59 Second Training – Introduction

The purpose of 59 Second Training is to compress SOT ideas and insights into an ultrashort course that can then be unpacked by SOT instructors in their longer courses.

Today we will discuss the Introduction.

The Introduction is:

Thinking, in any situation, is escaping from your current view of the situation (cvs), and searching for a much better view of the situation (bvs).


You have now been studying and discussing the idea in this Introduction. What, for you,  has been the main insight of this idea?

51 thoughts on “59 Second Training – Introduction

  1. CVS to CVS is a presonal and free desision, One can stay and defend the current view or make an efford to improve 10 times better.

    How? hope to find to answer to swicht and do it within the week

  2. The insight apparent to me here, is that if we take the time to think laterally or just differently than we would normally – with all our prejudices and presumptions – in any given situation it is possible that we should be able to adapt our perspective to a potentially better one.

  3. cvs2bvs enables me to move from a reactive mode to a proactive one. Searching for a way to move forward in the midst of the prevailing challenges/conditions instead of focusing on just overcoming/reacting to issues besetting me now.

    So instead of being preoccupied with the present situation, I focus on searching for a new/preferred situation and the solutions needed to get me out of the present fix into a situation more ideal to me.

    So instead of being mired in the prevailing conditions/”set of rules”, the focus will be on searching for a new possibility, an alternative solution/route. Mentally, it allows for a refreshing new perspective. The prospect of taking control back is an uplifting thought and the process of doing so an uplifting experience.

  4. my situation of the cvs to bvs required my brother demand from me to work and be tired very much my cvs I will make his advice a habit but my bvs I can learn about the internet marketing so on make a website increase thez visitors and make maneoy online easier.

  5. The amount of bvs’s available to the user. In the past I would look at a situation in a limited number of ways.

  6. cvs is where you are and bvs is where you can be. There are multiple bvs. Training your brain to know the existence of bvs and the ability of the brain to switch from cvs to bvs is the first and the main insight of this idea. In other words – knowing that there is a world of possibilites far better than your current view of the situation.

  7. The ability to switch from 1 second to the next and explore totally different ideas and possibilities that will lead to a BVS, a better view of the situation.

    The search for a BVS can go thru totally different thought worlds.

  8. CVS is in the now and the BVS is infinite. CVS also could be the BVS from another perspective

  9. CVS – desktop version of viewing this blog only

    BVS – option to view mobile optimized version

  10. The main insight I take away is the point of not having to accept a cvs as the best view, eventhough it may have been drilled into you from a very young age.

    We seem to do things purely because they seem to follow and we dont try things because we have fear.

  11. there are many insights in the 59 second video (can we still call them videos) however for me it is the ability to switch leap onto a parrellel universe. i have this image of being able to jump from a moving train that is heading in the same direction but on a different track.

  12. The main insight is the sheer simplicity of ceasing to defend the CVS, thus giving you the necessity & opportunity to find a BVS, which, by definition, has no bounds.

  13. A tremendous leap, i.e. cvs* 10 = bvs is to have a deep view of Islam. Although highly prejudiced and intentionally misconceived by the Western media, Islam is #1 religion people convert to worldwide. Just think about the numerous scientific evidences recently discovered through technology but that have been stated by Prophet Muhammad more than 1400 years ago. Aren’t these a material proof of the truthfulness of Islam? The problem is that people judge Islam through behaviours of Muslims, but unfortunately few Muslims stick to the real teachings of Islam.

  14. Well, I would be happy if I could spell better; the question to me is, how can one be sure of the bvs is really a bvs and not an illusion or another cvs? So is thinking the answer? Meditation would seem to say not. Thinking is the wave not the ocean.

  15. I don’t know why but even though I’ve been through the SOT, the you-tube pesentation was powerful. Now to apply it, I will read the comments below and try to Escape, Like medition! Share it with everyone to find your bvs. As below:

  16. if i can’t step aside from my cvs then i am unable to think effectively on any issue. i am just churning out familiar ideas and beliefs. what a relief to be free!!

  17. CVS2BVS means to me that there is always a solution (BVS) to a given problem (CVS).

  18. Current for better… seems so simple… it really is… just we need to focus on it… is to expand your possibilities, and the first step to find more than one answer to your concerns…

  19. At any time I can switch from my current view of the situation and explore parallel universes to come up with a better view of the siruation which may be ten times better.

  20. For me its the impact that there is ALWAYS a better situation and thats its often merely a shift in perspective thats turns the cvs to a bvs.

  21. Looking at both sides of a problem give balance as well as credence to the proponents of any argument. It also entails that decisions are made based on exploration and consideration of all possible facts.

  22. That by escaping from the usual position of defending a viewpoint, much more positivity and inclusivity can be brought to group discussions and meetings.

  23. Unless you can free yourself from the prison of your own thoughts you are not likely to improve the way you think.

    You can always choose EST if you accept that there are endless streams of opportunities to improve. And if you choose to do this repeatedly then you will learn to see what else is possible.

  24. The main INSIGHT is to escape. Once you escape then the next stage begins. This stage I can describe with an analogy. You come out of the “conditioned” mind (locked) to “de-condition” then “re-condition” finally to (unlock) the mind by “un-conditioned” state. This is the state where the BVS can take place.

    This similar process happens to the mind when you meditate as well!

  25. An excellent method of putting thought function into an understandable format for anyone’s ability of understanding. Great assistance in changing the way we look at situations challenging our ingenuity. The most difficult part of the equation is forming the habit of using the switch for all aspects of our daily lives.

  26. For the the main insight has been to continually discovering inumerable opportunities to shift from CVS2BVS…if only I can become aware that I have a CVS in a particular situation.

  27. With the repetition of insights I have come to realize that with any and all situations there is a potential “always” for a BVS. Getting familiar with the idea that I can always look toward an improvement or a change for the better. With this understanding I can perpetually look to a better view.

  28. THe main insight for me is the Escape. Escaping from my current point of view, rather than indignantly defending it. A realisation that something else might just be better rather than taking it personally that someone else may not agree with my current point of view.

  29. The main insight I have gained is that there is always the possibility of a BVS, and a substantially better one (X10) at that.

  30. The concept that I control my own universe to a great extent by the mental processing of my situation and thoughtful action to bring about the effects I desire in my Life. Whatever transpires in my Life is mostly neutral until it is processed to be perceived as either “good” or “bad”. I always lack the data as to how the “bad” things end up as a positive and must have a faith that all things will work out for my good if I but CVS to BVS.

  31. While in theory it sounds quite simple to switch from one parallell universe to another – in practice it does not always come that easily. We often become accepting of certain things over time and forget about improvement, or making things better. We just get lost or caught up in the here and now and therefore stop seeking a better way or a BVS. Worse still, if we are in a group of people who tend to think the same way then collectively we all stop looking for improved ways. Having the ability to automatically apply CVS2BVS takes practice, means breaking out of the norm and starting to challenge others who are “stuck” where they are. Encouraging others to move from CVS2BVS and then acknowledging the result and celebrating the move is a great way to begin to instill CVS2BVS as a standard way of thinking. Not everyone wants to escape – as they have spent so long defending their thoughts that they forget what it is like to escape. It is a real breakthrough when you see somebody make the switch themselves and then notice that they have done it – all by themselves, survived the experience and actually enjoyed the outcome!

  32. The brains filing cabinett stores information for easy lookup, often based on the CVS. In my creative work we try to associate the problem at hand with how similar problem in other areas have been solved. This helps to find the BVS. For me the CVS2BVS
    is technices to do exactly that.
    escape… look at the problem or cvs from different angels
    search…. where else is this occuring, what have been done there…

  33. The Current View of the Situation is alive and well, stable but subject to change in moments. Having an open mind and quiet, it can become a Better View of the Situation and updated to a new Current view without any great effort. Awareness and that Open Mind afore mentioned. Even my response here has passed through a few views. Recently I was asked to explain an earlier statement, that you don’t lose in an argument, (discussion). The opposing argument gives me an opening for a Better View perhaps, a win. If my argument remains the better, and remains Current, there’s no loss. Still a win because there will be a Better View of my argument, for me, if not X10 yet.

  34. Escape at all times makes( movement) you more flexible at all times as the mind become more powerful with flexibility.

    This insight really give some thoughtfulness to all matters that comes to your attention.

  35. There have been many benefits in using CVS to BVS. The most significant has been the realisation that I have more time than I realise to make a decision.

    Apart from the decision itself, in using CVS to BVS, it also helps me control the timing of the move I decide to make.

  36. To move from the current view of the situation, takes less than a second.
    To actualy do it can take upwards of twenty years.
    How quick do you need to move. from cvs2bvs, i find as fast as your prepared to E S T. a bvs.

  37. for me ..
    the movement (of thinking) is like surfing, particularly, that moment , when you catch the wave..

  38. The main insight I’ve noticed is how little time I spend in defending a CVS, rather time is invested in thinking and continuing searching for Ever Better ideas and actions to produce ever better results.

  39. I enjoy the concept of motion in the previous comment..I would add, that by this motion, a myriad of pathways leading to infinite possibilities, tailored to the individual and his unique position then become available.

  40. For me, one of the main insights is that ‘thinking is movement’. It’s not just taking a position and then defending that position. It’s more than that. It’s ‘going beyond’. It’s moving away.

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