing what I can to leave an everlasting impression

I am here to learn. Looking back at days past we are all here to be a stepping stone for the future. Whether or not my time here is to achieve great things the life lessons I will learn I will pass on to those that come after me and it may be them from my lessons that achieve great things.

We can often talk of “not judging a book by its cover” but how often do we actually do it. When dealing with difficult customers I just tend to try and ‘kill them with kindness’ get them what they want and get them out the door quickly without even trying to get know them. Recently I decided to get know a so-called difficult customer and try understand them from their side of the counter, I was pleasantly surprised.

Not something that I have done, more something I am currently and continuously working on. Is the way I approach/speak with people and how to get the best out of each person. About understanding the “disc” formula and putting that into practice.

Listening to things, not interrupting, realising that letting people have to let their steam off as well, then letting it wash over you and on to another, not letting negative attitudes get the better of me.

The CVS I can escape from today is that every customer is price sensitive. It is not always about price and I should focus on other factors, stock holding, expertise and relationships.


I am here to work hard so I can provide a safe and happy environment for my family , and encourage my children to strive to achieve what they want , not just drift along.

I have the ability to learn how to think.

Some times we must stop and think am I the only one going across the grain.. must stop and look at the situation in front and work out how to get where I want to be.

CVS- Customer Service doing the basics all day every day. BVS – Change the way we do it

37 – Keep improving and really think about my decisions.

Our brains are an amazing tool that we need to clink into all the time.

I will take the attitude on my cvs can always be improved as there is always someone in a worse situation then myself therefore cvs > bvs

45 – I like to brainstorm ideas and discount nothing until I am satisfied I have exhausted all options.

45 be open to options & peoples viewpoint’s, always room to improve

We need to adapt the way we think as we get older

The one thing I have been able to do is think before I speak in a competitive situation……………

I need to not make so many decisions with my emotions

Score 40 brain used when needed

This made me realise I play it safe. Thinking of a couple of examples makes me realise the fall out if it didn’t work wasn’t huge. The benefit if I had pushed it further. Who knows.

Speaking to people in situations I would normally shy away from.

We all start life at an even level, its up to the individual on how far they want to go and what they want to learn in life.

33 proactive not reactive…

Simple problem solving, mainly with new age gadgets. The main premise being never give up, continue to review and consider, eventually a bvs will appear

I am very lucky to be here, not sure why. I try to make the most of every day and enjoy having great friends and family in my life.

I have learnt to open my mind more now that my understanding is better. Thinking beyond our body and out of the square.


training staff => training staff 2 BVS

getting staff to understand and stop with their first thought and re analyse on how it can be improved even if it is just slightly

To serve a purpose be it in my personal life or professional life. What that purpose is can vary from situation to situation. I may act as a teacher, a mentor or as counsel for an individual own life issues. It’s about sharing my life experience to guide, assist or aid others experiencing their own.

42 – I enjoy using my mind to problem solve and help others. Being a passionate personality I still need to spend more time on planning and regarding all options rather than just jumping in.

Looking a doing a task in a different way, which may prove to be a more efficient way, which also may not, but giving it a go.

To be me

Always good to keep analysing / challenging your own thought process

Loosening my grip on the reigns, letting others step up and have a go at new tasks that I have always done myself.

I think that thought leaders are often easily identifiable. Finding those who have the potential can be harder. Engaging these staff in some ideas workshops and passing on tasks that gives them responsibility and allows them to demonstrate their potential can be of some benefit both to management and also to the staff members. I think it can be a harder task to know when the time to stop trying to turn your thought -killers into positive contributors and let them go before they infect others with their negativity.

I’ve previously thought that being the most junior member of my team that I do not add as much value as other team members. I’ve since risen above that thought and grown confident to contribute equally.

35 We need to assess the views of others more in making our final decision.

That you can always learn new skills and new ways of thinking and doing things.

Blitzed it. Hang on let me think.

Managing my productive time and personal time as separate periods. If these 2 are constantly fighting to be the dominant point of attention, there will be no balance between either. Today I will work on having set work periods and set personal periods of time which are exclusive of one another.

38 room to evaluate the idea for what it is

To live, share & learn with colleagues, friends & family


You get out what you put in

With the right attitude you can learn anything.

I have endless opportunities both socially & professionally to act & operate in a CVS way, a lot of these situations would be better dealt with in a BVS way.

42. I find that my D behaviour often directs me to jump into a situation without gathering all the facts first. Something I try and constantly work on.

We don’t think enough… Or is it that we just don’t stop to think enough. day to day life moves so quickly that our brains start running unconsciously and conform to some sort of autopilot.

With practice you can train yourself to think outside the box…

My core idea was that routine breeds success. I have risen above to explore new things and a new way of doing things that is starting to show results already.

40. Need to continue looking for new ideas and be more open, even if I’m satisfied with what I’ve got currently.

I am here to improve the quality of life for the next generation

I don’t think that I am trying to move away from a Main point, I think having my thought process opened to understanding what I am doing is the CVS I am trying to escape.

My something else is to try and evaluate the situation and settle on the best outcome rather than the first outcome that comes to mind

Like any muscle in the body, you need to exercise it to make it stronger

Change ideas and look outside the square.

I changed a customers cvs to a bvs buy going the extra mile and explaining the warranty procedure to a win/win solution

You can teach a old dog new tricks

I will be honest with myself and answer with 14

I would say we need to develop our thinking skills, we have to unlock parts of our brain to allow maximum thinking we need to train our brain to think .


Thinking is a skill, and identifying where improvements can be made and continuing to improve yourself is just the start.

we learn as we go


To learn life’s lessons and use them to become the best I can be and to help others with my knowledge and experience.

39 – certainly made me think about right or wrong, good or bad. can get caught up in this mindset on a daily basis.

Escape the daily routine, Look for better ways to engage my staff.

48 – I need to be more mindful of others and their views and listen to there ideas more often.

52. Interesting result.

To be more understanding with staff & customers. When you listen more you understand more.

I am here to be the best that I can be. To make the most of every day. To make a difference to the world. To make my parents proud and to give back to others what they give to me.

I am not sure what my intended purpose was (if there was ever one)

But at (hopefully) the halfway point of my life when I look back I see selfishness & failings on my behalf, I see enormous amounts of time spent working and missing life moments with my wife, children & extended family & friends.

Going forward and with the learning’s of life so far under my belt I intend to strive to be a better husband, father & friend by giving time! That’s how I feel I can contribute while I’m HERE, giving time, listening and leaving people feeling like the glass is always half full.

I have learnt to slow down and not rush into situations. TO stand back and look at it before proceeding, to ask others for input and encourage others opinion. I find this new way of thinking is pro active not reactive.

We are never to old to learn a new skill and to better ourselves

Today I will spend time to listen to others and find something new in a way they do things and try it to see if it works for me. We are surrounded by knowledge in our peers all we have to do is ask them. Get another outlook on a situation and try something else.

I will view my cvs from the inside looking out and also the outside looking in.

Thinking is enjoyable.

you can learn something new everyday!

Acknowledge the good work done by others more often and say it in person not just by electronic means.

No matter what stage of your life we are at, we can always learn new things. That famous old adage


“you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is simply not true. Embrace change and new ideas, anything is possible.

Much more thought provoking then I thought it would be. Made me think about the other X10 exercise thinking about thinking.

In most situations I try to be impartial which allows me to make informed decisions.

I was always trying to do things myself to make sure it gets done right. I have now focused my attention to training staff in these area’s and explaining the benefits of doing thing right the first time. This has made the running of the store a much more easier place t work and has given the other staff more responsibility in the workplace.

To make a difference. a bit corny yes. To give my children the best chances in their future, and to be the best I can be at what ever I apply myself to.

My own opinion of how I think things should be done, take into account the way others would like things to run.

cvs have thoughts of change and some stress.

39 – there are a few areas where I can improve

37. I better keep exploring instead of stopping at the first solution I find

CVS would have been , being locked into discount pricing, in the fear of the customer would come in to complain so to avoid the situation I would discount the price, my BVS for over 12 months now has been to escape this box, and there has been only positive results.

You may not come up with a solution with the first thing that you try. Don’t give up on the issue try & think about another alternative. Sometimes looking at the reasons why we do it can give us the answer on how to do it.

39 think with a clear mind

that you can learn and develop your skills by listening and reading

To me it means that our brains all start off the same and that its up to us to develop them.

Have a positive attitude all the time and you will escape the cvs.

To enjoy every minute of every day

42. I probably think more about the consequences than anything else.

don’t be afraid to try something else new and listen to others more

43. there were a few questions that highlighted areas I could improve , i.e. – looking for alternatives even when I’m satisfied & viewing ideas as good or bad. Had not really considered my thought process here.


My something else is to see a customer today, I have not called on before.

I still have area I can improve my thinking and look further into my decision making and planning

I think I am here to help people, helping others gives me a sense of achievement

40 – Looking forward to the next score.

33, higher than I thought, still room for improvement though. I will look at all options before settling for the satisfactory and think more about my priorities and why I have chosen them.

That there must be a way (BVS) to increase the speed of change, especially in those processes impacting customer & staff satisfaction, despite the significant delays/resistance in other departments to engage at the current time… particularly in IT.

41 – To continue to think with a clear head as much as possible and not to let emotions take over.

39 thinking and sizing is always important.

Perception will alter to the person viewing, people should remember that because other peoples perception is different to there own does not make it wrong.

Well not too sure why but I was given a one in a trillion chance to be here and I have to keep reminding myself of that wonderful gift to make the most of it.

Scored 51, I have learned to be mindful of other viewpoints, personality types, and ways of doing things. This was a consequence of working in industries with varied backgrounds and levels of experience. I could look more about alternatives once tasks are done and not be satisfied when the job is done if there is a better way.

scored 41. got to see the big picture when going through decision making process

Without realising I think my emotions play a large role in my decision making, I need to take a step back and make more informed decisions without letting emotions affect them.

The brain does this so we preform a reaction to each & every moment in life.

I am going to try a different approach towards an on going issues that needs to be sorted creating a win win for all person’s involved

World is evolving & we are its chance to keep it like we have it for future generations

Escape the CAVE people trying to control the boat,

After watching the clip, I have found the idea of using BVS to have the customer close the sale a very interesting idea. This is something I intend to work on and try out day to day with my sales.

47. Don’t always be happy with one solution, keep looking to try & find a better one.


You can be trained to be a skilled thinker

32 Hmm thought I would be higher, maybe time for a change.

general duties today with customer follow up will prompt me to step out of the normal questions and seek answers straight away.

Try something new, Don’t get stuck in the past

Make the most of life whether it be family, friends or work. Life is relatively short its up to me how I choose to live it.

45 – still room for improvement!
“I judge ideas not just as “good” or “bad” but also “interesting” if they can lead on to better ideas”

This one made me think quite a lot; it’s easy to forget that there are ideas that fall outside the categories of “good” and “bad”.

To wear the black hat only will narrow your view and close off many opportunities to be creative and putting a limit on possible outcomes. Be prepared to think laterally, free of preconceived ideas.

The Paradox of Peel the Orange.

PTO has a place in everyday life as we have discussed, but we mustn’t lose sight of creative thinking. If all our responses were purely PTO wouldn’t we be part of sheep or herd mentality? PTO is like first natural responses, involuntary reactions to situations. This type of behaviour is critical in some situations. Creative thinking is necessary to allow improvements to develop and ideas to manifest. It also opens up dialogue between colleges and peers for development of procedures and growth individually. To move from CVS to BVS creative thinking is paramount. Imagine if creative thinking could move towards PTO, with the right training.

I believe I am here for my family and that I have been given an opportunity to have a go at life as we know it

Personal- in invited my brother and his family over for tea on the weekend for the first time in quite a while, Work- assessed myself as to where I need to position myself within the business to be successful

So true.

Everyone’s here for a purpose. We may not know what it is right now but when the day comes that we do we will definitely know. Until then I believe in enjoying life for all it has to offer and helping people around me do the same. Got to love the customer service industry 🙂

You can very easily get caught up in the day to day in both work and life, I will work on what’s important for me to succeed

It is important to celebrate your achievements and the achievements of others.


My strengths were Love, Prudence, Humour, Gratitude and Curiosity. I think this is a very accurate representation of who I am. As stated your strengths can certainly also be your weakness based on the situation and this is true for me with prudence.

I’ve had a long term goal set for a while and my current view of a situation was “I’ll never have time to be able to do everything I need to too get it done.” My better view has been to look at how I CAN fit in what I need to do to achieve it.” So far so good.

Every person has the opportunity to improve the way you think, think out side the box so to speak. U can be taught to unlock you way of thinking.

Starting the day disengaged.

Work on how to do things smarter not harder.

To enjoy, explore and marvel at the wonders of the world.

Regular daily routine can become uninspiring (CVS). I can apply a BVS simply by the way I enter a branch and change the first thing I normally do…

Feeling pretty active at the moment – less distractions around this time of year, so it’s a great time to get things done at work

I’m thankful that I know people that can make me laugh every day! Having a fun work/home environment makes all the difference.

We need to listen to customers and their feed back.

Use humour to make some bad situations a little bit better! It’s important not to take everything in life so seriously.

I think it’s important to use both.
Switch hats according to the situation you are dealing with at that time. Although it’s certainly important to be a thinker, I believe there’s always going to be a place for our black hat.

I think I’m quite good at speaking with customers, however, I believe that there is always room for improvement when it comes to customer service…I’m always looking to make it 10 X better.

That we all start as equals and through training we can reach the top!

our staff make light of everyday situations. Retail customers and account customers provide us with light relief with their mannerisms. Creates a happy environment

Yes I do its great to stop and have a laugh during the day.

Active mood need to get things done

Time is precious and time is money especially for our customers, have an objective, be prepared, listen and then listen some more. Follow up and provide value / outcome to meet objectives


At the moment its up/passive but I’m sure it will change if you cant get help by other players/staff

don’t think of something that you might do soon, just do it now then go on to the next thing and the next thing. Don’t put off what you can do now

When you walk into a shop see the staff down and out what could better then a good bit of humour to bright things up

To grow, to learn about life, to make mistakes, then to learn from them.

10 clear thinking, diverse people who act morally and ethically in everything they do…

At times I can convince myself the reason for an outcome. I need to consider looking for areas outside my normal reasoning to find alternative solutions/ answers

Needing to look with both eyes open

Stand back, look and find the best path to the end result. Maybe how you can do your policies and procedures in a new way, more efficient to get the best results.

Try new things, if it works stick with it. Filling the work fridge today with soft drinks to sell. See how we go!!!!

I need to move with learning more on products so we don’t fall behind

Offering machine made coffee to my customers so as to over service them more then usual

Today I used humour to deal with a notoriously difficult customer and he was much easier to work with and left in a better mood then he came in.

I hear laughter everyday at my work as everyone enjoys themselves and makes for a relaxed atmosphere

Both hats have merit and you must determine which one is more useful for the situation at hand.

I’m in a down mood today but that is due to being under the weather.

Architecture – exponents constantly train and learn to create results that can be unusual, challenging, change and invigorate individuals, communities or a whole culture.

Had a staff member who covered for someone sick over the Christmas break. A couple of tickets to the cinema was very warmly received and put a smile on faces all round.

SOT – thank you for helping me take a breath and think. Which hat do I have on ?, CVS versus BVS, how can I do this differently ? Takes practice and discipline, no doubt, but nothing comes easy without training yourself.

10 minutes exercise everyday or even better 3 x 10 min exercise sessions per day can reduce chronic pain


the bigger picture, its not always about right now

Looking at situations/problems from all angles and looking at all possible outcomes trying to find the best result.

Would have to be my outlook on both work & my personal life changing my CVS to a BVS , learning to Listen to gather others BVS, as this could become an alternate BVS.

How True.

Answer a DFQ

Make changes and move forward, not looking back

I am looking for Security, happiness and fulfilment.

Planning. Every day we need to plan so that’s the constant practice I get for a task that I’m not very strong at

I set myself little goals and then reward myself with free time breaks to browse the internet or get a drink.

Being aware that there is always a better way of viewing or doing things.

I am always looking for ways to improve my training in the gym. Researching and finding different variations in exercises, changing intensity of routines.

I have a few staff members who take initiative to get things completed. I let them know that there what they do is being noticed and that good things will come of it. They appreciate my comments and it also encourages them, as they know their hard work is being noticed.

Having an expanded team gives me the opportunity to seek help when needed for projects. That way I can learn at the same time as get a perspective on a BVS from another team member.

Why not do it yourself? Be accountable for tasks, jobs and pieces of work. If you can do it faster than outsourcing – then why not do it yourself?

My personal trainer, my partner, my team members

Teaching a child to walk / talk and act, continually encouraging them and rewarding them when things are right.

The same applies as we continue through life’s journey

The great thing about thinking is that you can practise it anywhere at anytime and no one even needs to know you are doing it.

My most recent cvs is on a personal level. Recently having our second child, my wife and I have been struggling to find time at the end of the day to just talk amongst one another on how are days are going and what challenges lie ahead for us, and how o work through them.


Still working on the bvs, although we have started to write a few ideas down as the old saying ” two heads are better than one”. Whether this works or not does not necessarily have to make the difference. The fact that we are trialling new ideas is the start to forward planning.

Positive feedback is the best type of reward. So many people concentrate on the negatives and fail to praise the positives when they are achieved

My outlook on all things from work and at home I hope to change. I would like to take a more positive approach to everything. I found the CVS & BVS training very interesting and will endeavour to include that in my approach to life

I took a lot form the S.O.T training one practice I use almost daily is when I get CVS from my managers 2ic`s staff etc. I write numbers 1 to 10 and we all together come up with 10 ideas to get the desired results this makes us all think some of the ideas do not work but we usually come up with some good ones.

its definitely required. Luckily we have a great team environment and a few times throughout the day we are all laughing!

its judging who your with and approaching them accordingly. Wether its staff or customers.

The Main Point of customer development a relationship building is to have them spend their money in your shop.

Wow, fascinating talk. So many great ideas and philosophies. Watched it twice now, really makes you think about how you want live your life.

35 – failure to plan is a plan to fail.

I think if you can recognise the main point then you can explore other points of view & other ideas.

I am more accepting of people’s frailties and mistakes and I am in the process of turning those from negatives into positives within my group.

It’s ok to go back to basics no matter how long you’ve been learning something

Today I can try building on my Lateral Thinking by recognising when thoughts could become ideas and sharing them with the group in discussion.

Today I can try building on my Humour by helping others enjoy their experience with us.

Today I can try building on my Leadership by being passionate and displaying to others the best I can be, being an example.

Today I can try building on my Leadership by asking others for feedback.
Today I can try building on my Leadership by searching the TED library for resources.


Today I can try building on my Leadership by goggling how great leaders inspire their teams.

41 – A lot of thinking about thinking. Assess situations more in depth even if satisfied with the initial outcome broaden options.

We can teach ourselves to think at a much higher capacity by training our thought process.

Laughter, what a wonderful thing

Up and Active

It is usually easy to spin an argument to your own benefit. this is usually based on your own understanding of the topic/issue in question “CVS”

Putting a spin on an argument for mutual benefit can be a bit more difficult cause it is dependant on the other party being open minded enough to consider any suggestions. with positive outcomes both parties have created a BVS.

How true….

I would select a few different type of people for my board

most definitely people who have and do inspire me but also a comedian as an ice breaker someone with nothing invested (usually work harder than most) and someone with a calming nature to balance it all out.

Further learning/ higher education daily practice are all things that can be done.

football (any code) whether on a professional level or socially. continually showing up to practice and training will not only help you personally but as a team /unit help you achieve some great results

“a word of encouragement after failure is worth a lot more than an hour of praise after success”

I put this down because I believe that is important to not only acknowledge and reward successes. But also to recognise the effort put in by those who may have failed.

The main point I am trying to escape from is thinking that I Know the outcome based on my experience.

Like most things in life if we practice techniques to develop skills whether sport or trade or work related so why should thinking be any different the more we work to develop our thinking the better our thinking process will be

The Main Point is usually what we have been told by superiors, taught by institutions and learnt along the way in life. To move away from this thinking, we should always question something, before blindly following the heard mentality.

Never stop teaching yourself


Today I want to avoid my defensive behaviour when questioned or confronted and instead think about the why.

I believe you would be trying to move away from the current CSV to a new CSV that will be a better out come for all people involved. Foe E.G if the customer does not commit it is(the current CSV ). We need to get to the Main point – (the road block) to the new CSV . Customer purchasing…

To stop & recap on past experiences which relate to current situations. Trust in myself to find the answers & learn as I go.

Take time to show how things are done rather than doing it myself. Be patient.

Thinking must be practiced if you are to become skilled.

39 areas that I can improve

38. Room for improvement


Don’t rely on what you have achieved in the past, accept that you have done well and move on.

Circle of control is my goal and I plan to stick to it. need to focus more on the simpler things and getting the simple things done.

49 – Need to look into ALL possible ‘outcomes’ before making a decision – bigger focus on action vs. result.

trying to move away from this is what I know and how it is, but what if it was this way instead.

coach staff to think fro themselves rather than come to me for better options

To me this motto conveys the meaning that we are taught and learn how to think. Also that we can constantly change our thinking processes and improve on them

I often look up to successful people and feel I’ll never achieve their level of success. This motto reminds me that these people do a lot of work on themselves behind the scenes and encourages me to start the process of self-development.

Great quiz, encouraged me to reflect on my process when looking for solutions. I think there is a great opportunity for me to look for alternatives to the solution even if I have found one I am satisfied with. Near enough is not always good enough!

I think I am here to help make the world a better place for at least someone in the world. It wont take much but if I can offer anything extra to better my life and someone else I am up for it.

Really well said, great point. Will keep this in mind next time I plan a meeting.


45 not to bad need to use less emotion and spare off the moment decision-making. Think more about the decision and the consequences.

The most interesting thing about focusing on or reviewing my strengths is, when you focus on something it really does make a difference. It highlights to me I need to focus on things more frequently to grow in other areas. I have found the extra effort spills over into other areas, I just want to do better.

main point is to better things by using bvs

stop listen read think

Make a difference

try new things, not the same automatic processes that have been drilled in.

…. its about stepping outside the square , to find a different view point , only when you remove the clouds around the problem , can it be simplified … to a result…….

Trust your teaching methods will work in time.. Not everyone learns at the same speed, coaching others coaches yourself.

A benefit for me is a guaranteed commitment to participate and do the best I can.

A benefit for you is a guaranteed commitment to participate, do the best I can, and provide feedback.

A benefit for the class is a guaranteed commitment to participate, do the best I can, provide feedback, and to be relied upon to help other team members.

Today I will put aside my daily to do task. Spend sometime with other project groups standup and get some idea what interesting stuff they have been doing lately.

Listening to others, putting myself in their shoes.

Luckily we are part of a company that is not mindless in its meetings and agendas are always the norm. Unfortunately the sales reps that call on us unexpectedly do not 🙁

42 – interesting self-evaluation exercise. Certainly makes you think about how in depth your decision-making really is!

The main point I am trying to move away from is “this is how we do it, because we have always done it this way”. I am looking for that BVS.

When I have had a conflict or a confrontation in the past I have tried to deal with it then and there. These days I prefer to wait it out and take action once I have had time to absorb the situation to make a rational decision. I have found I make much better decisions this way and these conflicts/comfrontations are dealt with in a much better way!


43. There is always room for improvement with everything I do

Being in a selling environment I would like to focus on other things rather than the basic well known selling points , as Michael stated maybe the customer can close the sale if I have a different focus.

My cvs2bvs is not doing everything myself – rather encouraging, sometimes demanding – particularly at home – that others need to take on responsibilities where they are able.

Where’s my chair???





We need to work smarter and not harder while teaching our co workers to do the same.

48 – I feel I need to look further into a situation. To not stop at one solution because it appears to be the best, do further research of all options so I am fully aware of all options and their pros and cons. Making a more informed decision will insure the best outcome.

To make the most of the life I have been given – work to earn a living to support my family, to love my children unconditionally, and teach them all the values my own parents passed on to me. To make a difference for my family as someone they trust, respect and care for.

41 – if I did this test 3 months ago I would have scored very low. Good surroundings better outcomes!

The CEO needs the CSO to function well and Visa-Versa.

The things that I usually procrastinate over, I will do first, rather than later.

To listen and think about what I am about to say before I say it.

Listen to how other people do things as everyone dose things diffrently for the same resault.

That we can all become skilled thinkers with the right amount of training and encouragement.

you learn things everyday even if you are a old dog

The skill of thinking has to be taught well to be understood properly.

put yourself in others shoes cvs2bvs


score of 39

to sit back read the information correctly not swipe over it then think about it then action

Interested to have a look at the book once received.

I have learnt to pull back and not rush in to solve the issue instead listen and have a discussion on the best action to take.

The initial DFO on metacognition interested me, which lead me to do a short Neuroscience course, which I spent all of Saturday getting half the way through.

Very interesting stuff, which has lead me to look at other books/courses.

If the perception of value seen by the CEO can be translated to the rest of the workers then the value floodgates will open.

Do not forget to Praise the fountains and coach the drains

It appears to me that structure and a plan is required with what ever you do. From the simplest of things to the more intricate. A structure and a plan achieves an outcome. This is after all what the meeting is for an outcome , decision to be made , then a plan to proceed or action .

To control what only I can and to stop worrying about what I cant control/influence.

Word of mouth has always been the best long term way to sell. It is not as easy as it sounds, You give customers great service and they tell one person, poor service they tell ten customers. Always make sure you do your best and do not bullshit, if you do not know “Tell them” and get back to them with the correct answer

my something else will be listen to ideas from my staff – selling of old stock – trying it their way not mine

try something new… you just never know it may the best thing you have tried and may do wonders for others in they follow.

take time to listen to others point of view

Have an open mind, Listen to other people and not ignore their ideas as you may learn from them. Just because its not how I would do something doesn’t make it wrong.

To serve a greater cause than to just work & survive but to strive to do your best, serve others, look at the greater picture & not just your own little life.

I am here not only to exist but to live. To guide, assist and help create positive paths/experiences for my family and friends. Life is short. End it with no regrets.

The current view around here is the market is flat/no one is doing anything… Need to escape this vision and look for the opportunities.


1. For the trainee… not fully developing skills, challenging ideas, moving to a BVS.
2. For the trainer… not creating a culture or stimulating candidates to challenge creative thinking. 3. For the class… not achieving creative thinking targets, no one being challenged.

Have to say everyone I like this idea.
No coal smoke or dust inhale either makes for both a cleaner and healthier life and planet.

The tools that you start off with in life are not the ones you finish with – skills can be acquired, and improved during your life time.

A badly prepared meeting is a total waste of time and resources but a well prepared meeting with a good agenda and what goal is to be achieved is time well spent.

I’ve learnt how to deal with a mistake rather than dwell on a mistake. Everyone has a blunder from time to time but what defines the situation is the next step you take to resolve it. Rather than focussing on what has happened instead turn your focus into how you can overcome it with the best possible result for all parties involved. Nothing is unfixable but everything takes a different level of fixing and thought process to get there.

You can use cvs2bvs in almost any day to day even. Being aware of tapping into bvs will help to practice changing your mind set. I have used it during this training session.

Everyone is born equal we have develop our own thought processes throughout our lives

As a new parent I had serious doubts that I could be able to take on this new role as Dad and be able to assist my wife and son. Fortunately I feel I have risen to the occasion and have been able to play an active role in Spencers development and am loving every minute of it.

Evolution would argue reproduction of the species… yet humans don’t always seem so single minded.

Purpose is a good distraction from the futility of living amongst so many, in such a short blink of time in history.

We seek to contribute some kind of legacy more than just our genes.

Do I chose to pass on the lessons of those before me, or do I chose to create something of my own?

1. cvs2bvs is a switch.

If it is as simple as flicking a switch to change the way you think each day, this should be case of practice. This will work in theory but like anything you need to improve it will take continuous effort.


Thought-leaders will shine out due to their willingness and eagerness to succeed by utilising their own initiative and directions given. They will quickly control and instruct others and develop their own team of followers.

NO MAS seems like a great idea to me.

Send out an agenda for your meetings, it’s such a great idea and it’s nothing we haven’t all been told before when planning customer development calls.

Woah, big question!
I think the reason I am ‘here’ is to give back and to build others up, as I have been.

Watch the money roll in if we actually achieved that!

A positive out look in daily life is infectious.

Doing the same thing every time only reinforces habits. This behaviour becomes innate instead of being a chosen reaction appropriate for a situation.

By choosing to do something else, we’re choosing to create our own opportunities.

Today I chose to set specific goals in my personal life, rather than relying upon myself to somehow pull things off at the last minute.

Staying ahead in any situation is not always a natural. Some people are a lot better than others.

I have become more confident in myself and am now putting my own ideas forward in meetings, discussions etc. . In the past I would just sit there and agree with everything being said even if I knew of a better way or a more effective way I did not like confrontation. Now I can put ideas forward and be confident in what I’m saying.

To me this Motto implies that we are the product of our learning environment and that thinking is a skill that that can be learned improved and should be practiced.

I have no real idea other than the obvious that I am here due to my parents. I do not believe in meaning of life but believe everyone should do well to each other and try to make things better for future generations…

I’m going to buy my wife a gift on my way home.

Always remain open to thoughts that are more efficient, productive and encourages growth.


Makes you think how our clients see us when we request meetings with them. The importance of having a clear end game goal and a plan to achieve it foe each and every customer.

38 looking forward to the next part and re doing test


Not to be concerned about taking chances and back myself in .

I can`t really think of one, how bad! Something I should work on.

Score= 47, I find myself to often thinking about alternates rather than just running with what I have decided. This can be both beneficial and detrimental to what I am doing. I need to be confident in my thoughts and decisions rather than raising more questions for me to deal with (even as I type this I am thinking and re thinking the words rather than just letting it out!).

To continue living through optimism rather than influences of pessimism that are thrown at you daily.

the brain must be used everyday, you have to train your brain to become a skilled thinker.

you only get out what you put in

work on making a previous good idea better

keep your eyes open and ear to the ground, this saying now has a new meaning for me.

My ‘something else’ for today is to think of a couple of things we can do better at our branch and implement them.

by distancing myself from negativity, and confronting that negativity head on in business

i can work on a more proactive approach in my store visits today and really work on the building blocks of forming these new relationships

If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Visit at least one customer onsite every week.

I am here to network and enjoy receiving great knowledge and imparting experiences.

Current view of the situation in regards to content planning – it hasn’t been very thorough and very adhoc and we need to escape this CVS.

That the idea that either social media/online is the way forward, or that traditional communication is dying. They live side-by-side and need to support one another.

Every time I need content for comms, to brainstorm 10 content ideas that can be used cross- platform.

10. Why can’t I improve this?

I’m not pointed enough in my approach which means too many ideas are scattered rather than the best ideas concentrated to help achieve BVS.

To continue to improve our processes and way of thinking to achieve better results than before.


Why not borrow an idea (combining, adapting, experimenting)?

There are many things we can learn from other companies and people, as well as forging our own path and trying our own ideas. The industry and the medium are always changing, and this will help us adapt.

A uni friend who is in the same field of work
A colleague outside of my team
A friend completely removed from the industry and the field

As I plot content for the next three months, I’ll use ten power to get a BVS and formulate a comprehensive plan

Just suppose I was a leader in communications, how would I approach a campaign differently to how it’s been done before?

I need to understand situations better, ask better questions to find better answers

You can always improve the way we do business – I like the saying that we t don’t have excuse’s we have a solution’s look a chance to improve on the way we create problems ( road blocks) for our customers seek opportunities to grow the business

The continual improvement in understanding a customers Business, The trigger switch if you like to see the value in buying.

Why not try to be more aware of identifying false leads.

Everybody, Managers, staff & customers

Give me time to climb the stairs without being pulled from one side to the other, some staff are going to learn to think and do things for themselves, after looking out they all lean on me instead of trying to sort it out for themselves, will be asking them how they will fix from now on

Keep one eye on the big picture & don’t get to bog down by the little things.

Just suppose we could read the thoughts of our customers prior to them entering our store.

*** Many jobs at home
***some time consuming things at work you wait for a more appropriate time to do

Why not asks someone else for his or her opinion? This question has generated a lot of feedback for some research I am doing. Has given me a broader view.

My mentor, a branch manager, my colleague

Relax take a breath don’t jump in


We can always find new ways to think smarter and improve our knowledge.

Something else I would love to do today is the customer that don’t purchase off me for whatever reason. Just show them in what ever way relates to them. The value that I can offer to there business

I’ve been putting off expanding on a plan that should be clearly mapped out by now and will make my job much easier next year. I will get started on plotting my next steps and brainstorming better content and ways of executing.

(CVS)Sometimes I find myself over analysing something such as a decision I’ve made, I sometimes find myself thinking about it after the fact.(BVS) Be comfortable with past decision made, which is now history and cannot be changed and move forward to the next challenge.

I need to focus and think more about the positives that others do and not focus on the negatives all the time.

Doing something else will enable me to think beyond the boundaries and achieve better results.

get buy in from team to focus on Development 10 times more than what we are right now.

I asked myself why is it organised this way? The CVS is messy, time to clean it up for a BVS.

To be someone that people can rely on and trust and to always want to help others.

its not so much the starting but the finishing off that seems to be the hardest, always complete your list/duties.

When you get told a rumour and instead of assuming the worst look at all the variables and try to get answers.

We have the opportunity to create more value for Reece. Switching to the BVS will create this value.

I need to start planning on ways to coach my team in certain skills. It’s such a large task that it is daunting.

I am pretty good at “start” lists… so why do I procrastinate? Because I am poor at “complete” lists! So I need to start completing projects faster, so new projects can start.

Mindful meditation course Investment strategy
Share trading course

Evaluating and thinking how we can improve situations. Using this to better ourselves to achieve different results.


I’ve climbed halfway up the stairway so far today, and already have some fresh perspective. A little further to go!

I have absolutely no idea why I am here.

Effectively this is like asking ‘What’s the meaning of life?’ I do not have an answer to either of these questions.

I think its more important to ask ‘What am I going to do/achieve while I am here?’ in which case my answer will be to be happy and enjoy life and do my best to try make everyone I care about happy as well.

The why is unimportant, its my actions that will make a difference.

My score was 49. Always room to improve the way I think about things.

In my work life I don’t put anything off, but my personal life I have been putting off getting fitter and loosing some weight. I will write a list tonight.

Changing my current thinking on specific daily tasks

I’ll call you back in ten minutes allows me to check the other options apart from what I was thinking.

The need to innovate and build on the ideas that we’re already working on. To expand these ideas and to look from all possible angle at ways of bringing something new to the table.

CVS is that a meeting will go one way. Need to escape that, remove the confirmation bias.


It’s pretty subjective and open to interpretation. On top of that, the numbers would likely change based on whether I am at work, with friends, with family, or elsewhere.

Good process though.

I made a start list and I was able to link different aspirations I had together and look forward to ticking multiple boxes at the same time.

Find a better view of our work place and see things differently

Just suppose I when that extra mile for customers, how much extra would I get in return

I need to notice feelings of my staff, I need to recognise the extra effort that they go to to achieve our goal.

I have been putting off letting go of past relationships and if I created a BVS it might help me to move on.


Lets think outside the square

To participate in school of thinking sessions.

To Learn, think differently and take on the world!!!!!

The most important thing I will take action is putting this training to work, using the skills I am developing to my advantage.

X10 sound easy !

1. make time to post more results of the DFQ each day.
2. let people around me know when they have done a good job 3. take time to plan the how, instead of rushing in.

Getting the idea from thinking stage to starting stage takes determination and persistence. If you believe I. What needs to be done you have to start putting pen to paper or get your feet in motion. I need to organise my schedule for next year and prioritise who to spend my time with and how to best maximise every day

Despite the worst possible outcome things can still be turned into a positive if you really want them to be. But only if you really believe it can be.

to convey a message correctly to the correct channels

28 – There is no negative as your natural thinking ability may be all you need for you purposes in life. I’m curious about the questionnaire and how people interpret the questions. Is there harm in making a quick decision when you know it to be right and calculated? What decisions are they referring to? Each decision is weighted and if I do not consider the alternatives that I know for myself that my instinctual decision is the one I wanted to make.

Train myself to automatically change to BVS when in CVS

Not to accept automatically the current CVS is correct

That I cannot improve my golf and I will be stuck at a 20 HCP forever.

I adapt with what I have been given, and take on the responsibility to pass on that which I have learned

I have always said, “there is nothing that cant be fixed”, I guess I have been in the cvs to bvs way of thinking for sometime. I never knew what it was called. I still need to remind myself every day of a bvs, maybe because of the CAVE people.

By being innovative in our problem solving we can come up with new and better ways of doing things. We can all learn from listening to other peoples opinions and looking at problems from a different angle. If you get tied up in your own opinions and defending them then you can’t be



Think outside the square

A deceiver can’t deceive me of my existence, for if he were I wouldn’t exist. Each are our own and its up to choose decide why we are here and for what reason.

Recently I was told, “no they won’t do that for you” by someone speaking from experience. I asked the question anyway and was told “actually yes we can do that for you”. There’s no harm in asking the question and finding a better outcome for a situation.

Getting my staff engaged in the workplace. Listen to there ideas.

Getting my staff engaged in the workplace.

I’m going to take 30 minutes out of my day to spend time on somebody else’s development. Let’s see where that takes me and what I can take from it.

Agreed that it is a hard question. Why do I believe I am here? To achieve happiness and create lifelong, special bonds with my loved ones.

the fear of not meeting expectations… bvs says I’m already deep in the cognos.

I need to identify where I waste time doing things that aren’t making my store move forward. My main CVS is not allocating enough time to teach staff new roles. In turn slowing down the branch

Had to do a 200km round trip to deliver something that was short supplied on original delivery. I rang around before leaving and managed to see 4 other customers as well. Achieved some good outcomes as well as happy customer for having complete order.

I had an image for how this year would close out and ‘end’. That was 4-5 weeks ago. Having said that, my image is gone and I am on the road to achieving some further great wins. This is definitely a different view of the situation, and will turn out for the better. A learning experience for sure.

Judgement is important, I use it everyday (Call it gut feeling) Design is harder to pinpoint and in our industry which is quite structured probably harder to use . I see design as being important with the sales side of our business. Keep doing the same thing and you get the same results .

Patience, rather than reaching my goals here and now. I have waited for the right opportunity.

Find what motivates each individual and use that to be persistent

To go through the day stress free.

I will be using the George Coztansar Method, every view I have I will also view the opposite one.


Trying to escape the thought that I already know the outcome before it has happened.


To constantly strive to make ever situation better than when I entered it on all levels, family, friendships, work, etc

To constantly strive to make every situation better than when I entered it on all levels, family, friendships, work, etc


My cvs For today is our raised storage area. My bvs is to figure out a better way to utilize the are.

I will be working on making a positive difference for one of my customers, family members, work mates, friends, by helping them out with service, a positive point of view or advice that can better their life or experience.

I am here to be a great father to my children & guide them as best I can through their life 7 be their for them when needed.

To Lead. A Thought Leader – Made.

Distance the CAVE people influencing moods and decisions

To me the meaning could be, that with practise you can train your brain to function quicker with better results.

My current CVS is to constantly think about the worst-case scenario that 99.9% of the time does not happen.

Don’t accept mediocrity in the workplace strive for myself & staff to think above the norm.

Emphasise with staff to implement CIP ideas, all ideas are worth sharing don’t complain about the situation if your not prepared to fix it,

Yes to re-focussing on my circle of control! Empowering and impactful. Shifting focus away from concerns circling in my mind is a big one.

I believe I am here to help and assist others, those others that are here to make a better place.


I need to take a little time to keep looking for alternatives after I find an ‘acceptable’ solution. On, to Better!

Focus on possible change and positive outcomes of negative situations. To be assertive in these times and move on quickly.

The main point is to get others to buy in to your BVS. Make ideas spread faster. Get customers to understand that buying from me/our business is the best outcome for them.

I’ve decided to take a break from a sporting commitment I’ve felt trapped in for a long time,


decision hasn’t come easy; I needed to wait to make sure. Chosen to be a little more selfish which I feel will help other more important things, which are close to me.

As with all skills, effort is required to become proficient. Same goes for thinking…

To learn and implement good things from positive people and pass few of them to next generations

44 – I feel as if there is still much to improve.

Leaders are people wit a vision

I have stopped myself from trying to be in control of my childrens’ lives and allowing them to live their own lives and for them to take the responsibility for their actions. This is the best thing ever as gives them the gift of being a responsible adult. Something that will hold them in good stead as they move through life. That is definitely a better view on life for all.

Planning for future. Organize and utilize the time efficiently.

Try and escape from the daily grind to make most of each day!

CVS – Develop to specifications
BVS – Develop outside the scope, offer possibilities and ideas.

Trying to escape from the mundane, not allowing ideas to be realised. Moving away from not being able to surprise myself.

You are trying to move away from the main point of the current CVS, to do this you will need to come up with a alternative main point to the CVS. And see if it will be true.

35… interesting questions. Can see few areas where I need to improve…

Target new areas/industries. Diversify, spread out, build the business outward and upwards.

Don’t procrastinate over the who’s right who’s wrong scenarios, instead utilise the opportunity’s as they arise to provide a positive “something else” outcome for all involved.

With Relation to work today, Customer’s come in with their problems (CVS) they explain to me what they are trying to achieve. I escape my CVS to achieve a BVS, which in turn solves to Customer’s problem (their CVS).

All things are achievable providing your willing to do the work

Having a more positive attitude and not thinking that a certain situation will necessarily result in a negative outcome.

Instead of looking at single solutions try to find at least 3 way to rectify a single issue

From now on work on having structure and agenda for all meeting and learn to see if meeting are


relevant and constructive

To Me the Main Point is the Facts of the problem/situation, if the Facts change, then the CVS changes and all involved are thinking of a BVS.

Hopefully a BVS is reached.

Push my team to keep thinking about the impact of their actions – what would be a better, less risky approach?

Just like every other skill we are taught throughout life we need to be taught how to use our brain to it’s full potential and maintain it through regular exercise.

I never knew I could question a meeting invitation.

I believe that everyone has a purpose in being here. In my case it would be great to think that at the end

of each day, be it at home, work or elsewhere, that in some small way I have been able to contributed to someone else’s experience in a positive and rewarding way.

being a better teacher, not taking staff for granted, be a better listener

Focus on doing the simple stuff right there and then. A 2 minute job doesn’t have to be added to the list, knock it on the head.

The value foundations are the drivers of the bus and this job is to lead the drains into Value

Our minds are a sponge…a sponges primary use is to absorb…

Trying to move away from the main point of late deliveries and improving this.

A predictable outcome is what can satisfy shopkeepers. Salesman is looking past that to create a BVS.

For some of these questions I don’t agree achieving a 3 in, is ideal or even possible. The questions do however get me thinking about my thought processes in decision making and problem solving

We can improve the churn rate at Reece. Been the same percentage for 20 years

Meetings should be informative to all involved, agenda’s and or reasons for a meeting are a must. CVS could turn into BVS at a well-planned meeting.

40 have to think about it

The MAIN point is that it isn’t the people within the process that is the problem…it is the organisational alignment (or structure) inhibiting the leap towards the BVS.

45 Never too old to improve on the brainpower. Just need to feed the brain and train it. Very


interesting to see what thoughts you have and what more you can do to get your brain heading in the right direction to have you getting things done.

Listen to other peoples point of view, rather than going with the I’m right and your wrong approach. Try something new.

It makes me question, where am I spending my time. Is it productive.?

Before I had a family, I could not have answered this question, but now it is easy, to do my best to raise them and protect them.

Such a difficult question to answer and one that you can spend countless hours contemplating. Being somewhat or a perfectionist, it’s hard to accept that there is no perfect answer to this. So to answer simply, I am here to live and not just to exist. Living consists of daily choices that constantly change our path. I am here to follow that path the way that I see fit.

having your own children makes you realise what life is about, and all the little things that seemed so important

are not.

When re-sourcing goods for my customers I will try new possibly more efficient ways of resourcing rather than going through my usual steps that I have grown accustom to. Maybe there are faster or cheaper ways.

42, work to do, however these questions will change the way I think about certain things on a daily basis

Finding a way to help a family member with depression. My current view was that they needed to take sharp action themselves and scramble out of the whole themselves. My better view of the situation is that I have the tools to be able to help and not sit place myself as the superior or better person just because I don’t have an illness.

The potential is enormous. Someone with an awesome BVS to come up with that idea. Great to see it comes through.

But, we all need to encourage innovation in our business, work, and life too.

To enjoy the experience of having lived a life through to good the bad and learning to appreciate the differences. To leave a mark however small.

Giving birth to unique thoughts will result in new skills being learned.

Ensure our meetings add value to everyone and aren’t just box ticking exercises

Poor time management and task estimation
Tracking and following up outstanding issues/to-do list with customers/stakeholders


look outside the box for any situations that arise throughout the day.

34. More thinking required, even when satisfied with the current situation. Need to look at all different angles and possible outcomes.

It makes you think what some of our customers may think when we go out to see them. We must always have an agendas

So True, always plan and over prepare for meetings to get the best result for the time spent. As time is so valuable to everyone.

To step back.. open my eyes and ears.

Yes you can be born a leader, yes you can learn to be a leader given the right opportunities, yes followers will follow if you lead but though killers can never be changed. They infect others around you including yourself if you let them.

That we are the best at what we do! When in fact to gain higher market share we must still be missing something that is the Main point that I’m escaping from

Meetings can be beneficial if it has structure and relevant information

We should be thinking outside the square looking for value added ideas to make us a better & more refined option to deal with. Instead of using brute force & ignorance, market ourselves as a forward thinking entity that our customer cannot do without.

The more we think the more we develop our brain capacity to retain information.

This is a “Moments of truth” revelation to staff being enabled by their employer to judge both their organisation as well as their own self. This helps liberate people into creating innovation or solutions to accepted CVS there by creating a BVS

CVS is sales, Main point right people in the branch.

escape from looking for the magic answer. BVS is understanding that most things take hard work , persistence , confidence in your own ability & a positive attitude.

Why I am here is pure chance, not by divine creation, or any other mystic reason. I believe I will never find an answer to that question, but that is ok with me. All I wish to be in life is to be a positive and loving role model to my Son, love my wife and family, and to enjoy my time, while I am here.

I need to find that switch…

Absolutely should be encouraged, but there is not enough of it. Why? Perhaps a perception that an office should be ‘professional’ and therefore head down bum up?

Fear of being dobbed in for being too disruptive?


Not everyone wants have a “laugh”at work. How do you find a happy medium?

I cannot recall a single day with out at least one moment of laughter; the best days are obviously the one filled the most with laughter and humour. While it’s not always relevant to inject humour into every situation, the ones than can be, are far more productive.

Prejudiced cvs

Humour helps to get through monotonous tasks.

This one is a bit of a challenge, working in credit control the convention is … paid or unpaid…… paid = right

Unpaid = wrong
The “something else” could be unpaid = opportunity Opportunity = growth

I’d pick a few of the top 4 ceo’s around as well as a few average Joe’s so that my company can not only see from the top but also get an opinion from the under layers as well


Social interaction immediately springs to mind. Practising talking and interacting with other people on a daily basis.

pick the CEO from 10 of the biggest companies in Australia and get there options

I would look at people that have made their mark in the subject at the time. Then change them for the next subject and so on and so on.

We got 97% in our audit just one mistake cost us from getting 100%


everybody know that the cvs cnnot =bvs

Have already completed

The advantage of finding the main point to me is be able to trust my decision making is good, sometimes you can escape from the main point and then realise you were on the right track anyway.

We implement a daily work huddle to talk about what is affecting our team, this helps us improve how we interact with each other, and how we plan our day.

Recently I was witness to a discussion between two trades people with different opinions one was


older , he had his opinion based on years of doing the job his way , and the younger of the two had a more flexible view he put a few different ways out there of doing the job they were discussing , but the older fellow wouldn’t have it tin his opinion the only way of doing the job was his . a very prejudiced cvs .

A mixture of both is desirable, but I think it depends on the situation

Good mood at the moment, and my plan is to keep it that way, we’ll see how we go with that.

Practise session to me is like a training session , I am in the middle of one now, its personal organising the time before and after work , the venue is ok , the biggest discipline in this practise session is the HOW !!!!! because that involves my brain either wanting or not wanting to do the session , so far results are good, DFQ 31 can be used at work , home , personal life and a lot of things , if you are not a self starter and don`t have the discipline it`s hard work , you have to want to do it……………..

Having a laugh with co workers makes the day go faster and more productive >>

most days I do and you know they are the times we remember easily and they make you smile again double the enjoyment !!

A Full and Complete Life

Came back from leave today being positive and happy is making it 10 times better !!

I will do it slow, we do it together , then you have a go

Martial Arts uses continuous training methods & repetition as you have to be able to react very quickly.

I’ve found listening to what people are saying instead of being full of my own importance and find out what others are chasing as well

Right now, My board is my team , the CEO changes from day to day depending on what the topic of discussion is and who has the required skill set on the topic or issue.

You need to practice anything new to make it a habit and the norm, problem with that is that then becomes the new norm, and you always need to keep learning and adapting so you don’t become set in your ways. Challenge everything.

In the next sales meeting discuss with appropriate staff a list of accounts to move from uncheck to check. Then come up with a plan together of how we will tackle each account on an individual basis. This will start our momentum into the new year 2015.

Practice every day

If I’m thinking about a virtual board for my own guidance…I think I would be hesitant to appoint anybody that I didn’t know


For that reason it would most likely be a board of my family and friends – people that I trust. Everybody can bring something new to the table.

Seeing the main point and then seeing were I have to be to see more clearly

Why do our customers hate this?

Being able to look at the question from the other side of the counter will give a clearer image of their requirements and how we can improve.

I think I am in a passive mood more than I like and working hard to be in more of an active mood

Family, friends, Charlie Adcock, Richard Branson and Ricky Gervais.

I’d need people with a similar attitude and outlook. Not necessarily all the same (you still need a mix). These people do not need a specific rank ie CEO

Family would be good, though having that connection makes it easier for conflict.

I am practising everyday at having new and different views on situations. I want to become better at customer development so I am going to do this by focusing daily on preparation and delivering to customers. Asking others for ideas. This is something a want to achieve so is important to me.

We are all practicing with account pricing procedures at the minute – I am finding out which customers look at each line of their pricing on invoices and just who will pick up anomalies on a daily basis.

all arguments/discussions are entered into with my cvs to step back and look at the situation maybe that I might be wrong. This means to swallow my pride and approach things from a bvs not my standard cvs.

next discussion I will pause and look at the bvs

I draw my inspiration and opinions from my parent’s partner and manager. These four people help me and take pride in the way I live life. They are role models and encourage bvs rather than cvs

Looking for courses to increase my knowledge and work techniques

With so many different tasks on the go rather than just one project, I can get more done if I apply x10 focus to one task at a time instead of hopping from one to the other.

With having a lot of tasks straining for your attention instead of one large project, I can get more done if I apply x10 focus to one task at a time.

Why am I making excuses? Why am I procrastinating and pushing my task to further in the day? Wouldn’t it be better to complete it and move forward?

put plans into action and then make sure I follow up on them


a future that will support my family

GREAT final article, everyone should read it, even those not on the course.

The world would be a boring place if we all agreed on one opinion, spin is valuable because it gives people the opportunity to express a difference point off view.

The black hat has done us no wrong over the years.

I always seem to overanalyse situations but through SOT I realise I was not overanalysing but looking for justification to support my original thinking. I am now trying to look at situations in different perspectives to achieve results, which is beneficial at work and at home.

The world has many slants; my mind needs to be objective and my voice encouraging.

In all conditions the results can be the same and with a different audience appreciating it.

I have been to meetings like this. Think I will make sure that I am better prepared or make sure that the meeting subject is.

Just suppose I thought outside the square more often? What could happen?

Maintain momentum and don’t wait for the opponents move. Push the boundaries until exhaustion.
Activity, action and measure.

Just do it when the thought comes rather than filing it in the things to do basket. Procrastination can be your biggest enemy.

Short circuit my local competitor by offering my customer a national service strategy that my local competition can’t offer.

Just suppose my customer was an alien what would it say ?

1) Stop procrastinating

Using the power of x10; I have shrunk my list of issues down to a concentrated singular item to work on. I need to stop wasting time when I know I have something to do.

Word of mouth is one of the keys to building your business. Provide great service and honour your commitment to a customer and people talk and help to promote your business. Always stay consistent with what had been promised to your customer.

I will praise staff that has been willing to step up in front of their peers to make them feel


acknowledged for what they are doing. Rewarding staff that go above and beyond by leaving a little earlier on occasions.

My example is with my children acknowledging their efforts whether it a small milestone or something larger.

As in any game you need to have a plan and anticipate what to do next if your plan doesn’t fall into place

Five immediate family members, both living and deceased, 2 work colleagues, 2 mates, and myself. All have had an immense impact on my life. However, if any get cheeky and step out of line, the can go and sit in the naughty corner for 5 minutes to think about their actions.

My role at work demands that I constantly need to evolve my processes and presentation to my customers, be they internal (in branch) or external. Finding ways to stimulate staff and assist them to be at the top of their game can be daunting at times. Having done this course, I have had some thought provoking ideas thrown at me, helping me to see things in a different light. CVS v BVS is always sitting in the back of my mind to help me kick butt

‘JUST SUPPOSE’ I concentrated on one task for 24 hours, I believe I could come up with some great ideas from outside the box.

The Reece Hub and CIP Ideas generate continuous thinking and different perspectives for solutions.

Think outside the box and approach things from a different, better angle!

Think outside the square, no confirmation basis

Just suppose I kept doing what I do?

Just suppose I stopped for a minute and looked at the bigger picture?

Being able to notice how you can improve, or cut back on the design.

We have recently set up a new counter and Tool wall, the counter we have noticed that there is not as much room to pull large orders, and the tool wall has had to have some gear removed to make it stand out.

To be the best version of myself. No one else can be me, just as I can be no-one else. Be honest and true to myself as we only have a short time here-make it as happy as possible.

customers, staff, manager.

From my understanding x10 is not always doing ten times more, but the ability to simplify the situation if this makes it easier or betters CVS so focus on one main task at a time it will be achieved quicker and with more accuracy than trying to do 10 main tasks at once.

i want to be know as the best customer service employee. i want to teach others how to do it.


NO MAS sounds simple enough, common sense but still doesn’t happen. We all need to step up and help each other, all our time is valuable.

i want to be know as the best customer service employee.

Just suppose, we all made the effort to get along and drop all the attitude and bulls#@t…

Just suppose I added another 10 pounds to the bar and had a spotter, could I lift it ?

Don’t rush in until ,you have worked out a 10 point plan

46: It is an interesting questionnaire and makes me think about what are the true motivations behind actions and decisions made and are they the right motivations (both at work and personally).

Need to escape thinking that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. Be open minded to other views I have and other to time manage and pass things on to others.

negative attitude towards certain parts of computer system until it can be fixed.

I was to empower my managers with more just suppose

Set achievable goals and to do list. There is nothing worse than looking at a list and expecting to complete a tough task in a small amount of time. It creates undue stress and the work produced is poor. If you have realistic expectations, then once these are achieved, everything else on top of this is a bonus.

Don’t rush in where angels fear to tread

I’m going to escape from the way I prioritise my work and think of a better and perhaps more productive way

It is hard to change and move to BVS

I’ll reward the staff for a solid performance, always with recognition, sometimes with the afternoon off

When conducting selling courses to staff escape from my standard practice of teaching and allow staff to have more input and ideally learn more

Instead of solving a situation straight away (DISC) sit back a minute and think.

Grow sales in new branch x 10 ways to do as a team

Why do staff always have to argue and think they are always right?

why do our customers hate this – this is the view of the customer, how do we influence the customers view

The opportunity is to grow the company and for me to grow as a person and further my career


why not increase the repetition : why not increase repetition on 1 % ers

why not have a go doing it this way, may stimulate BVS in your staff

My wife, my boss, my best friend

By asking the right questions like how, what when where you are asking them to tell you more about themselves, their company, their lives. This gives you a stairway into the way they run/work their business, learn more about their personal life and themselves.

staff member.’ thanks that’s exactly what i meant. Well done’

Every part.

I say go bipolar!

A positive result / reaction to everything I am involved in.
Search within myself and utilise others expertise to try to achieve this

Don’t Judge a hat by it’s colour!!!

Serving on the counter, showing the Asba how to answer a phone and serve with enthusiasm and vigour to make him x10 better

Just Suppose people took responsibility for their own actions & stopped blaming others

It takes less muscles to smile than frown

Christmas shopping

Up and active, 2nd half of the year is upon us and looking forward to building on a positive 1st half. Bring it on!!!!

The most productive / profitable workplaces are the one’s where people want to get up and go to as the environment is fun whilst still getting the job done.

We always have laughter. Without laughter work and life would be very boring. its just finding the balance between working efficiently and laughing or being non-productive. you always have to laugh!!!

Recently with the wife, needless to say my CVS was blown out of the water by her so called BVS

Practice makes perfect, always challenge yourself to take it to the next level,and you can only do this by better practice

Always thank staff on there way out at the end of the day, its a small gesture that goes’ a long way

Just suppose I had taken more time in organizing a talk for a tool box meeting I may have got extra


people coming to us for their irrigation products.

By asking questions and getting opinions from other staff. Some info may not help at all, but every informative response will raise you up another step on the ladder until you have eventually gained a better view of the situation, which would be more strategic.

Asking “why is this so complicated?” is useful when dealing with programs as it helps to identify when something should be re-written from scratch. This can often be more productive than spending times trying to troubleshoot and patch bugs in overly complicated code.

Just suppose I didn’t work 50 hours a week, would I be more productive?

Diploma in Management

Try find a alternative way to reach your goals

Just suppose you could take one day of your life back. Which one would it be?

We don’t have problems, we have opportunities for solutions. The goal is to find the best possible solution.

Just suppose I took a little more time out each day to spend on self.

always listen and take in was is useful

I have 2 new customers I need to build my customer base up by multiplying by 10

use the stairway to look up at better ways to deal with problems

By getting better informed on the situation (the information is my STAIRWAY). Using that information to obtain a BVS and act accordingly.

Just suppose we actually all made an effort to help one another.

The opportunity here is learning to be more creative in finding solutions.

sorting out my shed . With the demise of my parents I have accumulated a large amount of material. SO!

1) make shelves for back shed
2) transfer camping material from front to back shed
3) purchase concrete slabs to place under shelves
4) throw material not wanted . NB if there is procrastination – throw it !!! 5) Sweep floor


6) stack shelves in order

45, but Rome wasn’t built in a day!!!

Your Job is not the most important thing in life (This is a quote that has stuck with me for many years now “…it is not your bosses job to make YOU rich!”) you only work to help live the personnel life you desire. If you do not like what you do at work and enjoy the company you are with LEAVE! There is something out there that will make you happy in both situations and both you and you employer/employees/clients will prosper from whether it be financially or mentally.

Awareness is very important.

I am who I am nothing more and nothing less. I try to live a humble, simple life and live in balance and respect of others and my surroundings. Drive and Desire only come from Creativity and a spirit of Adventure, which make me want to see and experience the unknown.

I have always enjoyed receiving rewards, especially if they were not expected… but the impact is usually short lived. I find the best rewards are the rewards you give yourself for achieving the goals you set yourself. Importantly, it is vital to set big goals, that once achieved, enable you to enjoy truly satisfying rewards that endure.

I will thank my staff for the efforts today at work.

Golf is a marvellous example of the ability to improve consistency with practice.

I am a big believer of going back to basics and look at better ways of doing things so that I can improve.

I take on a task, do it and evaluate it, then analyse to see if it can be done better

I try to thank my staff for doing a good job; however every call they take is about solving problems so I find that I by thanking them at the end of the day hopefully achieve the goal of rewarding.

I am looking at different ways of rewarding such as a monthly BBQ

A Challenge, Problem solving. Something new that requires thinking outside the box that is rewarding and Well Rewarded! An endless effort to seek out New and find new objects and ways of doing things that makes life faster and easier to achieve high-end results.

Black Hat comes on when you are already Biased to your beliefs. Green Hat comes on when you have never encountered something before and looking for the best way out.

Green hats should be first point of call nearly always.

Practicing something that is difficult to do is much easier when you have a clear understanding of the benefits of the skill you are attempting to master.


Laughter is infectious


Anywhere and all the time.

Coaching team members about the tools and methodologies used in LEAN, Six Sigma, and Facilitating Change has delivered remarkable (and sometimes unusual) results. They offer a “different way of thinking”, and incorporate X10 concepts.

I usually look out through out the day not only what I do but what others do around me and on my way out of the door in the afternoon I shake everyones hand a say you did good today, lets come back tomorrow and try and do better.

Asking understanding questions will ALWAYS make you think. if you ask questions to gain info to be able to sell, your training time is limitless.

I practise opening my brain every morning to new ideas and refresh and practise the new ways so I GET BETTER AT IT.

Goggle, Reece Plumbing , Doctors ,, Friday meetings , daily huddles , medical journals

Always give just a good old pat on the back and say thanks , its amazing how good it feel,s to be appreciated and respected .

Break up the argument with a joke or use the word “just” to get a different spin or response

Physical training, reading and video games. Physical training keeps you fighting fit, reading helps with knowledge and video games are good for strategies/problem solving.

My dad (has that wisdom and experience and knows me), people who never seem to be rushed or fazed by their work, and some more intense people who have focused that intensity.

Smile and improve on Monday morning, keep up and maintain consistency on Friday afternoon!

Wife, mum, dad, boss, regional, grandmother

I use an app three times a week on training my brain, remembering and maths

The purpose of me being here, is to be the best person I can be for my family and friends and to be myself and treat people they way you wanted to be treated

Just suppose I decide to truly let go and live in the moment

Always be prepared and have an agenda, not only is your time important there time is important to.

The current view is the norm. The bvs is the unknown or stepping outside the comfort zone. its like anything if you stop improving you go stale.

Using humour with those “D” customers or more serious customers can most times break the ice, its


a great strategy, I should use more often and will.

resumed serving more customers and getting out of my office more to show the showroom consultants and hopefully lead them into a better selling mind set and show them a variation on the way they might be selling now. Hopefully they picked up on a few benefits, which they can start utilising more when serving.

The human brain is incredibly powerful. There is so much that we don’t know, but we DON’T KNOW.

We all have the ability to use our brains in new and different ways.

We all have the opportunity to become a SKILLED THINKER if we become more aware of the way we think.


Truly listening to what others have to say and considering their opinions.

This means not HALF listening when somebody is speaking, while at the same time preparing a comeback in my mind as to why that person is incorrect or what they are suggesting wont work.

To stand up for what I believe is right, even if it means disagreeing with the majority (in a polite way)

to help to make this world fair and to remind people that being compassionate does not mean you are weak.

To bring joy to others, which in turn brings me, joy and makes life an enjoyable experience.

I am coming in daily looking at my current processes and ways of improving them. I have done this everyday over the past few weeks and now starting to form a habit and seeing some slight improvements.

Passive/Thoughtful mode – often happens when there are some key issues to deal with

Ideas are a commodity as well

Re-visit my weekly meeting !

If something is hard, just keep doing it and may get easier, like understand customer, looking at things a different way, think before opening your mouth………………..

Being more positive about my current projects and managing them in the best possible way with my colleagues.

Humour is not a difficult thing for me to use everyday. I try to see the bright side of all situations, which most of the time makes me or other people laugh.


Getting out of a routine, trying something different.

I told my Mother who is 79yo that I was buying her a World Vision “gift” of a Goat for Christmas. She told me she has no room at her place for a goat. I told her the goat wasn’t for her – it was for a small poor family in Sudan. She asked me how a goat here was going to help a small poor family in Sudan? I told here the Goat was not here and that it was probably already in Sudan. She asked how it got there…

I bought her perfume for Christmas – it was much easier. I gave my sister the Goat.

I think its great their people out willing to put the time in helping us become better at thinking and using our brains

Coaching the assistant manager on Behaviour. I am going to write down 10 things I have not done yet including resources from my first lesson and deliver for tomorrow

Ask that extra question. Follow-up that potential lead. Confirm every detail is correct.

Already do it here.

Typically in my role humour is found with things that should just work, but chose not to. Finding a computer just as resistant to change as I am tickles my funny bone.

I think use both. Use judgement then go back to prove myself wrong by using design.

I am searching for a better way. A way of helping the business moves forward from the bottom up! How can I improve our processes so that the on flow will provide better productivity for the business.

Skills can be learned, Practice at refining a skill makes you better.

Set up processes, documents and working spread sheets so that when I move to my new department the person coming into mine can hit the ground running and not face the challenges I have this year.

Good service good customer development

The main point about a CVS is being set in your mind because that’s the way we have always done it and being time poor so we go with the way we have always done it.

Stepping back and listen to customers and staff, then we can all move forward.

Sometimes I think that we as a company are afraid to use humour externally for fear that it may offend. I think that a life lived in fear is a life half lived and you should never be afraid to laugh. Laugh and the world laughs with you.

Trying to sell for $ is the main pt but why we are selling ?

Using the stairway (overcoming each obstacle) 1 step at a time, each time gaining a BVS until you reach your Best view , and your goal.


My score was 33, made me think a little more about decision making and looking at numerous options of my own and others. Making sure a plan can be followed and implemented to be successful.

I can produce a spread sheet to calculate the gst on credits I need to process so I don’t have to do them manually every time.


Why not is useful to ask when time is on your side, time to look at all options, time to weigh the options and time to evaluate the out comes. When under time pressures asking why can only be helpful when the person that is making the decision acts quickly allowing the thought to come to life quickly, Evaluating can happen at a later date or time. The quick decision helps us to change our BVS.

I want share this with my staff, I think we can all benefit by looking outside the square on a daily basis

It’s funny how when you are in the moment it can sometimes get the better of you. But in 6 months time when you look back at the situation you can laugh and think what the hell was I even worried about!

Look at things we do day to day, and see if we can think up more efficient/effective ways of doing it.

Up and active, is there any other mood. Not overly suited to a desk job but hey things get done around here.

Today we are organising our Bin Locations in our warehouse to make us more efficient and better organised.

To help solve issues and problems instead of using your ‘black hat’ you can use your ‘green hat’ to use more thought and ask the right questions to help the solve the situation.

Today we have started organising our warehouse bin locations to help make us more efficient in finding and storing stock for our customers.

you think I’m funny, well you should have seen the other guy.

By sharing a funny storey with a customer or staff member lightens the mood, breaks barriers, and levels the playing field. It can make people feel welcome and create desire from customers wanting to be part of what you do, by coming back or sharing their experience with others. Staff can also see the benefit and buy-in to using humour to their own benefit too.

I can make things 10X better by being the example of how others want to be. By being the best I can, making others look up to me and want to do things the way I do.

Instead of focusing on peoples weaknesses as a negative, coach those who are accepting and turn


thos weaknesses into a positive.

First you must really want to succeed in what you do. Once you have that ambition you retain knowledge and become good at what you do. After this things are more rewarding and you enjoy many aspects of your job you couldn’t see before as you were caught up in them.

Active. Hence 6am start!

What is the Motive behind the Argument/Discussion? What will come as a result from both sides? And what are the benefits?

Half of the “Board” are already family members (Mum, Dad, Brothers and Sister) these are the people you grow up around and had the biggest influence in shaping your current train of thought and reason. The other half are a mixture of friends and figures in your life that to you mean something and these people have done something that has changed an aspect of this area.

I have always been taught that we can achieve almost anything if we put the time in to practice.

If your goal is to learn a particular skill, I think it’s important to practice every day – even if it’s just for a short period of time. Creating a habit of practicing doesn’t take long!

Saying “thank you” can go a really long way.

Personally, I really appreciate when somebody sincerely thanks me for the work that I’ve done – that’s reward enough for me.

Not everyday. But most of the time. It’s us, as leaders to continue to better understand our influence on this environment. Continual improvement.

I will reward the staff for a job well done, a lunch or some time off early.

The most recent example was in a group discussion and it was fresh thinking by the group. The discussion was around a change in the market that was in our favour. So we needed to come up with a strategy to maximise its impact. The CVS was to just add more stock. But after good discussion we had a more detailed and controlled strategy.

I would have people from other quadrants of the DISC than I am. Also a colleague and my Reporting Manager,

I would also have my Dad and my brother.

I’m have been practising new ways of thinking with these DFQ’s.

Today I noticed a customer had amongst their paperwork a quote from a competitor which I was then able to find VAP alternatives and close the sale. To start with they were a little standoffish but after showing them our exclusive alternatives they quickly opened up.

I need to think more about different angles and ways to come out with a new outcome that will achieve more than our target and give us a BVS


I spend a lot of time on the road so I am always playing various scenarios in my head then preparing for possible outcomes and how to approach them. Oh the voices!!!

Our Skills Assessments and Self Audits, when executed properly provide great results.

Practice thinking differently with each situation at work or home and see the results that follow.

Most, if not all arguments start with a cvs opinion and stay unresolved if both parties stick to their own cvs. A bvs will usually resolve an issue, especially if the other person is open minded to bvs’s. Not always going to work, but worth the effort to train the mind to a bvs.

I can’t think of anything you wouldn’t improve with daily training.

Take off the black hat when trying to get a BVS, judgment is an idea killer.

Spin in media and politics is getting worse. You listed to a politician speak 40 years ago and there is a lot less spin than now. A great example of CVS is when Albert Einstein found that nearly everyone he met had an opinion on his theory of general relatively (taxi drivers, bar man) even though they had essentially no understanding of it due to the mathematical complexity. Not understanding something doesn’t stop people creating their own CVS and once it is set it is hard to change. Climate change is a good modern day example. lots of CVS’s and few BVS’s.

I laugh everyday, generally I am the one being a smartarse as this helps to break the ice

Pre season training , continuous , monotonous, but a constant that throws up different results each year , normally though its not the hardest trained pre season club that may achieve the ultimate success, it is often the smartest , copying another teams practises can be a downfall , understanding what needs to be trained or learned is the key , maybe that`s why AFL is becoming scientific with training methods.

Very interesting article I am looking forward to having a good look into it.

I can try to escape from my view that I am always time poor which interferes with spending time on x10

I think the most important thing is to recognise you can swap hats. It can’t hurt to change hats, CVS2BVS, before making a decision.

As mentioned in the video a crisis or opportunity can be seen in two ways and by focusing on the BVS and putting in the effort not only a positive result but also a X10 result could be achieved.

We have a strong culture of continuous improvement, so the output that has been great to see has been how teams have been prepared to discuss X10 ideas openly… it’s a great start, but we must now put those ideas into action. And I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

To enjoy it…

48 … still a way to go!


the need to take emotion and self need to come up with the idea out of the picture

Good humour stands in the way of taking yourself to seriously or it should!

I have worked with many people over the years, leading teams in several industries, having engaged staff that wish to be lead is not easy, there is always one individual that tries to undermine authority, you just need to learn to lead them differently to the rest.

In my role I enjoy the technical side of the job and I am always looking for alternatives to what most people

would look for the normal / standard.

making sure I finish jobs before trying to bring in other jobs.

The training has been fantastic the transition from CVS to BVS is happening without thinking more and more and being used in all areas of my life!

Reece provide many training tools to all of us, eLearning, David Yule, Julie Yule, and valuable training in products etc. from our work colleagues just to name a few. This contributes to the success of the business, providing us with a competitive advantage over or competitors.

to get away from being distracted from tasks

increase my time management skills and by doing so decreasing the amount of time I spend on each job

using the quit periods to build my product knowledge

why not do a job that needs to be done despite someone else normally doing it.

cvs vs bvs just goes to show that its always there and now we still can see both sides and can be mindful of your surroundings.

my brother my manager and my dad

List done no problem.
Prioritise the most important points and put them to the top of the list – CVS Be prepared to change the priority of the listed points as required – BVS.

just suppose we could keep every-one happy.

The Main point is to look at the bigger picture. Life is short and we are here for a good time. Don’t forget that the sun will rise again tomorrow regardless of your cvs or bvs

keep looking to improve what we do, know the direction you want to go in.

I like to go to the gym to do allot of my thinking. doing this gives me a space to myself that lets me


think of the CVS to turn this into the BVS. I feel that doing this is good training to give me the best opportunity to learn and teach myself what will be coming for the next day, week, etc

Make a list of things I want to achieve or fix, and break each down into small, doable tasks. Start at least one thing.

Printed my actions list for the Xmas period when it’s slower. Place it where I see it for the majority of the day so that I’m always seeing it, always thinking of it.

you never stop learning if you listen so you should be practicing all the time

Get issues at hand do it no procrastinating

I have a few differing activities – personal and professional. During the time we have been doing the daily questions I have been challenging myself about the thought process. it has been enjoyable.

The motto conveys that you never stop learning, however its what you learn along the way to improve ones mind in all facets of life.

interesting questions, helps you see where you are at.

When looking at an issue plan a way from problem to solution by taking time and going thru your thought process step by step

That the customer is always right

Looking for a way to stop my port barrel from leaking after trying several options the best way was to get the manufacturer to fix it for me.

How other perceive me , also is the answer I am giving the right one or is their an alternative I should be looking at. Ask others that are more experienced them me how they solved the issue also see if their is an answer on the internet

The questions posed have made me think in an interesting way to fill in the DFQ. I have found the questions validating my current process to get to a better view.

The subconscious changes to my thinking might be driving me to improving the solutions I come up with, but that is very hard to measure.

Almost every situation you should be able to put your green hat on to look for an more expansive solution

That list I made of things to do during the quiet time over Xmas & new year, ( not that it is quiet, quite busy ) Get to it now.

Work with every customer and every situation to improve our business and customer base


What do I do next? START!!!!

I need to think about taking a different approach to an issue I’m getting the same result on. Quietly confident I’ll be happier with the outcome.

Most of the time it would be judge but moving forward to design is my first set in thinking.

Notice something, then look again and see if you can notice something else that might be just as important.

Considering both hats are the same make and design, the only difference is color. So depending on what outfit you are wearing or how a particular hat makes you feel depends on which hat to choose. So that makes it a moot question judgement or design, it has to be judgement because both hats are the same design literally speaking.

There will always be a need to utilize both hats. Where we need to alter is the timing of using the green hat. If you put it on too late or not at all then we have missed the opportunity. The key is to recognising what we can control and influence and then coming up with and action plan to improve the CVS.

Today is about setting myself up for the future. I can improve this by researching as much as possible prior to starting my new role.

What can I do now? STOP!!!

I have noticed that the more time I spend listening to people instead of jumping ahead to assume what they want, I achieve a far better result. No big surprise there.

Make 2015 a year that make me at the top of the list and enjoy work life balance

look at things with every ones view, not just mine

someone noticed a flat tyre and never brought it to anyone’s attention, if someone done something in the now it wouldn’t have caused a problem done the track.

I’d rather use my green hat first then I can put on the black hat to see where improvement maybe needed.

other than push a cheap product or item I’d rather sell quality, sure you may be charged a little more but at the end you will not end up with a head ache, and the out come is sure to please both parties,

I am looking for the worst problems to fix that will have the greatest impact. Taking on a new role is exciting, however I am new to the industry and need to show the customers that I care about what’s important to them. By fixing these issues first I can (hopefully) show that I can compete with bigger players and that we are the best supplier in town.

I need to think about TIME….How do I use it better?…can I be more efficient?…..Can I be better rewarded?


I will make an effort to recognize my weakest areas and find a way to improve. If it is only a small improvement that is fine. Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

I will get back what I put in & be rewarded for the effort…….

Noticing my Son will need all of the support to start school and booking Annual Leave to assist….Family 1st…

I can help the situation, my partner can help, work can assist………

The stairway will allow me to step back from the situation & have an aerial view to help better identify the solution…….

Be open to change and constantly look for better outcomes

For economy of effort for the best possible outcome

“Just Suppose” that through hard effort, ideas, relationships & entrepreneurial spirit my goal is met……..

Getting the home in order…deleting the past…deleting the unnecessary….hold on only to what is important in life…..

How can I improve my daily/weekly/monthly/yearly rhythms ten times? I am working on this today-The question is a good starting point.

Thinking black hat or green hat is a way to initiate different pathways in your brain. using green hat enables you to use the prefrontal cortex and consider other options other than learnt emotive behaviour. This is regulated by neurotransmitters present through lifestyle habits.

Having a balance in your life enable’s initiation of green hat thinking,

I have a good documentation system to keep my work tracked, repeatable and easy to pass on to others. I need to constantly review this system to ensure I do not get stuck thinking my CVS is a BVS. A great way to improve quality is to ask others for their opinion.

As the documentation I work on is to help others, I will ask the audience of my documentation to help identify how to improve the quality of my work.

I have tried to use these lessons in my private life as well as my business life.they have made me think inside and outside the square as well as thinking about other peoples views on things.I now think about situations in several ways and always think things through before a knee jerk reaction can happen(most times !) this course was very helpful and enjoyable.thank you.

Searching for ways to maintain discipline this coming year

We can start anything right now and there is no time likes now to get started.


When to use either hat (or any other thinking hat) depends on the situation we find ourselves in. It is probably a good idea to start with the green hat to design which hat will work best for the current thinking requirement. Learning when to narrow and expand our thinking is the key to moving towards a BVS.

so much truth and facts, so much to learn from it. So much have learnt from it

Roll with the punches, be flexible, seek feedback and make necessary changes from there

I`m looking for the best way of doing things and constantly searching for the best way to arrive there.

Practise everyday with day-to-day tasks.

Why not do it differently, if you keep doing the same thing over and over you will always get the same result. Change the ways we interact with our customers and see what happens.

What other people are saying or doing, it may be better, or a combination of all could be even better.

Listen/watch the feedback from what I do, change the plan if necessary.

I need to think about the many different ways a result can be achieved. I also need to think about the consequences of the way I go about it. Then evaluate the result, seek feedback, look for a better way.

37 Makes you think about how you do operate under these circumstances.

I think they’re all important, a package that is complete. If I was asked to emphasise one element, Knowledge into Skill. You have to truly have knowledge of something inside-out to be able to teach “anyone” some things. There will always be someone who can ask a curly question that innocently challenges the true understanding the trainer has of the concept. Turning knowledge into skill is the only way to do that properly.

Very good article. Reminds me of a saying Forest Gump said of “Life is like a box of Chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. Life can throw you curve balls and bounces but as long as you can laugh for the soul and keep on walking, you can always be who you want to be. Get rid of the people in your life that bring you down or don’t treat you with the respect that you deserve and bring in people that make you smile and enjoy life.

This article made me stop & reflect on the lessons & my life. Very meaningful & made me realise I can make things better & to not always rely on other people. Work hard but make time for yourself & appreciate the small things in life.

Engage your mind and come alive.
To exist then leave no trace is a harmonious/peaceful way of life.


To exist and change an event or leave a profound statement on the world for the better WITHOUT leaving a trace thoughtful/active way of life.

Great words we all should live by , truly inspiring ……

Get into the habit of using the BVS.

Customers staff, members, wife ,friends

Stop putting off the difficult to do.

Looking for ways to improve the region ( x10 )

Looking for success.

Work through the list

Draw up new bunking plan o gram

I think I have found what I’m looking for. I am living it everyday.

My challenge is to use the green hat more!

I would tend to use both hats with a view to weighing up the outcome, I had not thought of calling these train of thoughts with separate names but with your help I now can identify either.

Give a genuine commitment to look at better ways to do things not just go along with the status quo.

quality is in the eye of the beholder, my idea of quality may be somebody else’s idea of standard. Making sure I know what is quality and what is not can make my benchmark.

I have to use both hats in the job I do. Every customer is different and the situation is different so I will use which ever hat is right at the time

Keep my staff’s morel up as the unfortunate thing in our department is usually all the negative part of the business

Conveys to me that there is always options to further educate yourself.

Look for better ways of doing things.

It tell us that everybody can look further and get more than what is

Why not ask someone else’s opinion. Use the depth of experience from the team. Think outside the box? Challenge what you are doing. Move from cvs to bvs

Take on the more difficult task, remove some of the anchor

A very successful man I know and respect suggested I participate in the lessons


just like everything in life, you need to work hard to better yourself in how to think

Just suppose if some people would take the time to listen to me

an argument I had today with a co-worker was over deliveries, about how the other side always seems to get theirs done before us. after we both had our CVS, I then tried to bring in the BVS about how we could resolve the issue. but this is hard when not everyone believes there is a BVS.

Just suppose…. everyone used more energy on being happy and being positive rather than focusing on what went wrong and being unhappy about everything.. glass is half full approach.

Listening getting all the facts as you climb up the stairs so that when you get to the top you would be able to give the right answer or outcome

Why not share your ideas why not listen to other ideas

Discuss all X10 thinking and start putting in to action all I have learnt.

Brothers wife experts in what field it involves

Customers, peers , unrelated successful people who I’ve got to know over the years.

Well going on from the shed theme . I did in fact Lay a paved floor , installed racks and have started to transfer material from the main shed to the storage shed . My CVS was congested and unproductive . The BVS is that material that was not being used is being thrown , Bikes been given away , and material placed in an area of storage that is out the way . Still along way to go , however there is some satisfaction in what I have done so far

I would say that there are many area’s of my life that would benefit from a “just suppose”! To take a moment and think about the CVS before acting and continuing the same trend… Take the Just suppose view.

Probably have more than 10 things I need to act on.

I have always been a big fan of “To Do” lists (at the beginning of the day)… but have never seen the value of reflection. I committed to spending more time on reflection at the end of each day, looking back at the things I had completed that day. As I have just started it is too early to be highly confident that there is a significant benefit…BUT the early indications are that reflection will have a positive impact on my daily routine, and therefore my daily performance.

I have created my list and will discuss my list with my team and get there feed back and also give them feedback on there list and start actioning.

I need to notice when I am not being a good listener and procrastinating from getting my tasks done.

Just suppose I took a different approach this morning…..

Work, my manager, my staff, our suppliers. Home, my wife, my son, my brother. Everyone of these


people always has something valuable to offer when needed.

I stopped procrastinating and got to a physio about some constant pain, it was good to do something I was putting off.

The feedback I received, was starting in the right direction is difficult, but once you are on a path, it is easy to stay on it.

1 – Direction
2 – Lead
3 – Planning my day/week
4 – discussions daily with my team
5 – Teamwork
6 – fitness
7 – Create positive environment
8 – persistence
9 – Continually looking at ways to improve 10 – time management

A problem is an opportunity to make a positive

Explore the cognos , shift parallel universe , debate the ideas of my cvs , convert my universe x10 ……be awesome

Why not find a better/quicker way to do it?

I believe a child progression is about how well they think, you can be more skilled at thinking based on your parents level of thinking.

Put my thoughts into action, Act, don’t just fall back into the same old thought patterns, do something to make a change with what you have learnt .

Get all the small job’s started and finished that should be done on a daily basis ! Making a list of these to be done.

Why not use an alternative (approach, person, method, attitude)?
by changing a staff member on a particular task there was a new approach with a better outcome.


I have been putting off wealth. I need to study and commit.

I’m going to review my daily priority’s “CVS” and make a new list “BVS”

Preparing for my next stage of life’s journey, will require me to not to move forward in my thinking, but also move sideways and get the right person trained up to take over where I left off and look after this company.

“why not ” if we do not ask we do not receive – venture outside our comfort zone and ask why not –

Get moving on finishing house renovations, and start on living life.

Looking at all information available about a customers spending habits or at their website to gain information on their business helps to form a strategy to service them rather than looking at one job and assuming you know all about them.

Just suppose I asked a different question

Actually implement my x10 plans . More actions less words !

1. Fitness, 2.Time management, 3. Take an interest, 4.More Energy all the time, 5.Love My Garden, 6.Vegetable Garden, 7.Canada, 8.What does my Future Look like?, 9.What are my key Skills?, 10.House Investment.

All facets of life could benefit from a new approach

Discuss my task list with my Partner and start researching some of the smaller goals. Talk about how we can both be involved in each other’s task list. Set a time frame and plan as to when we want to achieve our goals, and implement our actions.

Just suppose I went and lived my dream

“One step at a time” or “small steps” have been two of the directives I use at work constantly with my reports. When you know what you want to achieve sit with the relevant person and plan it on step at a time with a review period, then one step at a time and a review period etc… till you reach your goal. Then look for another BVS!

Just Suppose I wasn`t afraid to give it a go. What could I achieve?

I’ve been putting off life; I will start planning my attack to become more successful and stop caring about the consequences.

On the job training, you are always learning throughout your day, eLearning, Soak. We have great tools for continuous training


Why not eliminate a task?

How many things do we do just ‘because’? Normally – lots! Review and eliminate what you don’t need to do, be it a whole task or parts of. Often things we have been doing forever are no longer required. Who reads all those reports you spend hours creating? Are there tools or scripts you could use to remove or speed up a task? etco

Just suppose I could take a new approach whenever i wanted & had the will power to see it through.

1.Work Life Balance 2.Investments 3. Build Pool Outdoor Area 4. Improve Finances 5. Business Degree 6. Keep improving relationship with my spouse 7. Reduce golf handicap 8. Improve leadership 9. Continue coaching leadership of direct reports 10, Overseas travel

Divide the list into personal, Family and business. Each is as important as each other. Set an appropriate timeframe for each task to be accomplished.

is there a better, smarter way of doing it???? take the time to question the CVS!

QFU`s – apply BVS to this and we will all benefit.

Why is QFU`s so hard to implement consistently through all staff and branches.

Opportunity is to maintain “influence” not so much control of the process.

Take the time to X10 ideas. We can easily come up with 3 or 4. But challenge yourself for the X10

Depends on the situation and who is involved.

Mix it up, try something out of the norm. get away from robotic thoughts.

why do customers have a preconceived idea of where our products sit in the market place. why do they go to the likes of parisi, villeroy & boch, brodware etc continuously even when we talk through the features and benefits of dealing with reece, the product, the warranty etc, etc.

change our way of thinking about different situations and looking for different ways to do things.

Just said thanks in appreciation for an extra effort a branch did this morning, it wasn`t a big thing but it was well received, the thanks was worth more than the coffee that I bought , doesn’t always have to be material things

I’m trying to think out side of the box all the time so why not I suppose?

Saving for holiday in May!

Just suppose I graduated all over again with what I know now?

CVS X10 Look outside the Square


Just suppose I took a step back and viewed the bigger picture…

Why is this so complicated = we make it, don’t think outside the square.

– Build a personal rapport with a customer
– Observe the customer and show empathy,
– Understand their pain-points, root cause of the issues,
– Differentiate yourself from competitor, understand their hidden needs

Picking up the phone to have a discussion with someone about feedback is a lot more effective than email – every time. It’s straight to the point.

staff ,other managers . partner–

Just suppose we have the mentality of ‘What I can do for them’ instead of ‘What I can get from them’

I need to keep my attention now, and notice what is going on around me and focus on my job at hand

I need to notice the feelings and hardships of those around me, and take them into account when considering the BVS.

I hit a pretty big speed hump in my personal life last night and looking back I reacted with my “Black” hat and looked at all the negatives. looking back and moving forward I will put my green hat on and find the positives and make a plan for moving forward.

did I do this twice?

From DFQ 16 I start to tell people around me how good a job they are doing and the moral has lifted.

just suppose that this is not the only way to do it

Thinking comes with knowledge and life experience

thinking about thinking gives you the option of which path to take, I now have many options as opposed to the previous way I would handle situations in the past .so I now know what to do!

I am constantly noticing that sometimes I don’t notice things that should be very noticeable. Stop and smell the roses.

Looking at and considering alternative viewpoints can ultimately lead to me making better and more thorough decisions as we sometimes can make clouded judgements based on narrow minded thinking. This can only lead to better outcomes and clear direction.

Sometimes your own bias to a situation can cloud what you really need to notice. I relate it back to


following systems that when a call needs to be made some people cannot make the decision for fear of stepping outside of the process or system.

I have noticed people view topics differently. Many points of view are fantastic to ensure lots of information and observations are put into a direction, but I have found if you give everyone the same information and guidance, many points of view still exist.

I have noticed a smaller group of decision makers will make better decisions faster.

I have noticed that people will only tell you what they want you to know but once you go deeper the truth comes out.

I have noticed that by asking my staff how they are going, do they need a hand, are there any hurdles that their facing, throughout the day then I am getting not only a better working relationship, I am also getting more positive responses when asking them to do a task for me!

I’ve noticed the increased passion a team has for a particular project which makes me a lot more empathetic to the struggles they may be having to product great work and meeting expectations.

1. Having kids, 2. Believing in myself, 3. Exercise, 4. Play more golf, 5. Spend more time with my parents, 6. Close my mouth more, 7. Listen, 8. Update my computer, 9. Buy the wife an Xmas present, 10. Book a holiday

Why not switch managers at the RSC from one department to the next. They get fresh challengers and get a more holistic view of how Reece works.

All parts of life can benefit from a new approach.
Just suppose my life is perfect, wow what a transformation.

Start next on anything that increases customer contact in a positive way and move from uncheck to check.

Humour is a great way to make people feel comfortable and open up discussion and ideas.

Trying to consider all possibilities in a situation rather than ignore any evidence that contradicts your pre determined outcome.

Step back from the situation. Look at what is the cause and effect. Take a look from other peoples point of view from everyone like Suppliers, Staff and Customers. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

Why not do things differently?

Who can help? Anyone.

Contentment. What do I need to be happy. Just suppose things were different.


Look at the result we’re trying to achieve instead of the process.

Can we achieve the same (or better) result using a different process?

Just suppose our main supplier changed their strategy. How would we continue and adjust?

2015 Plan

I am searching for new opportunity’s that will increase the business by finding more sales with both existing and new clients. As our clients business grows with new opportunity’s we share with them so does ours. We need to notice these new opportunity’s and share them with our staff and clients.

I notice that very few people see the value in taking the time to intensely observe their processes. Maybe they are afraid of what they will find… but I think they just don’t see how valuable it can be!

Set 2015 goals,
Involve key staff in them, Roll out and measure.

All believe all aspects of life could do with a new approach. To often we play it safe or get stuck in routine. Just suppose I tried a different approach when I got home tonight with my wife and kids.

Changing my current CVS list into a BVS and actually achieving my actions.

Acknowledge your staffs work for the day, reward for effort, early day Fridays, coffee in the morning

Sounds silly. But I went for a run as soon as I got the email on the weekend. Procrastinated for 2 weeks on getting back into it.

It’s in line with my personal goals, and only a small part of it. But it is action never the less.

Customers, Team members

Customers , Team members, Supplier Reps ( Also my partner and 15yr old daughter , they both know everything )

Looking at ways to improve, looking at ways to climb the ladder

Always take notice of what is around you, if it is wrong fix it

Use green hat for bright days and black for dull days


Why not do this differently versus why do it this way. Challenge the status quo to give yourself some assistance in finding BVS

Set a list to DO jobs also list actions for each job. Then start

I noticed today that the customer who sounded scattered and looked confused knew way more than they let on, when they accidentally dropped the name of a range of products. You should never assume people don’t know much…I didn’t luckily but could have easily have.

Make a point to finish what you have started before WHAT DO I DO NEXT happens

Think about other sides to a story, think about others feelings, just think about other perspectives…

just suppose that cvs was always bvs

have done

always think before you make a statement

regional leader, staff, wife

Its always important to NOTICE whats going on around you,if you have a problem well the it can be fixed

use your leadership skills to train and then WHY NOT give that person the change to prove themselves

set yourself goals and and DO it

I have been able to communicate better with staff, customers and most importantly at home, with my wife and kids.

word of mouth is paramount.

I`ll try this approach when I am faced with the huddles of daily life .:)

u can do it!

Formulate a plan & follow through.
If it doesn`t work or you discover problems, adapt change and get into action

I need to look at the things I need to do today/tomorrow…then prioritise

Go the extra mile for all customer today and see what happens.

I am always trying to see positivity in situations or people. I try to think that everyone has nicety in them…sometimes I find I am still looking…

A green hat approach would normally be the better of the 2 options.


A green hat view would also take you from a CVS to a BVS. Black hat views tend to be one sided and maybe biased as well.

Cleanup, dont keep the unwanted, dont keep something that you might use later

Asking what is the opportunity here is a way of creating motivation to challenge your perception or CVS and reward yourself for arriving at a bvs

Listen to the other person…fully. Before responding

Green Hat – Need to think of different ways of doing things/designing better ways, then black to judge the results, then back to green.

The more I think, the more question I ask.

Fulfilment in life. Don’t stop searching

When that uncomfortable customer walks in, act positively turn it around to be a great result for both of us

Put the negatives of 2014 behind me, look for the challenges and rewards of 2015.

My Manager, my staff & my supplier

I’m still searching for the pink one…

2 close mate s / my wife / my two children / my assistant manager / 2 staff along with my regional manager depending on the situation

Up & active.
A new year is here. Let`s get this happening.

Notice those who you can trust and confide in rather than those who do not have your best interests at heart. Identify these people and build relationships.

Consider all possibilities and seek opinion rather than use only evidence that merely supports your initial POV. Trying to think about and identify consequences and outcomes to as many actions as you can before making decisions and taking action.

to do lists keep me focused on tasks and help me to prioritise jobs accordingly.

An acknowledgment of hard work and good leadership.

For the work I do, and all of us do on a daily basis, I think our reward is having our job, and a great place to work. The more we put into our roles, embracing the R10, the more successful Reece



Motivation. If you’ve got it you want to learn and improve and get results.

Anyone can learn and become a better thinker, even Carl.

We try and improve all parts of our life by means of training. Our sporting abilities, new languages, obtaining qualifications…etc., however, we seldom focus on training to think. The motto has made me aware of this.

I would have to agree with the motto. Everyone can continue to increase their knowledge and like anything else, where there is potential, you still need to practice and seek all the help available to you, to continue to improve.

To improve the way we do things we need to challenge ourselves daily as our thinking and the way we do things become routine and challenging our routine thinking pattern daily will help think outside the square, and looking at the way we do things and continually challenging our selves to change will improve the way we see things.

Have a conversation with a customer which I have had problems with in the past and work towards having a better working relationship with them and having a better understanding of their business (I have been avoiding the challenge), will contact two of these customers by the end of the day

It’s all about learning to think and learned style to me, you can learn this at any time, any day, any year, any life…. liking this!

Like any craft, thinking needs to be practiced, the more practice the better the results

I am here to be empowered by other people and to crow as a person and be able to impart my knowledge back to the people around me and involved in my life. I think it is exciting to know there is something greater out there for all of us we just need to look outside the square, and this is a great tool to help train ourselves to think outside of the square. CVS to BVS

that we can always keep growing our brains knowledge and thinking capacity

What you put in you get out. As with all learning’s you have to get out of your comfort zone.

opening my eyes

That we all born equal and that thinking as a skill can be learnt and improved.

I believe we can all be trained to use our given brain power to our advantage, no one has offered training like this before. Any alternative to how you would normally process your own thoughts and feelings could have a profound effect on your everyday life and business dealings.

Its like all things in life that take any level of skill , you need to work at it to improve it.

This motto says to me that I may be able to train my own brain to think better/faster.


you need to work and work on thinking to become skilled.

Better thinking can be acquired, is a skill-set and can be improved through practice and persistence.

Practice and exercise improve our ability to complete physical tasks such as running longer/faster, jumping further/longer etc. so I guess the brain and the power of our thinking can also improve with exercise and practice. Perhaps with more practice and exercise we can become skilled thinkers!

That we all have the capability to become skilled thinkers. The only limitations we have are the ones we impose on ourselves.

There is therefore opportunity for everyone to improve their ability to think.

This is a great reminder that we can train our thinking and that we should apply the same effort and energy to developing our thinking as we would to any other skill.

You can learn at any age and develop your brain every day.

Keep learning ,do not under estimate your skills ,listen and learn from other experiences and your own experiences. Every one has the ability to become a skilled thinker

Everyone can learn to think more productively

We have unlimited potential. It is up to us as to how we develop it.

You have to work at your thought processes to improve them; they don’t improve if you don’t work at them.

Anyone who is willing, can acquire the skill of thinking.

Thinking skills can be taught, and this is relieving to me, as I had always thought you either have it or you don’t.

Thinking can become a skill. And like any other skill, can be improved with practice.

What you put in you get out. As with all learnings you have to get out of your comfort zone. We are never to old to learn

As with most things in life, learning and practicing new techniques and ideas can help you to become a more skilled thinker. There is always room for new ideas and improvement.

This is true of all things in life; we are a blank canvas when we are born.

Takes years to learn skills, practice makes perfect on skills, more skills = more practice= more time

We all have the ability to improve the way we think

You reap what you sow….

It means to expand knowledge, and scope of thinking one must practice on a daily basis, practice


make perfect.

How many times have we ever *put our foot in our mouths* because we are not good at processing thought before we speak.

It takes skill to STFU.

A skill takes constant practise and you can always teach a new skill at anytime during life.

Skills are learned over time, why not have a skilled brain!

It’s all in the process of learning and taking in what’s important to that person. They say you crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run and run before you can sprint, It’s the process of small steps we need to take before standing tall.

The brain is a muscle feed it and it will grow

Anyone has the potential to be a skilled thinker. It’s all about application.

Practice, practice, practice. Your skills will improve with repetitive practice. Greco Roman logic thinking is a result of being a follower not a leader.

There has always been a presupposition that thinking comes and develops naturally without aid. But it seems ‘naturally’ only takes your thinking to a certain level. The process of which we can think could be primitive.

I believe that there is some thinking skills you are born with but working harder and learning can in hence

the skills you are born with

Thinking is a given for anyone… How you use your thoughts is a Talent

Thinking is a learned skill alike anything we do, for instance maths; We can all perform mathematical calculations to some extent due to passive experience, some more from basic schooling, but to be skilled in it requires conscious development and dedication.

Just like everything in life the more you practise the better you get at it. I look forward to this training; to see how to improve the way I think and apply it in my day to day tasks.

Like any skill ‘thinking’ can be worked on and improved.

The right practice with the right application over time, will improve any skill.

The motto conveys to me that anybody can become a skilled thinker. Becoming a skilled thinker is some thing anybody can learn.

It’s all about absorbing information, we are born ready to learn but it comes down to drive, the right influences and a willingness to become better as a person, personally and professionally.


We all have the ability to ‘CREATE’ and shape our own path, and to achieve the things ‘WE’ want in life.

When we are born we are like a sponge, soaking up ideas and lessons as we go. A skilled thinker is open to all possibilities

Thinking is a natural ability, but practice is needed to use thought processes more smartly and efficiently

We are a product of our surroundings and upbringing; those who advance further are those who put them selves out of the comfort zone.

Thinking is a skill, therefore it can be improved with practice.

Some of us think clear than others right from childhood thru our lives than others

“No-one is born a skilled thinker” if you practice, work hard and really put your mind to a task, you can do or become anything you want. All it takes is that first step and the next and the next……..

By giving things ago and taking the time to practise we can accomplish anything

That there is no limit if you are prepared to apply yourself.

We learn from the day we are born, and our methods are influenced by the way our parents, teachers, etc. think.

The motto shows that hard work and thinking differently is required to improve our thinking. We might improve incrementally with thinking process as we experience more, but that is not a defined process to measure improved thinking skill. We need to learn to learn.

You learn continuously from the day you are born to the day you die

Don’t let your brain gather dust – Use it or loose it!

To succeed in life you have to want to better yourself everyday you wake up.
The really successful people are the ones who repeatable are trying to up skill
themselves and think outside the box. We are not born skilled yet we have the basic fundamentals, but it’s what we feed the brain and how we learn in different ways separates the successful from the herd. These people aren’t born skilled thinkers they train themselves to be always one step ahead of everyone.

I think children are born with a more way of thinking. During the process of growing up we are influenced to think a certain way that suites our society.


The more exercise we give our brain, the more we can improve the way we think and look at handling different situations

From the day we are born we start thinking, we can only start to develop to be a skilled thinker if we have an open mind and accept the challenges, Make changes and see ever change as a forward move.

Thinking is yours for the taking; it is how far you want to take it that is controlled by you.

Correction: I think children are born with a more open way of thinking. During the process of growing up we are influenced to think a certain way that suites our society.

Self-awareness on my everyday thoughts and learning to control/ develop thinking patterns.

We all learn something everyday what we do with that is up to us

Its to late to think about it once it done. Learn to think ahead, think in advance.

You can learn to think well.

I believe when you are born, you are born pure. Our thoughts and beliefs are all taught to use through means of contact and experiences in life. We can all learn new ways of thinking.

You get out what you put in. Any task is a skill and with the right attitude we can train ourselves and each other to be more skilled at anything…including thinking.

skilled thinking is a personal development and achievement.

You can always think and also learn to think better.

You can learn to be a skilled thinker. You don’t have to stay at the level you currently are.

thinking clearly involves many factors and possesses. There is a skillset and framework to develop higher level and effective thinking.

The motto encourages and motivates one to become a skilled thinker!

No one is just given the ability to think in a way that they can make the best possible decisions. It is something that you need to invest time and thinking in to achieve

The motto conveys to me that thinking is something that can be taught, developed and enhanced. It is not a natural trait but rather something that is learnt. Which means that there is no barrier to thinking, as you can continue to learn, grow and constantly develop your thinking.

but practice can improve what you already have

Everyone has the potential to be a skilled thinker, it’s about practice and being open minded to new techniques and taking advantage of every opportunity to learn something new.

We all start with the same capacity to think but it is how you learn to develop that thinking that will


set you apart.

To expand the brain

With time comes ability to learn, from this grow skills that work.

In a highly engaging workplace that encourages communication and interaction, the thought leaders will always make themselves known in the way that they put forward ideas and participate in discussions. By the same token, the negativity of the thought killers will also become evident in a team environment.

The opportunity to identify these traits will be maximised in a workplace that encourages open communication.

Keep an open mind and thoughts will pour in.

I believe if you put your mind (includes heart blood sweat and tears) to something you can achieve anything. It is just getting over the hurdle to apply it – whether you can be bothered or not.

With work the brains skills can be upgraded

We are born with our own computer the brain. This is useless to us without updating our software by learning, listening and being open to new thought processes.

No matter what skills you possess, you have learnt them and need to work to better them. Thinking is one of those skills.

Everyone has an equal start; some want it more than others!

Exercise your brain = better productivity

Thinking is fluid and can be developed and trained and expanded

Like any skill, practice will improve it

I’m here to maximise the fulfilment that I get from my own life experiences while helping others do the same.

I’m here to surround myself with good people, communicate openly and look for every possible opportunity to promote positivity and happiness.

Evolve the skills of the mind, achieve the aims of the future.

The brain is a muscle, And like any muscle it need to be exercised to become strong. Only time and life experience can give someone the perception of being wise.

To be good at something takes lots of practice, irrespective of the skill.

Like anything in life to be good you need to learn first then practice to achieve more or be better at



Skilled thinking can be taught & will require practice.

Accelerate X10 training by also purchasing the book to read in conjunction with this training.

My something else will be focusing on the task at hand. I spend too much time focusing on the people involved and not the actual task. I will slow down and ensure I complete the task, the first time, and well

Don’t be content and sit down, get up and do something. It’s better than doing nothing. Life’s short just give it a go, there is nothing to lose.

Sometime else for me day to day is identifying new concepts being applied by others successfully with an open mind and not being to grounded to my own presumptions of what works.

I believe the best path to happiness is to focus on what you have and not what you want.

What you have now is probably what you only dreamt about having 10 years ago but now you take that all for granted and you have new things to want. When will it stop, it never does until you realise to stop and appreciate what you have?

Look and work on the future and don’t focus on the past

Keep trying new things and embrace the things that work well. Don’t get despondent when things don’t work as nothing ventured anything gained. Failure should only make you stronger and wiser. If you don’t go you will never know!

Finding “something else” is like going another direction to the flow if you keep doing the same thing as everyone else you may never come out on top. Change the playing field and you will create opportunities that will allow you to achieve your goals.

My partner, my colleagues, my friends

Our customers – because they keep me focused on the important stuff

Front line staff – because they have a better view of the problem
A college – because he provides me with a humanists view of the problem, which I sometimes lack

My boss, my supplier, a customer.

That if I understand something then others do as well.

The main point I am trying to move away from is I work to pay the bills.

How do others see my actions, how does it come across. Understanding that different people take things different to others and trying to understand all points of view, and learning from it.

instead of rushing into a decision I have tried to look at the problem from a lot of different points of


view and come up with a better outcome

Why not ask someone else for his or her opinion. A good way to leverage people power.

I tried to make a point of that today earlier in the office, and was surprised at the drive a few staff had to implement some small, but impactful ideas in the way we were communicating with customer’s on a certain topic.

Region leader ,wife and a customer

My partner, manager, work peers (other 2ic’s).

do it better!

Taking something that seems complex and making it simple.

Why is this my reaction?
Because it’s an automatic reaction based on something that has happened before.
Yes it happened before, but it doesn’t make this the same.
Stop. Think. Judge this event based on its merits and possibly have a different / better reaction.

How do we go 10x faster in product development?

How can we get staff to come in on Monday’s switched on ready for the busy week? we would get 10 times more productive work from them when we achieve this

Does the solution actually solve the problem? Its very easy to see a solution that looks like it may, but in fact doesn’t. The MAIN POINT is to test the solution against the original goals to see if it does achieve it.

And then say “What if we couldn’t do that? How else would we move forward?”

make time to find a bvs to get a better outcome

The cvs will never be as good as the bvs, given that in order to know it is a better view of this situation some knowledge must have been gained. Ive acknowledge that not all things in my control are in my control.

shifting our focus from one point to another is the key to viewing situations from differing angles to come up with a better outcome.

I’m here because I am, I contribute, I engage, I Give, I adapt, I accept and I move forward.

Work on what I can control

Barriers to market. Instead of simply seeing them for what they are try to recognise how we can


overcome these and turn them into a positive.

true life is like a box of chocolates – what a great read / you just have to have faith in your self / follow your heart and dance to the beat of your own music – life is for living –

Think about the possible avenues to get the result of your main point. Don’t always take the direct route.

Why do I do it this way, As it used to be human nature to do things the same way as last time . cvs- bvs

There are opportunities every where we just have to look for them .

With the law CSV != BVS, there is always an opportunity to improve how we view situations. Taking advantage of opportunity is a skill above simply being open to opportunity.

My opportunity is to use the lessons from x10 to improve my thinking.

to try a different tack in not working.

Asking a question normally gets an answer or starts a solution. Why was also a great Michael Jackson Hit…
Enjoy have fun…

CVS – Getting done what I need to do at a satisfactory level.
BVS – Going above and beyond what I need to do and completing the tasks to a great level

Have been having trouble with an account manager who has been road-blocking progress due to them not wanting to do any extra work. Contacted the MD of the company to ask for a contact who will work with us and not against us.

if you have nothing to add value to a meeting don’t have it at all, people don’t like to have there time wasted and you will feel a little awkward having the meeting, unless your the ultimate wingman.

I am trying to escape from the traditional conclusion I will come too and move towards to the BVS

There are opportunities everyday, its’ taking that split second longer to identify that and work out the right angle to attack!

CVS – procrastination , I put the hard jobs off as if they are going to disappear. BVS – get them over and done with and feel 10X better.

Stop doing it the automatic way think about it first ,

I am aware that the is always a bvs, all things can be seen differently.


So many staff seem to know “What” we do on a daily basis but few can explain “Why we do it”. I think this will be the future focus in our training

Something else for me to work on today would be to focus ONLY on things that are within my own control.

I’m lucky in this sense. I have a natural tendency to ask why about everything because I am an eternal sceptic, and have a mistrust for many things that haven’t been proven to me.

Not a bad habit to get into at all.

How do we improve our accuracy with orders from a DC point of view? What improvements can be implemented?

bvs is looking at the away you approach things and don’t just go with cvs

For me I will be asking myself this question when I something doesn’t happen for me… Instead of dwelling on the issue, move on by looking for other opportunities that I may have missed or risen because an opportunity was lost

Put myself in other peoples shoes & think of their CVS, combine all thoughts & put together a BVS.

Why is this so difficult?
Things are a lot easier than they appear we as humans find a way to complicate everything!

We need to step back ask Why and see if we have a more simple solution

Start thinking and look ahead

Why is this my reaction.

I believe a lot of my reactions are predisposed – its what is expected. The challenge is to x10 the situation and then learn break it down. More considered vs reactive.

Valve your customer service levels.

I am here to inspire those around me to reach their goals, I am here to mentor those I am surrounded by and to be mentored by them and have them inspire me to become a better person than what I was the day before….

We overcomplicate things… Keep things simple.

My something else that I can work on is how I can effectively communicate with other staff as well as customers…

Why do our customers hate this. We have to put ourselves in there shoes.


Use an open mind. There are opportunities in every situation, everyday. Pause, think, don’t follow your first instinct, move to a BVS, there may be another answer or solution that is better… Use the time when you pause to engage the brain to move to a BVS.

Make sure I ask the question “What is the opportunity here?” in such a way… that it puts a halt to evasion and confusion… so that the team can gains clarity, action, and discovery at a whole new level.

Been asked to brainstorm ideas for future growth of our business unit, which is not a strong point for me. This can be quite depressing also as I feel as I cannot contribute. But will escape this thinking and work on some ideas so I can participate.

It all comes down to what ever you want to take out of it, the more you put in the bigger return is what you would be looking for,

Don’t just accept your CVS always ‘multiply it by 10’

Storage issues, be innovative in the use of existing space

Why, why? The reason we don’t ask why is because we defend it personally. Unhitch the personal defence or tie you have to these questions and there is no emotion. Looking for answers is now much easier.

Question every CVS and look for the BVS

Often we can be keen to do more and look for new products and opportunities. Sometimes rather than doing something new it’s better to first make sure that we do what we currently have well.

My opportunity is to improve some out-dated processes while I have time to do so. Also, leading by example.

in every protest or request there can be opportunity for change its up to us to identify it and make it appealing to all.

Why is this so hard?
CVS looking at the things we only want to see and not really looking at the bigger picture

We talk a lot in our business about good customer visits and poor customer visits. We are all quick to recognise the bad traits however we it comes to putting it in practice some resort back to the natural behaviour. The fear of failing holds some back but essentially doing the same thing can be seen as failing as well…

The opportunity is to understand all, if not most of our competitors are work in the CVS, if we can understand this and use BVS to better our situation, there will be opportunity to make more sales.

34, hard to say how honest and accurate that result is, however, positive thought is that there is and always will be room for personal development.


You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough

Breaking a CVS train of thought to look at it again from fresh eyes or think laterally does helps me to see the BVS

54. Always know what I think I need to do, its not always right but I know how to make myself think it is.

Why is this so Unsafe?

This is unsafe because if I was to come down these stairs the very sign that states ” caution ” does not screw in in the middle and some one may catch there foot in this and fall .

So I am going to fix it right now

Rather than working on one idea at a time I am now working on several ideas that will all help to achieve my goal.

Everyone has a different way of getting to his or her goals, sometimes we see it different but the end result can quite often be the same.

For my family

CVS cannot equal BVS. That’s something to get your head around first up. Does make you starting thinking differently

Not getting bogged down with day-to-day stuff.

Why is this so difficult?

Some people don’t see things the same and working with them to put it into perspective can sometimes pay off.

Making time (x 10) to get a better view

I need to think about things before reacting more often. Taking my time to react to reach a better outcome

Prioritised from my list, most important and got stuck in.

Getting the best from my staff, leading by example and myself. Taking every opportunity presented to ask the right questions, up sell and understand the customers needs.

Why? In a positive !

Look at more than one option to solve a problem.

Why is this so difficult?


Don’t run away from things that I should know but don’t fully understand, break them down, find out why it is done that way & spend the time to gain a thorough understanding.

Cooking a nice meal with my wife together, and let her decide how and what is to be done. Be less dominate at home

To challenge the status quo – and continue to learn!!

Look for productivity and leadership in each person and the thought-leaders will stand out above the rest as only 10% can be thought-leaders

I will include inspirational quotes when presenting to colleagues and customers to give them the assurance that my knowledge shared is sound

To be the best I can be, and support the people around me.

If you would like to improve a certain skill you must learn and practice. This means that if you would like to become a more creative/better thinking you need to practice looking for better ways to do things.

I think body language is the mood pin, remain active

Shared more information with more people and explained how we can change the outcomes moving forward

People are bored while on the toilet

Yes my wife lives in her CVS world at times, if youre arguing your stuck in CVS

always throw and “different humorous greeting into the start of any conversation and watch the difference…have been doing it for years and always lightens the mood straight away

Any sort of sporting or fitness activity works this way. Through training comes improvement.

definitely makes you and everyone around you feel better

Daily stand ups on specific topics – gets everyone thinking the same way, it becomes second nature. that can then be passed on to others without even thinking

This is the same concept as in sales, where every objection is an opportunity to engage a customer, and to influence them or generate goodwill between your 2 companies.

On a wider scale you only have to draw influence from every major conflict the world has ever seen. The opportunity to change things, for good or bad, has always stemmed from a crisis and the resolution of said crisis.

To have a better work and home life balance for 2015 onwards. Not forgetting about the little things that count to my family.

You never know what can happen unless you have a go at changing


I noticed this morning a certain customer was calm and happy and this afternoon (as I suspect his day has gone array) he has rung up blaming us for the worlds issues

I think both hats need to be worn. Sometimes waiting and thinking rather than reacting immediately may help myself to sometimes but on the green hat.

In a recent discussion, I had to admit my CVS was wrong. Although it’s tough to admit your CVS is wrong, my CVS was based on confirmation bias and no real facts, what I believed to be true. So remaining open minded enough to see the BVS was a good result, I learned something new that day.

Collating all information into a list forms a visual representation of what is actually happening and can make a bvs out of the cvs for me personally

Stop and enjoy a laugh everyday with customers and staff If not we run the risk of taking ourselves too serious.

To try and work around my own unconscious spin, I work very hard to listen to what I say in a situation when I am trying to reach a better decision with others. I often find myself retracting comments, as they are not helpful to reaching a BVS.

Spin is a mirage, when we listen to our own spin, we can see through it to what we are really thinking. This is also true when listening to others, if we can work out what direction others wish us to spin; we can get to what is really happening and move to a BVS.

I am working on updating selling training modules for key staff, instead of inviting and doing the course with selected applicants I am going to design pre work to be completed so staff come armed with knowledge, this will hopefully give the opportunity to learn more quickly.

Humour helps us get through situations also it is absolutely critical that there is a sense of humour in every branch, yes get the job done but do it positively, everybody feeds of it.

My stairway is focus and appropriate allocation of time. Time can get away from you at a rate that’s faster than you expected in order to get some tasks done. The more I hone my focus on tasks, the more ladder steps I take.

yes most days if it is not there I will bring it, it opens up barriers and happy people are better people

Just suppose that I was not bothered with queries and extra emails throughout the day – how much more would I achieve and get done? I would not be a good support and if I couldn’t be contacted, could I still contact others for help?

I have been putting off glue-ing the chessboard back together. I have also been putting off tasks that will take more time as opposed to getting started on them earlier knowing that they will take time.

Make a list of 3 things that are not negotiable to be done today at work. They can be big and small – make note of roadblocks and ask for help if needed.


Positive thinking and make sure moving forwards somehow towards desired goal EVERY day

Greener hat use if you put time into relationships and ask the understanding questions you will find the truth.

Search for more relationships

what about a grack one or a bleen one?

Compliment a staff member

Look at my productivity from the outside

Information / people / books to make myself truly an authentic leader to help develop others

Brings joy to others

Pull in a staff member discuss their career

We always take a lighthearted view of our day.

Feeling quite relaxed and ready for a big day.

His smile is infectious

Arguments are usually because of the individual’s preconceived views.

I often hear laughter after work hours, to many serious people @ work.

into the new year so keep on finding that next thing and do it,don’t wait to be told

stop look and listen

Listen to what is being said and think about my reaction instead of letting my emotions handle the situation.

gather the facts

always 2 sides once you have the argument you’ll look back and say hmmmm. now I can understand the other side of the argument now. maybe I was wrong . maybe not,

like the Nike add — just do it

Fun & Laughter bring everybody together as a team and makes us closer as a force

most opinons are formed from our cvs,can we form opinions from bvs and can we show others and convince them of what we see?

if your customers hear some laughter in the work it will react on to them


We like to keep things fun in our branch so joking around and laughing is a very regular thing here

Think, Create, Apply, Examine, Repeat.

Look for better ways to do things and get input from others to help or cross-reference. Don’t be afraid to give it a go.

think through the others eyes

Most days we hear Laughter, but with the constant pressures we are under to succeed sometime the laughter disappears

Have sort of combined this with a New Years Resolution list, which is something I don’t normally do.

High on the list is spend less time looking at my iphone, I am sure I am not the only one who could benefit from this.

BVS – better ways to do things even if they are working.

Try and see the lighter side of things. It is important to have a fun workplace and productivity increases when the atmosphere is booming.

put a plan in place to achieve long term goal that’s been sitting on shelf

The people I work with, The people I play golf with, my partner

I am looking to lead a good life. One that I can look back on at any time and be happy and content with it. So far the life philosophy called Stoicism seems a pretty pragmatic way of achieving it. I am going to spend more time in 2015 looking into Stoicism.

I think when we are redesigning our process at Reece and especially how TRS works, green hat thinking will be of great benefit. I think green hat thinking could be the key to taking TRS to the next level.

The message I am getting is that procrastination is something we need to work hard to avoid if we want to be thinkers and doers. Act now!, what next! I am going to add don’t procrastinate to my goals for 2015.

I often ask myself ” just suppose I am the Regional leader, Just suppose I am the assistant manager, just suppose I am this customer” how would I view this action taken or an action I am considering to take, would I be happy, would I understand, would this change my view of this person because of this? If the answer is negative I know I am on the wrong track or I at least know what I am getting myself in for.

If everyone was constantly thinking about a BVS would there even be a need for spin?

I believe I am here to play my part in what can only be the circle of life, where ever that path might take me life’s journey will show me the way.


Active mood – back at work!

Laughter is the medicine of the soul… it’s also a really great abs workout 😉


Active – New training cycle and diet starts today…. Pumped and motivated…

It is important to have a laugh, it is even more so in my area as we deal with some angry people.

The wife, the 2IC and customers!!

Looking at a business as a “whole” as opposed to the sum of it’s components could give me a clearer view….like a staircase.

Most of the arguments are prejudiced and need to move to some fresh thinking or BVS and more thinking is needed before entering in to the argument.

Up, Active. Feeling motivated for the new year

Very Active as I like to start the new year with a fresh start

Use humour to lift morale when required
A happy work place is what we all aim to provide
We spend a lot of hours at work so you need to enjoy that time. HAVE FUN!

These are just a few of the things that I will be looking to notice in 2015

– the liberal government have many climate change deniers, will they quietly shift position as the floating piece of ice they are standing on slowly melts

– how will Russia, Iran and Venezuela deal with a crude oil prices so low

– will the low crude oil prices cause the next GFC

– The business case for he Melbourne East West link tunnel has been made public, what will be the verdict when the various academics and experts have mulled over the 9000 pages

– does the Australian property market have any growth left in it

sometimes CVS is prejudice based so BVS now comes in to play

All the hats have their place and should be a part of day-to-day thinking.

I need to think about what the world looks like in from other people’s shoes. My partner, my kids,


my boss etc. perhaps then I can be a better partner, Dad and employee!

I am dealing with a checklist for new employees. To better it, I edited out some of the older irrelevant points that no longer apply; so next time the list is more concise.

I added a joke to a routine email, and got a reply from somebody who enjoyed it.

scored 25

meet with key metro managers 8am 22/01/15 cvs to bvs on large customers not spending, plan – action – follow through.

Why do I have this CVS

Looking for the solution, Quickfix , Not looking for the BVS , falling back into previous ways CVS , big picture , over react , didn`t gather the facts , in a nutshell I have this CVS because I didn`t apply the X 10 thinking to gain a BVS

That simply because a promotion was successful the previous time it was run, does not mean there is no room for improvement and that we can still look to do things better, despite the stellar results we had just achieved.

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity, Being prepared for opportunity is the key. Being able to observe that with every conversation there lies an opportunity to do something different or to do something you have never done before. Before contacting a customer its worth thinking that when I ask the question, what will be the likely response (s) and what opportunities will the answer present.

I hope this training will continue to help look for the BVS. Since moving stores and having more responsibility I believe I do look for a BVS 95% of the time, along with always trying to make the environment happy and enjoyable. Also teaching all those around me that we need to step back and have a look at the situation before jumping up and down and yelling for no reason. This wills also he me be move calm and happy around my friends and family at the same time.

My experience has been to use black hat thinking if the facts are clear to all, but if the facts are not clear to all involved, then green hat (design) thinking is vital. The challenge is taking the time to convince everyone else (let’s call them stakeholders) of the need to think about the problem in a different way BEFORE taking this approach. If you don’t, them the group will either think you are the odd one out, or you will feel no one is listening to your approach to solving the problem, which can be frustrating either way. So take the time to explain the green hat thinking benefits up front!

I have been putting off an annual check up. For peace of mind I must make the time

Why is this my reaction? Did I consider a BVS?

Why is my reaction…because I am automatically on the defensive with this person

Just suppose I was fit, how different would my life be?

I find it’s more common to be a judgemental, whether right or wrong, the important thing is to


always “try” to put the green hat on whilst / prior to putting the black hat on. With practice, outcomes will surely be more appealing.

Have I asked myself “Why” today = yes. Now working on the “BVS” = yes.

An opportunity to better understand the other persons point of view and then help come up with better solutions together

Why not copy someone who does it well

Cant think of anything I have risen to but don’t be scared to think outside the square

My family members, my customer, my colleague

Gained skill and fitness from practice

Why do our customers hate this?

Part of our role to discover this & implement ways of making it better, by making us easier to do business with.

I can open my mind, there are better ways of doing things, just because I have been doing it one way for so long doesn’t mean its the most efficient

Stairway is to have ten conversations with ten different people on similar topic to get get the ultimate bvs

Just suppose there was no hate in the World…..what would fill the news?

If you listen you will always notice something different, listening is critical its a skill.

Elevating your point of view allows you to avoid obstructions that may block a better view. Try to be objective and take a broader view to escape your CVS

I am up – Thailand this Saturday 🙂

All arguments are CVS – BVS tend to be better for all involved .

But things in place to make my actions for 2015 happen. Set calendar reminders and prepare to fulfil these goals and make things more fulfilling.

90% of the branches in my region are fun places to be at as a regional – so yes , I do laugh most days.

chose a CVS and manipulated it as many times as I could to produce a hi end solution

43 – I think I can overthink in some situations and could probably put more thought into other situations

Being selfless enough to think how others are being affected by a turn of events rather than


considering myself as the denominator that the events roll around.

Using humour when staff are down can sometimes brighten the situation and pep the staff and yourself up. Try and look at things a little more light heartedly.

Both hats are important especially when a decision needs to be made straight away. Which one you use depends on the situation.

why is it so hard to escape from your natural default setting ie your CVS

Why do we put up with a poor model as acceptable ?

Why don’t more people question the status quo, then when given a “lip service” answer, question “Why?”

There is almost always a positive side to any situation find this and you will have a bvs

Might use it in reverse, If I have a branch that has 10 or more Failed Overdue Invoice queries which will be the CVS, will use X 10 Thinking to reduce to zero to achieve BVS…. same thinking different angle.

I am good at forward planning and implementing. However I can improve by planning further in advance.

Kick off the new year with an increased deliberate enthusiasm to solve every challenge 2015 currently presents.

Yes we need light hearted moments during the day.

Find the lighter side of a situation. If you dwell in the negative it brings you down as well as your team. There is always a positive out of a negative situation. Life is to short.

Active mood preparing for the year ahead. How we can do things better and make them happen. Motivating staff with praise and giving them new responsibilities. Helping them to challenge and better themselves.

You have to have fun along the way. Especially at work it lifts the mood if everyone is having a good productive time.

We hear laughter most days. We need to make sure that sometimes we stop for a second to enjoy these moments. When approaching staff sometimes don’t be so critical but look at the humour of the situation and look for a positive outcome.

Looking at smarter way to compete my daily task’s

You will need to open your mind if you ever want to develop yourself and further your learning.


The main point is generally your first thought – most common way of thinking, which may be a confirmation bias of how you see the situation. It takes a bit to look outside that thought.

Adding key much customers to top 10 spending list, meeting planned for tomorrow with key managers

Just suppose I put myself first

That there is not enough time in the day to do everything, coach everyone. I will physically escape from here for 15 minutes to sit across the road and look back at the branch for a BVS

I have been putting off a lot of things, over the years I seem to have developed a do later attitude and then once things become urgent I get them done and it takes a very short amount of time and then I wonder why I just didn’t do it when I first got the phone call or inquiry.

Managers and staff, drivers, customers

Listen to my managers views in regard to their business plan set agreeable actions wed them to these actions follow up and ensure we are actively engaging to reach and pass budgets

I will be starting a large task today, rather than just go ahead and do it, I will brain storm everyone’s opinion as the decisions made will effect all of us.

I have found myself taking time and thinking, and really consciously thinking from a different ‘angle’ about things. I have learned to not accept my first thought about an idea and asking myself ‘what if’ to perhaps come up with a better option.

Opportunities are in front of us every day in all aspects of our business review rethink brainstorm

Look outside my normal thought process empower people to help make key decisions

43 – Have a tendency to over analyse and this was probably highlighted when completing the survey.

Plenty of room for improvement.

Passive. Not much listening is occurring and riding the course is the only bvs

Someone else, for a job well done.

look at things from different/other peoples perspective, different points of view, different angles. Think outside the square. There may well be a better way of achieving your goal. Be open to change.

We should be asking ourselves that question all day every day.
We have opportunities to increase business, we have opportunities to increase margin.
We also have opportunities to make our company a better place to work for all it is however up to


us to embrace these opportunities as they arise & make the best of every situation.

Plan in advance & not just for the moment.

CVS- Trying to achieve budgets.
BVS- Not putting a cap on what is achievable and reaching for the sky.

40 – It is clear to me that your thinking shapes the world around me. Narrowing in on the most important things sometimes is the challenge.

is gut feel the right feel ? Pause reflect then act to a bvs if it appears

As a leader you can get a general indication of someone’s mood by body language, or the response in communication. As an individual you can control your mood by being aware of how others perceive you.

Use humour in all situations at work as it creates a good vibe in the workplace for staff & customers

My CVS in excess stock, I’m going to think of ten different ways to reduce our excess stock.

by listening.. open your ears and eyes and mind.

with new products I will involve the rep from the company to see customer to explain the product , why, how and the benefits

My Why Not for today! Sell our knowledge on V.A.P and the benefits of them that our competitors cannot match

A recent funeral had me change my way of thinking by focusing more intently on others rather then myself

It is to grow and learn. Make and do things better.

Opportunity for growth through all situations, using previous feedback to create a bvs and work towards a new solution.

To turn a crisis into an opportunity, use it to learn, grow and increase my knowledge.

Look for every opportunity.

Time to go for a run!

Its healthy to have an opinion however one must remember that other people also has opinions as well. Does that make your opinion correct over others? Be open-minded.

Asking staff for feedback on how they would go about addressing situations.

Being able to view the objective rather than the task is one thing I have been very good at doing, making sure the things and plans cover not only the now but the future so allowing for expansion


and growth.

Opportunity is what you can see in a situation. Every situation will present a different Opportunity to different people.

Turning a negative into a positive , what is the best outcome for Reece , what is the best outcome for our customers.

Everything happens for a reason!! As in nature, when it rains even the most baron of landscapes come alive. We need to see crisis as a blessing because it is at the these times that we have the greatest opportunity to grow.

My reaction is influenced by what I perceive as being correct (CVS) And is brought about usually by how the situation effects me. Working on limited facts that are immediately at hand.
And usually working to achieve a quick fix.
Not seeing the big picture.
I need to consider the following points:
Did I bother to gather the facts?
Have I thought about how the situation is seen from all other parties? Is my view of the situation effected by external influences?
Have I considered input from all parties concerned ?
Am I working towards the correct solution for all ?


Select one new VAP product and explain to 10 customers the features and benefits.

Ops Leader, RL’s, mentors

rather then thinking about the overall task which is daunting, I can focus on just one step at a time or what’s immediately in front of me.

im up, no wait….down…hang on ?…woohoo-active….damn..passive 🙂 :(….or is this still the humour


question ?

My health and fitness could improve if I looked at getting fit as a fun activity rather than a chore.

Just suppose getting fit was fun? How can I make it enjoyable? I’ve just listed a number of ways I can make it enjoyable that will hopefully improve my focus on my own fitness/health. Time will tell if it has any impact.

To lead a good & productive life.

No surprises in meetings, give all people the chance to know what is on the agenda and what results we need to achieve from that agenda.

Telling myself to rise above the stress relating to things I cannot control in my work day.

Best I cant see is why not use a alternative to help build our business

Certainly gives credence to the thought of preparing a powerful reason have a meeting… not just to tick the box to say we’ve had a ‘meeting’

The main point I am trying to escape from is the interruptions and disjointedness with coaching staff.

made a list of things I need to focus on to improve this year. I’ve also set aside specific time each day/week where I will work on these things. And I’ll have a little policy of my own that nothing can get in the way of this time slot – nothing.

Huddle engagement. Get the staff x10 ideas about what they want to see/get out of a huddle

42 – work to be done

Why do we have limited staff participation engagement in a huddle?

The opportunity for staff to grow, be heard, take confidence and manage their own ‘crisis’ in front of the customer.

why not ask the staff when/where/how they would like to do the huddle?

Why is it organised this way? look at current store operations , are there better ways to organise things giving us more time in other areas of the business.

born to learn, always learning every time of the day..


Why should I settle for second best or mediocre.

Why do I do it this way- Getting out of the normal routine approach and thinking outside the square and approaching it in a different way


Look at what I would normally do in a situation and look to escape that thinking to a better idea.

try not to work through my day on auto pilot, Think outside the square!

We have opportunities all the time. We just have to listen to our customer and when they arise act on them

You should ask why, on any day. If you feel as the current situation (CVS) can be improved, and you have a positive BVS, which can influence those who work around you, then ask yourself. What can be improved? Is there something that makes sense to change, which would change many CVS’s to a BVS’s, and share your idea for the good. Our core Reece values can be linked into this.

To turn a Negative situation into a Positive outcome.

Why not do this differently? Is there a different way we can do this?

43- I think I could take more time in decision making find out all the facts.

everything we do in life and work we can make more opportunity for ourselves and for work

It doesn’t always have to be broken to fix it!

41, plenty of room for improvement.

I will try and move away from doing things the “Just Because” way. They way it has been the away it’s always been done. Need to start thinking outside the box.

No-one is born knowing the right way to think

The powerful play goes on and I may contribute a verse! I influence and get influenced which helps shape who we are….

Why not use an alternative approach?
What could I do differently today from what I did yesterday to increase my effectiveness?

My colleague, My customers and My manager

46 – the best decisions take into account different views by looking at the same task from different angles or points of view. By viewing all possible alternatives and keeping plans simple, that can then be replicated by others to achieve our goal will always succeed.

I need to start thinking outside the box, start thinking about better, more efficient ways of doing things. I should to get bogged down in doing the same thing day in day out when there are probably more effective ways of doing them.

39- there is always room for improvement. I overthink some things that are out of my power to change even if they go wrong.

In any crisis we need to listen, if we listen we will find the opportunity to resolve the problem.


Listening is the seed to BVS.

Humour makes the day go faster, & much more enjoyable to be at work

Start moving forward think of the future and stop thinking about the past . Being Positive

Work on the little things first, then the bigger ones will become easier

does get you thinking eh?
next time I might just click the tentative button, and follow the suggestions.

Something I can work on is to really listen to others Customers &staff.

we laugh everyday at work, we spend so much time here its great to have a laugh

created list of commitments, checklist to follow up my own action to improve affectivity in career/job role and at home

Looking at ways on how to make things run better.

You can become a skilled thinker with the right training

Brilliant. They teach the coloured hats in primary schools. We develop habits as we age . Great tool to promote thinking

Everyone can improve there thinking it just takes time and patience.

I have just seen a client out on site and while driving back to the branch was listening to a conversation where the Government is considering legislating against the sale of children toys that are Gender specific. If is where society is heading that we require thinkers to think for us because we have lost the ability. Well all should be enrolled, because it is very sad. The though that we have to legislate people on common sense is insulting and means we have stopped thinking all together as a race… I will be passing on my thoughts and skills learnt where ever possible .

Yes, I am a bit of a joker and i try to make the workplace as fun as possible!

Active, tackling stock issues to kick start the new year!

Question #22

We don’t realise we need to work harder to understand the markets in which we operate

all the possible factors that relate to the situation. what? why? how? when?

get more movement by writing down ALL thoughts, ideas, anything that come to mind whatever it might be – not just the stuff we think makes sense

I just set up my new daily, weekly, monthly rhythm and I just committed to my daily exercise


make time think about how I could do it better. think about the BVS

Continuous improvement, affectivity within the relationships I have

Use the green hat. Look for ways, write down ideas on how to improve the strategy, trial different strategies, then only use the black hat if you’re required/constrained to only using one strategy

Up/ Passive, very positive and up person in general, but not super active, time for a holiday to recharge.

Just went thru the new Graduate’s Training Plan. To improve ‘quality’, we’ve implemented a new project/activity for her to work on for a period of time where she’ll then produce a short report and make recommendations to us on how we can improve that part of the business. We’ll enter all the ideas into the CIP Program for review. We’ll do this for each area of the business she works in. This will increase her engagement and potentially help us improve the business in these areas.


Time management

CVS – reaching 30+7 target, BVS thinking of ways to smash target.

Used humour to turn frustration with a problem (a college had) into action… it worked very well!

Why not do this differently? To improve current tasks to get a better result.

My initial reaction is always based on prejudice which obviously comes from previous experiences. taking the time to think more laterally and find a BVS is helping me get better outcomes


The lesson here is to adapt to the situation and alter the way you would usually do things.

colleague told me customer was being paid in full by his client before he would complete the job so we’d be right to take the job and increase his credit limit by 500%. I just said ‘that’s a new way of doing business he must be trailing, we should get some advise from him on how he’s managed to come up with a deal like that so we can implement the same terms’

Why Not has never really been a question that occurs too often with myself in my daily business, because our systems are there to eliminate that question and improve efficiencies in our everyday business. Its a question that is probably worth considering more often especially dealing with ideas and questions from staff, instead of giving them an answer of why we do things the way we do, maybe its worth considering explaining “why not” before coming up with an answer.

Maybe its worth asking this question to a customer when they are considering buying from us or thinking about a quote we have done for them. “We give them every reason why they should buy from us, how about challenging the customer and ask why not?”

Why do I react like this. I need to step back and think more BVS


Think outside the box. Rather than letting a situation go as per normal think about what factors can change the outcome.

More preparation.

Humour is a necessity.

Hearing the sound of laughter everyday enables me to free stress and therefore think more clearly. I am grateful those around me, make me laugh.

Up and passive at the moment. Good to think about/reflect on the mood you’re in so you can put yourself in a better position to find the BVS

I look forward to increasing my x10 power. These sounds exciting, 0-10, 10-100, 100-1000.

Why is this my reaction? Learn to listen more!!!!!!!

Why is it organised this way? A better view of the situation is working out ways to improve processes and make things easier.

The opportunity is to continually improve the way we think and apply us to current tasks. To also think outside the square.

“Why is this so difficult?”
– not the right person to solve this problem – approaching it wrong
– overlooked an important step somewhere – ask another’s opinion

I had let confirmation bias opinions creep in about the ways others go about the their business and jumped to conclusions instead of looking past my opinion and seeking a day in their shoes.

Why is it so complicated?

We look at why it’s complicated rather than what we can do to make it less complicated. Look at the brighter side.

Your own objectives are often clear but the communication of objectives between people is often not so clear.

After doing the WHY? Move to Opportunity and ask WHY NOT? What can be done to create a positive out of the negative?

I have come to the conclusion that I get what I deserve… If I ask the question the wrong way, I get a prejudiced CVS in most cases! But if I just change the question, usually in the slighted way, I get


a fresh thinking BVS opinion.
As they say… “You get what you ask for/deserve”! I just needed to change my CSV (question).

Listening to the feedback of a question I have asked others and implementing changes based on this to improve the overall result.

Humour can help get you through the day.

By completing the tasks I have set for myself today. I have prepared myself to be better able to assist my team in completing their tasks in the future. In doing so, an opportunity to further my job knowledge has been presented. Which in turn, will again help me help my team.

We spend too much time at work not to laugh & enjoy it

Manager, colleagues or external contact.

Looking at a current project and brainstorming different ways to improve it.

Just suppose I took more risks to improve potential gains.

Look at making changes to aspects of life to improve my future.

When programming, sometimes completely rewriting is a better option than simply patching bad code (as chances are you will have to patch it repeatedly as new issues come to light) – asking “why not rewrite this completely?” is useful

The opportunity here today is to listen to my colleagues and not be clouded by my own judgement

We have a great environment where the sounds of laughter can be heard every day… How we could improve the amount/level of laughter? Improve the alignment of goals of all teams, seeing business leaders laughing more often in public spaces, and acknowledge the value of those amongst us who make us laugh the most!

Something different from what I’m currently doing.

Just suppose our main systems failed and couldn’t be brought back online quickly. How well would our backup systems and processes cope with this? How could they be improved?

The opportunity for self-improvement and self-advancement will be there, use a BVS to seize upon these opportunities as and when they present themselves.

Looking at ways to improve fitness and live a healthy lifestyle

That there may be a better way to sell than my current style

to explore new and different things

Allocate more time to thinking about BVS


Why is this my reaction.. I need to step back and work on a bvs instead of reacting

It always pays to think about things as your CVS may have been good on most occasions but all things change and so should we

You need to keep learning every day.

More people need to think about their actions so that positive thinking flows through

How to work better with customers, to understand their point of view. We are not always right

Question the meeting to see if it has any value or what is the outcome

Look for the positives in the CRISIS SITUATION.

If you take the recent storm in Brisbane and look at the damage it done to so much property, you probably wont find much more of a crisis situation than that (CVS).

Looking for the positives in the situation (BVS).

Flow on of work for everyone involved in the re-construction, repair or replacement of that damaged property.

Active : Back from Holidays and ready to get into it.

recent disagreement cam from an assumption of a CVS as opposed to allowing a discussion.

moods follow energy levels-energy levels follow disciplined living habits!

laughter and fun is very alive in my workspace and is lead by the leadership team.

what is quantum computing?

I will be handing over some large accounts soon to a new staff member, so today I will not let this overwhelm me into not letting them go as I’ve worked so hard on them, I will look at it as new life being put into old accounts.

the main point is “fear of letting go as it might crumble” however I will look at the situation more openly and think of ways to guide the next person that will help them with the account for future success.

be alert to issues that arise & try to turn them into opportunities where required

I/we are definitely here for a reason. Life is short, so I suppose that we should excel in whatever field we are in.

Whether that is work or family, I think we all owe it to ourselves and each other to do our best and pass on our experience and knowledge to those around us.


Why not try it this way?

when asked WHY NOT? most people will take a defensive position. as it can be seen as a challenge to what they know and believe to be right.

other ways that a why not question could be approached. – would you be open to ideas?
– have you thought of trying….?
– would this help?

– can I make a suggestion?
– what do you think of this?
in asking these types of questions, you are giving them a chance to find a BVS

I see that the opportunity is – we are not doomed by the problem, we need to look past the problem to the solution. There will always be setback and we need to address them and move to another position without getting bogged down in the drama.

51. My thinking has definitely expanded with my WHS studies.

I made the change a couple of years ago just blindly accepting invitations to meetings.


Is this a form of sleep on it or I’ll get back to you in a minute.


“The unexamined life is not worth living” SOCRATES “The future starts today, not tomorrow” Pope John Paul II

50- still plenty of room for improvement. Its time to enhance what I know I’m capable of

what’s always been done in the past

how can I become 10x more productive today?

Why…its a question we have asked a lot this year and by doing so we have improved some efficiencies…the challenge is continuing to question…why is it so complicated, keep it simple is one of our values but sometimes I think we forget that!


Why is this so complicated?

Because we react first, we don’t think first. I do this all the time. I need to take a step back think about the situation and then solve the issue. CVS-BVS are life is so much easier.

Why not? Why can’t we hit that target?

Look at something that has gone wrong and learn from the mistakes.

I live in Victoria, Australia I manage a plumbing supply merchant golf & family give me the most enjoyment

Predictable outcomes

The more we learn about the industry we are in the more opportunity we have to sell a broader range of products

Why is this causing us so much pain.

Why is this so complicated………..
Is it really complicated or is there a different way of looking at it

Why is this my reaction – using my past experiences (CVS) to expect an outcome, which drives my reaction. If I BVS then perhaps outcome would be different, and therefore my reaction?

Don’t expect the expected. Look for positives and the unexpected outcome – that small change may just alter the outcome.

A decision, where my whole life I have had a pretty sure idea of how it should be, then to turn it on its head and think outside of that to come up with a new solution – a much better outcome (for the moment – may have to BVS it again!).

Why is it so?

Business is booming today, ensuring that we service as may customers as we can, as best we can, and to make this 10 x better, to do it safely!

41 – I need to work on considering all of the angles of a situation before diving into a solution.

Breaking down my list and focusing on one thing at a time

Just suppose I backed myself in more often, instead of hesitating in foreign situations.

We had a relatively efficient stock management system in place at our store level that for the most part kept our stock in order and paperwork correct (CVS). But there was still a small number of errors that occurred that I wanted to eliminate. After some discussion with other staff and management at my store I helped come up with a new way of performing our stock management tasks that has significantly reduced the chances of error (BVS).


Just suppose we looked at working to live, not living to work..

Really need to start setting some new goals, both professionally and personally instead of the same old ones…

Identify some new goals in and outside of work and ensure everyone understands how they can help…

I have found that we use our black hat with Family and co workers but use the green hat when dealing with customers. The trick is to swap from one to the other at the appropriate time and we should have a better result for everyone.

Trying new ways to get the best out of my kids.

I’m all for having a laugh whilst getting the job done.

Having a list gives direction and peace of mind, how do you know how to get there if you don’t know where your going. I will write a list today and achieve

The older I get the more like my parents I become, and….I’m ok with that.

Just suppose I took another approach to this situation

use my downtime in the store at this time of year to coach staff on key aspects they may be struggling with in busier times of the year, not expecting them to do without giving them the proper help and training

I was struggling to find a certain recipe = so instead I looked at what I had and made my own recipe – #winning


I am here to be an individual. To give what I have to the world whether it affects the masses or only a small group of other individuals. I am here to leave my mark on the world.

Looking for new opportunities new places to explore always learning and experiencing new things

I will put the chocolate back and start to eat healthy right now

Next I will take my list and my thoughts and see how I have improved my way of thinking and how far I have come in the last couple of months and I will be proud

Use a to do list but review and prioritize its content continuously. It is rewarding to be able to delete completed projects, jobs or tasks

Look to use X10 thinking (BVS)
To remove all those road blocks (CVS) when dealing with daily issues.


Considering how somebody else at my workplace would approach a task that I am performing.

That no matter who you are, there is always more learning to be done. New ways of thinking to be trained in. there is always room for improvement in regards to your thought processes.

Every action and activities that has been thought of and practiced could be improved. Applying this to our workday and not looking for something dramatically different could be a game changer.

I can influence others with my positive energy to allow so they maximize the opportunity that they have been given.

Like anything you do, the more you practise the more you will improve!

New approach…

We should concentrate on being here for a good time.

I can work on keeping a open mind all day and looking at others idea to see if they are the something else I can do

For other humans

Delegate more of my daily jobs to people, I know I can walk away but always resist.

I can influence others with my positive energy so they maximize the opportunity that they have been given.

committed to living louder

the closest you will ever get to perfection is the day you realise there is always more to learn and improve on.

Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence.

I’m here to play my part in all that passes me by, to influence my family on the positives in life. I’m a speck in the universe, but have a reason for being here.

i am here to provide a better life for my dependants

There is always room for improvement!!!
Any new tool that helps improve can only be a positive

We’ve all heard it said before “we use less than 10% of our brain”. As children we learn with an alarming rate however once adults we seem to plateau out. Just like my seven year old son, I should be able to think faster but as an adult I have a different perception of learning. He learns to think naturally as he grows, I need to “think” about learning the older I grow. We never stop learning but we often “choose” what we learn instead of allowing ourselves the time to think about it.

Learning is constant, skills are acquired and practice makes perfect


Sometimes we accidently do something differently to how we would normally do it. We need to learn from this as it shows there are always better ways of doing things.

Thought leaders can be found by trusting people to do new things outside there comfort zones , the thought follows will be the helpers of these people and the thought killers will not be prepared to step forward with out a prompt .

Being a skilled thinker doesn’t come naturally, we have to learn & practice the skill.

I really like what I do and am well suited to the role that I am in and I add value to the business.

Whilst we are not all born with an equal capacity to think, this as with many other skills and traits can be trained to improve the efficiency in the way we think.

All skills require practice to improve.

My ” SOMTHING ELSE ” is to try new things, go to new places, and take on new challenges. today I will not be scared to move from a great situation to an unknown for life experiences.

Look at what works and see if it can work better look at what doesn’t work and try to make it work

Look at what works and see if it can work better look at what doesn’t work and see if it can be made to work

Our genes pre-define the tools we can use – like our brain…
But it’s our experiences & purpose that define how & why we use it. Why not pay attention, make the time to better ourselves & step up.

I believe I’m here to leave some sort of legacy for others in the future it may only be for my kid’s but at this stage I don’t know and I may never know .

Skilled thinking can be taught, Basic thinking is hereditary

We learn from mistakes and work out ways to better to achieve desired outcomes.

Sometimes when too close to a situation, it can seem unmanageable and difficult. Taking a step back and viewing it from a different angle usually provides a much needed solution and gives an opportunity to ‘rise above the initial core idea’.

CVS= Losing key staff members and gaining new staff members will decrease the branches efficiency.

BVS= Losing key staff members will reinvigorate the branch with the opportunity to coach new staff members today’s Reece Way. With a training plan in place we will be able to utilise the Xmas period to have new staff members trained which means when the pace of the business picks back up, there will be no impact on efficiency and potentially improvements.


I believe people all think an act differently, practically minded people for example.

I am here to do my part in keeping the world a better place.

So much to think about….

The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I will look at why that keeps happening and find the *something else*.

The core idea I have changed from a CVS to a BVS is:

Instead of quote my customers individually and buying individually from suppliers for each job won, I have decided to buy in bulk and get a better rate from my supplier and treat all my customers as one. This allows me to be more efficient in quote and also dispatch, after winning jobs.

To create a positive difference in the world. Smiles are contagious

I have come to understand the value of “speed” and the importance of eliminating impediments to speed. Be they in my personal life or in the processes, technology & culture that operate within the workplace. Increased velocity (or speed) importantly applies to all aspect of life including responding to others, performing tasks, and most importantly thinking.

The more we work on thinking the better we get at it.

The motto conveys too me the opportunities we have to grow and learn. We can always advance our skills, which is exciting.

I have risen above the idea that every problem needs to be solved right now. Quite often negotiations can be made that are perfectly acceptable as solutions.

What can I do to make my time more efficient…What systems can I put in place to help smooth stream the days activities.

Respect others, Lead others, Listen to others, and Assist others.

I have viewed my current dilemma from two angles cvs and bvs taking the bvs view I found alternative routes to solve it but using cvs I had only 1 option.

2 things polls are designed and the questions asked are to obtain a certain pre determined outcome and secondly if you have a core idea it should have been considered fully before it became a core idea.

To discover and live a life of satisfaction and fulfilment, both within others and myself. To say “I had a good life, and I lived it”

People can think, but thinking logically and constructively must be learnt.

Progress further with creating faster / more effective ways of doing our job. (Using shortcuts which enable a faster result while still being accurate or correct)


Knowing that there is two sides to every storey, but also depending on how many players to how many storeys we end up with, trying to decipher which one to believe or what we go on as in your gut feeling.

Like anything worthwhile – learning new ways to think takes practice

“If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”
To become skilful at anything we need to accept that we may need to change the way we do things.

Always thinking always learning

Our thought processes develop as we grow. Thinking is a skill we acquire as we perform more of it throughout our lives.

Use your brain day in day out. Train your brain.

Thinking is a skill that needs to be mastered.

From day to day we learn a new lesson.

we can all improve our skills daily with the right coaching.

We are taught how to think about things relative to what we are learning. With some coaching and practise we can open up the world of thinking.

All things take practice to get better and improve our skills. Some people are born more talented in one area than others but all people need to work at ‘thinking about thinking’ to become a skilled thinker.

no matter our age we still have the ability to learn

at the moment I am going through a total life relocation in every sense.

to become a skilled thinker, you must train by thinking about thinking over time…

I will challenge my confrontation bias.

With practise “Thinking” has the capacity to grow and is a skill that can be learnt.

I am in life for the CVS to be the same as the BVS
Do this by being aware and trying to improve in everything you do

Our eyes are the window that we open to the world of thinking. The more we open our eyes, the bigger the window of thought can become.

We learn everyday since the day we were born and in different ways. This includes both physical and mental.


Something else – do first what I would usually put off doing – be more productive in those areas

Visiting a client that doesn’t deal with Reece and we have had the same approach for the last year. Workshop this morning and challenge the current status.

Follow ups with positivity

To live my life to its fullest capacity and also provide an ATM facility for my children.

To help my family live the best possible life we can live.

Leadership is developing what resources are available to achieve the goal you are chasing

To hopefully bring happiness and fun to others that is in my life.

to contribute to society while continually growing as an individual

Family – I am here because my parents wanted the joy of being parents and creating life and having the pleasure of creating my own family/life I am here to help and watch them grow, learn, succeed and as one of my four children have done create there own family/life.

Anyone can do it as long as they try.

The best thought leaders will listen, understand, then empower you to find a solution or to direct new projects, they must always support you. This way there is respect both ways.

Having a greater focus on other people’s point of views and not so quickly defending my ‘right’ view of the situation. I want to make sure that today and in the future I make a concerted effort to try something someone’s way.

To obtain something – you must work to get it…

I ask myself this frequently and I still have not found the answer. It changes every time I think about it. Mostly I think about my role here as being a solid stable rock for my family and friends to always rely on.

To learn/evolve and hopefully enrich/impart upon others that which has been learned.

To leave a mark.

As you grow you will grow to learn, you never will know enough, thinking is a process that grows along with our experiences.

We are born with the ability to learn from day one.

to laugh, love & help others

I find that constantly encouraging new idea’s and also encouraging people to find a solution rather then asking for the solution encourages them to be thought leaders. I also find that pulling people up on negative thoughts helps find the thought killers and keep them from bring down the rest of the



I am here in early life to Listen & Learn and in Later life to Teach & Advise.

Think of ways to simplify daily tasks

You learn something new every day……….

Having just started I am looking forward to see if I can get the same rewards as other SOT students have got from your program

You can learn anything if you put your Mind to it.

see how we look as a store from the other side of the counter

Don’t rest on success, try to identify new ideas that may work

Having read the comments from other students as well as some of the theory behind the program I am looking forward to see how much I can get out of the program and where it will take me

Every action or inaction requires thought, as it will affect someone in some way.

We are the sum of the hard work, thoughts, inventions and thinking of those who came before us. They have defined who we are today and how we perceive things in our life, just as we will help define the thinking of our children and grandchildren. because of this influence, we must always strive to be innovative in our thinking to new challenges and to work to our full potential in order to leave future generations better off and to teach them never accept the status quo.

Like anything the more you practise and the willing to improve you can achieve anything. Knowledge is power.

Open up my thinking on others ideas

To help develop people to be the best they can within our organisation

Ask More Questions – Improve staff interaction

Learning is never ending. On a daily basis and over the course of our entire journey we continue to strive towards developing our minds.

Over a short period of time some key indicators are attitude, enthusiasm, innovation and initiative.

A willingness to challenge the status quo diplomatically and in the best interest of the business and clients can also are characteristics that help identify potential thought-leaders.

Focus on something we’ve already created and look to make it better rather than moving straight onto the task or project. Turn the invested time and effort of a CVS into a BVS.

You live and learn……… Everyday.


freeing my mind with something else

To help others to realise why they are here.

Brainstorm multiple ways to achieve an outcome and then figure out the best avenue, rather than just trying to come up with one big idea.

do one thing new, get staff to do something they normally do not do.

try, try, try

guide someone to resolve current issue themselves by letting them think deeper about situation

to get other people to get more out of themselves by being kind and respectful of all living things

It conveys to me that no one is born a skilled thinker, they need to learn how to become one.

yes from day 1 we are born to learn, as we mature we develop skills to improve our selves. To what level do we get to & stay satisfied? mmm.

Refresher on warehouse receipting and assisting new staff at same

do something different today

Using a different approach to Stock Control and reducing E class stocks.

seek advice from those around you, not just the more experienced, but those with a fresher view of the situation. Be open to new angles of approach.

The second I stop thinking, is when I’m dead.

To Build a healthy happy family & always strive to do things better.

Knowledge is learnt, and it is powerful.

we learn things everyday as we go along

Score was 31 – that seems to be about what I thought it would be before starting the questions

making a decision based on the outcome ahead and learning from it

my score 48
I think it is difficult to score yourself as you may feel you do better than what you actually acheive

Metacognition – my new favourite word!

To contribute to the well being & happiness of others while making the world a better place

To make my point and prove my worth


To deepen our understanding of our environment and strive towards creating our own purpose.

I scored 51. While reading this list, I genuinely felt like I was reading the content of most of my thoughts throughout any given day. I don’t know if it’s necessarily a good thing, as I tend to over- analyse decisions and situations.

I scored mid 40’s.

I often assess a situation and look for consequences and effects on a decision before making it. I can have a very stubborn view on an issue though when I have made my mind up as I have assessed the situation to my conclusion. I lose points for not wanting to understand other people’s views at times.

I found this very helpful and will record my score for later review once the course has finished. I scored a 40 and found the questions interesting.

Listen to the customer and try something else .

I am here as a part of a greater universe to help improve things for our descendants

this is great insight to seeing seeing the forest and not just the trees

Having successfully tackled a maintenance job on a caravan which I believed I could never do.

Gather requirements from a different source. One I have not used yet. Research my work differently using a different source and opinion.

To be happy and to bring happiness to others. Just to be good to my family,friends and myself.

My score was 41, I think I can work on considering different options and opinions before I make a decision rather than after the decision is made.

Life is short I am here to pass on my knowledge and joy to loved ones and anyone else I cross paths with in life…

There is always a BVS!

Score: 50
Seeing other peoples view point is easy, but getting people to see yours is difficult. Understanding consequences is easy, but dealing with them if they happen is difficult. Looking at all the options is easy, selecting the best one is difficult.

Everyone has the ability to become a great thinker, like anything you have to practise and work on it.

That we are taught to think just like we are taught to talk, walk etc… Our ability to think deeper depends if the individual feels they need more answers!


To stand a top the mountain

Coach someone on something new that they haven’t yet been exposed to.

I think it can be quite easy to rate yourself on how you believe you think and analyse information. It would be interesting to see how your colleagues and peers rank these abilities for you.

We can all think, but we have to want to turn that into a skill, and, like any other skill it can and should be honed and developed to our individual best.


52, would like to see what others would say.

We all have the potential to be more, your brain is the one part of you that can always grow 🙂 knowledge is power & you can never know everything there is always more to learn.

I take that result as possible over thinking on things, keep it simple.

Like everything in life, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Engage your staff an extra activity that they will be able to have complete control over and assess the way they go about the task as well as handling the constant pressures of the work to see handle managing the task and make the decisions, and take note of the process they go about it also

I think personality makes a difference here if you have a large confidant personality this can affect decision making.

from the day we were born we think but being skilled at it is always a challenge and personal improvement should be a goal for everyone.

We are born a blank canvas.

a very hard question to answer…. I guess I am here due to an event of happiness and want a life full of happiness and meaning. Still trying to work out what those 2 things mean:)

42 still room to improve.

To hopefully make a positive impact, whether it is at home or work.

I scored #39.

I think I like to do it once and once only, and knowing that sometimes we are not that lucky to get a second chance.

Mix it up a bit, reverse rolls for all staff, challenge them to be better

To interact with others in a positive way.


I put myself first health wise, and its paying off !
Amongst other things, this whole year was about me being happy and its worked!

To pass down what you have learnt

Skills are learned and practiced to be improved

To help people and be the best that I can be.

Think outside the box and approach things from a different angle

Hard work never came easy and goals have to be worked for to be achieved

35 always room to improve

My score is 38 most number 2 interesting , important to hear what the customer is talking about.

I give most of my decisions a lot of thought before committing.

Everyone needs some sort of guidance to achieve there ultimate potential whether it is direction from a parent, teacher, mentor or boss. The combination of multiple sources of information with differing opinions then allows one to find their own meaning and create their own way learning in life. The best way to become the best is practice. “Cognitive Gyms” have been recognised now for sometime to not only improve your thought process and speed in your day-to-day life today by creating new synaptic nerves. But also maintaining them and your mental health and well being into the future by decreasing your chances of degenerative diseases like Alzheimers where the connections fail.

To continually try to do my best and enjoy myself along the way.

Relate and understand fellow staff.

Thinking that you don’t have to be any fixed way, I can chose and create who I am. I had a core idea that other people could cause you to be frustrated or react. However I realised that I am solely responsible for my reactions whether they be positive or negative.

Re-prioritise the task list, elevate lower priorities to the top of the list

To be the best we can and to make the most of every day in a positive manner.

I am here as a result of the endeavours and learning and skills that have been passed on from my parents and their forbearers and the environment in which I have been raised.

Provide & support the family

Help somebody else in a roll you don’t normally do and work together to achieve the end result.

Do the little things instead of pushing them to the side.


To the do best and be the best that I can be.

To crate a better next generation.

We can learn how to change our thinking

We can all learn to change our way of thinking

By focusing on things I can control and not getting stressed about the things I cant.

Life is about CONSTANT and NEVER ENDING IMPROVEMENT. The biggest flaw a human can have, is thinking they know everything!

My score was 32. Lots of room for improvement. It was great to go back to the question that I gave myself a 0, and strive to improve in these areas.

Words and knowledge have the power to alter thinking, The more you think, the more time you have. If everyone is thing alike then somebody isn’t thinking.

What we think, we become.

Live. Learn. Help. Love.

Looking from my point of view doesn’t mean my view is the correct one just because I believe it to be true

This morning thinking about this question was the latest thinking for myself. I have risen above the idea that I am always right and realised that there is no right, but rather just different stories to be told through different voices. Capitalism and marriage are the boxes I have escaped from, marriage no longer defines who I am and I am no longer pre occupied with STUFF and am more pre occupied with people/family and positively impacting others. My most recent cvs2bvs was a conversation with my 11-year-old daughter whom I see as confident and strong but after speaking to her I realise that she is like most of us, vulnerable and delicate.

Do what you can to the best of your ability all the time

I think the answer to this one changes over your life time…early on its all about you, you get older and others come into your life and its about them, time goes by, you get wiser and realise that being a good person, giving back to the community, making time for family and friends and working hard is why you are here.

Career perspective… where, when & how!

For purpose and change

Thinking is a skill you need to train everyday, to work on and develop.

My score was 30, so I have only natural brainpower.


I hope this will improve by the end of this training.

Look and you will see. It will not be hard to find that positive person that people aspire to and look up to, and work with to bring positiveness to everyday work tasks.

More focus on an equal balance of work and family life. Learn to move past issues in either so it doesn’t have a negative impact on the other.

To hopefully make a contribution to society

To inspire, love, nurture and motivate.

Everyone can be a thinker, but you need to have the commitment to continue to be better

Life is about learning every day and as you grow older you have the confidence to say what you are thinking whether you are right or wrong.

We live & learn. Everyday we have the chance to become wiser.

41. In some cases it’s worth dissecting and really thinking about the decisions you are going to make as they will influence others. In other cases its pretty simple. On bigger decisions you have to take the time and think through the alternatives and the impact.

In light of the recent focus, I am now assessing many work/life situations and looking to improve x10.

Thinking “outside the box” can sometimes be really hard, we are programed to do this after all. When times are busy (work, family, friends etc.) you fall back on programed processes just to get through the day. Taking the time to consciously think about other options or ways of doing things will be the biggest cvs2bvs.

Interact with staff with their development

I feel I am one piece of the puzzle working towards a greater good, that good however remains to be unseen for now

Set aside a small amount of time each day to focus on other things instead of just doing my normal “daily routine”

To learn and grow, then pass this experience to my family (kids). So they can then pass this onto there kids.

To learn and teach our children for the future.

My score was 54.
Being rational with a justifiable reason is the key.

Approaching every situation today with the mindset of saying “yes”


I will find time today to do something new to improve my skill set

I’m here to serve and to give to the people I hold relationships with – my family, friends and work colleagues. Making people happy makes me happy.

I’ve had a look at what things really matter to me, and have had to re assess certain area’s of my current situation and work towards the thing’s I really want in life.

The opportunity to learn and develop the mind and its way of thinking is a powerful step into the future

Skilled thinking is a skill that can be taught and learned.

Try to get our customers to think differently. When they tell me that they aren’t very busy, I ask them “what are you doing that is different to you competitor”. All I every hear is that there is much work around & no one every tells me what they are doing different so that they get the work. If you do the same thing over & over you will get the same result.

Life is all about learning new things to continually better our selves, How we think and perceive thing is big part of life

Thinking outside the box, trying to think positive all the time.

It takes work to be a skilled thinker. The more work you put in the more skilled your thinking will become. Just like with most things, practice makes perfect.

To experience all that the world has to offer and to share that with friends and family. What is lived now will be re-lived in the future each time being enhanced and improved.

My score is 38 Need to think out side the square a lot more

score was 39

I had to read the question several times to understand it . I don’t know weather that makes me more of a thinker of what is required or who I am in reality . I’m still asking myself this

It did how ever high light areas that I know I am deficient and could improve with a shift in thinking . What I am thinking about now is what tools , questions and items I can put into place that will allow me to think , observe and improve relationships to get the best out of my staff from the deficiency’s

Listen everyone’s point of view. Don’t be so quick to shut out ideas, all ideas can be useful.

I know that leaving my comfort zone and trying new things in life will ultimately provide me with more fulfilment. Even though I know this, I often find it difficult to dip my toe in the water through a fear of the unknown. I’ve recently taken up an offer to make a change in my career which will take me out of my comfort zone and provide me with many exciting new challenges. I’m confident this will lead to a greater sense of fulfilment which will then impact positively on my leadership.



I think this question is similar to the question “What is the meaning of life?” I think the answer is to give life meaning. Don’t live a purposeless life, keep moving forwards.

To enjoy the moment and make sure others around me have the same experiences.

That’s where I would see myself – but it would be interesting to see what my peers thought.

Rising above at times self doubt, and taking a positive look, and mind frame to all things I tackle. Has given me a very different outlook on daily tasks, and life in general.

Taken a leap into managers role, total relocation for myself and family.

To challenge the way I think and get the best out of myself. This in turn will benefit the Reece and the people around me.

Very recently I have been put in a sensitive situation where you have to consider everything you say as it can be taken the wrong way. You have to think of what you say before you say it. I’ve learnt to stay calm and BVS, instead of just saying the first thing that comes into my thoughts.

Work on the bigger picture and get more feedback from the team

39. I think I’m generally fairly considered and logical in my thinking however I lack creativity in my idea generation before setting out priorities and making decisions – maybe too logical. If an idea seems ridiculous, I won’t consider the idea but I’m now starting to see how a seemingly ridiculous idea/thought can potentially lead to something brilliant. Also, once I’ve/the team’s thought about something for a while and we’ve decided which action we’ll take, I’m also then reluctant to take on other points of view that may get in the way of achieving my/team’s goal. I see how this can also hold me (and the team) back.

We are all born with a skilled thinking capacity, we are either unaware it is there, or choose not to use it.

To Help other people and Improve each others lives

My score is 42
Would like to improve the ones I scored low on.

Thought and the way we perceive life, changes as we age and learn.

You learn as you go. You never stop learning.

WOW! the switch. Its on!

I’m here to make the most out of the years I have on this planet and to help build a better world.

Friends have always been very important too me and it was like the more I had the happier I was. I now can selectively choose who I can really call true friends and have become even happier.


I have realised that I can not control everything and I can not waste time stressing or worrying about things that are outside of my control, I must adapt to these situations and find the best possible solution within my means of control.

My Score was 45, Interesting that at work quick decisions have to be made some of the time, so to analyse the best way top do something is sometimes not appropriate.

If time permits analysing would be recommended. Out of work of course more time can be spent. Thinking of your decisions and what outcome they may have.

Thinking quicker is maybe something I can Focus on.

You brain is a muscle for the mind and with any physical exercise, you need to train your muscles so they can grow and tone and develop. The same is true for mental exercise.

I have noted that I need to improve the way I look at training staff (CVS) and look (BVS) by looking at simpler , less technical , easy to understand methods.

In the past few years I have felt “stale” at work and haven’t been enjoying it like I used to because of the town I live in. About a month ago I decided to start heading out of town each weekend to give myself a break. I have travelled to 4 different towns in the past 4 weeks and I am now starting to feel relieved and less “stale”. It has helped my mind become more free.

48 – Always try for alternatives if not happy – need to think alternatives in all cases.

38 , is it good to be high or low

Thinking about it, I think for myself all the time. Every decision I make or opinion I have. Often I need to think outside the square to resolve matters quickly, mostly to achieve the best outcome for someone else. Flexibility helps me rise above a core idea.

Skilled thinking is influenced by experience; life, education, others influence etc. This education starts when you’re born not before.

I got a score of 36, the main improvement of my decision-making “I Think” has to come from considering all the outcomes in planning before just going with the best Idea as a first option. I tend to use good service as the main factor for my decisions. Whish is more of a feeling than actually thinking about it, because it may not be the same for someone else.

You can still teach an old dog new tricks, its call learning

Look at my current project and find another way to get the most out of it rather than leaving it as is.

If things don’t go my way – lose a quote or similar, rise above disappointment learn from it & move on. Stay positive

Interesting to rate myself and see how I Think I think it maybe a bit more emotional than I realised and will endeavour to keep more focused and has a more clinical look at things.


I scored 53

I am always looking to improve things at work and at home – this is what keeps me stimulated. (I am always more concerned about how my actions affect others) so getting others on board and selling the idea of improvement to them helps in achieving the objective. I know I am not totally there, doing this exercise got me thinking about my behaviour and I know that I need to slow down sometimes and ensure I deliver clear messages.

‘Practice makes perfect’

Last year we raised the suggestion of we can improve our early morning delivery service – and it all got too hard from the branches. This year, we have asked all branches to use X10 with the same suggestion, and we have had great feedback. We will now be implementing our first X10 idea.

I lived in a town where nothing was really going for me, was at a stand still and decided to make the move to Darwin. If nothing changes, nothing changes. There is no point dwelling on the negatives. Turn them into positives.

I’m here to think positively, network well, exercise daily, eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, build faith, worry less, read more, be happy, volunteer freely, relax often, love always, live forever.

As an infant we are a clean slate, you start to learn life skills from the moment you are born.

Helped a close relative purchase a car, instead of us rushing in with what we thought was required, did the home work and now they are very happy with a different model and saved money.

Empower those around to make decisions and get them involved with your thought processes.

You are never too old to learn new skills

Look at warehouse and see if set up for convenience. Maybe move things around after getting feedback.

You never stop learning until the day you die

To help others

Assisting and coaching my team on how we can do things more efficiently

From day one we are thinking, thru practice and training you will gain more skills.

Try to complete ‘something else’ today

I had a strategy in place which on review was not going to achieve the desired result so I came up with a new strategy to fulfil my goals

51. The courage to push through the ideas that matter

Anyone is able to learn this new skill and this skill will give you the edge on everyone who isn’t.


I scored a 38. Happy with the result as a good starting point for the future.

To get staff to change roles for the day

I have been more Patient and listened everyone’s idea’s & points of view’s.

We learn something new everyday

Not trying to do to much and therefore having more faith in others

To have a good life and assist other people to do the same

Take on challenges with a fresh perspective, instead of sticking with what I know try to come up with more efficient ways of doing things.

To show respect to the people around me and treat those how I would like to be treated. To raise my family in the same manner, giving them as much love as possible and guidance for them to grow up and be successful in life.

Change routines to stop yourself getting bored with your job.

Try and work on what works well.

To make the most of every day

Score 40 can see where improvements can be made if focused

I have been thinking about where I want my family to grow up & what I can see myself doing during those years. I have made the changes, escaped from the day to day & am looking forward to the new experiences ahead.

We are born with the ability to think, however how in which we think is determined by what each of us take out of life’s teachings.

due to circumstances I had to change my way of thinking and make the decision to mover interstate to better myself. Something I would not have done a year ago.

My score is 46

I believe emotions play a key role in decision making, however I would think I appreciate the other point of view and consequences before I settle on my solution

Do the things that can be done today, don’t put it off until tomorrow.

To me it convey’s that everyone can become a better thinker, endless possibilities to expand the mind and how we process and think about things.

mmm 36 still room to improve

From the beginning till the very end we are challenged, carving a path of efficient thinking.


“I think I can ”

In my current stage of life, I am here to do the very best for my family and our future together.

By planning further ahead in my personal life, health and wealth. Rising above preconceived ideas of other people and their thoughts and feelings. Not judging a book by its cover!!

This conveys to me that skilled thinking can be learned, and therefore is available to all of us, regardless of whether or not we think we are capable.

To experience as much of the wonders of our world as I can, and to share and pass on these experiences with my family and friends. To live in an honest and respectful manner, towards others and the world itself.

Always think about how we can do things better

wether my partner would go back to work since having our son and the positives and negatives that come with it.

Thinking of a long term solution to a problem rather than quick fix.

The ability to think is something that we are all born with. Learning how to better think is something that we choose to do.

I have been trying to escape the mentality of “someone else is doing it so it is ok for me to do it”. An example was thinking that it is ok to have a beer or two every night because the majority of people do it and it is less the average.

I take more time to gather facts, thoughts & ideas on topics that I am passionate about.

Topics that I am not passionate about I probably act too quickly.

That every human has the opportunity through training, exercise and experience to expand their own ability in the way they utilise their brain and the mind contained within.

It should not be too hard to find your thought leaders in store, they will be the ones striving for sales, getting out and about and taking his or her team on the journey with team building, communication, coaching development and support. We are all different people and have different personalities, that’s where thought leaders will be able to get the best out of each and everyone of their staff

Re-thinking finances, moving beyond the ‘simply don’t have the money’ thought process to take a clearer view of what is a necessity and what isn’t. Re-think my approach to how and when I use my money, short-term pain for long term gain.

That you are always learning new skills everyday

To grow as a person and to push myself and believe in I can achieve anything


Skilled thinking is something you need to learn.

Make a list, instead of trying to remember everything.

Something as simple as my golf swing. Thinking for years that it is all about power not technique. After months of changing my thought process allowing myself to slow down and become more accurate.

Unsure at this point.

Thought Leaders will usually come to you. These are the standouts that step up and put the positive thoughts into there surrounding’s.

Something big

To do the best I possibly can & influence other to do the same both family & work

To live (Carl)


I like to be right which can sometimes alter my decision making ability. I will endeavour to work on that 🙂

Live for today, yesterday is in the past so move on, tomorrow isn’t here yet so don’t worry.

I have always believed that my current view of situations was my best view. I now realise that this was just not thinking at all.

To help people

To be the best I can possibly be and learn to love one another.

Focus more on the positives rather then identifying negatives.

To serve others by helping them to be the best they can be and to learn about balance.

I think I am here to provide a safe and protective environment for my family

Support staff to keep a positive view even when things are tough

I scored 28

Disappointing as I always considered myself to be an above average thinker anyway, I guess it gives me a goal to work towards

We have a customer at work that has slowed down in their business with us. Usually we would call to arrange an appointment to meet with this customer. This time I am going out to the office to arrange a meeting with this customer so ensure a better result. I feel it will be harder for the customer to turn me down If I am standing in their office.


Completing everything in a certain timeframe. ….. Time management!

I devised a different approach to customer when they asked about pricing. Presented to staff and they embraced it. 3 situations where it was tried resulted in outcome. Two sales, one missed. To hear the staff member give it a go was most satisfying.

Train staff on my role so I can do “Something Else”

Change in employment role and working conditions. Have been able to see what is required going forward to best benefit the companies and myself.

There is something to learn everyday, regardless of your skill level.

To carry on a name, to teach my children what was taught to me, to succeed where possible and to be respected for the right reasons.

We don’t just start doing something, we need to learn how to do it properly first before putting into practice

I have learnt to stop and think rather than react straight away. It gives you a chance to look at things differently and sometimes make a different decision to what you would have originally.

Be positive not everything goes your way keep at it the tide will turn

When to take holidays to see my daughter. Cvs2bvs also the same. When and how long I will have my daughter for the xmas holidays.

Work on what went wrong today, and improve on it tomorrow.

Don’t do what the 98% of people do. Be a 2%er and stand out from the crowd. That’s why we are different from everybody else because as a whole we do “something else” we don’t follow the crowd, our values, our service is that something else, continue to think outside the square and be proactive.

I recently moved (only a few streets over) from a very large, very nice house to another less proportional and far less appealing house. We did this after long consideration because although the new house is greatly downsized it has a view that is honestly to die for. I felt unrewarded in the old house, never relaxed. Now, no matter what the situation, no matter how bad things become or how hard some things are to achieve, I can sit on that front veranda, gaze out to sea and know I made the right decision.

Have a go at something else each day and look at ways of making it easier.

Get constructive feedback from the staff on how they would like to run the rest of the day…

To find a leader you only need to look (watch) and listen to staff, their attitudes and work ethics will sing if they are, if not they will always be out of tune out of tune.


I’ve never really thought too much about retirement and even though I’m still a very long way away from that stage of my life I’ve made the realisation that now is the time where I should be investing more. By doing this now I will get the benefits later through compounding.

To reach my potential in all areas of my life and to be a catalyst for others around me to do the same

How to release a new product – going from what we’d normally do to something much bolder and bigger.

Treat people how you would like to be treated and in turn you will get back what you put in

What core idea have I risen above?

That customers are always right!! They are not always right, but! Its how we handle them when we are in that situation.

Skilled thinking is a trained skill; one that continually evolves through time provided the correct tools are available and the trainee is willing to exert the effort required to achieve skilled thinking

Just trying to change my habits not just doing things how we have always done things. Most recent offering rewards for staff and customers for being part of challenges. I have always wanted to but I could never get past my habit of cost saving (tight arse)

Score of 41. Found it interesting that I wont look for an alternative once I have already satisfied myself with a decision. Something to look at as I still may have found a better way of doing things than what I was set on.

To give strength and support to my family and friends

To make a difference to every person that I may meet. It may only be a small difference but then on the other hand it could be a massive revelation to another person. Make a difference

Training junior’s in sport challenging not just myself but them also to learn from their experiences & trust that not all techniques are the same this does not mean that they are wrong or wont work.

Score 37 need to listen to others ideas more clearly and plan my days effectively

Thought I was always right, my way or the highway. Now I understand and have changed that I need to STFU and listen at all times. Be attentive, show understanding

Thinking of different ways to approach customers and try something new.

Take the time to notice and acknowledge the little things people do instead of taking it for granted that it just gets done

Thinking about doing some things for myself, rather than putting them off till tomorrow, “carpe diem” so to speak in my personal life.

When times are busy, we tend to ask someone else for answers because we are too lazy or don’t


have time to think of an answer ourselves. Need to take stock of this more often.

We are blessed to have the power to learn, grow and improve everyday!

Values and ethics taught to us by our parents and passed to our children giving them a good start to their lives is a legacy we would all like to be remembered for.

Keep the staff fresh minded by giving them new tasks that they have not attempted yet.

My score is 38 I’m impressed!

I scored 39. There is room for improvement.

I have started looking how I can grow my customers NATIONALLY, rather than just in my own state.

Thinking isn’t a challenge, to be a skilled thinker is the challenge.

To create something that will be remembered by others when I’m gone.

With regular practise all skills can be improved, even the skill of thinking

Consider ways to assist our customers to get better at what they do, as this will have the flow on effect of helping our staff to do their jobs more effectively.

Planning an overseas holiday and arranging our own accommodation rather than accepting the travel agents thoughts, in doing so I have escaped from the (don’t buy on line) fears I had always harboured.

The something else I will do today is a task I’ve been putting off. Putting off difficult task doesn’t help me grow and learn

To conquer my goals

To learn and to teach. To have fun and be the best person I can be. I’m not here to spend huge amounts of time wondering/guessing why I’m here.

I stopped getting bogged down in other peoples negative energy, I stopped making their problems mine and am much happier in my own life as a result. I have started spending more time with those people that appreciate me and what I have to offer and have built the culture of my team around that philosophy, coming to work is a joy and the positive energy created is rubbing off on everyone.

To live each day to the fullest

Leaders will usually stand out because of the way they conduct themselves. By taking notice of who is around you and their attitudes knowing what we are learning it will soon become clear, who is in what category.

By making people more accountable for their daily roles and given specific roles like the champions


roles certainly you will begin to see who are the leaders, who are the followers & thought-killers.

Take the time listening to my peers wealth of knowledge.

My original and innovative ideas are more likely to be an inspiration and not developed through a logical thought process. Based on this my ‘something else’ is to experience as much as I can, to try and provide an inspiration for a better ‘something else’.

39 need to think about entire situation before proceeding with any actions

Take on different tasks that I would not normally do or don’t like doing from a fresh perspective instead of how I am currently.

Self-doubt, stepping outside the box, having a more confident attitude about my ability.

I’m here due to past events. There is no reason for me to be here. All I can do is create purposes to exist.

I didn’t know natural thought leaders were born, but very small percentage. Starts to make me think where I sit and where my workers sit.

I don’t think I have found my reason. If I am already doing my reason I have not been opened as to what it is

To continue the march of progress

The answer to this is… very personal.. I do know what I can do while I am here and the personal events of the last 18 months have stretched my thinking, beliefs and opinions beyond anything I ever imagined. Through maturity and understanding the impossible has become possible. This applies not only personally but also professionally.

Patience and taking the time to go the extra mile

Strive to uphold the R-10 values, in a manner that is more evident and obvious to those around me.

Just like any other skill practice makes perfect.

To provide support and guidance to the people closest

That no one is un-replaceable both in the work force and life in general. People may not notice or miss, grieve or rejoice but your position in life is replaceable to some degree smaller or greater.

To Live, Love, Laugh and Learn

Open communication is the only way to healing and resolution even if it makes you uncomfortable at the time.

Approach customers differently try something new mix it up

To make an impact on one or many people’s lives.


The human mind can evolve

“To teach what I have been taught!”

Hand over more branch tasks to staff members and tell them not to be afraid to make a mistake, learn from it and grow.

To reap the benefits of those who have gone before and to leave some form of legacy behind – make a mark on the world.

To share a bit of love, laughter and leave my mark on the world.

39 Interesting to see where my though process was not as strong in some areas as in others, not settling for an idea until I have exhausted all other good ideas is something I will work on.

My ability to think deliberately is dependent on a balance of environmental and physical factors. The more balanced I am the better and more deliberate I can think.

Make the most of every minute of every day!

Score was 35. Prioritise daily routine and tasks. Think about the best outcome and roadblocks that I/we may come across. Deliver what outcome we want and need to achieve.

Not to be afraid of taking chances

44. I think with a clear head usually and always consider the outcomes of my decisions before making them.

Try to see situations from different angles & ask feedback from people how they would approach the same situations. Try to have a understanding that we all have different views.

We have to teach ourselves how to think and no matter how old you are you can learn new things.

Just as your iPhone apps require constant updating to unlock new features and improvements, your mind requires updates for growth and sharpening.

Embracing the process, I will share my “something else” idea with my team and implement it with clients, to see if it works.

Interesting start keen to learn more

To guide my children, and to have a positive impact on all the people I meet.

IM Still trying to figure out what that something else is, the positive is, I’m still trying to work that out.

Be more relaxed, listen more to others , show more care

When interviewing need to identify leaders / follower / thwarters


We have had many that have helped make this fantastic country, we should never take it for granitite our country our people our family’s & our friends.

Mine was reading a book on Annika Sorenson [golf 54] , it stoped me aiming to play bogey golf & to set my sights a lot higher hence going from cvs to bvs

Just like muscles – the brain must be used everyday, trained to hold information and grow by learning new things or else it will become weak and deteriorate.

40. Now that I have given this a bit of thought, I would inadvertently allow my emotions creep into some of my decision making process (especially on issues I am passionate about) . I will definitely try the alternative and consider other view points a whole lot more.

Thinking is an evolution of many thoughts that will grow into many ideas and discoveries.

To develop new skills in order to appreciate other peoples ideas and my own understanding.

To co-exist with others and hope to guide, support and help those closest in their endeavours of an ever-changing world in good or bad times.

Try and think of solutions to problems without the constraints of the current situation. Experiment with these solutions and test if they work.

To learn from others and to make a positive difference to people’s lives. Strive to make others lives better.

My cvs saw me getting a bit too caught up on negative attitudes and comments (of staff / colleagues) on a personal level whereas in the last few months I have simply listened and let people’s opinions wash over me likes waves in the ocean. I have subsequently felt more empowered to make my own decisions and be happier.

I use humour all the time, since we have such a negative role here I need to keep up the funny side of things to keep customers smiling and also Staff.

Always acknowledge and recognize staffs efforts daily as a form of praise and encouragement. A smile and a happy workplace is the reward that makes it worthwhile

Up and active! I just finished writing some documentation and have some more work scheduled to start at 5pm.

The edge is hanging in there. The best managers are the ones who have been around the tracks for some time and that share there wins loses and experiences.

You can do things a million different ways to achieve the same goal. the tweaks done which are learnt over time achieve the BEST goal.

enables me to re evaluate the way I see things oppose to what someone else would see something both at work & day to day at home


Recognition of a job well done. Costs nothing but means a lot.

When you are trying tom escape from a CVS, the Main Point that you are trying to move away from is the direction, conclusion or action that is a result of your CVS

I think our training programs and standards are second to none compared to other companies

This is another version on glass half full or half empty, CVS v’s BVS…..

Without humour and laugher days would get boring and long. You always have to have a smile on your face

Enjoy the moment, step back and review the situation or event to make sure you the best view of the situation. And then repeat

I’m trying to always look for the BVS and to stop only looking in the CVS

Developing a little background knowledge day by day to fix a problem delivers results in this way

Continuous listening and taking the time process the info from all sources. The best training is live life training.

Start on Training counter staff on becoming a 2IC. So that when the time come he can hit the ground running

If one trains everyday to improve themselves……… no longer becomes training, but rather routine.

Take more time to get things right the first time, don’t procrastinate and the rewards will follow

A laugh a day keeps the stress away

Have a laugh…. but know your customer…and know your bounds…

Mood…ever changing

Humour is the best way to look at a bad situation and create a positive outlook

I try to acknowledge good work on a daily basis. Even turning a bad situation around it is good to give positive feedback rather than concentrating on what went wrong. That I find is both rewarding for myself as well as staff.

Honestly, while this has been an interesting, thought provoking exercise, I can’t say it has changed the way I think day-to-day, as I feel I already do it. Perhaps arrogant of me to say so, but it’s mainly just common sense. I guess it’s good to have it all laid out in front of you to consider.

Don’t act on my first reaction to a situation.

I can multiply my CVS by ten by identifying the main point and using that to escape to a BVS


Both can be used in different situations

The hat

My CVS is based on information gathered, but asking WHY may require seeking more information which can result in a BVS

Black hat/green hat useful when dealing with returns

Looking for lotto win. Searching for the right numbers

peers, staff, friends

47. Higher than I thought. I often don’t think I’m detailed orientated but will force myself to be in fear of making mistakes.

The current negative view of others needs to be changed into a better view of others. If people are defending their CVS, they very well might have a reason for it, I need to try to better understand their CVS to challenge my CSV in order to move the a BVS.

Every person has the potential to become a skilled thinker.

That we have the ability in ourselves to learn and adapt, that its possible to achieve to what some people perceive as impossible.

Thinking skills are taught/trained

Everyone is born equal. It is than up to the each individual to apply themselves.

Skills are acquired not bequeathed.
Thinking is just another skill.
Therefore we can improve and become better thinkers!

Like anything in life:
Skilled thinking can be a learned skill BUT YOU need to have the WANT to learn it!

“Something else” is to challenge myself to do something different. Move away from the conventional and change my direction that can be either an activity or thought.

Why is this my reaction? Looking for the bvs will result in a quicker and more effective outcome.

It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty. There is clearly more room for Bourbon…

I believe to an extent I do this already but allot of people around me don’t. But trying to teach someone that doesn’t want to learn can be hard.


Inspiration. Perspective. Opportunities. Connections. Innovation.

Today, Like everyday I will work on my patience.

A mind is like a parachute it doesn’t work if it isn’t open.

To improve myself, my teammates and my family.

I am here to travel with others through life and connect with as many as possible

CVS – I feel I have been a little complacent with my staff that work under me and have not always dealt with issues that have arisen within the work place and have not been clear on the expectations of the company and also what I am wanting from them.

BVS – I have worked on this issue over the last couple of weeks and have been more direct in what I am wanting from my team and also individual problems, this has coursed some resistance from staff but issues are out in the open and there is no grey areas on what my expectations are and it is clear on the goal we are striving for within our company and also our team. The people around me within my team have also been excepting what they do within there daily tasked as ok and it has pushed people out of there everyday routine.

Try the stuff that hadn’t worked before.

For no reason other than what I can justify to myself at a given moment, as it is for everyone. You can believe you are here for a big reason or a little one, who can say with any certainty? For myself I think I am here to experience as much of the world as I can.

If you brain train without pain you will gain can’t be more plain.

How can I keep Monday routines fresh and productive.

The brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise it, the bigger it gets.

The something else is always elusive and we must find ways to discover what the something else is, looking outside the square, outside the box. May be take a chance on the something else is what ill do today.

I’ll have a think about that

Do not be afraid to try something new as it may just be the next best thing

You are never too old to learn or take on new roles or challenges.

With the right attitude anything is possible. We have the correct equipment we just need to use it.

Something else can be seen as looking forward. Never dismiss the past but look forward and embrace the future.

“No one is ever born a skilled thinker” – This to me says that your brain must develop to become


skilful, it is a learned process. We have been born with a brain and now we must add value to make it skilful.

Everyone can improve their thinking!

I’m here to be a family man, to provide for my family and to see their growth in the world.

I’m here to help others and watch them grow with the knowledge I can share with them and to inspire others.

sit back and think…
look at what you do and see if there is anything I could change.

I don’t know the meaning of life. But I am here to better myself and be a good person.

I can work on different ways to approach customer development.

I am here to better myself and those around me, and make the most of the situation life has placed me in.

To learn and to teach

Today I will continue to look at things from other people’s points of view, rather than my own.

It is not about me I have been put it for a purpose that my faith helps me determine, self- gratification is very short sighted and inward looking.

That’s logical


When you get to my age you can`t be bothered thinking, but I think a lot of thinking got me to where I am today

I am here because my parents wanted to create their own family.

I am here because I can make a difference; I can touch someone with a few kind words of appreciation. I can share ideas and experiences, support and guide those who need help. I’m here because I understand faith, love and respect are the 3 most important aspects in my life.

For me it’s not to get caught up in the small stuff, I like to think I can walk into work each day with a fresh set of eyes. See each customer as new customer; tackle each challenge with a positive approach. Share ideas and experience.

We are here to train the soul and gain greater enlightenment.

We can get a lot better at the way we think

To help others and myself reach our potential


To Lead staff rather than Manage them.

Something else is part of being entrepreneurial. Looking outside the square for ways to improve and do things better.

Separate myself from the pack; identify what I can do better and JUST DO IT.

Work, Life balances.

These lessons apply to everyone, everyone has the ability to learn and adopt new skills.

I have risen above the idea restrictions of age I am who and what I choose to be.

That we have the potential to improve our thinking

Our brains all start off the same but its the journey and application that result in a different way of thinking

I will start the escaping from my point of view and listen to point of view of others. That will be my something else.

Skilled thinking can be acquired by training and practice.

Each option has no right or wrong.
Listen and use staff input to improve training and development for example.

I believe engagement with the group is the key to find the local thought-leaders. This enables the identification of who can made a thought-leader and who would need extra help to become one.

My role in my job – I must consider more from the points of view of other members of the team, and see how my role and actions in that role effect them.

Recently when confronted in a meeting about some integration of two business units – it was just expected of everyone to roll it over as it had been done in the past – I could see that there were potentially other options as it turns out possibly a better option. I stuck to my guns and we are now heading towards a BVS result.

Broadly being mindful of my CVS will enable me to be open to a BVS. There are opportunities to apply cvs to BVS to any situations, not only problems.

To realise that not all ideas can be actioned straight away and have the patience and understanding of others commitments and direction, even though frustrating and the slow down of my goals. However by working with these restrictions rather than fighting against them will deliver my goals quicker.

I am here for a purpose and to influence others around me.

A friend of mine left the company she worked for and I thought she was making the wrong decision. She found out after 6 months and the grass wasn’t as green on the other side.



Score of 38 , makes me think about my daily decisions more now.

To carry on

My CVS today is getting a BVS in all situations I come across.

Thinking is an ongoing experience – you accrue skills along the way to become better at it – the old saying of you learns something new everyday!

Listen and watch and learn, remove thought thwarters

I can learn new skills and new ways to build up my speed of thinking.

My something else is to talk a team member but about their view on what our team can do better

I will escape from my own current views on how I position myself.

Your born with the tools – it’s about using them. But you must want to improve

30. Will be interesting to see the next score.

I think Learning by Teaching is an important one. Being able to teach someone something is an important test of how well you understand something yourself. Also, by teaching someone something important you empower them to become better.

Down/active – our moods reflect on how we interact with others and how others interact with us. By shifting others perception of our mood we can uplift others or move from a potentially negative to a positive interaction.

Skills reviews for 2 staff which I never seem to find time for. Done….that was easy .

Don’t dwell on things that come up during the day, move on. Tackle the next issues with a fresh approach.

Let people know when they have done a great job

46… interesting..

Using X 10 thinking into a current branch I am working with on morale, cvs > bvs, brainstorming with staff on what makes people tick , what causes poor morale compared with what produces great morale

Demonstrate the belief and values of R10

I need to stop being reactive and take the time to think about priorities & consequences before making decisions going forward to improve.

CVS – unsure if I am suited for my new role


BVS – I will accept the challenge and attack it with the same determination I do any other job. it is an opportunity to expand my knowledge and a step in the right direction to what I would like to do.

My top strength was Love, however this was followed by prudence. Therefore given the nature of the topic my prudence precludes me from sharing a story… I hope you can see the humour in this – another of my strengths.

My 3 choices are:
The logician – I always try to think through matters logically. Something I learnt from my mother. The problem solver – I enjoy solving problems, good exercise for the brain.

The researcher – Particularly before making a purchase, I always like to do my research to make sure I’m getting the best and most appropriate product.

I need to push my thinking by looking for more solutions, even when I think I’ve found the answer.

I am looking for good work-life balance, to be happy and successful at work but also have a rewarding home and family life . I want to be able to give 100% at work and build a profitable business but not at the expense of quality home life.

To switch my motivation from an avoidance of pain or fear of failure to a pursuit of pleasure, reward & profit.

Sticking at it & learning from the experience, especially from the failures.

To improve my world, others & myself around me. To continue to learn & pass on my experiences to others to learn from.

There is room for a lot of improvement

Look at what I’m not doing & why?

That skilled thinking process’s can be learnt by analysing, understanding & practicing different techniques.

Why not ask for someone else for their opinion?

This is also for the development of staff around us where if we ask them for their opinion it provides an opportunity to have input, can be used as a vehicle to builds confidence and knowledge, encourages productivity and assists in identifying future leaders.

Cleaning up customer orders, can make this better by visiting more often and making staff aware of the effect not running efficiently has on business. If everyone monitors their own each month to the same rules then there is never an issue, ownership is important, 9 people get a whole lot more accomplished in unison than one efficient person ever will.


Why is to be used to better yourself, to seek more information

Just suppose I set my limits high what impact would it have on my business

My 2ic my delivery driver and my counter hand will all help me today to make decisions and hopefully get the right outcomes

Opportunity to increase Sales / GP

1. Family
2. New house
3. Swim more
4. Football
5. Clean up office
6. Holidays
7. New role
8. Cricket
9. Organise things better 10. Christmas
Not in any order.

Not in any order 1. Family
2. Christmas
3. New role

4. New house
5. Football
6. Organise things better 7. Cricket


8. Swim more
9. Holidays
10. Save for overseas trip


Get fit checklist started 1- ticked off, health check. It is only up from here.

I have changed how I look at health (CVS) and how that effects everything I do and everyone I come into contact with. Working through my list will help me make a lifestyle change. Mind over matter.

Fellow workers, driver , counter staff , manager

I need to notice people around me and listen to them and give them praise and positive feed back when they have done something positive.

Looking for support and help from surrounding branch’s. Ego’s will be massaged and personal attacks will be shrugged off as I will not sink to their level. We should be focused on customer satisfaction and meeting their needs as a team and not serving our own personal agenda.

They way I think is changing with this course, more confident to think to improve

I probably equate this as the same as taking a step back, which I have been using for a lot of years. Trying to stop have a think look for advice if possible talk to others.

Reading inspirational action

Making a list & checking it twice!

I think everyday I could take a new approach, Family, Social & Work

Mmmm JUST SUPPOSE when I make my new years resolution, JUST SUPPOSE I stick to it.

I have to change my thinking from the now to the future financially. I do not know the JUST SUPPOSE yet but you have me thinking.

Be confident in your list “stick to it ”

stop looking at what was and look at what is

training someone for my spot so I can move on and not get tied up

Go for all BVS start to finish

I went out and did some inventory that I had been putting off for a while.

My dryer broke on the weekend, so after reading the question I immediately went and bought a new


one. Problem solved!

Why are things going the way they are going…what can I change?

Take time out and arrange the calendar for next year now

You may be good at thinking but with practise you can be great

Hmmmmmmm, don’t think DO!

Very interesting ideas, will have to think them through to be able to apply the to my situation.

10 people thinking about how to solve one problem – very strong out come

1. Look after myself 2. Look after others 3. More holidays. 4. More bike rides 5. Drink less 6. Heath 7. Family 8. Finish car 9. More laughs 10. Still thinking

Write my list of small-unfinished things and tick them off one at a time to a timeline.

Complete the tasks that I have been putting off both at home and work.

Make everything interesting and get involve a lot more.

Workmates, manager, region leader

With the events of today – everyone can help

I was observing a conversation recently and noticed that it was going around and around with no solution. I processed the information after asking the parties to reiterate the problem. I asked for more information and offered a solution. The feedback was immediate and positive. I needed to notice there was a reaching out for more people to be involved in finding a solution. Many hands make light work.

the benefits of X10 will be truly amazing when you are willing to adopt the change in thing patterns that it offers. Adapt and overcome your expectations.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool in selling as it engages a person to buy before they have come to you.

By increasing contact points with your customer base, you will inevitably build on the lever of rapport you have with them and increase your sales by moving them from uncheck to check.

Look for opportunities and act as soon as they present themselves. An opportunity that is not acted upon will turn out to be nothing.

So act on that lead you were given – Complete that quote you’ve been putting off – Call that customer you haven’t spoken to lately.


Set myself targets and ways of reaching these.
I will Do a calendar agenda that will flag up where I need to be to reach the target.

I notice the more interest you show in your staffs hobbies the more rapport you build with them.

Have a great idea? Share it, follow it through, make it real.

There have been a couple of situations where what I have read through these sessions was required for me to use in both the business and personal environments and probably would have dealt with them differently had I not gone through school of thinking a few days prior.

Focus my vision and question the CVS

It’s about being creative in how we think

Looking out my back door

An account customer called up this afternoon asking for a delivery for a job tomorrow morning. Our delivery driver was out on a delivery so I told him I would deliver it on my way home.

List made

Doing tonight and should be good to go on Friday.

Why is this my reaction? — I think this is an important question to ask myself when I react to a certain situation. Reviewing why I am reacting to a situation in a certain way will help me work to achieve a BVS

Peers, family, customers – it could be literally anyone

To learn and to teach my children what is impotent in life .if ever generation can make a change for the better not the worst I think the world will be a better place.

I think the best way bvs any situation would be to put myself on the inside of the idea or a situation. I think that is when you will find yourself working out the best way thought’s or bvs

No one person alone is born a skilled thinker. We are all born skilled thinkers! It’s what we think about and our passions that make us more skilled out prove that we are “more skilled” than any other person.

I have listed 10 personal things and then have gone back to these a few hours later and improved on the idea/thought process

Do it right the first time through, use the resources around you to their full potential…

Why did that situation eventuate in that outcome….what are the variables able to be modified or changed…

Take an opportunity with both hands and run with it, not shy away from it…


Why not be more repetitive. Let`s not change things for the sake of change.

My manager
my experienced BM`s a gen y employee

Get involved more in other regions and get another viewpoint from outside mine whilst consulting with fellow RL.

The X10 training has allowed me to take a look at how I do things and how I could be doing them better. It has also confirmed to me that I am doing a lot right, I am on the right path to achievement. I am now looking at the big picture more and subconsciously I am accessing my X10 thinking.

Everything in life takes practice and we possess the ability to be better we just have to tap in to the resources we have.

My score is 39… honesty and self awareness are critical elements in this exercise..

I tend to cross every t and dot every I when planning, time consuming .. Including considering alternate ideas.

Often I find “simple and quick” decision making is applauded however, can impact adversely down the time line… the decision may solve an immediate problem or gain an immediate benefit.. The consequences are left to others to deal with..

Changing thought processes in circumstances such as this can be challenging

The Idea Generator – I really enjoy thinking about an issue and putting the idea forward.

The Communicator – I see this role as The Trainer. Also being a Salesperson, selling the ideas or training, getting a buy-in from people, seeing results. I enjoy passing on information and driving change.

The Lateral Thinker – this is BVS to me.

daily huddles & pipelines

thank all staff at the end of each day

I always say thank you, it’s a quick thing to do but makes a big difference.

Remembering to stop and think. Don’t just go with the CVS, there might be a better way.

I’m from Melbourne, Australia.
I’m the Business Development Manager for a trade based Irrigation business.


Two things that bring me enjoyment and make me happy are my family, spending time with my children and I also enjoy my sport.

Looking forward to developing my thinking and leadership skills.

I tidied my desk and desktop and inbox. I have completed all the outstanding jobs I had. The result is now when I come to work I don’t have to worry about what I haven’t done and what I should do first, I tackle jobs as they come in and aim to have everything complete by end of day. I tidy my inbox everyday now so I can find emails. It has made me feel refreshed and don’t worry about things that I haven’t done yet.

Always welcome any new training, this was no exception. Will try to use bvs whenever I can moving forward.

Some people have different views on the same situation and somebody else’s cvs once explained you might agree on which gives you a better view of the situation/ argument.

Always looking for opportunity, going into to each and every meeting/ site visit etc. with an open mind. Not being narrow minded to think that that’s all we can help with. Be ready to expand on each job, and will find more opportunity when we understand the job, or the customer’s desired outcome.

The ten most positive people I know

Practice makes perfect

To live life and support those who need my help

Listening to other people. Continuously looking to improve by seeking and encouraging feedback.

Because 80% of my role is selling. My stairway will be to revisit all the books I have on selling techniques and refresh. This will help with my STRW and increase AAMA’s which will increase my sales which will increase my profits.

I believe we all work for reward. Be it in the form of praise/recognition or wage’s. As a leader, rewarding my staff for good work and effort (Hard work, never killed anyone!) not only creates a positive working environment, it encourages them to continue towards excellence.

Train your brain

1 manager from the past
1 manages from now
2 peers
2 colleagues – 1 who normally has a similar cvs, 1 who normally doesn`t 2 family members


2 people who will be affected by whatever is being decided.

Use others thoughts and processes to enhance my own

Pretty much anywhere, anytime. You should be able to put all this in practice in everyday life, in many varying situations. Decisions at work, home and leisure.

Just that hello in the morning and thank you at the end of the day show that you care.

Probably cvs, but through discussion a bvs can be found.

I have noticed from the various exercises we have done throughout this course that many of the ideas the training put forward are prevalent in my every day thoughts and functions. It is now a matter of thinking about these things more deeply and instead of just having an idea and side stepping around it I should think “How can I now put my idea into action to try and create a X10 outcome?”. Having 400 plus Managers on the same path will surely create many ideas and opportunities.

What we need from the decision makers in regard to these ideas is quick action and follow up after careful consideration. Devote the necessary resources to the biggest and best ideas put forward.

As is being proven in our acquisition of the Actrol Group our model of business can be transferred from plumbing and bathrooms to Refrigeration – heating/cooling and beyond. Perhaps our next market is the Electrical market.

Opportunity to increase sales and relationships by changing the way I solve problems

Why not change roles to see if I can do something beyond my skill set

Look at different ways to solve problems without being distracted from the goal your trying to achieve

Increasing the speed I get jobs done to help my time management

Why cant I change my thinking and my personality

Finish what I start before moving on to a new task

Try to think outside the box and come up with solutions instead of just answers


Customers, team members, wife

Stairway to better working practices

Just suppose I could change my losing team to a winning team

I have been putting of achieving the best out of myself


What do I need to think about? It’s the visual thing for me…. I need to be able to visualise thought, it needs to almost be a mathematical equation for me, if it does not add up to the vision that is presented before me then the likelihood of an idea becoming reality is less.

I also need to think about the questions I am asking to try and get as close to the vision as possible to the person who is sharing their idea with me, so that we can use and improve on it.

I can normally get movement through an idea/thought by seeking information, engaging in the topic or person who I am talking to, which gives the ability to listen better, and put forward responses and consider all options.

Give staff praise for showing creativity, and expressing his own Individualism. The response was a heightened respect of receiving praise for a job well done. More attentive, asked more questions and the most important thing after was “what do you want me to do next?”

You need to create an environment to promote thinking / entrepreneurial spirit with your employees. The cream will very quickly rise to the top, and you will soon discover the thought killers (if you hadn’t already worked them out from the beginning).

Trying to get my daughter to see that a fat person eating an ice-cream could be a reward for the coming from 120kg down to 100kg and they were celebrating… as opposed to our often judgemental approach to ‘She shouldn’t be eating that…”

1. God
2. Ralph Pritchard
3. 5 kids including 3 of my own as they see things simply 4. Wife
5. Sister
6. Gary Lock

Not so much speeding up the jobs, I do things quickly anyway, but improving the accuracy. Less mistakes means more time focusing on other jobs.

Doing things that I know I need improvement on continually is the practise I employ.

Getting other peoples opinions on things continually, gives a great insight on how to approach a particular task eg. Daily huddles.

Always listening, thanking and giving positive feedback to people is the best reward you can give.

Do any of us really know why we are here?? , Reading the comments below is answering a different question which is what we do while we are here , I know what to do while I’m here , but there is some other grand design that I don’t know the answer to yet


It has taught me to always look at different option to resolve issues or problems , and look for opportunity within these options to create a beneficial for both parties involved

Started a practice session with my daughter doing the old ‘hand slap sing song rhyming thing” that they do at school to get my brain into a new routine. It was difficult but after 12 goes I could do it and she felt like I was actually interested

Twitter – following effective leaders who post daily motivation bites and training tips

My thinking sometimes is like a shipless rudder with too many ideas in an illogical format. I have gotten so much out of this system in so much as being able to logically see things from lots of different angles.

Home – looking at CVS to BVS for the new house we just bought.
Work – CVS to BVS. Looking at problems as not problems but puzzles with several solutions.

Noticing the little things. The little behaviour changes, the words people say and understanding their true meaning, noticing the little changes that are made on a daily basis. They are all well and good but what about acknowledgement? Its not hard to acknowledge another’s efforts regardless how small they are.

I already use lists as a way of ensuring I don’t miss anything through the day

List completed then re thought and changed.

If I knew what else I had to notice I wouldn’t have to notice it.

1. Think about a list. 2. Write a list.
3. Action a list.
4. Follow-up a list. 5. Analyse a list.

6. LPG Gas Spares.
7. Caravan Plumbing Fixtures.
8. Change company perception on E-Class stock. 9. Family
10. Move?


Doing stock integrity investigation and beginning the process to overhaul stock

Plan a way to combat the next year. Write down the actions of how we are going to achieve this . The sale figures will prove results

made a work list and personal list, leave it where I see it and tick off as it is done

get facts and deal with it while it is hot don’t procrastinate it only makes things worse

Work colleagues, friends, family

Think outside the square & be open to possible alternatives

All aspects of life, different ways of thinking in changing situations

I notice daily that people in branches sometimes lack product knowledge so when I hear this and I can help I do so because the more they know the less they ask me

by making my list I can be sure to act on things I might have put off

Today, I will take a few seconds to think about responses, rather than saying immediately what is on my mind.

The cvs I am trying to escape from today would be finding time to fill appropriately throughout the day.

And the main point I am moving away from is bad distractions i.e. newspaper, internet, phone

It will be interesting to see what change there is after the duration of the course.

My cvs for the day is getting through the day as productively as possible.

I can multiply this by ten by using initiative, showing support throughout the store and taking my time.

Why is this so complicated?
Ask yourself why it has happened like that and how you can make it easier for yourself next time

The opportunity here is making the most of what you have.

When you are out of resources or not able to get your hands on what you need there is almost always a way around it and a way to complete the task

Why not ask someone else for their opinion?

They may share similar views to you and backup your idea or even add on to something else you have to share, on top of that they may even be able to share ideas with you to increase your knowledge and productivity


– my father
– my manager – a customer

The Xmas break is the perfect time for me to start working through my list.

Work hard at changing our thinking sharing ideas to work smarter

Not the best thinking training I’ve done – there is much better material out there.

Nice little article, I am doing a fair few of these things already but there are some that I want to work on and achieved.

This course has allowed me to access different parts of my brain and slowly keep putting the blocks together about the world

Certain situations will never change

Sharing stories of outcomes from doing is a great way to maintain progress.

I stopped to take notice of my own (and our staffs) confirmation bias around pricing structures from customers. Pricing for our value proposition and not out of bias as to where it ‘should’ sit is something we can definitely implement within our own habits/routine.

Asking questions and drilling down is a great way to both understand and stop yourself from offering solutions without having all the detail.

I see this as planning my day effectively. Each step up the ladder will bring me closer to my ultimate goal. Without planning things can be missed or may take longer than desirable.

My first thought is looking into the future and think outside the square to how we can do things better. Naturally we aren’t born with this skill.

“Just suppose” I don’t need more time in my day! I feel like a chicken with its head cut off sometimes with sooo much to do both at work and home. Instead of getting flustered and wishing for more time I will TAKE some time to plan and find a way to fit it all in or prioritise for the best result.

Nice points on fear dictating, don’t always assume that something can control you, even if the pressure is coming from a ‘superior’ in our perception

1. Think 2. Learn


3. Love
4. Share
5. Achieve
6. Health
7. Clean
8. Succeed
9. Progress
10. Inspire
A list for everyday, not just once.


Be water to someone’s fire

Instead of just talking about it I will print off the self-audit sheets and complete.

The Reece 10 is a prime example of this

I will try to listen to what’s happening in the shop and feel the overall mood of the staff, then I will notice any changes that happen from there.

Why do others not see benefits before negatives?

To myself this means the brain can be trained to continuously improve. The process of an idea can be greatly improved by reaching out to other ideas rather than assuming that there is only one way.

Thank you for the awakenings to a new beginning

48, I thought this would be higher, really gets you thinking!

my method of thinking is something I am now questioning, this way or that way, which perspective and

from what position. I can only improve with thought.

Look at the big picture and don’t be afraid of a few little set backs along the way

Challenge myself to be creative when looking for solutions to problems/situations. Seek others opinion and give these ideas consideration even if they totally oppose my own CVS.

I need to think in a more strategic fashion and less in a tactical fashion. I need to slow down with


thinking to ensure I get to the best solution I can provide within the constraints imposed.

Getting movement through strategic thinking should be easier than tactically, if I have a clear overall direction, I can make better here and now decisions.

I need to think about how I can help the customer have the best experience possible. I need to think more about using X10 skills.
I can get movement by engaging these skills.

Whenever I think about thinking it always ends in positive results. This has to be a good thing.

Why do I do it like this? What can be achieved if I challenge the status quo

I need to look for opportunities – move forward, prepared to step back, its not a loss. Think about the potential setbacks – what can be improved, don’t settle.

Just suppose everyone achieved everything they intended to each day????

Plan and set priorities and dates for 2015 now, not when I get back from leave.

When I notice something, trust my gut and act on it.

Make sure you are honest with yourself and put that good idea into action and risk doing something different and see what’s the outcome. Positive thoughts will bring positive results.

Try something new…try it different…

Entering the pipeline will help me improve my ability to think and lead. I WILL ENTER

Great course, thankyou Michael. Best of luck to everyone else 🙂

Empathy…… Put yourself in the other persons shoes and try to think from their perspective. This should give you a fair bit to think about and hopefully create some movement.

I will reward the entire team for a good job during this usually quite time.

Enjoyed this. We are in control of everything. Make the most of it.

I made a point of thanking each staff members that stepped up in my absence on annual leave. A few in particular had assisted our various customers over the last 5-6 weeks. I made a point only this morning, of a handshake, a thankyou discussion, a smile or a back pat. In all situations the acknowledgment went a long way I think, and it was well deserved.

I am UP.


First day back at work 2015, and looking forward to another year.

Set up a practice session to control body language signals and analyse responses over the weekend. It was amazing what conscious thought does, especially in regards to analysis of certain non-verbal exchanges that I’ve always worked on when at work.

Sports stars and their superhuman abilities are the most simple, yet most visually obvious example of what continuous training of a skillset can have on a human’s capabilities. Physical and mental.

Yes. I laugh every day. My family and friends do. I am also blessed with colleagues that are full of laughter, especially our special office comedian Geoff.

You are never going to escape spin, or people’s opinion. Everyone has them, everyone has their own agenda.

I am looking for personal satisfaction.

Wearing both is pretty important. Logical thinking, and right/wrong has delivered a lot to society in regards to criticising to force improvement, better standards and fostering a scientific approach where the burden is on he/she who makes a claim.

Having said that, the concept of adding value and improving things is in today’s world the most important concept any business person can exhibit. You are now part of the problem and the solution, right in the thick of creating a successful business.

We can all continue to develop our ability to think regardless of our cultural background, age or education

I hope something good comes from this exercise.

My mood is usually up active sometimes its down passive..its really determined on what is going on in your life at the time .

Don’t just ask for an outcome take the time to teach the process

The cvs to bvs I will be trying is how to get the most out everything I do look at the cvs first only to trigger the bvs process

Challenge the main point .look at it from out side then maybe you wont need to move away from it

I think its a great thing that these 2 banks are doing. Engaging Staff through letting them have there say and improve the way they think is invaluable. As a staff member being given the opportunity to be heard and be part of the way the business operates breeds drive and ambition rather than becoming a stagnant yes man/woman

I use humour and jokes to get the boys up and about, we spend more time at work than we do with our own family so you have to enjoy yourself and have a good working environment

Should we look to fix the drains or just focus on making the fountains bigger?


Treat customers the way you want to be treated do the very best you can for each customer take pride in going above and beyond when dealing with credits or problems that arise for a customer and you will reap the rewards. Don’t let it slip because your having a bad day always switch on when serving a new customer.

This is a great lesson to look at the main point and think that it could be wrong or not the best way X10 at its rawest to think that something that you have done for years and its worked to rethink it that simply to improve the way it is done. X10 is starting to sink in.

In all situations looking at a positive point of view

Up and active, setting store goals for the year and reflecting on achievements from 2014.

My mood is relaxed this time of year, ready to jump into the new year with anticipation.

Yesterday I was down & passive after a few too many drinks on New Years Eve. Wife told me I needed to do some stuff so then I was down and active. Came good just before bed and felt great so watched a movie in bed = Up & passive. Today is my last day before annual leave so I’m up & active

In my line of work Customer meeting are very important and also hard to get. An Agenda is a must a goal is also very handy making sure I use an agenda that is set by both parties has made for much more productive meetings and also made customers more inclined to accept meetings.

Yes we laugh at work everyday. It’s an essential part of getting along, and builds relationships.


Positive mood. After a nice break for the end of year, I am keen to get back into the swing, my mind is clear and open, spinning back up to full speed, the ideas starting to flourish.

Complacency just because things are going well does not mean they can not be better don’t always look for improvement in things that are not going well look at all facets.

Being more efficient on daily tasks

I scored 40 I am quick to implement a plan then tweak it rather than think through to the best option first

Happy new year to all

My mood is always positive and upbeat but like anyone I can have down days but they do not play a major part in my disposition.

Staff engagement take time to set plan’s for outcomes that benefit both parties. Listen!

Yes, if your not laughing your not living. Relax and enjoy easy to say but hard to do at times.

To help, inspire, understand and learn.


Setting measurable goals sticking to them and achieving them and constantly improving based on a different outlook on the results

How can this be more fun? We can stop being so hard on ourselves and so formal and just relax.

Do I hear the sound of laughter everyday? No. We don’t work in a funeral parlour so we need more fun moments to laugh at.

Why not? Because we are to focussed on the task and not on the people who are doing them. Get to know staff and customers and create an environment where their personalities are allowed to shine.

Why not do this differently? Why not train my staff more? Why not train my staff to be able to complete my role in the business? Why shouldn’t my staff have the same training and knowledge that I have?

Manager, Regional Leader, My Staff

I need to use the stairway to step back and look down on my CVS, why do I believe that my staff aren’t adequately trained? What current roles/tasks are they completing in their day-to-day work?

Just suppose that I assign tasks to my staff irrelevant to their level of training? Or the level of training/knowledge/skills that I perceive them to have?

I’m using this for my own personal life. To make my life 10 times better. Especially the quality of life. If my quality of life improves by ten then the quality of my work will improve by 10. Cause and effect.

The stairway strategy would allow me to work on the business rather than in it, often we get so busy doing the ongoing day to day stuff that we don’t see what is really needed in the business . Take a step back and look from the outside in.

Don’t waste a second of your time start now it all counts for a quick result

I have been putting off my studies. I need to escape the notion that I don’t have time. I need to make time.

I have set myself a goal, and made a financial investment to help me commit to my studies. I don’t like wasting money!!!

I need to notice how my staff approach different situations. I need to notice what works for different staff and what does not.

Then I need to notice how the our customers react to these approaches.

In regards to laughter at my work place yes there is everyday. It comes in all forms from staff conversations, customer conversations and staff and customer conversations. It helps to use laughter in a negative situation to start looking at the cvs.

Always having a clear understanding of the bigger picture is an easy way at looking at this point


Set goals, targets and actions and START achieving them

I NOTICE that my boss really does care about his staff and makes you feel like you are apart of the team

Just suppose that we all got along together

Running the ship with half the crew will always take longer to turn the ship

Think before you leap!

Do, not come into work when the industry comes back the next week
Do direct new branches to stock un-obtainable stock so the mother hubbard effect takes hold Do make light of the situations that are difficult as it keeps the crew happy

Show counter staff something new, like a pricing structure, show them how to find the daily sales screen to get them engaged in meeting budget

Create a fun workplace

Keep challenging myself, don’t sit still what can I do NEXT?

In search of a better golf swing, a better healthier life

As managers we have to find a better fitting green hat, we work in a sometimes stressful environment and deal with a lot of different people throughout our day and the black hat sometimes tries to rear its head

Instead of telling your wife/partner you love them, show them, do something spontaneous, buy them flowers, pick them up from work, cook them dinner etc.

Why not ask someone else to do the job, train them, coach them, support them….

To better train my staff to be able to handle situations on their own, and for them to have sufficient training to be able to complete tasks assigned to them and/or complete my role in the business

Why do we allow ourselves to be in this cvs when it may take the same word, why, to move us from it to the bvs….

Why do I have this CVS? Do I not trust my staff to be able to complete tasks assigned to them? do I think that they aren’t capable of completing the task? Why do I think that?

The opportunity is to make something of ourselves and look towards the bvs.

By learning to inspire 1 staff member to work more effectively it will inspire other staff to take on the challenge and work towards a bvs, it may not involve 10 times the staff but it will be worth 10 times LESS the headaches..


Train my staff to do my job, whilst learning my managers job.

List complete, now need to check it each day and make sure they get ticked off!!

Good to see large corporate companies not resting on their name and reputation and employing x10 thinking… cvs>bvs!!

The main point is trying to identify what the main point actually is and how we can look at it in the bvs..

Untrained staff

Amazing to think that ideas and suggestion could be “sold”!!

CVS = currently taking on too many tasks myself and bogging myself down in my work BVS = Train and mentor my staff so that I can delegate some of my tasks to them

My BVS is to stop and think of all the options before pursuing any of them. Not pursue the first option I can think of.

CVS is letting things worry me when the BVS is letting those same things help me grow character and experience.

Score is 40. Everyone can always learn new skills and a new way of thinking.

Humour is the best thing to find in any situation..If you can train your mind to look at the humour in ever situation I thing everyone would be a lot happier..Love the twisted end of the eyebrows

Laughter is good for the sole.. In our store most of the time we have a giggle about something help keep people happy with what we need to do on our everyday tasks..

After ever sale I do I ask myself next …what can I do next to make the next better then the last..Next is to move forward in everyway..

Looking for ways to ensure my family has the best that I can provide them, searching for the means to do the same.

To able to improve the way you do things

Fun should be part of everything we do, we need to laugh and enjoy what we do. If fun is not part of our day-to-day life, a change needs to be made.

I do hear laughter everyday, I am lucky enough to work with some very funny colleagues and have a home life that is always fun 🙂

If you cant laugh at what your doing then laugh at what some else is doing. I find that we seem to gel better.

Humor is used to good effect to build rapport with customers, if you are seen as happy fun and


approachable then it makes it easier to build relationships.

Get the paperwork done better, so it make me feel better

Need to review the list everyday and start making small changes

Look at what could have been and improve on it

Look hard at what you really want and have the plan in your head before you even start the seach.

Speaking direct and the facts will see you grow

To be more open to staffs ideas

I do hear the sound of laughter each day.

Always encourage staff to speak up if they think there are better ways to do things. Sometimes what sounds silly turns out after some thought to be worth wile.

Make a start and feed of the feedback

That we are always need to be improving ourselves.

Make this year better than the last by growing as a person and embrace change

Why not increase the repetition? Of developing more than 2 or 3 appointments per week and maybe use the strengths of the showroom consultants that know how to develop well in bringing new business to the store, instead of trying to get all of them to be great at it?

Show to your customers why the cheapest is not the best

Really embrace the moment to get the most out of it

I need to notice and acknowledge when I’m overthinking things.

We could make a sitcom with the customers we see and the things they say and do.

Jump on tasks as soon as they come up! Be ready for the next

Questioning the direction of our management is sometimes futile and frustrating as they have to shift their cvs to bvs also, for this reason it is good to ask why do they do what they do. Why is this situation like this. Why is this frustrating. 9 out of 10 times the answer is justified by business decisions out of our control so shifting from cvs to a bvs of “why haven’t I fixed this yet”? Usually sorts the customer out as well as managing the daily stress levels pretty quickly.

Made a start list

Make time in my monthly calendar in 2015 to work on the business (as apposed to in it) , on myself , family & work relationships. Call on the tools and lessons ive learnt so far and invite people in on strategy.


Customers always give throwaway lines. The answers are in there. You just need to notice

I need to think more about the things that align to the happiness of everyone around me, especially at this time of the year.

I need to think about the here and now, rather than just the future. If I keep today and tomorrow in mind, I can have a sound strategy going forward.

Movement can come when you look for yourself from all sides of the problem , situation etc.

After pondering I believe that attitude is the most important thing to notice. Reading peoples body language and what people say is the most important activity we can strive to be great at ! It will enable us to more often than not reach the desired outcome we are striving for.

New term metanoticenigtion… the art of noticing, noticing

Called a customer to say thank you

I judged myself a 42. My area to improve is definitely in deeper analysis of the consequences regardless of a successful outcome or not.

I notice that the people who tell you that you don’t listen to them are usually the ones that don’t listen

I’ve noticed you can’t judge a person on a perception, they are only showing what they want to show and more often than not it’s a facade.

Stop, listen, take in all the relevant information and then one step at a time.

Manager staff & friends

Ask the correct questions think outside the square

Why can’t some of our customers see the disadvantage to their business using inferior products?

I need to notice how my staff are coping with work and factors outside of work so that I can build rapport with them and get the most out of them

Consulting on a topic with 10 different people, to come with a BVS of the task or situation.

I already use this or in a similar way as it is, I try to empower the staff and ask them this. Only this morning I said to the staff, just suppose I wasn’t here, what would you do then??

This will get you thinking about the current situation & should result in BVS.

Catch up on quotes- go through un finalized Finish off staff skills ass
Get onto cable dispenser, to help with productivity


Just suppose I take the time to look from another angle

I need to start thinking about my actions in my new position next year… What I’ve done wrong previously, what I’ve done right previously, first actions on etc. etc.

I also need to think about how I can improve the relationships between the businesses on the multisite which will improve efficacies.

Getting movement will come with “doing”… I can come up with all the ideas in the world, however if I don’t action them I will achieve nothing!

Set a plan action the plan follow up

I need to think about moving my thoughts into actions that will create better outcomes.

My x10 DFQ’s.

To do my best always and help other achieve their full potential.

Think, feel, act.
Understand the issue, planning, hard work, self belief and decisive positive action.

I’ve started actioning my list of 10. Instead of just thinking about it it’s time to start doing!

Making Goals in work and life and making sure I achieve them monthly Thinking outside the square daily.

Involve other people in your thinking to move forward.

My stairway is putting myself in my boss’s shoes and then thinking about what information I would want from someone in my current role. That might be different to the information I am currently providing.

This latest article reminds me of the quest for life. Almost like a ‘handbook’ or ‘bible’ on how we are best to handle ourselves.

I have found the X10 training has helped me to broaden my thinking and it is all too easy to have negative thoughts when things go wrong. But with X10 you can look at the positive and try and get something out of it. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to believe and have an open mind.

I notice the lift staff members get when you pay them a compliment or give positive feedback on something they have done.

A DO list for next year. 2015 will be a big one.

This course has been enjoyable and has reinforced to me that hard work and persistence pay off.



Positive feedback empowers people to repeat the good effort and more

All helpful

Ok I think

At least try to find a BVS

People who were not afraid to put balls on the line to succeed

Stop procrastinating and just do it

Continuous repetition on anything will naturally gain improvement

Workmates, manager, vendors

so many more options

Make conscious plans before any work

Enjoyed and got a lot out of this program thank you very much

Relax and think things through

I notice body language everyday to gauge how receptive a staff member or customer is to my opinions and training methods

I need to think about new ways to engage my colleagues. How to inspire staff to move up the rungs of our great corporate company that we work in. I need to inspire a new staff member to successfully apply for another position on our team.

I hope you have continued success, the whole program has helped me to consider how I live my life and to continue to improve me thinking process.

I will reward everybody with a positive uplifting attitude

I have been noticing how other staff members in the branch handle customer inquiries, sales and complaints . The result is that I have a better insight of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses (including mine ). Also am now better placed to discuss and train staff on STRW.

I ask this question to myself every day. What do I do now? Next target, next challenge, conquer…

Would be doing work around the house, painting , maintaining , stuff that I don’t feel like doing on weekends


Realising that the greater the number of people in a meeting/workshop situation the harder it is to achieve consensus in the decision/outcomes – needed to change the expectation and highlight that I was seeking outcomes that are accepted/something they can work with by the group as opposed to every participant being 100% agreed.

I need to notice everything, regarding customer service in the store.

List made

List made & to be acted upon over the Christmas period

Get involved with your staff, Show an interest in them beyond the 4 walls of your branch and you will be surprised how better your relationships may be.

People like to be noticed
People like to be liked
The better the rapport you build with your staff the better your branch will operate.

Focus on building my teams ability to think outside the square. Have them believe in themselves and create a path for them to see past the day to day hurdles we are all faced with and see them as opportunities to see that anything can be accomplished.

There is “always” a BVS if you allow yourself to make that switch. Defending the CVS is what we tend to generally do as confirmation bias will kick in and we search to prove ourselves right.

Problem with a quoted product and now the customer wants Reece to supply the correct product. CVS is to defend our position. Working on some BVS to explore options.

Take more notice of customers answers

I need to notice the little things that people do. They may seem insignificant but they are the qualities that set them apart from everyone else.

Need to notice – My customers enthusiasm to call and discuss closing the deal.

What else to notice – The positive effect it will have on our staff and him once we get it over the line.

My point of view isn’t the only point of view & try something different

I believe after completing the X10 course, I am in a better space to consume the ideas proposed in the article. One needs to stop thinking things don’t go our way because everyone is against one, accept stuff happens and move forward with a smile 🙂

My score 37,
I found this quiz very interesting because my whole life I have been told I over think and over


analyse things so I have tried hard not to as this can frustrate those around me, but no more I’m going back to my old ways of thinking and processing.

I have really enjoyed thinking about MY thinking. With what I just read it is as though you were able to pen what I have realized over the last 3 years. When we are in touch with what really matters-treating ourselves and others with compassion and respect, we truly will live a happy and enriched life and hopefully will touch others in a momentous and lasting way!

I reward myself every weekday by buying my lunch and a nice coffee. I try to reward others by listening to what they have to say, valuing their opinion, acknowledging their good ideas and being a positive and happy person to be around.

Why not do more of it. Asking the right questions, to get an understanding of our customers needs.

Other managers, region leaders, staff members, customers.

Thinking for myself – my partner and I live very busy lives, so instead of doing the norm last week rushing home to get things done I tried online groceries and announced all done no need to go out. Core idea I’ve risen above – this was professionally instead of doing the same calendar plan and call cycle for the quarter I’ve gone all out and I’m trialling a new plan. What box have I escaped from – negativity the glass is now always half full. most recent cvs2bvs – again professionally a lot of people come to me with issues in my role and recently making sure I had all of the information to gain a better view of the issue was very successful.

SOT has helped me in a few ways
– to stop and think if there is a better way
– also consider my goals and what is important to me

this has me taking my time and thinking how I could change things in my personal life as well as work I find I do not shoot of the hip straight away taking it all in not just the parts that I can change .

That everything I am instructed to do is the correct thing to do – this is not always the case

That I need to look at everything in detail…it might be better to take a step back

Look at a process I’m currently using in my day to day work and see how I can make this 10 X faster

“Why can’t I improve this?” Probably because nobody has ever suggested a change so we’re stuck in a old way of thinking. We should ask this question often!

Opportunity to improve on my leadership skills.

Why not ask someone else for their opinion?
This is a great question to ask in my role. I need to speak to people that I wouldn’t normally speak


to get a better understanding of parts of the business I don’t know about!

Everybody can help, no two people are going to have exactly the same thoughts – gather as many points of view as you can

Look at trending issues that are reported to us, is there a process we can implement to make our customers happier

Just suppose I was experiencing the same problems as my customer….would I want to be treated/spoken to any differently

My list ended up being a list of things I want to achieve this year/things that have been playing on my mind for a while. Maybe I need to be actively trying to do things to achieve these goals

Started doing the planning for tomorrows work now – while all the ideas are fresh in my mind!

I notice that when I overthink things, the results are not necessarily better. Maybe I need to notice when things need to be simplified.

Why Not ‘lead by example’

Colleagues, customers, suppliers

What I have learnt about PTO is it’s vital in certain situations. But reading between the lines I think challenging ideas needs to become PTO also. Emergency situations requiring First Aid is a great example of PTO. But X10 thinking to be effective should become an automatic response.

To become a skilled thinker you need to have an open mind. Open minds leads to new opportunities, ideas and possibilities.

These are the ideals I try to live by every day, was great to have a reminder and refresher on the simple thought processes needed to live a truly happy and content life. Thank you 🙂

Score – 42

My something else is opening my mind to different possibilities.

Being able to think outside the box and still conform within OH&S is alot more difficult than it seems, the simplest ways of doing things are often excluded by restrictions even when they may be as safe as the required way.

I guess everyone is born with the ability to think but the thinking skill develops as we mature. Even when matured there are different types of thinkers. For example working in IT I see a lot of good logical thinkers, then there some that never learn and have to always be lead through a complex issue.

Work on understanding and thinking more about my customers thoughts

The opportunity here is to gather all the low hanging fruit. We are missing a lot of sales by simply


not asking customers the most basic questions.

A win, no matter what you are doing.

What is that person doing well (green) not what are they doing wrong (black)

Great week already, put plans in place to be able to repeat it again. (What worked well)

Already put something in place to start the day with a “laugh”. (Then get to work)

It must happen, getting it to happen is the trick (it`s a balance)

Down at the minute.

The something else that I can work on today is to aim for a more effective time management strategy that should enable me to achieve my broad task list daily.

35 – lots of room to improve my brainpower to consider some more when making decisions. Quite often I can be move on once satisfied I have made the right decision, where as I will dwell over should I shouldn’t I decisions.

I cannot say that I have asked this question that often of myself. I like to believe that I am here to bring happiness to others and as Albert Einstein said, to find the person to bring me happiness. I like to think that my actions create a positive rippling impact on other peoples lives.

The need to rush and have everything right now instead of waiting! I have learnt to take a step back and to take a deep breath. I have found that things are working themselves out and falling into place better than if I had been forcing them.

By helping the staff the excel in themselves is reward enough for me

I have been putting off de cluttering my house – sigh maybe tomorrow I will start 😛

Self-deprecation always works, especially when it comes to technology.

I have always believed that I could do anything as long as I had the right training. I could become anything I wanted if the chance and training was given.

how, Network/suppliers/ when, NOW!!/ where, anywhere!

Why is this my reaction. Why do I get defensive when asked difficult questions when I know the answers but don’t like to give people bad news.

No matter how strange, consider all angles and solutions

Don’t re do the to-do list. Get started. Now!

Good question to ask myself this question whilst in the recruitment process

Stop wasting time thinking about what to do next and start something.


The right balance to working relationships so as to get the best out of the them.

Gym/ Fitness training is a prime example of constant varying cycles of training to shock system to grow/ improve. You are constantly evolving your training to get better ongoing results

Practise every day.

It has been proven that when learning a new skill short training sessions (20-30 MINUTES) can be of more benefit than long drawn out sessions.

Sort of makes it more fun too.
Also helps to know and understand the long term benefit that the new skill offers.

Design thinking is first choice strategy. However judgement thinking often comes automatically and there isn’t time to make the choice.

Offering a point of view as an alternate way of doing things instead of assuming that the current process is the best one. Even if that point of view doesn’t work out. Its the environment where people feel they can offer one which is important.

I was taught, during the best training course I have ever done, that once you have completed the task of preparing a good presentation, you then practise, practise, practise and practise once again to make sure its delivered perfectly!

Continuous training happens on a daily basis as we going through the same processes to make sure all is correct.

Just suppose for one day I was in charge of the white house or the vaitcan…what would I see, what would I do, what would I say? Any part of my life could be changed by any change itself.

I hear laughter, and see the work getting done. Customers hear the laughter and feel relaxed. A great place to work, a great place to visit.

I just relate it back to our R10 03 – Continuous Improvement

There is always new training available – or the opportunity to go over old training and renew skill sets.

You can practice anywhere. Practice makes perfect

Updating site presentations today.
Editing so that all info is included and available. Might as well dress it up a bit too, looks good.


X10 thinking pushes the CVS past the reasonable limit of adaptation, and into a new area. We cannot simply do the same thing 10 times better, or minimize downtime by a factor of 10 with the current CVS, we need to innovate and change what we do, not simply ‘how we do the same thing better’.

3 work related, 3 personal, 3 from acquaintances & myself

Get rid of the word “training” and replace with “practice”. The first “initial” session of anything sport or work can be seen as a training session, after that, it is all practice.

Recognition is a great form of a reward.

My CVS involves my perceived relationships (or lack of) between colleagues.

My BVS will be to discuss, evaluate and engage staff to encourage a more harmonious environment.

You don’t realise how short life is until you have kids then you do everything for them and then you hope you don’t pass before them

Reducing DIFOT delivery errors by TENPOWER (10) to Builders

1/ Parents 2/ Friends 3/ Partner

My current view of a situation … Hmmmm well we have just had some racking taken away from us and I was wondering when the stock arrives that goes into these racks where are we going to place it ?

Looking at the BVS of this requires to 10 times reduce unwanted stock so that the stock that is required has a place in the rack. So we are going to take the opportunity to quit unwanted stock and be ruthless in our thinking

Specific CVS for me. Looking for staff into a specific geographic region. X10 the CVS and look for potentially 10 staff who may go into the area without placing a CVS on whether they may or may not go there.

I need to break down learning barriers through better use of time

When customer place order, I offer add ones of goods required for particular job and what they normally stock that you thick they might be low on day to day products

Offer new possibility instead of the same old response

I think this is equally as thought provoking when you minimise your view of a situation that seems all too big, to divide by ten and see an easier path through to completion. X10 can make selling


easier; dividing might get the job done easier or more simply.

Why is this so difficult? – BVS is a result, finding a way outside the square and producing the result. Whatever it takes.

Familiarize myself with x10 processes/product/people I didn’t know about within our company, whether directly beneficial to my own business/work or not.

CVS – let emotion get involved in my thought process at times.
BVS – take the emotion out, it`s not about what I think. It`s about getting to a better view situation.

Escape from the Bubble boy syndrome & start looking at the problem from a different perspective which can lead to BVS

If I do one thing for one customer do it for ten

Traditionally when we set new goals/tasks for ourselves we go hard at it in the beginning. We then lose drive and whilst we may reach our goal, we have potentially missed out on opportunities or achieving greater things. The X10 here will be to maintain the rage until the end of the period/project/goal.

I am learning to push myself to learn new things every day

I have taken a task which is preformed every day and written down ten different ways in which it can be carried out and I have now found a better way to do said task

CVS – Putting stock away quicker. An x10 approach would be to ask all staff to grab an item and put it away every time they go passed as opposed to relying on one person to do it all.

Using it quite a bit lately you says it to staff and they most times answer there own question.

I have been asking others for their opinions rather than trying to ram my CVS down peoples throats lately and the response has been very good – I have been able to see how other people perceive things and been able to develop to a BVS.

Just suppose I had the energy to do the exercise I need to look after myself every day, what would I look like?

I have the chance to convert a customer’s perception (detractor – NPS Score) by following up with a phone call. They currently do not buy from us but have opened an opportunity via feedback to allow us back in. Stay tuned.

Listen to others & take time to consider all options.

To learn, inspire, guide, teach, assist, provide and lead those people that we are surrounded by in our day-to-day lives.

Just Suppose we said yes to everything


Be Positive, to learn, to experience new things, to challenge myself & others, to be able to pass on my knowledge to others which hopefully contributes a positive impact to their working or personal endeavours, last but not least enjoy life.

Think of the best result for the customer in awkward situations

See every objection, every roadblock, every excuse, every lack of understanding as an opportunity , something to breath life into through better listening and understanding on my behalf.

Repetition … most people become good at things with repetition and persistence. The trouble is at times we give up just short of producing better outcomes.

Colleagues Partner myself

Before reacting today I will take a 10 second pause or a 10 minute pause to ponder the situation, depending on the pace required for the action!

Just suppose all my set plans for next year are embraced!

The one thing I need to work on is “Why didn’t it happen”. I normally move on quickly. Do I need to reflect on it a bit more??????

Wife, kids, colleagues

Why not ask for someone else’s opinion? There are plenty of great ideas out there outside of mine!

Stop and consider before I make a decision. I can be very quick to jump to solutions when sometimes it isn’t what people are looking for

Looking forward seeing what the brain can do.

Smooth & graceful while being in control

Through repetition we have a better chance of getting it right. this also is correct for leadership

It’s not how bad you mess up but how quick you are to recover and show that to your client.

Why not eliminate this task? – Incorporating an action or result into another can free up time or increase efficiency.

Bill, Glenn Buck, Lance

I will use the RDS system to monitor vehicular activities more closely and look at the paths the drivers are using to tackle routes and see if my local knowledge can cut down on travel time.

I use a Just Suppose approach to local sport all the time. Changing the way I use and implement


players and their positions looking for different outcomes to see what benefits can be produced.

I didn’t go into a confrontation situation like a bull at a gate as I normally do, took the strategic view instead, and worked rather well.

Just suppose we think out of the norm and ask why / why not ? I can change! Instead of taking the same track I’m going to take a different one

A common view I will try to escape from today is putting up with mediocre performance that surrounds me

Aren’t we trying to move (escape) away from the norm or CVS and test ourselves to come up with a BVS

By asking questions, if we do this in our day to day activities we can grow the business. Salesdo you want fries with that. Purchasing if I buy in bulk do I get freight free

Moving from CVS to BVS would be a classic why not question Why not try something new

The stairway I will be using to help is the RPM Report.

Every time I finish a project no matter how well of bad it went I still stop and think about how I could of done things differently.

My Family, friends and colleagues

1. Wife
2. Branch Manager 3. Father

I scored a 46, which is roughly where I thought I would be. I find the line of questioning very interesting and am looking for to see if there is a difference after the training if finished.

Why not use an alternative? For me this will be assigning certain tasks to different people, this will hopefully bring about a new method . I will then watch to see the results. Hopefully it will be an improvement >

I could quite literally “climb the stairs” in the warehouse and get an overview of Inwards Goods and how it is being done by watching it happen from a higher viewpoint

1. My boss
2. Other business people (friends/family in business ) 3. My staff


In my cricket club. Training is not compulsory as a lot of us work and cannot make it to training on time. We are starting to struggle on field because of this. Just suppose there was another way to improve our skills on the field. What would that be? How would we achieve it?

3 colleagues

Just suppose I could find a balance between success and other aspects of life. What impact would it have on my productivity?

Just suppose I did all the things I told myself I would do. What we life be like?

I often find myself working a little too hard in the business rather than working on the business. I will try and remove myself from situations that bog me down (delegate) and work harder on the business.

Go through plans with a customer on their jobs and see how they work out what they need, they may not allow for certain things which we might pick up on, it may save them on time and deliveries. Also good customer development

I can use automation to speed up some of my routine tasks.

Sister, Family & staff

See the challenge not the problem

I am here due millions of random events that have happened over the last 14.5 billion years. I am extraordinarily lucky to be here so I appreciate every minute and I try to make the most of it.

Just because that’s how you do a task, doesn’t mean that’s the best way to keep doing it or even if you should.

To be happy. The best way I have found to be happy is to make others happy.

When Quoting look at x10 times from cvs to bvs = margin

Interesting. Creating a customer experience that accompanies a sale is a way of create the a sale by word of mouth. Think I need to get the wombat selling book and have a read

Interesting quote. Generates a lot of thinking.

There are a lot of challenges that need to be considered with the quote such as when does a fountain become a drain and Vice versa.

Do we need to consider that not all valuable business drivers come from management

Score of 39. Not as high as I thought I may get but some of the questions prompted some second thoughts. My attention to detail – for me – is not as important as my ability to “feel” rather than think and analyse in black and white.


When looking at a political issues I try not to take the traditional right or left view I try to develop my own opinion on the issue. Not easy as you can be bias in the article you read which then leans you to the right or left.

My other main change in ‘how I think’ is I try not to think about what I want, rather I like to spend a bit of time each day appreciating what I have. I find it makes you a lot happier and content to appreciate what you have. It also helps me make the most of the time you spend with loved ones rather than take it for granted.

x10 thinking can lead to finding solutions/answers ,out of the square,outside the box and not tried before.

Sounds like viewing things from the other side of the fence. Doing things differently challenge I’m embracing

Its not just about having a better view of the situation, but looking at it even higher (x10) Thinking about the what if and multiplying it by 10

Standard animal traits; procreate, create a safe family environment and do whatever you can to prolong your mortality.

I can multiply my CVS by 10 by taking that extra step to help someone with a task even if it does not match my own point of view.

Learning all the time everyday

Continue learning and growing. However spending more time pondering the thought to see if there is a better outcome.

R1: Customer Focus
1: Know the customers names
2: Show an interest in the customer
3: Listen
4: Greet the customer as soon as they walk in the door 5: Assist all customers to the best of our capability
6: Communicate with the customer
7: Understand the customers issues
8: Solve problems quickly


9: Follow up with the customer
10: Keep interactions as positive and energetic as possible

My cvs is the current % of sales we get from my regions top 10 accounts.

You can be naturally talented at some things but the rest has to be learnt.

Negativity would be It- in a nut shell !

My CVS is to buy one product to sell to one customer. My BVS is to buy 10 products from the supplier and get a bulk rate, this will allow me to make more money on the one sale and beable to offer the product to 9 other at a slightly discount rated and still make my original margin, for the 1st product.

Learn to get a lot more information from existing customers, which will help me get me leads.

Always ask about what value a meeting at any time is going to bring to participants. No meetings for meetings sake!

Add value or don`t meet.

Recognising the thought pattern that brings me back to the same point every time I try to break free of it.

CVS: We “should” be able to source that for you BVS: No drama, how many do you need ?

Forget about the one bad experience and concentrate on the 10 good ones.

By understanding the CSV and applying pressure to it. Practice and repeat, improve and repeat. Ultimately identifying this as the BVS.

Idea! Before proposing my ‘CURRENT’ solution I will come up with 10 other possible solutions.

Just as you think in parallel universes, I will think of the scenario in these universes trying to evaluate every possible outcome depending on a different choice you make.

Exciting to allow myself to think about thinking and the thoughts that are sometimes not allowed to ripen. I am allowing thoughts to move to action and to be more open with my communication. x10 thinking is like a can opener and opens up the brain to let ideas out.

Good management & learning something new every day.

Everyday presents an opportunity to learn and grow. RIP Phil Hughes


Looking for different ways to approach a customer when others before have failed, either choosing a different angle of attack or by switching up the person of contact.

An investment education generally reaps benefits and if you were then structuring this with a view to sell it the potential is endless.

The main point of a CVS for me is knowing one exists. There is CVS and there is a BVS. Identifying what my current CVS is allows me to then look for a BVS. So, I am trying to move away from a CVS being the actual situation to being only a current view of the situation.

Teaching my daughter to say daddy

Everyone is different and we all have different environments that can help us think out side the box. Key is to find what one suits your thought process

Identifying the main point helps to identify any pre-conceived ideas about a situation so that it can be looked at more objectively.

If I fix a problem in a report for a customer that is the CSV. If I fix the bug which causes the problem in the reports this fixes it for many customers.

I have been put here to help others, as my skills are very people orientated.

When doing a design instead of picking an item and making it fit, do several designs and look for the best option

Why do our customers hate this ?
cvs is perception,confirmation bias. bvs is clarity when they are shown how we work .

Understanding questions. The door opens a little more each time another question is asked . more understanding questions, more opportunities arise.

Daily we experience roadblocks. Why not ask the group to huddle up and come up with the answer. Walk away and give them ownership.

Wife, assistant manager and inwards goods coordinator

The huddle. A circular stairway. Each person in the huddle has an idea or opinion to help do things x10

Too often we take such a narrow view of a situation, and do things the way they have always been done successfully. Take a step back and question why a little more with a grand plan view rather than nitty gritty detail.

Provide for my family and live life to the fullest.

I’ve recently taken a step back in my career to learn more and to receive coaching. I had to rise above my own feeling of disappointment to allow myself to grow and learn.


I attempted to use a stairway today to move to a strategic view of the situation however a roadblock who is set in their way will not consider a BVS, they are stuck in the CVS with no way out.

Change tasks and come back to it later with a better view of the situation.

Asking for help and considering ways resolving problems.

CVS-This is a road block in a procedure… BVS-What roadblock??

Other Assistant Managers
Other Branch Managers
Other Retail Managers (Maybe a supplier managers) Why not customers?

Wow! I really do not have an answer to such a profound question! In saying that it is a question that I do ask regularly. Primarily my happiness relies on the wellbeing of my Immediate family and nurturing them. To me, the challenge is behaving in a way that will ensure that things in better shape than when I found them.

This motto makes me think about nature vs. nurture. What is passed down from your parents and what you learn from you environment

Able to take people for who they are and listen to what people have to say without judgement

Anything that stops us getting a BVS

Why do I have this CVS ?

This CVS has built from my personnel and working environment, it can be changed. We do need to want this change to move into BVS, we can’t just be told we have to.



My manager, staff and customers


By being patient, listening, giving clients options when needed and feedback on their choices.

That it takes training to become a pro thinker.

Just suppose I greeted strangers outside of work with a hello and a smile? What response would I



Need to switch on…

Thinking is a skill and, like most skills, requires effort to improve.

By achieving happiness at the end of the day, knowing I gave it 100% to do everything I could for my customers.

Assist Customers up the “stairway” with me to help them see the “Better View of the Situation” – (My Account)

Create more initiative…

by using more initiative and thinking for myself my chain of thought will be more focused at the task ahead rather than me just listening to instructions.

Unlike most things in life, thinking comes naturally. However it is what we think about and how we proceed that makes us skilled…

Thinking, like anything else, is a skill once learnt to use properly can be done well.

45- I may have been a little hard on myself in some areas and a little generous in others, however I am looking forward to the audit questions on completion of the SOT course.

Time management

Why not ask for someone else’s opinion? Too often we believe our opinion is the best. Why not start getting other peoples ideas and being open minded that they might be a better way of handling a situation.

Asking “why” is a great way to learn.

The opportunity to turn a negative or bad situation into a positive. Purely by looking at it in a different light and attacking it differently. Asking questions and turning it into an opportunity.

I am here to work hard so I can provide a safe and happy environment for my family , and encourage my children to be the best they can be, they can achieve what they want if they put their mind towards it.

Simple situation. Customer says can you look at that price please? CVS- no probes, we make up a figure and don’t discuss with customer. BVS- put my thinking cap on. Settle on a price x10% more than I would have. Agree with it with customer. $$$$!

to slow down, thin for a minute then say what I need to say. to stop rushing and just absorb all the information first.

Finding answers to queries myself first, before asking someone I know who has the answer, even


though it would be quicker to do so. Much more beneficial in the long run, and far more rewarding.

Agenda, preparation and outcome.

47 – sometimes you need to move quickly and not over analyse. Everyone see things differently but can have the same outcome.

Assistant Manager. Staff

seeing a small customer on site that I have never gone out to see them on their work site. understand their business better.

teach the way I have learnt things and be taught the way others have learnt that way together we both have a different perspective on processes and together can start to think about things differently and see if this improves our work process

I’m here because that’s how life works! But now I’m here I am a believe in not wasting it !

Trying to move away seeing negative starts to the day

I believe I am here to make a difference, even if it is only a small difference to peoples lives weather that be through work, family or friends.

We all play a vital role in this world to each other.

to live life and enjoy it.

I’m thinking about my daily thinking

We need fountains to help the drains become fountains

That I can predict a customers reaction/objection to a new product/idea/service because I familiar with their custom, therefore I don’t approach them as to avoid the conflict. Just go looking for the easy win.

Sometimes we need to step back and consider other views of the situation before jumping in.

I can work on surrounding myself and educating myself with interest and interesting people with a point of view I desire to help me become better at what I want to become. I want to do this and still keep my skill set and my own point of view.

39 – that little extra time taken when thinking before making a decision can have a huge impact on the final outcome

not escaping……. always discovering


34 – I need to start thinking about all points not just the ones I like…need to take out the emotion of choosing in some areas of decision making

Always look for a BVS as well

Prioritising on the things that need to be done today and putting the time in where it is needed in the business. Often the things that I perceive as important generally creates more work for myself. The CVS Point is Get everything that needs doing; done today. Should it be get everything that needs to be done urgently done today.

cvs2bvs way of thinking , now starting to impact my thought process on daily issues

Try to think outside the square, not just be happy with the first solution

I believe its easier to find the main point and it seems to be the main point that’s good for me! this in turn is the problem I should be finding the main point for the customer/other person and then moving away to other options.

48 … Still a lot more learning and skilled thinking learning to do….

That I won’t learn anything new today.

CVS- how i see and interpret a task

BVS- ask others their view & get a better idea on the task by collecting differing views & opinions – use those around you to get a BVS

Think outside how I think and listen to others thoughts and not actions.

In my work day it would be to step back from my cvs and look for for bvs to solve problems for our cliental in there business’s hopefully to create a win /win situation .

The main point I am trying to move away from is the fear of failure

Try to look from the outside in to understand how others perceive me. This I believe will help me to grow to help others better.

Family and friends

Life itself can be continual training with age usually comes wisdom, using wisdom and past experience can be daily training. If you are conscious of this it can be used to your advantage during your working life.

I can reward myself today by being happy with my efforts and praising myself internally.

A reward can be a powerful thing and a very important motivator. First you need to find what the receiver values as a reward and use it at the appropriate times.

As a leader it is important to acknowledge and celebrate wins even if they are small. More importantly recognising every body that contributes to the success.


Brainstorm – Prioritise – Delegate/Action – Follow-up.
Look for leads from each point of the process for opportunities.

-Have a look at savings/banking plans and shop around, create a budget and stick to it. – Cut up credit cards
-Clean cupboards of rubbish foods and plan your meals
– Plan my week

Most of the board is made up of people I trust for there cvs eg father , mother , close friends

You can practise anytime be it at work, or home , in the car , depending on what it is wether you need 2 people or not.

Simple things go a long way!!!

-Budget -Diet/Fitness routine

Rewarding staff for your efforts before myself. If the team works together to complete the same goal then that is the reward

Rewarding the team for thinking outside the square and adopting change and trying new things.

I always try to reward others with being respectful and acknowledging achievements. The little things make our day more enjoyable.

We have a structure within our business which is implemented daily with daily huddle and weekly pipeline meetings which is used to identify issues and how we will coach each other.

It can be of real benefit to listen to other opinions & why they think that way.

Listen – Notice what people have to Say.
Ask – Notice specific details that are required.
Observe – Notice an event or an action.
Peripheral – Notice the things around what you observe.

What do I have everything here to be able to complete Now.
What can I improvise to be able to complete Now.
What can be done that requires nothing but myself to complete Now.


Before you complete your current task think about the next before you finish and are wondering what to do.

I think using both hats is ideal. You can then compare the outcome between both hats – and work out what is most appropriate based on the situation.

Humour is a great way to get people on board with your idea, as well as diffuse an argument, or have a discussion about differing ideas in a non threatening way.

People that have been an inspiration on my life would be on the board.

I would pick:
– 1 or 2 friends who work in very different fields who I think are well reasoned
– someone who asks “why” a lot pushing for answers when I explain things to them – a few people above and below that I work with
– someone in their teens, and someone in their 70/80’s for different opinions

– CEO – Dalai Lama (this may look cheesy) based on his humanistic approach, and interest in listening to others – and willingness not to force his ideals on others (and accept other peoples idea)

A better way to do things, improve my current views.

I think it is a balancing act – but I think laughter amongst teams / departments / branches is a great thing.

It puts people at ease, and makes the day enjoyable. It makes it easier to deal with hard jobs – and makes you want to be at work with the people you enjoy being around/

I think an environment that encourages a team atmosphere, with supportive co-workers, who are happy to have a joke makes life better all round!

My next x10 instalment

Practice – everyday

Always reward the team – not just yourself

It was very helpful ….
I now look at my cvs and look at a better situation.

Humour is a great way to work on a customer that could be a bit had to get on with

My Dad used to say, “Practise, practise, practise.” He was right again. Our organisation uses themes to focus on an area to improve, and we have great success, so this is no surprise really. The


light bulb comes on when I realise we need to focus daily on the right targets, ones that matter most.

Used it in these scenarios – when I am stuck on something, or when I am frustrated with a situation and I need a resolution. Just need to think – how would this help?

Actually it’s fairly simple – find a way to change to a BVS!

That gets your brain thinking in a different way and invariably you either find the answer, or you find a way that helps.

Awareness and willingness is the key for me. Being aware of the possibility of a BVS. Open your mind and be willing to accept ideas.

Focus on the bigger picture instead of the day to day fire fighting

1. Commitment, doing and achieving what I set out to. 2. I WILL ENTER

This course has made me question many things about my day to day life, I have taken a lot from it. Thanks

Wow, some of that is like looking in a mirror. Powerful, meaningful, and relevant. I lot of those awakenings have occurred for me in the past couple of months. Life gets better from here, it starts now.

I would recommend x10 to anyone looking for the motivation to not accept the status quo.

Laughter makes the bad bearable and the good better.

There is always opportunity for improvements. Once we know where we have gone wrong, we can reassess the situation and make better decisions for the future.

Why not ask someone else for their opinion?

Gaining another view point not only opens up the topic for discussion, it prompts us to think differently about the issue, gaining more information and maybe a better view of the situation.(bvs)

Always look for fresh ideas and opinions from others.
Notice what has been pointed out or commented on and take action.

I need to think about a lot of things, all the time.
Gather more info on the issue in order to gain a BVS so I can continually improve on things.

Searching/researching gives us more info on the topic.
Search engines aren`t the only answer, try a reference book on the topic/s.


Ask “why not” when something seems out of reach. To help create a BVS.

Challenging the status quo, seeking the hidden answers behind the so-called truth, finding out the reasons WHY things happened and what led to the circumstances that created the event? These are the questions all beings should ask themselves and not just be guided blindly by Politicians, MEDIA and Employers so that we grow and come a better, stronger more intelligent race.

At every crisis, companies and people that think they have planned or allowed for these events soon find weak spots that create an opening in the market for another to come in and fill. Some do not even consider these events until they are already here and it is to late for them to do anything but go into damage control and try and limit the losses incurred.

What is actually stopping you from achieving anything that arises today as well as doing everything you had planned for as well. Push the limits, act with the R10 values in the back of your mind and don’t be afraid to try and grow the business in your own way.

Me, Myself and I… Give these guys a go first you will be surprised what the power of three can do. Old work mates, Managers and Specialists these are my first port of call to tackle anything that gets in my way.

A view of the situation with a better outcome. Using an alternate view to see if the result will be better.

Why not borrow an idea?

We always believe our own idea’s are better there someone else’s, Why not borrow an idea and expand on it

Listening would be the key factor on building the stairway, the more information provided will help with a better strategy.

Just suppose I wasn’t Christian, would I drive myself insane not having an expectation of an afterlife.

Some obvious system constraints that we have been living with. Setting up sessions with parts of the team to use X10 to push for what they want – not just what we think fits in with all the CVS’s around us

I don’t have a specific example but every time I tackle something I will spend some time thinking up alternate solutions to see if there is a way that is x10

With a negative incident already clouding the day, the opportunity is to make every other interaction as fulfilling as possible, taking what we know about the negative experience, and applying those fixes to any similar occurrences should they arise.

Why do we continue to accept poor standards around us that ultimately have a negative affect on us. i.e. Why should I accept that your lack of planning or poor process is acceptable?

To improve as a leader


Staff, Family, Friends

You can teach an old dog new tricks

Myself, Staff, family

Husband, work colleagues, mother (they always know best).

By using the X10 and running through certain situations with my staff and seeing a different point of view is changing the way I am approaching CVS and is helping me to come to the BVS and is helping the staff to get involved in the way they are thinking about the way they are doing things.

I think to be a skilled thinker you must feed your brain with new knowledge. in order to help you think outside of your usual cvs..

Just suppose I spent more time listening to my customer rather than interrupting what would the outcome be.

2ic, staff, family

Thinking is something all of us do every day, its a matter of how much thought we put into thinking that makes us successful in how well we do it.

Things have been done because someone has asked for it to be done that way, Look at it, think about it, then think there is a new way this could be done, you might fail or be successful but never give in the normal way of thinking.

To bring happiness to the ones around me, to teach them different aspects of life and the way things can be thought.

Able to take people for who they are and listen to what people have to say without judgement and for whom they are.

No matter the circumstance, you can continue to train yourself, and continue to learn and improve.

The ability to give constructive and concise feedback in my own way, not what is viewed as the “right” way.

To make a mark, whether it’s on the wider community or simply on those closest to me.

Discover my blind spots, any weaknesses that I have that may be getting in the way of my strengths.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of feminism and what that means today and how it applies to me. I’ve been trying to approach it without taking in all the noise that has been happening this year about the topic and come to my own conclusions about the movement. I never identified myself as one but I have risen above the idea that “in or out” mentality around feminism which means that I probably am one. There are a variety of current views and the better view, I feel, is to rise above the semantics – the negative association with the word and get back to what it was all about – equality across the board – which I am trying to do.


Work more on my business & less in it.

I scored 48
I am quite interested if there is a difference after all the training.

Finding out why we feel strongly about a topic, will show us a new door on why that main point is important. The key to any thinking, is to objectively explore options, starting at the main point will allow us to break open options faster than leap frogging down a path.

The brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised

I want to be able to think like other people, see it from other people’s point of view, like Carl.

The motto conveys that we all have the opportunity to continue up-skilling the way that we think and process thoughts in order to maximise our cognitive efficiency.

This means to me that it takes experience and practise to be a skilled thinker.

I will work on looking at ways to continually improve myself and the processes in my current job role. I believe there is always a better way of doing things, it could be increasing the efficiency for my company or the way we help our customers.

Scratch the surface, realise the potential.

I look forward to improving my thinking habits and processes to possibly improve the outcome of challenges I am faced with on a day-to-day basis.

Never look down on someone unless you are helping him or her up. What you do for others (community, work family and people) is what makes you who you are, not what you have or say. Giving and helping builds character not money or possessions.

Why not eliminate the task? If only I could. Instead, why not increase the repetition, it will only increase my knowledge and make the task easier.

I am here for a purpose that I do not know as yet. Although I know that I am here to make a difference it is still unclear as to what that will be.

By climbing above the issue & allowing another view to be obtained

I`m not afraid to ask anyone, everyone can help you. You just need to ask.

Security – rather than just having one person taking ownership by getting the other 9 staff to get on board has increased our coverage x10ish and provided a more secure workplace.

The BSV is always there you just need to take those 10 steps to move forward.

6. Why is this my reaction?
I know I react a certain way in meetings with senior staff. I now need to escape the CVS and treat


the situation as any other meeting.

Why to we always think with a CVS and find it difficult to change to a BVS?? Why is this so??

1. Why is this so inconvenient?

This is a question that we should be asking ourselves when we get a customer that has expressed that a process or services is inconvenient for them. When put to a customer as a repeat of there comment we often find they clarify what they mean and we get our answer without putting WHY in a negative situation. On the other hand asking why in the positive will help us to learn what that customer likes about our service, and confirm to themselves why they us Reece.

Why not asks someone else?

Why not: Why not ask for that add on to the sale, what have we got to loose? why not start today

We never stop learning and training our brain how to think.

Be open minded to the possibilities and other ways of doing things, do something different to make your self-different from everyone else. Don’t discredit others ideas or defend your idea, consider all options and options that most people wouldn’t think of.

Instructor Training would further enhances my knowledge and the principles of SOT.

It would also assist with the development of the thinking of the direct people around me and further enhance their confidence when the time arises when finding a BVS.

Why not offer the alternative, see what happens.

We are all equal at birth, our genetic make up, how we are taught, and our desire to learn seperates us

my father , my wife and my staff

Question 6. Why I react the way I do has become this way over many years, perhaps always. I will try to think about the why before I react. I will fail a lot, however, many times I’m sure I won’t. This can only be a good thing.

my father, my wife , and my staff

that you can always improve and there is always something else to learn.

Thinking clearly before taking action, and taking challenges head on.

First is the unlocking of the CVS to obtain the BVS and secondly to add in the repetition and rehearsal to bolster the thinking into everyday life.

Current focus is on development and what we are trying to move away from is being the same as other suppliers. OUR BVS is being a point of difference and what do we need to do to achieve this


(our strategy and approach).

Why not Ask a question, for customers business or quote, !! If you don’t ask the Answer is always No.!!

Why Not Ask the question, for customers Business or quote, “If you don’t ask the answer is always No ”

With training and perseverance one can become a skilled thinker. Practice makes perfect.

My friend, my wife, my direct report

By removing myself from the equation, reassessing and evaluating. Then attempting to tackle it again. Clear minded and fresh. I will be able to move forward once my mind is clear.

Just suppose I prioritised my workload differently, how would I achieve different or varied results? Would they be better or worse?

You enlarge the idea once the small idea works.

to escape from my tactical view I will consider other peoples views on issues and seek to sort out opinions.

to stop and think for a moment…

Rather than saying answering with the first thing that pops into my head, think about it a bit more, more deeper thinking, may just come up with a better answer.

Time to move away from the concept (main point) we’ve had for the past few years and come up with a fresh idea.

Why not use an alternative attitude……when at work focus on work.

Applying this approach to one of my strategies will help generate fresh content.

to learn is to be able to improve ones way of doing things on a regular base

practice, repetition and rehearsal.
When we practice something, we get better at it.
With repetition, the skill requirements are highlighted.

Rehearsal would ensure that you are prepared & ready to be able to explain or demonstrate what is required.

its ok to ask why? Don’t be afraid to ask why and then adjust

Look at things differently and think how can I make/ do this better…


there is no straight path to things, every angle offers something new or a different perspective

Perseverance and practice

Supplier has opportunity to help our business. Get account manager to tell me their plan of attack

work mates , family, friends.

To give an untried employee a chance to take on some extra responsibility

1. Why is this so inconvenient?

Credits… We get so many and rely on everyone to do as much as each other. Rather than look at the frustration of why we have so many and why we cant process this many quickly I will look at how we can improve this. How we can unify the way we process them in order to clear them more efficiently and be processing the same way.

Better check my mental accounting.

Why not sleep on it first.

Great thinking material here
Interesting point about taking control and that leading to stifling creativity.

The opportunity is to look at ways of improving rather than looking at what is frustrating. I will look into ways to improve the way we are processing credits to improve the turn around and lessen the amount of entered duplicates.

Why is it important for me to continue to work through this training.

3. Why not do this differently?

We as a team need to look at our credits and ask “why not do this differently?” we as humans can get bogged down in the “NORM” the way we have always done something, and yes this way works! It has worked for years however if we look closely enough there may just be a way of making it easier, quicker, more efficient etc.

My Managers My Wife
My Brother

Don’t just supply what you are asked for, look to see what else can be done

Why not do this differently, there may be a better way, look to continually improve.


By using the why word we are asking for a answer that we all ready know

Main point I am trying to move away from is my ‘comfort zone’ (if it doesn’t break, don’t change it)

My something else/something new can be the way I communicate with customers in the store and after they leave the store

I am here to experience life, to love and to follow my dreams.

No-one is ever born a skilled thinker………… with most things in life, time, patience and practice is needed

Have you daily huddles so all staff can have they say in the business of the branch

I am not trying to escape any CVS but becoming more aware of CVS means that I can challenge myself to find BVS when situations arise.

Trying to look at ways others achieve results or targets, and taking ideas from them rather than discounting them because “that’s not how we do it”

That all politicians are idiots.

The main point I am trying to move away from is the result I have already planted in my brain…….

Talent will only get you so far……

like all physical attributes/skills that require a form of training… the human brain and mind must also be trained..

end of the day the customer always closes the sale . it ain’t a sale till it’s brought .

I am here to find myself.
I am here to learn the value of attitude and effort in all walks and stages of life. I don’t want to be the greatest I just want to remain content…

Unless thinking about thinking is brought to your attention you will probably never give metacognition a second thought.

I agree with the motto like most things in life it takes practice & training to become proficient.

What the “norm” is.

I think it’s a good concept. At a minimum, if you feel defeated about a situation stop for a moment, and then think about how you can move the CVS to a better place. It makes it a fairly logical, task- driven process to drive change.

Not only does it apply to business, but it can apply anywhere you need it to. The general nature of


the principle is the strength of the principle.

Once one has achieved BVS what comes after that??? Something to think about….

looking at things from a different perspective is nearly the same,asking someone what they think.

For me personally, the most recent change has been to take the time to plan more effectively. The results have seen more innovative & creative decisions being made that have led to greater opportunity’s.

Taken ownership. Had confidence in my way of doing things rather than relying on someone else’s way.

My CVS is that I get a lot of my customers business. My BVS is that I get majority of my customers business.

Look outside the box to discover a BVS rather than sticking to the CVS to solve your problems. There will always be a better answer to your problem (CVS) our challenge is to find it (BVS).

Recruitment. Break away from standard practice in how we recruit *Change location
*Change interview questions
*involve other staff in the process

*List 10 characteristics you are looking for *Change the time it takes to recruit *Change the way we advertise
*change the job brief or description *Change the way we roster staff

*Change the interview technique

A score of 47 in the Brainpower audit. I can improve organization methods and add improve communication methods with customer projects. I am assisting, being involved and discussing better outcomes and improving problem solving in relation to customer service.

To move away from the same old to a more efficient way of thinking when approaching tasks


Everyone can help, some do so eagerly, others are not eager. Wife, kids and workmates

Every tough moment can give birth to a good opportunity to grow, because in the pain there is gain. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective.

I have been thinking about career directions and job satisfaction recently. I was unhappy and fearful for my future and focussing on issues and outcomes that were totally out of my control. I was allowing these fears to have a negative effect on my behaviour in certain situations. By only concerning myself with things that are within my control I am less bothered about that which I cannot control.

only having one or 2 points of view

To me the best way to use the stairway strategy is to get as much input from your colleagues on the best ways to get a BVS, I think the more information you can gather the better strategy you will achieve.

When quoting customers is the main point that they are seeking the cheapest price? Is there a better solution?

41 – scored stronger in first 10 Qs than second 10. Improvement can come from me being clearer and at times slower in my communication … i.e. I know what I want done, its simple and makes sense to me but often cleaning over things because I know it doesn’t allow others get it or get on board.

I am hearing to lead a productive and contented life; one that supports and is supported by loved ones, friends and colleagues. We’re all in this together.

Creating new opportunities and making the most of them.

Learning to think outside the box is something that is very interesting to me, I look forward to learning new skills.

Moving from the CVS to the BVS for me has meant acting on some ideas I had had recently that I was sitting on.

Realised I should have done them sooner, and the positive effect they have had on me and team members has been great.

We are trying to escape from our current way of thinking to find a better solution and way of approaching tasks/objectives.

Just suppose I wasn’t worried about what people thought – how would that change the way I lived my life.

dfq is a Acronym that could have many different meaning’s. I think I am here to teach and to Gide and to enjoy what sort time we have..


#just suppose it just worked

That is the epitome of dedication and practice. Delivered without a stumble. Reminds me of a swan gliding gracefully along, under the water legs and feet going like crazy.

I have always believed that increased activity combined with repetition leads to better outcomes/performance, be it business or personal improvement your trying to make.

What I have found recently is when you actually get to this point even further improvement can be enjoyed with less effort but subtle skill/technique improvement.(value adding X10) …

Asking cash sale customers if they have a plumber lined up instead of assuming they have. Therefore using the opportunity to offer them names of local accounts.

Don’t just act in a situation, take a moment for thought!

If the main point is to increase sales, then we need to change our CVS of price differentiation to the BVS of service differentiation.

Just suppose I achieved half the dreams I had, what sort of place would I be in? It’s ok to dream, taking action is the key message.

To achieve better planning/organisation instead of just going with the flow.

We all can improve our thinking. We learn by doing, therefore when we are doing something that makes us think, we can improve ourselves – how we see the world and how we approach it.

My youngest son just completed high school… so I guess it is time to find a new approach to the next phase of family life.

Life can change dramatically when viewed from different angles and perspectives my business approach would benefit greatly from using this scenario.

I can put aside some time each day to learn something new relating to my work.

Just suppose I committed myself to waking up when my alarm goes off and not hitting snooze for half an hour… How will my day be affected?

If the CVS is to use price differentiation to increase sales, then we can use ten points of sales differentiation (stock levels, quality, deliveries, knowledge etc) rather than the one price differentiation to help convince customers to buy from us.

Just suppose I stuck to a budget, I may have more cash !!

Start thinking more before opening mouth

Just suppose I didn’t worry about making sales, I think it would be less stressful but would it be more productive?

I can understand the method and hope to be able to use it


Like staff. The more time put into it the greater result.
This case would be like taking 2 steps back to move forward 10 plus.

today when I have a CVS I will try and broaden my spectrum and find the BVS.

Ask yourself, what is the end result, where would my goals be if they were X10? What would my customers perception be if they expected CVS and got BVS.

We need to improve our attention to detail and reduce errors, moving them to a BVS.

give a man a fish he eats well for a day teach him to fish he eats well for ever

CVS may be correct there may not be a BVS however the CVS should always be tested

Move away from the normal approach, be more creative in problem solving

My confirmation bias and have a more open vision.

Yep, always start with the “Why”?

32 – Improvement needed.

You may naturally be talented, I think genes have a lot to do with it, but it doesn’t mean that you are naturally a skilled thinker. You can train your brain & potentially re programme it.

10 times thinking of a better ways to work

I have a quote to hand deliver: How can I find 10 better ways of conversing with the customer so that I have a 10x Greater chance to get the order. The objective is to do business further down the track with this customer and it must not be based around Price….

To live each day to the fullest. To try new experiences, travel, work hard and to help out and care for the people around me

stop take a breath an look at the position your in and whats going on around then you will able to get to the main point and work on a clear decision,

Going to be an interesting Journey

cvs an identify what will make it quicker and easier not only for me but for all.

my confirmation bias about a customer meeting today – build trust first

move into areas that I find intimidating and working to make myself confident in them

50. I invest a fair amount of time assessing my thoughts and also attitudes towards others before making decisions.

Look at taking confrontation as an opportunity & not a personal attack


For me the motto means 5 things:
1) We can always learn more
2) Structured thinking is more effective
3) Structuring the way we think takes time
4) Anyone can develop a methodology for thinking (as no-one is born that way)

5) The environment we are born into shapes our thinking, therefore to acknowledge that and make changes requires a different way of thinking that challenges your existing perception

I need to move away from my CVS to a BVS in my endeavours to achieve and have a clear understanding of the main point I am trying to achieve.

Trying to move away from the what? Rather than the Why ?

Challenge yourself, new everyday.

CVS – BVS = WIN WIN for everyone.

To multiply our CVS by ten we need to escape from our current way by seeking a BVS

I am trying to get away from my confirmation bias. I need to take a look at my situation from an outside perspective

I am here to work hard, be happy, enjoy time with my family and experience as many cultures as I can before I pass.

To contribute something of value each and every day in both my personal and professional life

Involving the whole team with decisions that are made within the branch. Problem solving on reports and ways of reducing CODB.

Researching something I don’t know much about instead of seeking the answer from someone who does… Taking responsibility for errors

I strongly believe that people are put on this earth for a purpose and somehow most of us find out what that purpose is. ie, Very special people deal with human misery day in day out – that is their purpose and they are the only ones that can do it well. My purpose? I think I was born a leader and I like to think I make a difference to peoples experience at work and to strive for perfection. I am only here for a short time, like everyone else, so I make sure that I treat everyday as precious and do the best I can in the time I have.

Understanding the problem, finding a solution, asking others what they’re solution would be, and comparing.

There is always a better solution


Flip the “supplier” thinking and into the customer CVS.

Customer challenges re pricing

cvs – same old, same old tell him we will meet pricing needs
bvs – think new, think creative, different solution- add benefits to upsell

Stop being on auto pilot

Such a good question and a difficult one to answer. I guess I am here to work hard and live life day by day and enjoy it with family and friends around you

I am here to grow and experience everything that life has to offer, whilst having a positive impact on those that surround me.

Update staff coaching; make it more enjoyable & more effective.

Asking for help and knowing the customer is 100% happy with the service they are given

There is opportunity in everything we do, every customer served, every order taken and every conversation had.

Why not ask the question?

CVS = Being happy with they way things are done x 10 thinking is looking outside the box and getting things done better.

look at the alternative it may be a better decision

I can multiply my CVS x10 by using my BVS to simplify a current view which may bog me down in my days work and help me move on to a more powerful solution, without constraints normal thought patterns.

The main point is generally the easiest goal to achieve. We need to think outside the square sometimes to achieve our BVS

The best thing we can start doing is stop worrying about “me”, everyone is so self-centric these days, help everyone around you. You will be surprised how much it makes a difference. Help a plumber carry his order out, load his pipe on with him, it’s the little things that count, while doing it you can build some great rapport.

I have been putting off work that doesn’t necessarily seem important to me however it will be beneficial and important to our network. I need to change my CVS.

Everyone! The world is def too self centric, a little help will get you a long way to building rapport and a better relationship with both customers and your colleagues.


My colleagues
My family
and most importantly, Myself

Strategy can only be used by stopping the menial tasks, taking stock, and planning for the medium- long term by looking at the full spectrum of strategic option available.

My stairway for the rest of this year will lead to a business plan refresh, and strategic planning for the last 6 months of execution moving into 2015

To make a difference in peoples lives

Why not ask someone else their opinion? As everybody sees things differently asking for other opinions will help get to a BVS!

Just suppose I was more up front with how I few and what I think, would people listen and take more notice?

The 3 people who can help me today are my work colleague, my suppliers and my partner. They all have a unique viewpoint which I am sure will help gain a BVS.

That is truly X10 thanks for sharing

Just suppose other work colleagues took responsibility for their actions how much easier would life be?

Just suppose I achieve every goal I set for myself next year complete every task set both personally and professionally???

Push myself to think outside the square, a better way or more creative way to do and or look at something be it

a task or a goal that I want to achieve.

Just suppose everyone shed their pride and collaborated, would be work better together?

breaking down barriers to enjoy real collaboration will improve how we function, how to get people to work together is a x100 goal.

Just suppose I achieve all the goals I set for myself next year. Complete all tasks set both personally and professionally… where would I be?

Just suppose what I could do if I had and extra hour per day?

Staff, customers and manager

Just suppose I worked on improving my education?


When looking at selling we believe that to succeed we need to walk away with an order as that’s the main point regardless of who closes the sale. At some point maybe we should align our goods or services with the customers needs and then the transaction is the net result of these actions.

Planned training program,
Started training 3 moths ago,
Fitness assessment this weekend, am hitting all the markers in training so looks good feeling very confident.

Michael , bvs , life

Explain why the CVS is possibly flawed, and how the BVS would improve everything.

Laughter is important in the workplace at the right times. A happy working environment creates a productive one.

The two hats are important to use, finding the balance is key. You need to make some sort of judgement first to then decide what design or benefit you can add to improve the situation.


I have goals and also challenging staff and myself for the rest of the year

Laughter is a good sign that your branch staff are happy


Go back to the blue ball red ball. Try and have your blue ball out as much as possible

Just a simple thankyou can be a reward to most people

An opinion is what you make it, but also take in other peoples opinion

Pick 10 of the top CEO’S from the top 10 companies

Practise to be the best as you can. Then past that on

The key message here is just to try something new each day, whether it is an original idea or an adaptation of something that a colleague has executed very well. Regardless of which new methods and techniques you try, it’s important to continue using and developing the ones that work best for you.

I will work on my art and try to branch out into different areas and aspects of it. Try fresh and challenging ideas

attacking second efforts with the same gusto as the first


Sometimes we forget to work smarter and end up working harder. Today I will be working smarter so our customers and our network are provided with the results they need in the most efficient and practical means possible.

No one is just given the ability to think in a way that they can make the best possible decisions. It is something that you need to invest time and thinking in to achieve.

Instead of just doing the basic of what my customer is asking for I will do extra and challenge their way of thinking to find a better outcome.

my boss, my brother, my trainer

Why can`t I improve this?

If you are stuck in your CVS, it will make it extremely difficult to improve on the situation. Best to adopt a BVS and review.

Use a perspective like chess, you can see where the other pieces are on the board, think about how your next move will affect your opponent and your future moves.

The thing stopping me from seeing the BVS


Why is it so hard to see things from another’s perspective, through another lens. Being able to do this is shows us where the answers are.

I am here to experience life and to share those experiences with others.

Not holding cvs as always the correct or only view… being open to question thought process restrictive paradigms

to add value to Reece Pty Ltd

If I refer these questions to how I live the R10 at work at home, I was happy with the scores. Creativity, leadership, fairness, prudence, forgiveness, humour.

My workmates, My supervisor, My Manager.

CVS is people need everything right now. My BVS is seeing where they are coming from and recognising the pressure they are under to complete their work also.

Branch staff – Customer – Reporting Mgr.

Branch staff – Customer – Reporting Mgr

When things don’t turn out, how can we help that customer to make it into a positive. This in turn is now a opportunity.

If you know the main point of the CVS it can be easier to start creating a BVS that opposed the


main point of your CVS.

Manager, wife and kids

It is good to believe you can upgrade your thinking process and your brains performance.

Think outside the box…

By taking a moment to see if there is a BVS and asking others for their ideas I will get a BVS.

to have more control of day to day activities

More staff engagement

The brain is like a muscle the more you train it the stronger it gets.

I have been coming up with original ideas that make my team more productive. By giving fresh ideas to the group they seem to respond to the challenge. By implementing some necessary changes we have started moving in the right direction to make for a better business.

Gonna work on time management and use available tools to help with this

To pass on my knowledge learned through life to others.

Why can’t I improve this?

Sometimes it appears easier to continue with a task in the same old way, even though it may seem counterproductive. The amount of effort involved in attempting to challenge / update the method can be overwhelming. Look at the bvs, make the effort, and make the change.

You can improve this.

Colleague, friend, brother

Try not to over think things, or if you do, learn from your experiences and draw on positive and negative outcomes to make a more informed decision in the future

due to the love, care and endeavours of many,
and my own will to continue to evolve and leave an enduring legacy

Take time out!
Remove your self for the situation and return later to continue with a BVS

today I will try to think outside of my cvs when tackled with new questions and queries from customers. I will find a bvs and make it exciting so that the customer buys today.

Come up with a new strategy on targeting new accounts for our store, try the strategy by myself


first and if it works get the rest of the team to buy in.

My original training was to ask why 5 times to get to the bottom of things – now its changed to 10 times.

why do I react this way? …. Frustration as I know it can be done better! Why has this not been changed? …. because I have accepted I am time poor ! .get over being time poor and make it happen!

main point trying to move away from is “the obvious”

a key CVS I must escape from “today” is that I am time poor to look at the BVS

trusted people within my circle. and nick reiwoldt

I try to think outside the box on any complex task to help reach the best outcome for the company and customer.

Everyone see things differently but can have the same outcome.

There is always more then one way of doing thing or approaching a situation. Every point of time since its conception has the opportunity to create an infinite number or possibilities outcomes for anything that arises! So next time you think what could I do differently? Or how could we do this a different way? The answer is OO!

Always drawing inspiration from whomever I come in contact with.

More and more as I develop my skills in anything I do I try to use thinking from outside the box in order to work out whether my initial CVS is justified. BVS is achieved only after assessment.

CVS to BVS I am finding that I am now starting to think about it in everything I do daily and needs to be continually at the front of your mind I have set it in my calendar as a weekly reminder to prompt me on what I am doing and thinking about within my daily task and that I am continuing to think about CVS to BVS

In the huddles we have if you bring up a tropic that has been discussed before the huddle. You seem to get more input to the discussion, but a lot more what in it for me.

We all have opinions which are mostly based on our individual CVS.
These opinions differ from person to person depending on how they perceive the situation.
If we are serious about reaching a BVS we need to allow time for educated discussion and thought. All parties need to contribute to the process.

Be open-minded, be prepared to share opinions and experiences and work towards the common goal, being a BVS for all parties.


Thinking can be a skill that can be learned

Think outside the square, think outside the norm

When I make a mistake, I look at the opportunity to build a closer bond with the contractor and fix the issue, I should think about ideas at building a closer bond with the contractor each day and not just waiting for a mistake to be made, be progressive and opportunistic

Why Not, had a classic case this morning where one of the guys showed me some photos of an existing product made out of timber, he sais it looked “shithouse” , and said why not look at dong this in pressed steel, it will look better and we can colour code it to suit the water content , potable and refuse , Why Not !!!!

Giving an opportunity for each team member to be heard is our way that each member can help the team which helps the region which helps the state.

Daily Huddles with all staff members who can help shape the tasks for the day helps the business. Everyone can help if given the opportunity to be heard and listened too

My current stairway or CVS is my Business Plan, regular revisits each week and quarter allows for tweaking areas than can be improved, the budget is at the top of the stairway for me, delivering on it and exceeding on it means I have climbed the stairway this year

Just suppose I was a better person that I am now …………..

Catching up with the school of thinking questions making a start, perfect example, just do it

CVS to BVS is to escape from the thought there is only one way to do a job to get a certain outcome.

create a new training plan and get everyone to buy in and contribute to their own training.

need to notice how advanced or not so advanced all the staff are, what level have they reached and what they would like to work on.

Ticking something off the “to do” list is one of the most satisfying parts of the job role, having the drive to complete the task is the key, keep asking myself why not………..

Notice is to me being street wise and reading the play, its a sense of smelling that something is not right , thinking on your feet , its observing the people around you and not commenting but taking things in listening and observing

I need to spend the time recruiting the right staff and then spend time training them and utilise their talents to help better myself and others.

Thinking about the current situation and analysing where I am now…….. And then look for a better way of operating or doing things, that`s what I need to think about constantly


I can scratch the surface and start working on improving my short suits now, don`t put this off , do it now

I have learnt not to just stand in judgement of something without tossing around ideas for improving it. Look at something for what it is – understand how it is as it is and green field some new possibilities of how it could be.

I can work on making the right decisions, I can work with team members together aim at making correct decisions rather than none at all, listen , plan and act

By not going with my first thought to complete a task, but run through alternatives to the best outcome.

If I can identify things we have to do twice because of mistakes and we can fix our procedures so there is no more redoing of things this will x10 our time to do other things and x10 our customer satisfaction.

Its human nature to always be looking for something better , a better way of doing things , a better deal , think its important to actually know where I am right now and look at ways of improving the not so good areas .

Having two hats is an asset , knowing when to put the right one on is the key, again this is summing up the situation and making the correct decision of which one I will wear ,

We have a really good delivery system on our site, we can do it better, there are simple human element errors that can be eradicated , this is something that I and we can do X 10 better

I have a saying when things are not going to plan “it could be worse” that sometimes breaks the ice in a moody situation, definitely adding humour relaxes the tension

I hear laughter everyday , I have a manager next door that sticks his head in and cracks a joke everyday, sometimes I see him coming but I always listen and have a laugh with him even if it is a crap joke,

Even if you feel someone is negatively assessing you after the discussion, there’s a chance to look at their reasoning and see if it can help you to improve

I`m in a to do mood right now which I would call active, I know when emotions come out and people are busy I see different mood swings, I`m sure people around me know when I`m up and about and maybe when I`m not

A mixture of facts and prejudiced CVS , I`m still working on a BVS outcome

I need to think about the staff and see where they are at with their attitudes and get them to change their mentality, which has come from the quite period of the holiday season.

Can I get them to buy in on where we want to get to and how we are going to get to it

I was asked the other day ” when is the right time to plant a tree?”


the best I could come up with was 20 years ago and NOW! Lots of plans this year just need to start working on them all

Its time to stop thinking and time to start doing.
there’s always something in the way, I’ve got to be more assertive this year.

did a search on the word “assertive” came up with: having or showing a confident and forceful personality.

Then I realised this is me in a sentence, just lost some of that hunger or desire that Im bringing back!

I definitely need to put my green hat on and use the design strategy more!

Practising new skills so they will start to become the normal. Practise selling skills to improve my knowledge.

All of the steps of my stairway/ladder are the people I come in contact with – together we can achieve far greater output than just one working alone.

Most arguments i encounter are CVS, if i can alter them to BVS that would be better for all concerned.

My board would be made up of a few close friends and family that have been smart in business. Then I would have a few others from brains to personality. Such as Bill Gates, Obama and Alistair Lynch just to name a few.

I just received another book that will increase my selling techniques, everybody has different ways but I feel like if I continue to build my knowledge that better off I’ll be.

You need to go back another step before creating patterns and that is developing the absolute want to achieve something. You won’t continue on with the practise if you don’t have the desire to go through creating the patterns unless you develop the “why”.

The new pattern I would like to create is ability to meditate effectively.

While adding functionality to a script I also improved other parts of the code, which were badly written and not fault-tolerant.

Would be an interesting thing to have to be able to choose, my two best friends, work mentor, Richard Branson, Oprah and then it would be a range of people whom I couldn’t even comprehend without a lot of thought. Innovators with varied experience, ages, backgrounds.

Family & friends


List all things that proved difficult & time wasting last year.
Create a hierarchy from that list & simplify the processes to gain more control of my time.

List things from last year that can be improved in an effort to gain more time.

at work I definitely try and use BVS and unbiased opinion. I try to gather all the facts. I find when I go out of work to my normal life prejudice comes to play.

Maybe because of the people in my life, I find it hard not to judge when out there. I tell it how it is because sometimes I can see what will happen next. I don’t know whether this is because of the way I think. I tend to think into things too much.

I do not necessarily see this as a bad thing though because it has worked and saved me many of times.

A positive attitude/outlook is always a good start. then taking the first step whatever it may be.

Helping another department with efficiency. was made better by giving them words of encouragement on the progress they had already made.


Pick up the next item on my to do list

Mood is usually relevant to the situation at the moment. Right now I’m in a UP kind of mood because I find the post quite amusing. Main reason being is that I can relate this picture to a people that I know.

recently had a discussion with another department about processes not being followed which were leading to errors further down the track.

The general CVS “I think it would be better if we do it this way” which was a reasonable idea but not part of the process.

I suggested, “why don’t we try following the processes in place now. prove that they do not work. And if this is the case we will trial you suggestion. is that fair? (normally I would just tell them that these are the processes and that’s all there is to it)

everyone involved left the discussion happy to take on the challenge set.

22, Not convinced I trust these surveys. It is had to be totally honest when you haven’t considered these questions in the past. Will be interested to see if things change. Probably being aware of consequences and alternatives is a biggie for me.

Regional Leader.


Assistant Manager. Peers.

Jose supposes I stopped to think first before doing!

Create/set aside time. Create the opportunity.

Come back in the new year refreshed and open minded and ready to be open to new ideas and make it a fresh start.

Looking to a bright future and searching for a new beginning.

Start implementing ideas and changes for next year – NOW

Read the play and start forward thinking

Think about things from other people’s perspective, how will they see things?

Make a Start List NOW!

Get things ready for next year, that way there’s no time wasted when I’m back from leave.

When escaping the CSV – The main point to move away from your comfort zone. By changing your CVS to a BVS, you challenge yourself.

Massive credit to be done sitting out the back, I’m going to get stuck into it, get it over and done with, so more time later for other important things.

Need to think outside the square and look at other solutions/options

set clear goals for 2015

set achievable goals for 2015

I Googled “how to be the best I can be” and I when I followed a link I found this tip. Look in the mirror every morning and say; “Today, I will be the best I can be.” Yes, it sounds corny, but it really helps building confidence.

Still haven’t found what I’m looking for (U2)

Go on holidays , maybe visit the cosmos

Don’t hesitate, some moves don’t come off – many do. You wont know if you don’t move.

Store looks good but it is getting a complete clean today top to bottom amazing just how much cleaner it can get.

I am searching for improvements in running an effective. This can be achieved through the internet


– white papers, case studies, best practice – or other methods – e.g. networking with people in other roles, outside company etc.

I always go blank when I want to search for anything off the cuff. If I don’t know what to look for, I tend to get stuck.

To place a large container over my answer, I guess I look for anything interesting.

Inspiration, sporting analogy, improvement, investment opportunities, news.

Do the items I have been putting off that are more proactive and less reactive. These are the ones that may help reduce jobs down the track.

In practice – doing any items on list I have been putting off leads to the feeling that they are generally easier than expected, and a desire to knock off more items in one go.

Step back and consider all that has been achieved this yes, and what could have been done better. Look at what needs to be done next year – and then stop and think about the best way to do these – rather than just launching straight into action.

V alue…

I am looking for people of inspiration to follow on Twitter & Facebook. Found Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn & Richard Branson

Try to do it now and together, what happen it worked and it feels good.

I search for ideas, products, other peoples experiences which generally helps me make more informed decisions.

Why not give your staff more ownership build them up and get them ready for the next step

Sell our service and we back all our items. It’s not all about pricing

Doing what you can, do not over load. Build your team to enjoy the work

I think everyone initial response is generally to go straight to cvs and only after taking the time to think about it do you use bvs. need to do it enough to make the bvs your go to thought process.;

Just a group of people I respect and admire as well past and future versions of myself

My colleague, friend, customers

You can’t move away from a main point. you can change your CVS to a BVS, but at the end of the day you are still trying to achieve the main point, wether it is you or someone else that gets their first

I will ask why today in a positive manner.

Looking beyond the retail customer to find someone new for future business be it a plumber builder


friend. Looking behind the confirmation biased today

Why do we have limited staff participation engagement in a huddle?

My customers, my children, my colleagues

My customers, my family, my colleagues

Looking down from above and change my thinking for the day

Standard answers (Main Point) or reactions to questions, tasks or opportunities. Take more time to Think and Identify a BVS.

there is always room for improvement, in any skill, especially the way we think.

The useful meaning the motto conveys is that thinking is an learned skill that needs to be practiced.

There is more than one type of thinking – there is analytical creative and a myriad of others.

Many religious teachers believe that thinking is the cause of our problems and meditation is a process to rid your brain of thought or ‘noise’ to act instinctively – therefore our thinking brain functions as our heart beats and lungs breath – intrinsically without having to ‘think’ what we have experienced and learned becomes easier for us to recollect due to the lack of ‘thinking noise’ and we just ‘do’ in a state of what is referred to as ‘flow’

In order to answer this motto and what it means I need to ask: “what do you mean by thinking”?

‘… that thinking is a practised skill like any other you possess , that can be sharpened and continually improved. You don’t have to be born brilliant to become brilliant.

Everyone is born a thinker just not completely skilled at it. It’s more like a rubber band that requires stretching and “warming up” to reach its full potential.

All skilled thinkers have learnt their skills.

Everyone has the opportunity to become a better thinker with a willingness to do so and putting into practice what is learnt.

Practice makes perfect.

Skills can be taught. Thinking in another way can be taught.

We are taught this from an early age this is why we go to school to enhance our thinking.

Like most things in life, the more you work at it, the greater the results will be.

With time you forget… try new things teach yourself

It takes ambition and willingness to learn new skills.


The thought provoked me into wondering if am an old thinker and have I frown with the times. Do I dwell in the past too much and is this holding me back. I believe we learn from our past and only some of us change to act differently in the future. Am I one of these?

“it says to me that we all have to learn to think and keep evolving this thought process” it says to me nothing stays still for long .

Knowledge is power, and any upgrade is good so long as it isn’t an apple upgrade,

From birth begin to be programmed with the same “life operating system”, maybe it’s time to we- write it….

Skilled thinking comes from learning through life experiences and lessons

You are always learning and it is never too late to learn. Don’t assume you know everything.

I never thought of skilled thinking as being a learned skill!

life is a long lesson, be open minded, every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

To be born we must have skills from a previous generation and so the cycle goes on.

Thinking is no different to any other skill or activity the more you train yourself the more competent you will become.

everybody needs to be trained to think

Thinking is a talent that can be developed

It makes me question how skilled am I at “thinking”. What has inhibited my “Skill of Thinking”

Thinking can be learnt, meaning I will beable to upgrade my thinking.

although some people posses better natural retentive memory, others can improve theirs with practice

Anyone is capable of improving their thinking capabilities & knowledge if you work at it.

we are all born with a brain, its what we do with it that separates the success from the unsuccessful

I am here to try new things everyday, to laugh sincerely, to learn from my mistakes, to listen and to be inspired.

Just because you don’t have the skills now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t acquire them. With the right training, tools, guidance and application you can achieve what you want to achieve.

thinking is just like anything else we do, constant updating of our skills is a must

No-one is ever born a skilled thinker because you have to think to become skilled at thinking. At the moment you are born you have never thought, hence how can you be skilled at thinking? Your


skill develops over time, through the process of spending time thinking. The motto is merely a reminder that one must put in the effort and time to become skilled at thinking. The brain is like any other muscle, use it or lose it.

It all comes down to planning. Choreographed and rehearsed meetings will help you reach your goal. And for those unexpected outcomes, well they can be an opportunity in themselves. A chance to reveal a BVS!

look for opportunities to improve and grow. Be open to different opportunities to approach each situation.

keep looking at my CVS !

get in touch with friends I haven’t made enough effort with this year.

just suppose we all made an effort to help a stranger once a day

I need to think about my actions and reactions! I believe by looking deep within and analysing current and possible future outcomes that I will be able to get to a BVS more frequently.

We have been thinking and thinking but we need to move our thinking to more levels.

Hardest and most challenging first!

Having a BVS gives you a better platform to make decisions. If someone on your team is stuck in their CVS they may be missing out on an opportunity, as a leader I can help them to find a BVS.

Let go and open up more.
Embrace new things and become more transparent.

In our industry there is always plenty of banter and laughter with both staff and clients.

Everyday people come in all unhappy and not excited about being at work. Everyday you always get asked, “how are you”, my response every time is “I’m awesome”, that is my BVS, my CVS may be tired or feeling crap, but in my mind positive thinking can reshape your day. It certainly gets peoples attention.

1) Dad
2) Daniel craig (actor)
3) Bob Hawke ( Prime minster) 4) Steve Jobs (Apple)
5) Mark Zuckerberg (facebook) 6) Jack Hakman (Surf Brand )


7)Abraham Lincoln 8) Neil Armstrong 9)Bill Gates.
10) Donald Trump

I’m feeling up and active, ready to get into the new year and looking forward to see what comes of it

I`m up/down. Staff notice if someone is down, always try to keep up when at work.

Look at a situation from ‘outside the box’ to resolve

Just suppose I looked at a situation from the customers point of view

You may delay, but time will not.

Alternate them; green to identify possible options, then black to evaluate them, then back to green to see how any potential issues identified can be overcome, …

I never take life too seriously. Humour helps me through each day

Have the guidance to lead yourself in the direction until you can do it yourself.

Those who do not move, do not notice their chains. Don’t get tied down…

Don’t get stuck in a rut…try something new….a new direction…a new purpose…create a new goal

Next? To figure this out I will consider where I want to be, look back at where I have come from, and adjust the course I need to take to reach my goal.

you are getting sleepy……….. 10x the power of your deepest thought ……..deeper into slumber thinking that I need to think about thinking.. Is what I thought
thinking maybe I should have attended university

BVS = being hungry for stimulus. Whether it comes from visual explorations or from verbal inquisitions (consulting with your team or the client directly), movement requires the act of doing! You need to seek out an understanding to gain knowledge of the perspective, drivers and goals of your clients.

How do I get ALL 18 people that I oversee to demonstrate initiative, assess situations and make informed and relevant decisions?


This is what I will be using X10 for.

Upbeat in the start and by the afternoon I am passive


I’m Active and Up….
I’d like to try the active and passive and take in the view from the other side of the fence.

My 2ic, my wife, My brother, there are a couple of others who I would seek their opinion to gain understanding of situations/issues. I generally try to seek different points of view and trust these people to give an honest opinion/feedback.

I think by giving more objective responses to situations will open up others around me to become more open in their communication thus building teamwork and allowing me to gain better understanding

Just suppose I was mortgage free? How would this impact my attitude to work. Would I work so many hours when I should be at home?

Up and Active! First day back from holidays and diving in head first!

Not everyone’s BVS will be the same; some people will think a cheaper option is better, others will prefer more functionality, others will prefer a simpler option. Our roles within the business are likely to prejudice our views.

Using wiki’s for documentation; if instructions for a task are not found, they are developed and added so that everybody benefits.

We’re big on creating the right environment here. And a happy work place is crucial for making customer feel comfortable. Laughter is the best medicine. If staff enjoy their job and what they do, this rub’s off and again the customers feel comfortable.

CVS is to try to do too many things at once and not get any of them completed. BVS is to delegate and train so everyone can help each other.

Rather than simply accepting the way things have been for years in my workplace discussing changes & improvements & encouraging staff to think & have their say about positive change.

You get back what you put in. The more you practice and commit to something the better at it you will become.

Humour in the right manner can be a great way to build rapport with people and lighten the mood. With humour it’s all about timing and choosing your moments.

we have been working on building our rapport with a volume builder for nearly 12 months now and yesterday had a great site visit that took us forward in leaps and bounds. We sat down with them


and put forward ideas to help make their selection process with clients easier. This builder has been well entrenched with our opposition for decades and we are now moving rapidly towards check by providing an approach they haven’t seen before.

a simple thanks for a job well done. Even a hello is a reward of sorts or an acknowledgment – especially to someone you may not know well

Also, where people have gone above and beyond – making sure a wider audience is aware.

Encourage others to “Think outside the square”.Be creative with your thoughts today.

Hello Classmates. To introduce myself I was born in Bundaberg (most famously home of Bundaberg Rum) in Queensland, Australia. I am an Assistant Manager with Australia’s best and largest independently owned Plumbing supplier, Reece Plumbing. For me I get enjoyment in my job from having great interactions with customers and clients. When a customer has come in with what they believe is a problem that will be difficult to fix I get a real buzz when they genuinely express their gratitude and how happy they have become after giving them a solution or information with the best customer service I can provide. I also really enjoy going out and meeting with customers (customer development), building a relationship that is based on respect, trust, honesty, and growing their need/desire to be our customer. Personally I get enjoyment from being with my family, being part of my kid’s life and helping them develop. I want to impart on them the thinking skills I have learnt.

The training has helped me at work and home. It has helped me to look at things in a different light and focus on the positives and achieving better results. Giving others more opportunity. I have created more quality in my home life with my family. The big challenge is now to continue with this mind set.

Be open minded,listen,learn & improvement will become evident in time as you gain new skills.

Looking at problems from another angle

I think it’s important to look at the situation and assess whether it requires your attention now or whether you can come back to it later with a better view after time to think.

Don’t forget that the main points are there and that they are roadblocks or problems or obstacles put in place by your own self. Knowing this will help you think better and achieve your BVS sooner

Clearing out my inbox after leave is a simple task but easy to put on hold. Rather than going from oldest to most recent and then getting distracted, I sorted through the emails I knew I wouldn’t need first, which brought down the count and motivated me to keep going to emails that were important. They’re all done now 🙂

First day back – needed all the laughs I could get to make it through. And it worked!

Compile a list of this year’s improvement ideas!

I hear laughter every day but that’s due to the team I work with and my other colleagues. There’s never a day that goes by where we don’t laugh.


I try to always have in mind what the next big thing is, whether it be looking forward to my next holiday or passing on some information to a supplier about my needs as a customer in order for them to better service me or provide me with better products.

Limiting the list to 3 is not very X10 like.
Everyone can help, be it in the form of validation of our CVS or a differing CVS to ponder.

A better way

Mainly passive as it is the first day back at work but surprisingly up. Trying hard to be as active as possible though to get through the day and get excited about the possibilities this year.

We had a recent discussion about an internal comms project and my thoughts on the situation drew a little from CVS and BVS. However I think CVS won out a little more. We tried to approach it with some fresh thinking BVS but was limited by logistics. At least we tried.

Searched Invention – Found Patent.

I’ve been revising the DFQ’s to get more practice. And when faced with a challenge I take the time to look for a BVS instead of going with the initial automatic response.

I can practice BVS whilst dealing with situations at work. I don’t think it is about finding time to practice especially at work. It is about continually looking and thinking about ways to consistently look for BVS. Eventually it will become a habit and you won’t have to worry about practice!

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been. Start now…do it now.

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

Through labour and painful effort, energy and resolute courage, we move on to better things.

I tend to focus on urgent tasks rather than more important tasks. I’ve re-ordered my to-do list to give the more important tasks priority.

Our way of thinking is self taught though our personal experiences in life to date.

Why not involve other people to help deliver company direction or AIT activity

You need to approach problems,
Issues,and current situations ,
That you wish to solve or make better
By removing yourself to a better viewpoint.


You need to find a beneficial outcome, By approaching from a different angle ,not just accepting that ” that’s just the Way it is “…

cvs i’ll just keep going and have lunch while still working.
bvs the place will survive for ten minutes and a break away might lead to more productivity.

To be successful you have to have already been incorporating a bvs attitude. If not than maybe time to reassess your goals.

49. always room for improvement

Take the time to think about feedback I’ve received and the lessons learnt so far.
Use this information to re-assess my goals and plan ahead for a more productive year!

Try asking my team what else I can do to help!

How can I be more productive in my day to day work?

Think about the work that’s coming up for me this year but also consider the unexpected situations that may arise

Ensure that I list my priorities and leave room to deal with any problem that is dealt to me.

All day every day there is the expected. What if we change life’s course will it be better?

What if we’re not servicing our clients, instead our clients are servicing us.

Anyone I know.

My BVS is to STFU and listen more carefully, rather than as I normally do start talking before I have had time to consider my views and fully listen to what is being said .

I use two “stairways” to find a better way.
The first is to increase my observational focus by X10 until I see the real problem. Secondly, I look at the problem using data to detect way to get to the X10 solution.
Even better is combining the former (practical approach) with the later (statistical approach).


whyis why decisions should not be make in a hurry


My job role requires me to use my green hat daily. However sometimes it is hard to wear this one as your primary and you do end up resorting back to being judgemental and critical. Maybe I could print two pictures of two hats to remind myself to put my best hat forward.

how can I? what can I?





Looking for a different view is often hard as we often get caught in the same position (point of view) so allowing myself more time to step away and find a better view (perspective ) of situations could really help

Challenge yourself take in the Reece R10 WAY

Reading and actioning my X10 emails NOW.


Finished of outstanding queries rather that wait until a quieter period

We are here for but a brief moment. While on our path through that moment love and empathy connect us. It is up to us to share in this through our sphere of influence to create a moment that transcends us.

Looking past my current view of the situation, I have challenged my confirmation bias. After collecting different view points and testing out ideas, I was able to overcome the confirmation bias and apply creative thinking, resulting in a better view of the situation.

try to keep moving ford. What might look hard will come easer

-my co workers
– region leaders
– other branch’s using the network instead of delivering into other’s areas would be helpful.

the way you use brain help you work with your career and beyond


being ridged with your thoughts will always stop you from seeing a BVS

My wife, my senior managers, my colleagues

I am searching for higher learning in the quest for better thinking/understanding thinking and improved thought process.

Time … do you spend it or invest in it. I think I spend to much time Mon-Fri & the weekends just being “busy”, I could improve outcomes by investing some time to plan more , train
more ,challenge current CVS.

How do we reduce product quality issues by the power of 10? What can we radically change to improve this?

52 Lets see the change when do the same process later on in the course

for every action we know that there is a reaction. try not to react so quick and look at what out come we are working for

Rather than continually going along the same patterns of thinking like we have been exposed to and trained to over our lifetimes, These new teachings will make our brains evolve, to be able to think outside the square. To create better methods and practices in the future.

Question any limitations you put upon yourself and ask Why not? Why should I confine myself and others that I are influenced by my decision making to not achieving their best outcomes.

Set up an appointment for next year now. Guess what – responses back.

I am going to action some issues I have been putting in the too hard basket, this morning…

Organised a few things for 2015 so that I can hit the ground running when I’m back from leave.

I need to notice the subtleties in what people say and how they react, in order to gauge how they are really feeling.

Noticing the effect and impact of the tasks and directions that we send out to the network. We need to look closer at the results and how much time it takes to implement.

Create room in my ‘space’ to be fresh for next year. Coaching planner!

Rather than looking at things head on for what you see in front of you, hold that thought, freeze frame, take on board a different angle of the picture, re create. You might originally be thinking about creating the same picture as everyone else, but its how you set it apart from the rest.

be more hands on to show staff what they should be doing instead of telling or implying to them.

I think I am here to help who I can, when I can and if I can’t, hopefully point them in the right direction.

29 – It is going to be hard but I think what is missing is that I need to put myself in other peoples


shoes more often when making decisions, weather it be a decision on what is best for a customer or a decision on how to make our work place better.

this video is inspiring as it shows what something that starts out very simple can become very complex and totally absorbing.

Thinking about Thinking, analysing & questioning your own thoughts to get a better outcome….

Use my outlook dairy to plan ahead

I am always looking for ways to improve life and myself in general. Whether these be physical, emotional, spiritual, etc… the vast collective power and knowledge of the internet can usually assist me.

Continue to look for and implement bvs in all situations

In this busy environment, stop and pause, think and innovate new and different ideas for Reece.

Currently I see situations were I have limitations, I need to learn to have more confidence and believe in my own ability.

Follow up, and then follow up again.

Treating people equal

Action soon as you get the relevant topic

I can put my past behind me, and work towards my goals for my future.

x10 is the most relevant thing that requires you to train yourself to do it now, each and every day creating the habit of actioning now.

To support, help and guide my family and work colleagues the best possible way I can to make them be better people.

I always open the batting with the typical ‘back in my day’ (cvs). now im trying to count to 3 and allow others thoughts, bite my tongue and let the discussion flow positively from there. (bvs)

Put on your green hat, but have the black hat nearby.

Use both hats at the right time, know when to change hats

A better year then last year

Think about how we stop making same mistakes again and again

Consistency and a way to plan and avoid the bad habits that get us into trouble

All things being equal design first, judge later, otherwise you’d never get anything done


I’ve a lot to do, but it’s a chance to learn and deliver more

A little time out from seriousness helps everyone

Customers aren’t machines, why should we be? Being able to see the funny side of a situation helps you to re-think your perspective at times.

Upbeat in the morning, subject to change as the day progresses, depends how it goes!

Just suppose gives us the ability to ask what seems impossible to make a bridge to it. Just Suppose we could meet all our customers (and potential) in one place at one time to deliver a speech….

Why not asks someone for their opinion? If you know someone has success in a certain task, find out what works for them and how they achieve this.

Your mood can rub off on everyone around you, so it’s important to be up and about.

Humour can help relax a situation and therefore take more time to change our cvs to bvs

a smile or a laugh can be infectious.

Up and active ready for a new year

Humour is a necessity to overcome the negatives in life, without it, what a dismal life it would be. Humour is one of the greatest things ever experienced, coupled with looking on the brighter side of any given situation, can make the outcomes so much better.

Down but I would say in the middle of active and passive. its been a long week!!!

My Wife, My Family and My Boss.

Why not rethink some processes and change the way we go about it.

To look for opportunity’s in every sale , to ask questions and listen……

Manager, co worker partner

Get the staff x10 ideas about what they want to see/get out of a huddle

Laughter is prevalent where everybody is winning. WIN/WIN is a great environment to find yourself in.

use what we have learnt through this course at every opportunity that arises, do it now.

look for a different approach to reach your goals

I do a lot of cvs, which at the time is bvs. Decisions made in a hurry with not being allowed to gather all the facts. I have been accused more than once of changing my mind, my answer to that is simple, I made the decision with what facts I had been given at the time (cvs), further gathering of facts gives a much better bvs, hence changing my mind


Over the years you learn that not everyone is the made the same way. The buttons you can push on one individual should not be pushed on another. Also one day it may be fine to push the buttons but the next day with a mood change it may not. Get a feel for staff and others’ moods and play to them accordingly.

I am down at the moment, which is far from my normal up and active way of being due to person issues. I do recognize this and am moving to feeling more like myself!

Funny thing that sense of humour ?

Everyday we are at our desks and on the phone. We are often doing the same thing and it can be a little mundane. However here in the office the atmosphere is always electric! We have just a great team and you will always hear the sound of laughter throughout the office. It not only makes the day go much faster, it also makes us all happier and work harder.

Feeling up, lots to do, plenty of time to plan and clean up before the year starts.

I think there is always room for improvement. Always strive to work harder and produce better quality work.

Humour can turn your day around. We’ve got to learn to laugh at ourselves more often!

I am working on my Audit account today, which will be handed over as of next week. I will create a folder with all details required to complete the reconciliations. Making it 10 times easier for the person taking over to seamlessly take over the account.

I have just gone through a break-up and now need to move house, rather than let it get me down the ladies at work have been helping to make light of the situation. Cracking jokes has definitely made the process easier.

I am looking for new experiences and opportunities

I think it’s important to use both hats in most situations

Rather than being successful, been a valued person.

I need to think outside the box. Be more open-minded and broaden my thinking to generate a bvs.

I need to notice other people’s ideas and encourage feedback

Try to be more assertive!

Continue to further my thinking and grow in all aspects of my life.

Colleagues, boss and customers

Structure and discipline develops rhythms. If you are consistent than improvement will happen.

We use humour everyday here at work. We just sometimes need to know what moods people are in so as not to transgress boundaries.


Step away from the situation & try seeing it from a different perspective from another side so to speak.

work to be done

As a team bounce off each other the question WHY NOT and wait and listen.

Why not use an alternative approach in customer development

WHY NOT – ask your staff for their opinion on matters involving the branch.

You may find that your staff is eager to help and that the solution may be easier to obtain with input from others.

Look for opportunities through my day to make a difference.

CSV not enough hours in the day… Main Point poor time management

I build practicing into my job. I am always striving to learn a new skill that will help or improve my work life and I can practice every day.

Make it a necessity to practice keep it at the forefront of your mind.

I have a network of friends and peers I trust and value their opinions. They are my board members. I just need to utlise the resource.

I have been playing guitar for a few years as a hobby, which has been lots of fun. I found I improved very little while noodling with the instrument. After I implemented a structured practice rutine my skill improved dramatically. I now try to find time to concentrate on practicing things correctly, instead of trying to learn by osmosis.

Perfect practice makes perfect

Why not borrow an idea if a customer come in with a solution for an issue they have been having with a product use it on the next customer that is having same or similar issues

Why Not ask everyone involved in the branch Idea’s on how we can improve Sale’s & Customer Service.

Operations leader / wife / new entrepreneurial team

My Wife, Co Worker , My Kids

start with your cvs and put it out there then utilise others cvs and take on board some of there thoughts to build a stairway . never be scared to admit that your cvs may not be the best it could only be one step in a better bvs.


I’m here to leave my stamp on the world and pass on what I have learnt to my children.

Members of my team managers of speciality region leaders

Think of every problem as a potential opportunity to do something positive.

Using the stairway analogy to get a higher view of the situation will help make the right decision not just for now, but for the bigger picture.

Not being able to see the forest from the trees limits the decision making. Moving above the current CVS allows us to move towards a BVS.

My Manager, Our Staff and Our Customer

Planning a marketing blitz for a region, I have outlined my strategy and will ask the region leader for input and to endorse the project

I’m going to have a coffee and escape right now, shake your head but it works, take a step back and rethink your idea and the solution becomes clear.

Have key staff better equipped & more competent into the future to cater for further company growth so staff decisions are more proactive than reactive … leads to better outcomes.

To achieve this i need to spend more time on the business than in it … put aside in calendar additional training days for 2015.

Why not remove some of this unnecessary process of approvals to get things done.

from…putting off some important tasks that are not time critical but need doing

Anyone can help, managers, staff, suppliers, departments

Team member, manager, partner

Think about the future and how my present actions will affect it.

Why do I have this CVS? Stay Tuned!!

Wife, manager, peers

Why not do things differently, change the way we currently run the pipe centre.

Acceptance of poor behaviours – it cannot continue – need to get to the goal more quickly!

We should all try and stop and look for opportunity in everything.


My Boss, My staff , My Family & friends

I need to smile, relax and enjoy whatever is enjoyable and not just notice the non enjoyable.

Just suppose I pass the Fire Service Physical next weekend and get offered a full time position. ‘My life will change completely’

Counter staff, management , drivers

Why not do this differently?

The problem is not that we don’t ask the question it is that may have the answer but we don’t share the ideas to make a real change about the way we go about our day.

Solving problems in my comfort zone. Looking for new ways to tackle situations by changing my cvs. take a moment to pause and then try another way.

Staff training…. Turn this into a BVS x10. Stronger inspiration = Stronger Staff

I can work on finding new ideas to turn into business.

Using” why is this so difficult?” We can use this to improve a situation, by changing your cvs, and looking for a better way to improve a situation . If we are questioning what we are doing, we looking at ways to improve and get a better result, than just to mundanely follow the same old tired way .

What might appear to be the obvious

Escape from price objection

Don’t expect everyone to do things exactly the way you do them.. Everyone does things at a different pace and different method. Learning to accept that others are continually learning the methods and put yourself in their position, that maybe they don’t know how to do things

Our truck got a broken windscreen today , and I was told it would be 3 days till it gets fixed-all staff accepted this to be ok. I do not, and am sure a better result is possible !

32, the questions posed highlight to me areas where I need to focus

When a supplier says no to an idea or request what X10 in the BVS can achieve the best result?

CVS X10 = BVS : A quick response “I understand”

The main point I will be trying to move away from will be own immediate one !

Make positive change where possible to help the both current and future generations.


CVS = Working within what I know. Main Point = comfort and creditability

For me, not just listening to what others think. Prioritising and putting my best interests first to ensure I am doing what is best for others and myself. My cvs has been taken over by bvs. Change for the better.

It’s not always about us asking the “why”. We should endeavour to explain the “why” also. Asking ourselves “why” will help us understand the obstacles so we can move forward, explaining the “why” will help others see our vision and to continuously improve.

why do our customers hate this ?put ourselves in their shoes.

We have efficiency issue within our business and the way daily tasks are being conducted CVS, in todays meeting we listed ten ways we can improve these tasks and will put into action over the following weeks BVS

No-one is ever born a skilled thinker…. opportunities are there for everyone, anything is possible and a lot can be achieved if we put our mind to it.

I have nothing to Escape from today (CVS), but to continue to think in a BVS mind with all task’s.

Can your CVS be a BVS state of thinking?

Efficiencies within the branch need to improve why have we not actioned and why are we not moving forward with curtain issue.

The Main Point of this CVS (in a CVS state of mind)
watches the video and answer the question with how you take it.

Your Escape… make a more defined answer as to what you have taken and explain why you have come to that conclusion and actually understanding why.

Why do I act the way I do?

We are trained to act and deal with things in certain ways, if we change the thought process from the start all the end results will be altered. I think for me it is more emotive, if I take away the emotion my decisions will begin to be more open minded.

The way things are currently done.

Day to day running as well as buniss

Why not eliminate this task, doesn’t have to mean that the task will never get done but it may be a task that can be delegated to someone else, not only to ease your work load but to improve and


expand their skills and training.

Myself a lot of the time .

Today, I am going to ask why and see if I can’t in prove my inefficiency.

Why is this my reaction to changing the way I look at CVS. I need to continue practicing BVS so it becomes the norm.

how can i get that potential customer on board, we have everything they need , we are the best at what we do. How can i convert them & their way of thinking.

have the staff more involved

CVS x10 = BVS…if we spent more time doing x10 it would deliver a BVS

My motto in life is to always look on the bright side of life; so everyday I always try and find the good in the bad. Even when things look tough or I get frustrated I know that these small roadblocks are nothing compared to what I have had to overcome and that gives me perspective in my daily life. It makes me happy and whole.

trying to move away from my point of view , my way of thinking , listen closely to others & consider all options.

The Main Point is to achieve the desired outcome / solution

Don’t get caught up in the terminology, just question decisions and how you usually do things, because that’s how we have always done it, is not a good enough reason. Look for alternatives in everything we do.

Firstly, role this train of thought out to my staff. I only hope to improve our CVS by ten times if all my staff are on-board. First step, a “free for all” brainstorming session about our particular business unit and what we could do differently…. nothings off limits

I am going to use why to help give staff a better understanding ensuring that when a task is given they understand why it needs to be done

don’t accept the cvs as being the only way look outside to find something different CIP

Customer issues at a branch look at x10 to find solution

Step back look & think then act.

Share the load trust the staff

It’s simple… the next most important thing on the list that get’s us to the next level of performance!

Customer closing the sale! Nice idea to work towards. Getting that lateral thinking going

Training the brain to look more at the BVS rather than the expected CVS on a regular basis will


automatically increase the power of X10.

Why is this causing me to be frustrated? Work out the answer, and I eliminate the problem.

Why is this so complicated? I think this ties in with our value of keeping it simple. By asking why is this so complicated and keeping it simple we can work smarter without working harder.

Try and look for the main point, & don’t move away

Moving away from what would be the normal expectation, and looking at it in a different light, and a different way that is not the normal line of thinking.

Doing things on pilot mode stop and think about what im actually doing

Why is this my reaction?

Why, depending on the circumstance or my state of mind, do I react differently to the same situation ?. I think it is because I tend to form impressions of people and it is hard for me to change that impression but use confirmation bias to support it.

Doing things easier letting word off mouth save you time and increase sales

Thinking out side of the square how to do things differently. Rather then using the same old thought patterns to get things done through out your day.

44, I will interested to see if I can get it over 50 at the end of the course. Hope so.

X 100

42. A little surprised by that but I think I have a lot of room for improvement with my decision- making ability.

‘Why is this so difficult?’
It is only difficult if you allow it to be difficult. Appreciate the challenge

53 – I tend to overthink things sometimes.

I think its about taking the time to remember that every scenario has an opportunity for improvement. We cannot become complacent otherwise we will never improve.

Why is this so difficult:

To stop yourself from going with the flow when something is difficult. Need to train myself to stop and think of ways how to make things work easier.

Why is it organised in this way?
Convenience? Laziness? Complacency? These are the things that I need to remove from my CVS to


improve on it. Only once I see these, as roadblocks will the situation improve.

Why are some company’s faster to get your orders to you than others

Why is it organised this way? And why does “how the way we are organised” inhibit X10 thinking, or even the discussion of BSV’s when they are raised?

Product selections – x10 Power.

Trying to get those blinkers off.. see the bigger picture.

By looking at all possible options from all possible angles… inside or outside the square.

Why do we not embrace change FIRST as a region?

Escaping from the usual solution I would find to the main point.

Step away from the CVS and broaden your thoughts, use them to find solutions.

Kicked off some important project NOW, rather than waiting until next year… could mean we get them done much sooner!

If you have a situation where you can only see one income take a step back and force yourself to find another way of rectifying the situation. There is more that one way to skin a cat

Try to come up with several options for my customers over the next few weeks.

CVS is that I need to stay in the branch to alleviate busy times, then when I aim to go out I get bogged down with daily customer requirements, converting to BVS would be to just get out and visit my customers to do what I do best.

Best form of selling is listening to your customer and understand their needs, have empathy, put your self in their shoes. Once you have achieved this you will have a happy customer who will tell others.

Planning and thinking about the new year, how can we increase our GP$ and our top 10 customers per branch?

when our customers have a product issue (CVS) how can we make their future experience a better one (BVS)

To get others to understand the “why” you must first understand it yourself. Understanding or accepting the why can be the bvs as your are challenging the norm. It can be another way of thinking outside the square.

“Why is this so inconvenient?”
I find the inverse a more interesting why, “Why is this so convenient?”.
Often I find defending a CVS comes from finding the current view convenient or comfortable.


Looking outside our comfort zone and challenging our CVS is about making things inconvenient for our current mode of thinking.

CVS is being happy to just make budget. BVS is thinking of different ways to smash budget.

why, has a lot to do with perception of cvs if you question why (cvs) you can then look at it from bvs with fresh ideas.

We really learn from our mistakes, not our triumphs.
When we make mistakes, we should examine what went wrong and how we could have done better.

Any movement in thought is better than being ridgid and set in my ways. Open up to new thoughts and BVS should become apparent.

I have called a detractor from our NPS survey and had a discussion, moving on I have emailed him and his staff and look forward to a response in the New Year. The phone call was received very well with the customer telling me that it was all about relationships for him so my aim is to develop our relationship in 2015.

My daughter, Adam & Daniel

Spend more time thinking about a bvs

To move away from the standard way of thinking and improve the thought processes

Getting motivated on Saturdays is difficult. How can I make the most off my Saturdays so I feel like I’ve achieved something

Why is this my reaction? Think about why have reacted a certain way, to certain situations

Listen to people that might answer your questions and find the answers you need

My comments aren’t working

Why not am I motivated to work Saturdays?

Why not

Partner , college , customers

What other options were there. Thinking about how in the past, I could have improved the situation. Research and learn for future situations.

Action my list Now. Don’t wait till it becomes important because there might be other NOW things to do.

Just suppose I actually made the time to exercise and get fit again.

I have noticed the staff can work quite well without me butting in.


Customer Order Consolidation.

Focus on the job at hand.

Make your list just start at the top. Take the good with the bad.

Look beyond trying to cram all tasks in one day as quickly as possible, which can be stressful. Reassess the situation, it may not be as bad as it seems

Just suppose I put some time aside to learn something new today to help with my job. What would be my weakest area and what would help me improve ?

To prove myself wrong, that it can all work.

I’ve noticed the comments dying out at this time of the year 🙂

But what do I do next. Close out the year strong and then go on holidays. Execute my newly refreshed business plan as soon as I get back.

My inbox is being cleared as we speak. Every, single, last one.

Just suppose I stopped checking for approval on all my decisions with my manager – and instead did what I think is right based on gut feel.

Make sure all branches are cleaned and up to standard fro 2015

Made a list of things I had been putting off and started doing them. Action on a few leads to feeling motivated to finish the rest.

I need to notice the people around me in my team – what drives each person, the quality of the work they do, what I can do to motivate them better – rather than just focusing on me getting all my jobs done

I think I need to spend more time coming up with different ideas before I work on a BVS. Apart from the immediate reason or rationale comes to mind – what are other factors which I may not have immediately thought about that would change the outcome? What is option B, C or D which may be better?

I’ve noticed that Haters will always hate and lovers will always love. I’ve been trying to turn haters into lovers and wasting my energy. That’s like trying to stop the sun from rising….! I need to just find more lovers….

Inability to analyse and question my point of view will automatically limit possible outcomes

How will my decision affect others, how can this become a win win for everyone. Have I been presented with all the facts?? Are the media giving me a biased story here – what ELSE could have happened?


Sometimes getting thrown in the deep end means you sink or swim. Making decisions on impulse can prevent what may never have been.

In the work place it would be region leader / manager / other staff. At home father-mother / brother-sister / uncle-aunty
When shopping, supplier / sales assistant / WIFE

52… Still some way to go. If I could just remove that little thing that makes me procrastinate sometimes…

I am here to contribute to the bigger picture in the best way I can, while I can.

I have so many friends, work colleges, peers and family that I ask for advice depending on what I need to know.

Why is this my reaction?

As leaders we`re often tempted into making quick decisions due to “perceived” time constraints. By using X10 and asking WHY, we can enter a BVS and save ourselves time.

Establish what point A and point B look like and then map out all the possible paths to get from one to the other.

Starting to use x10 thinking in rhythm`s and goals for 2015 and using 2014 as the cvs

I think it’s inevitable that at some stage you may fall out with a friend… This happened to me and I believe that whilst I was not nasty or angry, I could have handled it better. A BVS would be to not engage in a war of words that you did not want to be involved in from the start. In fact, being more open and listening could actually salvage the best parts of a relationship.

Because my parents got amorous one evening in 1973…

But seriously, I think we’re all here to help each other in some way. Whether it be via a service, through advice or a familial bond, we are meant to help and support one another.

Seek to uncover benefit in every situation, try to see that past the immediate problems or inconvenience and see that you may be sowing seeds for future opportunities.

Bigger opportunities by removing bad processes… Just have to stop putting it off and make time to do alongside my other work… It can be done.

Start with one thing that you would ordinarily put off till tomorrow and do it today, it will snowball and you will be amazed how much extra you will get done.

Clear out the clutter from the old year. Create space to think.


What I do next is obvious to me, I will use thinking about thinking in my business and everyday life

What I do next is use the methods of thinking about thinking in my everyday life and business dealings.

Just Suppose if I could change my lifestyle for the better and Just suppose I can make the right jugdement calls where would I be…

Simplify things. Don’t over complicate what you are aiming to do!

Learn to think and adapt to different situations age has no barrier

Now I am going to finish off a quote that I keep making up excuses for not starting

Asking why challenges us to look at why we do certain things that we do because that’s the way we have always done it. Ask why and change your way of thinking.

A lot of learning nowadays is based on rote memorisation – simply to be able to pass an exam or spout out facts.

To be a true master – you need to be able to demonstrate or “do” – to understand and appreciate something fully. Simple memorisation of facts is not true knowledge.

Do it now. Emails that I put on the backburner to read or follow up on at a later date. Do it now

I am up and about

People from a wide cross section of society and businesses.

I need to think about myself & then about others.

start the year fresh and work out a study path for 2015

A better way sometimes is less complicated.

Think outside the square. Challenge your own thought process.

I would say one way to get a better view – to achieve BVS – is to come up with at least 10 pieces of information about the CVS – whether it be from yourself or other people.

By considering the points – you may find with extra or new information that you are able to achieve this BVS.

1) my manager – someone who has a better idea of the bigger policy (which I may not know), as well as more experience

2) someone who generally has a different opinion to me – to see why they think this way on whatever manner


3) someone I regard as a rational and critical thinker – who I again do not always agree with, but do respect for their views

Why not give others more ownership and responsibility for jobs / tasks to do? If they do not succeed in them – why not sit down and see what went wrong – what could we have done together to help improve the outcome – to let them grow in the team?

Quote follow ups! way too early to do it now. I have to wait till at least 9 am to allow the customers to sort their urgent issues out as 90% of our industry is service based and spill over from previous days means extra work the following morning. bit of breathing room stops me riding the customers

As I am in a team that’s main purpose is resolving problems at the branches, I think it means my team is also in a position to create a lot of opportunities.

We are able to see the common pain points at the branches for some areas – eg bugs in programs, process not working, need for more education or simplification of programs.

I think I need to work on looking more at the common issues, and rather than just solving them, thinking about what we can do to stop them at all – and also how we can fix problems before the user sees them.

try something different outside your square

I think “why is this my reaction” is a good point to consider during a lot of things – such as why have I come to this CVS, why do I feel this way during a conversation or discussion etc.
There may be times that we feel a certain way – which leads to holding a certain CVS – which are not based on rational thought, but instead emotion, bias, incorrect information, which leads to an incorrect CVS. By challenging these – we can move towards a BVS.

I think the way to multiply by 10 would be to look at an existing CVS, and try and understand the reasons behind it – user requirements, constraints in processing the job etc.

By understanding the requirements of the user fully – there may be a completely different way of processing than how we currently do things with only a preconceived notion of what the user wants (or why they want it).

I think the main point to try and move away from is that certain processes / procedures are in place always for efficiency or the customer experience. I think some processes may be in place simply because someone has not challenged them for a more creative outcome, or a method that may be more effective for completing the job or the customers experience.

Escaping from my CVS that I don’t have the time to get all my tasks completed for the day. Using the BVS to organise and delegate if needed.

Board Members Jack Welch


Sir Richard Branson Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Barrack Obama George Lucas Donald Trump Bono


Start being positive in all situations. Spend money on the things I have wanted for my family and myself for years.

Change my thought to a BVS and influence others around my to join in and try it.

Do hear laughter every day, work should be enjoyable and fun as well as productive for both staff and customers.

I think I am here to make the lives of people around me better – by being a helpful and considerate person.

I’d like to think that my actions make a positive difference in my workplace, as well as family and friends – and anyone else I deal with.

Listening to conversations , you “NOTICE” lots of useful information that you can retain, to help understand your customers needs, also shows you are committed to there business and genuinely care about there business .

I can take more time to check that the direction I am going in aligns with what I want to achieve, and to think about the possible alternatives to see if I can find a better idea.

Pausing for 3 seconds and reflecting on what someone has said can give the brain time to find alternatives. Standing on the counter for 30 seconds to look at things from another perspective.!

We have a process which involves Australia Post which has always taken a long time, and I thought for a long time there was no way to improve it. We had followed this process for at least a year or so – and I thought as AusPost is such a large organisation, there was nothing we could do to change it.

I had an idea of a way to change it, and spoke to our local AusPost branch manager who was happy with the idea – and it has saved a lot of time in the process.


I think it is always important to look at the beliefs we hold as core values / ideas – and constantly re- examine – to see if a better view or outcome can be made.

We were locked into trying to find a colour to change a panel in the showroom. “JUST SUPPOSE we didn’t have a hole in it – would we need a new panel?” …. “No” So we were able to turn the panel upside down with the hole at the bottom.

Daily Planner – I always write 1 to 10 on my Dairy first thing to help me make a start


I think that I rated ok, but there are a lot of things I can improve on. I think the majority is around more thinking of outcomes before I make decisions, with better planning of stages and outcomes.

I think all of the questions also explain well steps and thought processes that need to be taken for decision making – I look forward to re-doing this test at the end of the course.

Don`t get frustrated with the “wood ducks”, look at them in a different light. Think of their day trying to fix something they know nothing about.

Customer has been emailing me last week with start dates for new unit fit-offs for Jan 2015. Have entered that into the system with reminders.

The opportunity to put an end to an ongoing matter today.

I think I am here to make a positive impact.

Recent argument’s have mostly been based on cvs, next time will take a step bake and look at the bvs

Taking care of customers all day, instead of just giving them what they ask for look for ways to make their job easier or better so they too get a better result.

Why not ask someone outside the inner circle for their view & opinion?

Make all things I do count ,look for best outcomes . Remember teachings and use .

book that holiday know don,t wait for special prices …

Being organised.

Active – lead by example, sweep floor, stock to go away! Gets everyone involved when staff see management get their hands dirty. Staff engaging in teamwork, its also a good time to build rapport with staff

I do this already – but what tends to happen is that half the list never moves. Trying a different approach – Creating a fresh list each week


My list consist of financial, family, lifestyle and work related goals.

customers, family, another branch

I need to notice the little things that our staff do more, that make all our jobs easier.

Laughter is a great ice breaker, it helps ease the tension in a conversation. It also creates a positive environment for staff and customers coming into the store.

just suppose I actually do what I think about doing financially for my family, just suppose…I think that time is overdue.

Evaluate the feedback, adjust your game plan accordingly

I think the CVS to escape today and always challenge is that any idea is already the best possible situation for a concept.

Inside my daily work – I think challenging the concept of the rules around my teams work – what structures and processes can be improved upon – rather than just upholding them – would be the best ones to review, to try and develop BVSs.

Being more open minded and listening to others opinions more rather than dismissing them is helping. Getting them to explain how things will plan out doing things their way. Give others ownership and help to guide them,

Start preparing for next year.

Doing my DFQs now. It feels good to do it straight away rather than letting it build up. Now there’s more time to do other things.

Current view of the situation is its xmas and the most of the customers are on holidays. The opportunity is to cover the things we haven’t when it was busy.

Need to think about what can be done better. It will take a lot of planning and teamwork.

I am writing feedback to this question! It does make me think twice about procrastination though.

Make it happen, we can all do it.

Working on time management, allocating time for different tasks and allocating jobs to work colleagues when busy.

I need to think about how I can move forward and put effort into my family life and make more of it quality time. Work out what I want to achieve out of life and set goals. But make sure I am constantly thinking about these so they are not forgotten about.

What to do next is fluid; feedback from external sources will change our perception of what to do next. While I go into NEXT to observe conditions and consider actions, I will always be reacting to changing situations.


I guess next for me is to accept situations change and having the right applications in my thought software will give me the best chance of making a good decision. Accepting this, will mean I will go into situations with a more open mind and less force to dictate the future.

We lost key personnel in the department – do we really have the knowledge we think we do to not severely disrupt the business?

I deal with lots of issues and if I don’t deal with them NOW, they will escalate so I am trained to deal with NOW in most cases,

I need to think about not letting the little things get in the way of the big picture. And I need my team to do the same. The results will speak for themselves.

Look deeper and notice more than what we are immediately aware of

Create lists and orders to action these lists based on importance

Try to see others point of view- look above their objection, and around their resistance and try to figure out really what is the basis of their opinion.

Some people ARE born thinkers/writers/leaders others have to work at it. At the end of the day the harder you work the greater the benefit.

Very true, I have a list of 10 things that I have said I have wanted to achieve, yet I haven’t made a start or have made a half hearted start!!!!

Time to revisit some old ground.

Utilise the stairway to give our customers a BVS of what we can do for them

CVS 2 BVS. X10 it.

I think I should listen more and collect the information first before I start to offer solutions.

Just suppose my wife was understanding and let me but another Bike or Muscle car

Today I am working on the notion that life is actually pretty long (not short as we lead ourselves to believe). I am taking the time to enjoy my surroundings.

I am looking for ways to do things better and get all my tasks done in time.

Constantly reassessing short, medium and long term goals. Don’t stop with its always been that way, look for options.

What do I need to THINK about?
My thinking-being prepared to engage in CVS to BVS consistently


How can I get MOVEMENT through this information?.
Surrounding myself with good people who are prepared to do the same.

Main Point – auto pilot off / listen to others / consider other options

Deleted old emails and closed off old tasks.

Why does my team believe this is a better way — Then x10 our thinking to evolve

Catching up on my x10 DFQs after the Christmas holidays – doing it now!

Has happened over the time at Management level

The main time I use why, is to re-affirm that a service or a product is better. “The reason why we have a 2 hour delivery service is because we understand that time away from site costs a business money and productivity which means profitability for your business” I only question why, when something does not make sense in a situation, and may affect my current circumstances.

I need to think about better monitoring to detect issues early and preferably before they become problems.

It is much easier to measure problems than it is to measure problems which have been prevented from occurring.

“Why is this so complicated?”
Usually no-one has taken the time to see if there is a BVS

Negative mindset or thoughts, always keep a positive outlook and way of thinking. I believe that this the way it should be, negative thoughts, only keep you down, and don’t allow the best of you to come out.

Don’t be so narrow minded, accept others ideas, and view to come up with the best possible solution for the situation.. (BVS) and implement this..

I need to think about different ways that a task or situation can be carried out.
I also need to consider the out come of the way I will carry out a task.
Once I have evaluated the outcome of my results I need to seek feedback and look for better way

I would said you need to go beyond your safety zone and tread into deeper waters to complete the task at a higher level

I need to think about and write down different way a result can be achieved.

Why is this my reaction?


Too often the first thing to do is react in the way I have in the past.

BVS- I need to look at other ways of reacting that could gain a better outcome. Stop and think a little before reacting.

Why can’t I improve this? clearly haven’t applied my 10 power to it.

Life is a test to stay on the right path and guide your children on the right path through life’s journey.

Use building blocks to grow the solution by 10 x fold

It was very moderating

I need to look at my attitude and how I can motivate others in my team rather than the standard approach. That one fits all. Work on capturing the audience.

34 – will have to stop and smell the roses more often.

The ability to understand or respond to an event after it has occurred (bvs) would always be more helpful than just reacting to a situation on the spot (cvs). we should more often step back to get a better view of the situation.

Closed book thoughts

Taking a bas experience for a few and turning it into an uplifting, informative, positive one for many

Move with positive feedback and action now and not wait for it to happen

Action list on what we want to change from the way we where doing curtain tasks last year discuss with team for there feed back. Has been completed with positive feedback and more engagement from team.

Consistency. Trust that we have some idea of what’s going to happen next.

As long as the board can help me speak to important people and not put my foot in my mouth, they’re all getting decent pay increases!

I need to think about movement.
I also need to think about a bvs.
Seek more information or knowledge that can improve your view

I would mix them between work colleagues and peers to personal friends and also family friends.

Fun concept, and a good idea to bounce ideas of what we would imagine others would say based on how we see their character.


My list would be something like the below: 1) Yngwie Malmsteen – Mastery advice
2) Yoda – Emotional advice
3) Astroboy – Perseverance advice

4) Paul Gilbert – Enjoy everyday advice 5) Stuart Dew – Do it your way advice 6) Angus Macgyver – Creativity advice 7) Lenny Hayes – Work hard advice

8) Arthur Fonzarelli – Leadership advice

This could lead to dissociate identity disorder , but for the exercise I would use a range of different aged people so I could get multiple perspective on a range of problems/scenarios. Also a mix of men and women of different nationalities.

Think about what I can achieve by not using the first solution the springs to mind

Both Hats as you need to asses the situation and work out which hat best suites the situation

2015 I have set targets and goals which have been discussed with team for there feed back and have set in the system so that we can monitor and will discuss in weekly meetings to get feedback on how we went

Humour has been topic of discussion with one of the senior staff as they are two serious with work colleagues and it often causes frustration from other staff, The discussion to improve was to help complete curtain task with the staff and have fun with it, we have seen a better response back from the team

laughter is a big part of our day with customers and we get good response back from them saying they enjoy dealing with us as a team because of the environment we create, so yes we here laughter every day.

Not in any order…
Pope Francis – Prepared to change the culture of the oldest corporation in the world Tim Berners-Lee – Computer Science
Amartya Sen – Welfare Economics


Muhammad Yunis – Microcredit
Garry Kasparov – The other Russia
Stephen Hawking – Black holes
Rem Koolhaas – The generic city (Architecture) Ray Kurzweil – Futurist (Singularity)

Peter Singer – Preference utilitarianism
Fun exercise… and didn’t take to long to put together!

I feel up and active which is my everyday mood, I don’t seem to move from this

My board would be made up with a lot of people who have challenged me over the year and who have made me grow as a person, people with all different personalities, cultures


I have competed at National levels in nearly every sport I have undertaken, from Gridiron, Triathalon, Drag Racing etc. and have won or been very successful at the top level, not only restricted to sports I have had the same success in fields like scouting where I reached the top level in each section of the movement including the Queen Scout Award. All of these took extensive training, motivation and focus.

Continuous Training is the key but without motivation, focus desire and drive then the training will not last.

DFQ 22

A better cheesecake recipe

We have a focus on greeting the customer at the counter in a better way this year. Today I asked 10 customers how their Christmas was, how there family was and what they did while they were of. I made a point of deflecting any questions about my time of so I could get the customer talking instead of myself. The smiles on their faces and the animated talk from my customers lent a feel good vibe to the branch and I picked up some good personal information that I can use on future visits.

Up and Active, there is to many negative ppl in the world. You need to remember that you can only control the controllable.


Sometimes putting on hold the routine of getting through the tasks we have set for ourselves for the day and just listening to our customers and our co workers as they chat or do business can be very valuable. It can change your CVS to a BVS and can allow you to build relationships effortlessly, build repour, build trust and gain confidence.

showroom consultants regional manager other managers

looking at the business as 1 company after all that’s what we are, utilizing each component to try and win a good account over and involving the managers from the different divisions.

just suppose we were able to offer supply and install as we are often asked to.

google search portfolio business holiday

right staff attitude commitment dedication

I need to notice differences in a product or situation that do not support my perception and notice whether those differences that are observed can potentially effect the functionality or performance that is desired in either a positive or negative manner. or if my perception needs to be reviewed.

Why is this my reaction? If I stop & think , are there other factors that are contributing to my reaction. Usually.

Every day create a opportunity in every thing you do from day to day

Time- To utilise every second of every minute of every hour available to me. I travel extensively so when I am meeting with someone my quality of presence has to be at an optimum

success and ways to get there


score 28

thinking about others and how they would approach a situation or question

be creative an think outside the square. there is more than one way to do things, not just my way. be mindful of outside influence.

Not excepting the first thought

I love. I exist, I am different. I am complex. I am me.

to do things right the first time and reduce the CODB by not fixing things that have gone wrong

why is this so complicated? one way to look at this is to say let me find an easier solution. Another way is to actually do the research and get to understand the issue at hand. Maybe the fault lies with me not having the knowledge required. Knowledge is power!!

I don’t accept the current view of the situation I always look for the BVS as a matter of course.

Listen- When you allow someone to voice their opinions and support them with encouraging words, they open up and say more than initially intended. This is where opportunities jump out at you. You need to be ready for them.

Assessing that all thoughts are current CVS and knowing that there is a BVS option.

Why is this so complicated. Think about it does it need to be.

make sure you go the extra mile when doing something for a customer and not just the bare minimum. This will help grow a stronger relationship with your client.

have no reservations when faced with a new challenge- attack it with10 x more passion than before

A good way of learning and with the x10

why is this my reaction?

Because water goes to the weakest point. The mind will always look for the solution that matches the patterns its has developed over numbers of years and experiences. To create new patterns you need to start with why and then create new pathways for alternative responses.

by taking the time out to really listen to your customer you will find opportunity .

41, Further investment required to sharpen the brain power tool.

Lately I have been using the SOT training to asses my performance in areas like Staff engagement, showroom selling skills, delegation, communication & family engagement. I have found myself


lacking in some areas and have set myself some goals to work on over the next 3 months. Already I have made several sales in the showroom where I have delved deeper with some customers to really make a connection and understand their needs. Also my family is appreciating my attention after work.

if every crisis is an opportunity then adopting the CVS to BVS model will see plenty of improvement. Crisis usually means to stamp out fires but not to turn them around.

#12 – why not
I recently asked this question why not change – in a meeting
it took two more meetings for the balance of the team to catch up next time it will be easier

#13 Who
my wife
my management team (x2)

You can Learn to improve your thinking at any time you wish to put some time and effort in to it – just like anything else.

open mind leads to open thinking, we are always learning and can keep on learning if we are open to it.

Asking of yourself WHY, will set you free (will allow you to escape the current CVS to gain BVS). But beware of asking others WHY! You need to ask yourself WHY are you asking WHY .If once you have asked WHY of yourself, and you still feel the need to ask WHY of others, you should then proceed. The challenge of asking WHY of others is that they may not know WHY, which may lead you to ask yourself WHY did you ask in the first place!! WHY x10

Good, better, best, taking time to look objectively at problems and obtaining the best outcome.

There is no reason that I cant improve my CVS and improve my thinking

Why do our customers hate this? Change our way of thinking.

To live is to learn, we learn from our peers and surrounds and from this attempt to be better day by day. I’m here to be better than yesterday.

For me I will be looking at the current situation or issue and saying what will happen if I try this in a different way what will be the outcome and trying it, run with it rather than go with the norm.

my commitment is to dedicate the start of each day for exercise, meditation and a short read.

*Time-off for people to enjoy time with friends and family is the only incentive I believe


worthwhile (after all isn’t it one of the main reasons we work, to support our lifestyles and families).

*Verbal incentives will only go so far before they must be followed up with a reward otherwise the question will be asked “what am I doing this for?”

*Financial rewards are taxed heavily and only come up twice a year. If you are expecting a financial reward quite often it is perceived as never being enough for what others believe they have done. If you are expecting nothing a financial reward can be appreciated more.

It’s helped me figure out that there is always more than one way to solve a problem, and the easiest isn’t always the best. It’s also helped me to look at situations from another perspective.

Bringing in some yummy food for the guys to show appreciation for their hard work and commitment.

I have found these lessons to make me more aware of and more determined to consciously consider what I do and how I do it. It’s not necessarily about making big leaps forward each day, but making progress each day toward that better goal.

A reward that is unexpected by the other person for a task that they didn’t think would be recognised (surprise reward) is great also. It shows that you were noticing.

Today I will be rewarding myself for completing the tasks I have set out.

Why do we do things a certain way each day. Because it’s the way it’s always been. Why cant we look to improve our current processes?

I need to focus on being a better person than I was yesterday, I need to constantly challenge my CVS.

Look at how we can approach a negative situation & turn it into a positive one.

Usual behaviours

Positive thinking. Looking at the positive side of any situation and escalating it

With customers come issues when something goes wrong think of different ways to improve the offering to the customer and increase value

Getting better then ever results from the solutions that came out of BVS.

Staff Members, Regional Leader, Other branch 2ic’s

Price … Trying to move the CSV (Price) to a BVS (Value).


Must Leaders are born leaders.They lead by example and get the followers behind them

A lot of what I have done is daily routine, nevertheless I it did prompt me to do some things better and faster

It opens your eyes to the fact that everything is questionable, just because you have always done something one way shouldn’t stop you looking for a better way. In business, relationships and daily life, people always get caught in patterns of thinking, I have been trying to be conscious for a number of years now to look for solutions, its just a change in mindset but it really does help.

Not sure I like the idea of a board, although I am always enjoy listening and learning off others. I prefer to come to reason/rationalise my own understanding and approach to life.

For me it has all been about awareness. Being aware of others. Being aware of the BVS, Being aware of how I think.

A quick reflection before reaction can have a huge impact and turn one’s CVS into a BVS.

As I am discovering you might think you have a skill down but things change. I am finding that as time moves on my skill level in the showroom has dropped. My goal for this week is to spend more time in the showroom with my consultant and work on my skill as I attempt to help him improve his skills. Skills need to be reviewed to make sure you are capable especially if you are trying to pass on these skills.

Rather than fire stamping come up with solutions that will last
so next issue to arise give it its due time to ensure a new view can be given.

Price. How can I market mine and the companies Services and Assets to the customer so they see that there is more involved in a job/project then the bottom line?

Breaking tasks down so you get a little ‘win’ every day is rewarding

Continuous training and refreshing of things brings them back to the front of mind and keeps us looking for that bvs

Today I am going to buy a new car and reward myself for all my hard work. Sometimes you have to put yourself first


Why not ask someone’s for their opinion? Don’t be afraid to try new ways of doing things

So thinking could be seen as a treadmill for the brain……….. 2015 healthy body, healthy Brain. if you can exercise everything, why not…..


Unsure of who I would have on there, it would be a group of people from a diverse background. From there we would look at all the opportunities and move from there.

Don’t wait for the storm to pass, but learn to dance in the rain.

The CVS I can try and escape from today is thinking I completely understand how others feel.

I am hear to love my loved ones, learn as much as I can from everyone in my life and make my life the amazing.

Development of my team and bringing customers in as part of my team will do thing. Look at ways of being more efficient will also play a part in this

37. It will be interesting to see how this changes and what positive effects it will have after its all done.

I would now hope that I wear the green hat from now on. I hope to be able to have an impact on the design of my future, not merely stand back and only have judgements!

There are always opportunities for improvement, to save money, to provide better customer service. You need to truly understand the customer and their needs and wants in order to be able to see what we can improve, and how we can provide a truly satisfying experience to each and every customer, both internal and external.

To listen first then to think second.

Why not ask someone else for their opinion?

Why not involve my staff in the decision making process so that I can assess different views to find a BVS

Why not show the staff the more behind the scenes of running a branch? Maybe they might have an opinion/idea that opens our way of approaching issues from a different angle….

Why Not Try it This Way.

When dealing with customers who have a problem and are not sure throw you own ideas by saying “Why not try it this way ” and between both of you, it may well solve there problem better .

When Dealing with a customer who is not sure, throw your own ideas out by asking Why not try it this way as between both of you, you may solve there problem better and quicker.

Work to be done. Particularly around giving more consideration to all ideas before settling on a decision

I will follow up on an order to make sure the manufacturers are all over it, which may speed up the end delivery process. It is a great order to receive, lets make the delivery process great also !

Selecting one particular person for a job and making myself consider alternative options.


Doing a large credit for a customer, when we really shouldn’t be. Is there a BVS of the situation that allows a positive outcome without actioning the credit?

To live life, excel in my priorities whether it is family or the professional field.

We were without internet access today, which can be quite a challenge for our team. When discussing the situation with our help desk by using a little humour we were able to keep the whole team`s mood good by not viewing our situation as dire and therefore the rest of the day should flow well and is! Humour if used right definitely can help a team’s engagement.

My reward will be when I get home and my almost 3 year old and my 10-week-old boys both smile at me!!! Best reward in the world

Opportunities sometimes present themselves when you least expect it. Listen and learn from your customers and sense the opportunity thru communication.

Most of the time I hear the sound of laughter and I imagine it is probably myself that may inhibit me hearing it all the time as sometimes I am too into what I am doing and closed down that I forget to see the lighter side of life and laugh a little more.

I would describe my mood as up and active, maybe because I have had a good weekend and my staff is in a good mood also and we have picked up a few nice orders.

People will only think about things that they are interested in. You lose people when you try and force them to think.

We can always do things better. Its trial and error to find the “something else” that works for me.

Most people will say that “we live, then we die”. But we are here to live a unique life, learn and then past on this information to our family and future generations. Its evolution.

Today I will buy myself lunch as a reward.

I Had a situation with a colleague which it would have been easy to use a personal opinion to prejudice my reactions to the discussion but I believe I was able to take BVS after I had already reviewed the situation before the discussion took place. Also I must add that the BVS with fresh thinking is a much more favourable way to enter discussions-also seems easier to detach ones emotional views and get a better unclouded view.

There is always room for improvement when it comes to thinking. Nobody is a perfect thinker.

I’ll reward the system today. By bringing in new product that will be in demand. preparing for when the orders start coming in.

Making sure we can have enough supply VS the demand.

Humour is a good leveller of things.


We must perform our duties, but some humour will make it all more enjoyable