The Ten Steps to x10 Thinking

In the mid-80’s, when Jack Welch launched GE x10 he said: “I would love to have a management team that really understood the cvsx10=bvs equation. It’s the value-added role in the management process”.

At that time GE was a USD35 billion manufacturer of everything from locomotives to light bulbs. By the time Jack left in 2001 GE market value had maximised to USD484 billion making it the most valuable company in the world.

Today, the most valuable company in the world is Google. In February 2013, WIRED Magazine’s Steven Levy interviewed Larry Page of Google and wrote:

Larry Page lives by the gospel of 10x. Most companies would be happy to improve a product by 10 percent. Not the CEO and cofounder of Google. The way Page sees it, a 10 percent improvement means that you’re basically doing the same thing as everybody else. That’s why Page expects his employees to create products and services that are 10 times better than the competition.

MICHAEL HEWITT-GLEESON designed GE x10 for Jack Welch and is acknowledged as the ‘father of x10 thinking’. He is the author of The x10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten! (Prentice Hall, 2000). Michael talks about x10 thinking here …


Thinking, in any situation, is escaping from your current view of the situation (cvs) and searching for a better view of the situation (bvs) …

1. Universal Brain Software

… the switch is the universal brain software known as cvs2bvs.

2. Switch Parallel Universes

… the universal brain software allows the brainuser to switch from one parallel universe to another.

3. NOW is a cvs

… at any particular NOW moment in spacetime the brainuser has a cvs.

4. Two cvs Options

… two cvs options are DEFEND the cvs or ESCAPE the cvs

5. IF escape THEN search

… if the brainuser can ESCAPE the cvs then he, she or it can search for a bvs.

6. cvs x10 = bvs

… a bvs can be ten times better than a cvs.

7. The Thinking Switch

… cvs2bvs is the x10 thinking switch from cvs to bvs.

8. Hop Sideways with 10 Power

… cvs2bvs allows the brainser to hop sideways across parallel universes using tenpower, the power of 10.

9. Explore the cognos

… cvs2bvs empowers you to explore the cognos, the multiverse of possible thoughts and x10 thinking.

10. Flip the x10 Switch!

… Flip the x10 switch from cvs to bvs!


284 thoughts on “The Ten Steps to x10 Thinking

  1. Every adversity has in it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.
    I always look for that seed by flipping my switch from cvs to bvs. It always comes out better.

  2. The most interesting insight of this lesson is that I can become aware that I can expand my thinking . That I can see things in a different light.
    A specific example of thinking outside the box , for me was, many years ago, I was working at construction and was getting overpowered by all the hard work I had to do. I saw an ad for training as a hypnotherapist and applied , passed the course and ended up practicing therapy as a hypnotherapist.
    I continued studying, and now have a B.A.( hons.) Psychology,A Diploma in Counselling, (University of Ulster) , Diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching, Certificate in Training and Development, and am finishing a Masters in Social Science.
    Take that leap of faith! Who knows where it will take you!

  3. 1. It focuses on possibilities as opposed to the preferred. Moving beyond accepted norms, implies that man-made rules and guidelines as being artificially restrictive, promotes creative and innovative thinking, the status quo is there to be changed.

    2. In a recent sales transaction, I agreed to furnish certain approvals/drawings I wasn’t legally bound to do so, against the advice of my lawyer as this may subject me to possible future legal liability.

    My concession secured the final and complete payment of the purchase sum, averting a possible delay in the final settlement which is an option open to the buyer. At the same time, I saved him face as he can claim to have won the concession of obtaining the approval/drawing which he had overlooked.

    So, in exchange for a quick settlement, I incurred a negligible extra expense while making him look good. If he were to resort to any future legal recourse, it will not be for aborting the sale, but over an approval drawing which I will be furnishing him. I also am privy to the fact that an approval from the authority is not required for my situation which puts me on the right side of the law.

    If I had heeded my lawyer’s advice, I would have played hardball knowing that the sales and purchase contract would shield me from any legal wrong-doing, but only after the case plays out in court which will take months.

    Instead, I conceded to making a mistake, assured him of taking remedial action, which saved him face and me time. This was not without legal risks but an immediate significant financial risk has been averted, in exchange for a negligible one and a few unfriendly letters from his lawyer.

    My action and decision may appear surgical and wise in retrospect but I took them against the wishes of my wife, lawyer, and almost everyone else, and had to live with their opinions, cautions, and grumblings for several weeks until the whole episode played out.

    Truly, cvs does not equal bvc. cvs10x = bvs. In this case, way exceeds 10x.

  4. 1. It is a discrete but effective way of inducing creative thinking in everyone.

    2. Most often I use it in time management: since the time available has an upper limit, the things to be done have to squeezed so as to take at most the time it takes to reach the upper limit. I ask myself: what would be a better sequence of operations than the current one, a sequence that reduces spill time and makes it possible to handle everything I have to do?

  5. CVS2 BVS is an antidote to rigid thinking. It means that any situation can be viewd in a better way and the current view is not the only one.
    As an example,recently I have been looking for a job change since my current job has becaome more stagnant. But due to a bad market situation, I havent found offers. Initially I was quite upset. But later, I thought that this is a good opportunity to hone my skills and then look for a change. I have taken classes in 6 sigma and also learnt TRIZ and have started using them in my current job. I no longer regret not haveing found a new job

  6. My husband recently passed on. The cvs was bleak. But then I looked at the situation is 10 different ways and found that a new sense of freedom to do things at my speed in my way while still being aware of helping others. cvsx10 does equal bvs Thanks. m

  7. 1. “the cvs can never be equal to the bvs”
    2. i used in my daily planning at work and for work .

  8. 1. bvs is always better than cvs
    2. i have used this in the organization during problem solving. For eg in a situation on how to manage costs better. We had a number of options. For each of those options I took the discussions through coming out with better options. And we were able to come out with some creative alternatives to reduce costs.

  9. A certain situation can never be equal to another situation ; if you know how to escape from a NOW view , searching for a better situation , then you will have more choices .
    I am lucky enought to live in 2 Countries that allows me to see better views at any specific time, I mean : if I am in Australia in a situation that I dont like , I escape from it thinking if there is a better way that I ve lernt from my other Country doing so I always have a BETTER VIEW .
    ie. if I dont like pies I know that I can always make a bowl of pasta

  10. I applied Cvs2bvs when I was preparing for my professional exams. It gave a better way of reading. And I eventually passed the exams.

  11. I was introduced to CVS to BVS last year in a session with Michael. It has become an important tool in my daily life both on a personal and professional level. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed or anxious about a situation, I take the time to reflect on cvs to bvs and it always calms me and allows me to then engage more positively with the challenge that I am facing. For example, rather than feeling powerless to help my aging parents with their health problems, I’ve been able to find different ways to assist them.

  12. I applied CVS to BVS without realising it when I was 17 and chose to move to Melbourne and go to university instead of staying in the town where I grew up and marrying a farmer

  13. There is always a better alternative view.
    cvs2bvs is still very new to me and I am still getting used to using it!

  14. The insight (and challenge) is the escape and search for the better view.

    I have been able to apply this concept and sort out the issue that had bothered me and my fellow colleague for months.

  15. for me, the insight is around the the time and energy that is expended in defence of one’s view. Since I first learned about cvs to bvs, I am so more aware of when myself and others are stuck in a cvs and all the thinking is focussed on defending. Not on improving, just proving!

    I have used it in my personal life as a great way of moving forward from an impasse of opposing views! Neither party has to accept they are wrong.

  16. I have had the pleasure of watching collegues use the term CVS to BVS for some time and my biggest learning has been the feeling of “parking” my CVS and actively creating a BVS.

  17. Challenging us to not just accept what is there but to go to a another place and push the boundaries to get a better result.
    I’ve been using this in our Call Centre, pushing the Team Leaders to take the team from ordinary to great. It is all running smoothly and would be easy to leave it running like that but taking a look at it from outside we are opening up our doors to a new view and possibilities of increased performance, customer service enhancements and cost reductions whilst lifting quality to new levels. There is nothing like a challenge to get creative with everything we do and step outside, challenge old ideas and bring in new ones.

  18. The insight is the pause. To not allow the automatic thinking process to remain unchallenged.

  19. 1. It opens so many doors to so many pleasures and enhances everything in life. every day is exciting – not routine – exciting!

    2. I turned 65 and decided I wanted to be here to see my grandchildren grow to 21 – they were 2 and 6 months old. I am now 66 – 26 kilos lighter doing a masters in innovation online and now pursuing a dream that will change my and every baby boomers life for the good. Oh and I am learning to play the guitar, sing, back to veteran’s hockey, riding my bike all over the place, doing website development course , upgrading my skill in marketing and getting to know my family better. Sadly my cognition course is showing me how many of my cohort are shrinking mentally as I watch – it doesn’t have to be that way in my BVS x 10

  20. I use it every day. Whatever decision I have to make I look at CVS and then look for a BVS. Whether it is dealing with my children or in a work situation.

  21. The most interesting insight was the notion that you have two options with your cvs, defend or escape. So often we defend. I often find myself defending my position. I have actually seen it as an asset to be able to critic others viewpoint. Unfortunately this has often left me with a poor understanding of the other persons point of view.

    I used cvs2bvs yesterday in a meeting. We have been working on try to find export markets for our products and services. Following 3 weeks of research I found there was little ‘low hanging fruit’ in terms of what we had to offer. As others were trying to come up with ideas I was the one explained all the reasons why each one would not work. i found myself in a defensive spiral.

    I notice this happening and stopped. I made a conscious decision to escape. Instead of criticising the ideas I start to expand them. Within 10 minutes we had come up with a possible solution. It put us back on track with the project.

  22. 1)

    With respect to the simple concept of CVS to BVS, my insight is best described in detailed form below.

    The CVS:-

    These tools are frequently useless as I rarely act upon them, even after having understood many great reasons for using them. There are two ways I judge myself as acting – physically and mentally. Most of my thinking time is wasted daydreaming, reading, thinking of trivial things, reviwing ideas I have conceived of thousands of times, thinking pleasurable imaginary thoughts that are of no positive benefit. My actual physical activities reflect my poor mental state. Little discipline and care for things that don’t interest me passionately leads to leaving physical activities to the last minute, until I am asked or told repeatedly to do them. I warehouse the intentions or urges to carry out physical activities until I forget what I intended to do and think that there is nothing that really needs doing now. I avoid physical activities even though I sometimes excel at them and generally enjoy them supremely; I place priority in the thinking areas that I find are habitual and forgive myself for not being balanced as I have learned that extreme focus leads to excellence in niches.

    The BVS:-

    These tools are useful even though it isn’t possible for most relaxed and self-driven people to implement habitual use. Nonetheless they are options that at least become available, and if under extreme pressure the need for viable alternatives may result in the unconscious use of tools that have been learned and forgotten. The best way to use these tools, these memes, this software for the brain, is to learn them well enough to be able to apply them automatically in relaxed circumstances where there is no pressure. This requires practice, rehearsal and repetition, and committing to a pipeline where I will use, relearn & reuse these older tools, even while learning new tools. By chosing to continue my SOT education I have forced PRR, even though my initial belief was I would just learn something new. I didn’t think or expect I would need to use old techniques. This added advantage of education is overlooked by people who are easily distracted; that much of it is PRR.

    2) With respect to a specific example of using CVS to BVS.

    I had a previous view (CVS) that I was inadequate and that my skills were of little importance locally or globally, in the face of a vacuum of recognised qualifications and no knowledge of critical global truths.

    A litte direction from a friend, along with studying thinking lessons and reading many self-help resources, with tremendous amounts of daily reading about politics, finance, technology and innovation along with intense work for about 10 years allowed me to both identify and recognize a clear and present need for my skills and conceive of new ideas that can potentially be used to resolve critical issues facing the world today.

    My BVS is that I am capable even though I still have no formally recognized qualifications, and even though my skills haven’t been demonstrated as needed. Conceiving new world-class ideas, even though they are unproven is enough to have allowed me to relax and accept that I am more than adequate, and that my skills could be of great importance.

    The deliberate use of CVS to BVS over a very long timespan has given me confidence, both in myself and in the future. I have simple, practical solutions to problems facing us locally and globally and they are ready for use if required, and I am able to share them without fear if asked.

  23. bvs recognition…criteria for evaluation…need meme.How to avoid false thinking. Relationships …very important …cultural biases… how to let go? Great opening to book very good …young species… will we survive? Hope so.
    Lots of love here.

  24. As leaders, those who we lead, are behind us. It expresses itself in imple form as example by a simple idea or perspective that leads the crowd, that starts an argument. Bvs exists in the space ahead of reality.
    I have started to document on index cards, the routines that enable me do things. As i do them I am looking for the upgrade which then becomes the Cvs. I am aniticipating that the act of documenting routines by itself is a stress reliever.

  25. At first I asked myself what is the value in continuous motion and movement. However, it clear that the environment is constantly changing and if we don’t make adjustments we are going to be worse off anyway.

  26. CVS2BVS is a great route to live in a strategy centered mind / thinking / attitude / decision /action. Yes, in my work as a Business Manager working in the global market always push me to think what is beyond the current stand and I would not be able to survive in the work if do not think instantly for situation to situation meant there is a better way otherwise. Example, when there is no further room to adjust with my customer demand for a price reduction which all also happen within the institutional inertia , then , I am not moving with the task as well as not turn the situation in favor of my company. So, here the solution I use normally , just pull my hands out from the current situation and penetrate to seek for another what is untapped idea / solutions have not came into my mind previously. So, this is how I believe and get use of Cvs2Bvs. This is basically a strong root to be captured always in life if need to have continuity in the process of creativity thinking and acting.

  27. Most interesting thing, when you stop to think about it, is that cvs2bvs applies to everything you can think about. If your not running a thought through the cvs2bvs software than your not working towards the optimal solution.

    My current job situation, and solutions and alternatives.

  28. An interesting insight? None other than cvsx10 = bvs.

    My constant reminder is my own personal belief system of always trying to look at things from another angle. Always optimistic, always looking at the other side of the story, always being doing things that I’ve been previously told not to, always trying to break the rules.

    This belief system is a strong recurring genome in my family and in my culture which is still a huge influence in my life.

    I will always listen and side with an opponent/opposition first so as to see his/her side of the story to the extent where I would start arguing their points and will eventually be called a spy and/or trader. It is a habit of mine to do, (always sticking up for the little man), as this enables me to see the many different angles on a given situation.

    This particular aspect has shaped the person I am today and the life I live currently and in no way would I ever change it as it is far too valuable.

  29. Going from CVS to BVS with the flip of the brain switch.

    My client keeps coming up with changes everyday and new ideas for a classic car business. I give him my input.

    We used to argue over our different points of view and ideas.
    Now I accept his ideas, and he often adopts mine.

    I don’t have pride of ownership of the ideas. I only care about the better ideas, BVS, and the results.

  30. The simplicity of CVS2BVS is powerful.

    Undeniably true isn’t it?
    We can defend our current CVS or search for a better view. The first is arrogant and egotistical (DOWNWARD SPIRALING) and the second is conscious and evolving (UPWARD SPIRALING)

    I made myself look at the images of a situation that were causing problems for me, and questioned their right to exist AS THE ONLY VIEW. Then,as they lost steam, I was able to SEARCH FOR A BETTER VIEW.


    Brilliant insight MIchael. Thank you for your work.

  31. 1. In my view, one of the most interesting insights of this lesson is that one can spend a great deal of energy defending his or her current view of a situation as opposed to being considerate of the fact that there may be a better approach to solving the problem at hand, whatever it may be.

    2. I used cvs2bvs in my life when deciding which career path to choose; merchant, financial planner or writer. I thought the subject through long and hard, ultimately coming to the decision that writing would truly be best for me.

  32. 1. That there are lots of different ways of looking at situations that I have not thought of.

    2. Having a conversation with a financial coach made me clearer about my current financial situation and some pointers he made gave me a bvs (different ways of looking at my situation and what I could do about it).

  33. for me, the strongest insight is that there is a choice to not be trapped by the cvs into believing that it is the only choice . one example recently ew have been getting our sons mini registered and trust me this a frustrating process to go through , at one point i was getting pissed off with the amount of problems we were encountering in relation to the minis mechanical condition. now i have switched my view to” increasing our sons safety” i am happy when the opportunity arsise to fix the problem before it caused injury to someone i love and care about. therefore my thinking is changing to seeing a problems as an opportunities.

  34. Imagine any object. You can take a photo of it from many different positions. Some of the photos will be expressive, interesting, brilliant and … expensive. Athers – commonplace and uninteresting. The object hasn’t been changed. The result has. This is my insight. The point of view is determinant.

  35. 1. most interesting insight is that using the Thinking Switch you can access options existing in parallel universes. And indeed cvs is not equal to bvs.
    2. My example is about finding and being found by clients. Two years go I used cvs2bvs and more specific I used cvsx10=bvs.

  36. The cvs can never be equal to the bvs and it has the power of multiplying itself by 10!

    Personal relationship understanding partners view I had to escape from my own and flicking the switch was definitely worth it

  37. 1. probably should stop arguing with my partner or he should stop arguing with me. haha

    2. it seems to me that once you get out of your own head space it is easier to bvs

  38. This simple equation is true in many aspect. It is fairly difficult to escape one’s point of view, more so the views that’s been held for a considerable amount of time.

    This lesson for me emphasizes that a better view will always be available in any situation. However, one needs to be aware of that and be willing to look for that view. The difficulty lies in ESCAPING our current view. Once one can escape, as in the video, then there’s a “multiverse” of opportunities and available possibilities.

    The art of escaping one’s CVS, needs mastery.

  39. To stop whenever it is possible and spend time differently – to thank people for sharing their viewpoint, especially if it is in conflict or contrast with mine.

    I realise, if i don’t give permission (outwardly) to others to remind or help me to shift perspective, i track down old pathways and continue to take an unconscious standpoint that ‘i am right’, and that this is ‘the way’.

    Using this as a regular feedback model – to ask for other peoples impressions or viewpoints, or to simply take a moment to ‘check’ for other possibilities is an incredible experience, even if it only opens up the insight of just how ‘mechanical’ our thinking is by default. Our brains are wired that way – to constantly seek efficiencies! However we CAN bypass that with deliberate, intentional exploring!

  40. 1. fast, reliable, and inspiring;
    2. oh, I do it everyday now – to think what I was and what I am now.

  41. DFQ:
    1. In your view, what is one of the most interesting insights of this lesson?

    2. Give a specific example of how you deliberately used cvs2bvs in your own life to get a result? The more specific in terms of when, where, how etc the more useful will be your example.

    How can I observe and take certain weaknesses about my self. This happen in the home at 12.00pm 2nd July 2011. . I ask what can I do to give me better improvement on myself from cvs-bvs.
    This is about Tsevi.

    The CVS to BVS helps me get results that I am able to change my position from school academic position from CVS to BVS to be among the first three students out of the population of 200 pupil.

  42. to always look to see if there is a better way of doing things or looking at a situation

    always use when decide where to go or what to do next

    not always easy because sometimes you feel boxed in and cannot see a viable BVS

  43. 1. one thing I have come to understand in life is that, there is so much we don`t know about ourselves, as well as the element of the universe so much that the lesson or logic of cvs to bvc , as the best ever that happened to me. There so much to know, by the day.

    2. sometimes we take advantage of the cvs to bvs without knowing, I remembered some 10 years ago, when I was totally down, and thinks that my colleagues, most of them university graduates, had a better chance of making it in life, till one day, one of the colleague stare at me, and said, `Teddy…if you have survived up till now, then I will make it……` Well I went into thinking, what is this graduate saying about me…well from that day, I told myself to have another look at my capabilities in life…( bvs) which today has transformed my life……., and still looking at other better sides, that life hold in trust for me.

  44. 1. Insight – always check the possibility to have another view of situation
    2. CVS2BVS – I try to give my daughter a new perspective of things. As a very stubborn person she is very inflexible. This prevents her from creativity and the ability to search multiple solutions. Today I was giving her a lift, when she found out that she had forgotten her lipgloss at home. For her it was a real tragedy (CVS). She was really frastrated, she needed her lipgloss, but couldn’t think of anything but blaming herself and all the world around her for forgetting it at home.
    But in a moment I turned her mood X10 to a BVS. I suggested we stop in the nearest drugstore to buy her a new lipgloss!
    She would have a new lipgloss with her and an old one at home!
    Although it’s just an everyday situation and I never thought of it like a CVS2BVS, I’ll start now!

  45. I always have to remind myself of CVS2BVS when I’m in a meeting, some other person’s views is not always coated with bad motives. Or that there is no fresh insight to be learned.

  46. 1. In your view, what is one of the most interesting insights of this lesson?
    The defensive strategy that you are wrong and I am right.
    2. Give a specific example of how you deliberately used cvs2bvs in your own life to get a result? The more specific in terms of when, where, how etc the more useful will be your example.
    I was in a cvs position where I believed everything I read mainly regarding the news. I was in a comfort zone. Then I decided to try and get a better view of the situation. The bvs jolted me out of this comfort zone to find some starvation in the world is deliberately man made. My problem now is where do I go from here. I now realize I am again in the cvs zone looking for the bvs. The main result is that I no longer walk the face of this earth with blinkers. I am now in a position where I might be able to make a difference.

  47. That one should not be content with a situation that one is not happy with. One can switch to a better situation if the thought pattern is practiced.

  48. 1- There is no best solution to a given problem there is always much better solution.
    2- I am an employee right now (CVS) i am searching to become an entreprener (BVS).

  49. Always striving—never ever give up. Striving to be the best, offer the best. There is always a solution. just take the time to relax– if you wait the answer will come

  50. I’ve been using the “half full/half empty” View when looking at situations… CVS2BVS is the next level… Brilliant.

  51. There are so many interesting insights in this lesson.
    Just the definition the BVS as something that can compound is marvelous, Better, then Better than Better again then Better again and so on..
    The idea that there is a switch, in my control that I can use, to make a Better View of the Situation …
    I love the idea that a view is all we have. A view is not a truth, it’s not a fact, and it’s not a situation but a view, a perspective.
    These are such beautiful ideas.

  52. I introduced this idea to people in my psychotherapy groups with appropriate references to Dr. Hewitt- Gleeson and the sot. Very depressed patients were able to acknowedge cvs and move on to creating bvs. it was very gratifying to see how open people were to the idea. I used it myself to create some pleasureable bvs’s into my daily life such as focusing on most fun reading I could do , and most fun websites to visit.

  53. The most interesting insight is that one can be aware of one’s programming and escape the programming.

    I have not deliberately used yet cvs2bvs but will try it out.

  54. Q1. In your view, what is one of the most interesting insights of this lesson?

    The simplicity & power of the concept

    2. Give a specific example of how you have deliberately used cvs2bvs in your own life to get a result? The more specific in terms of when, where, how etc the more useful will be your example.

    A specific example relates to preparation and filing of audit working papers which has been time-consuming, not easily reviewable at a later date, and not readily accessible.
    This has all changed in the last few weeks as I keep saying to myself “There has to be a better way” cvs to bvs
    The bvs is simply through preparation of a series of forms which I have designed with check boxes, text boxes, & option boxes which I have put online & can keep back ups through submitting the completed forms to designated email addresses

  55. Flip the X10 switch! From cvs to bvs This can be done in an instant
    I have used this switch deliberately over the past two months on a daily basis when I was asked to teach two classes a complex course . Although I knew the subject I had no experience of teaching . cvs tyo bvs enabled me to keep generating ways to keep lessons interesting and pertinent .

  56. 1. that cvs x 10 is a realistic expectation, this really challenges the mind to think

    2. asking 10 questions before I proceed

  57. 1. The most interesting insight for me is now understanding that I have the ability, with the flip of a switch to go from cvs to bvs and that the bvs can be ten times better than the cvs.

    2. Have used it to get out of a stressful situation I was reluctant to release. But the using the concept of cvs to bvs made it almost painless to cut myself loose! Just a couple of weeks ago I would have thought it impossible!

  58. 1.The most interesting insight of this lession is knowing how to switch from or escape from your current view of a situation to a much better view of the situation.
    2.A good example is the economy in the US is very stressful.Knowing how to escape cvs2bvs has been very helpful.This has made the situation much easyer to deal with.

  59. I think the CVS and BVS provide something somewhat graspable when thinking, a purpose to the thought process. There is always a sense of having improved your view.

    I applied CVS2BVS in a decision in my role as co-ordinator of a year level of Secondary School. It applied to some decisions about managing a particular student, who had been of concern for some time, and re-evaluating the perspectives which applied to the situation. It helped regulate the types of questioning I undertook when discussing the situation with that student and the solutions we considered. The student continues to be of concern but it allowed some action both by the student and their parent to improve the situation. While in some regards, I may have eventually covered the same ground with the student, the focus was more clearly on moving away from the CVS.

  60. CVS2BVS – I like the idea of escaping the current and searching for the new and different. Perhaps idea of defending our current view reminded me of ‘fight or flight’. I will definitely try to ‘fly’ more.

    At the moment I am using the CVS to BVS to come up with a better way to teach adverbs. Hopefully has already led to some more interesting techniques.

  61. The wherewithal exists to escape is presented in concise logic. The formula allows for critical analysis of the CVS and the method to move to BVSX10.

    I moved from the private health service to the PHS and immediately noticed the sloppiness and, if you like, the willingness of the PHS to repeat mistakes and remain in the CVS. The Prince of Wales hospital was undergoing a complete face lift to meet the standards required of a Medical teaching hospital. I was the employment officer; as distinct from the personnel officer. The turn over of non professional staff was unacceptable to myself. I introduced a staff exit interview scheme where disgruntled employees could air their reasons for terminating. It became clear there were problems in the way supervisors were handling staff. If we were to cut down on the cost of advertising, supervisors would need to be trained in staff relations. The problem was twofold. The POW hospital became the Cinderella when it was elevated from a backwater nonentity, to teaching hospital status. The existing staff were not prepared or trained for duties in a large complex. The influx of new appointments on a daily basis literally overwhelmed the old staff. I looked at the CVS and the impediments blocking my path to a BVS, ignored protocol and went directly to the CEO. He agreed and even admitted he should have foreseen the problem and addressed it. My second CVS was to solve the problem of relief staff. This was achieved by calling for applications for relief positions. The criteria I set was; only applicants who lived in the immediate area or within a short bus ride need apply. This BVS was beyond my wildest hopes. In retrospect, very little thinking was done. The exact same problems popped up in the Westmead complex. It was not until Pickering was allowed to carry out accreditation that things improved slightly. I got Pickerings foot in the door when I invited him to accredit the hospital where I as the CEO. The Hospitals commission never forgave me for this. JMD

  62. One of the most interesting think about this lesson is the concept that we can ‘switch’ our way of thinking. Given the tool CVS to BVS. Becoming aware of the possibility of creating change makes that change possible.

    I used CVS toBVS to look at the process of how we write reports. The CVS showed that the system used has a number of flaws. Just listing a number of alternatives helps change to BVS, adn will hopefully lead to a better system. If not, CVS to BVS!

  63. 1. I am amazed at how often I automatically go to defend the cvs. I’ve also started to notice others around me defending their cvs.

    2. I deliberately sat back from a situation where I could have got caught defending but instead used cvs2bvs to look for a better view.

  64. The most interesting insight is thinking beyond where you are at now, and expanding your model of the world. The hardest thing about it is remembering to do it in the emotin of the moment!

    I have used CVS2BVS in dealing with objections and found it useful to remind me that defending the CVS won’t take me where I want to go.

  65. CVS < BVS

    Procrastinating in doing my book keeping – behind in my documents and keep putting it off. Piled up and way behind making it harder to get started. Feeling powerless by it.

    CVS:BVS – OK What is a better view of the situation – WHAT do I want what is the result outcome ; up to date with books and not have to do it.

    What are the possible scenarios that will deliver this ?

    BVS – get book keeper

    cvs – too much time needed to explain it all

    BVS start give him what you have let him get back to you
    draw up all the areas of claims and headings and give him details to do

    CVS – is this practical ?

    BVS – Do it start do notice think


    Look up phone number and set meeting now

    Start organise books in 10 main sections title each section and what needs to be done in each section for him to do and cross reference.

    Use large ring binder folder with 10 section separators

    Have index

    Gather all receipts and doc give to book keeper

    Schedule time to review

    Intend to have all up to date within 3-4 weeks from today.

  66. Just sounds like review. Call me crazy but this could be some repetition, yes?

    I am helping my kids to use these techniques as they become applicable. Seeing there cvs to Bvc moments has inspired some cvs to Bvs for me also.

    Just by way of feedback, am I the only one that feels that referring to parrallel universes makes the associated, implied concepts sound like Tom Cruise having a flashback?

  67. 1. That at any given point in time regardlesss of how good the cvs is, there is always a bvs.
    2. A new road opened up near a regular weekly route of mine. Whilst my current route seemed to be the most direct I still tried out the new route. It turns out that with this new road I now have one less traffic light to negotiate.

  68. 1. unless i am aware that I am “stuck” in the CVS then it is unlikely I will switch and escape to a BVS. for me awareness is the first step to escaping and the repetitive exercise sets up a pattern to create this awareness.

    2. we are currently toilet training our young son and things haven’t been progressing so well so on the weekend my wife and I accepted we were in a state of CVS and started to look for the BVS. We have a few options that will take some time to see if they worked, but we used cvs2bvs to escape and search for the BVS.

  69. 1. A world of potential can open if I can move from my CVS and flick the switch – CVS2BVS

    2. I have used the concept recently in looking at how to improve an existing business process. Interestingly I had not heard of the CVS2BVS switch before this but new we need to do something. If I had know about the switch then I think we could have done the re-design much quicker and more efficiently.

  70. 1. We have a choice in how we look at and think about things.

    2. I used the cvs2bvs switch this week when faced with a design problem. Changes in software we are upgrading meant we couldn’t have our current structure and utilise the new functionality, original decision sacrifice our structure. This solution was not ideal by applying the cvs2bvs principle got a solution that improved on the structure and gave us all the new functionality.

    Worked out that it wasn’t an either or problem but one that could be resolved positively using cvs2bvs thinking

  71. 1. Escape; get out, get away, experience the ‘new’ BE ‘New

    2. Take holiday, and going to World Expo in Shanghai in June 2010

  72. There is always a better way and it is so easy to find it if you will simply apply the CVS2BVS process. You always have a choice to improve regardless of what the current situation is. Improvement requires nothing more than a state switch.

    The biggest road block I find is starting – simply because I get trapped looking for the holy grail when solving problems. With CVS2BVS I learned that you need to take it one step at a time and that the perfectionist creed is a millstone that prevents quick change. I also discovered that this approach allows you to fully engage and “learn as you go”, giving me new insights on details that are needed for an even better solution. It is a path for continuous improvement.

  73. Insight 5 with the visual mapping really hits home for me.

    This provides the ability to quantify CVS to BVS. Imagine someone lost or stuck in a rut literally wandering in the wilderness, for a better point of view, over the next ridge, hill/point of vantage or ‘escape’. A point of view is literally this. From this position I see this, so changing from a CVS to a BVS is movement and a change in perception.

    That is to say, we have thoughts and perceptions anyway, how often do we question or map an existing CVS and movement to a BVS.

    I have a lean toward a visual preference so this perceptual mapping – I like a lot!

  74. Looking back recently at my relationship with my family I can now see how on occassions I (unconciously) used a switch to encourage my childrens thinking. Children a free thinkers and learn ‘that wont work’ from their elders.

    I can now start to concoiusly encourage them to look for their bvs

  75. That there is always a better view, is the biggest and most obvious insight. it provides a very interesting way to approach situations to get to a solution.

    in my own personal experience i cvs was my current financial situation i came up with ten things that were wrong and ten things that were good and a few ideas to help better it. i came up with doing an accounting course, hiring a financial planner etc. it really made things plain and obvious of what was working and what wasnt. it enhances your solutions and makes them much more appropriate. it was funny i actually sat down at a restaurant exactly 2 weeks ago and wrote everything down whislt i was at dinner

  76. To a lessor or greater extent we are all behavioural addicts, when we get CVS2BVS right, it’s when we are able to kick our habit. PRR helps us kick the habit – thank you for letting me see this.

    My thinking lately has been that I cannot afford to take a risk in business. My husband is close to retirement and we cannot put our retirement at risk. I’ve been programmed to thinking “retired”, “old” and “security”.

    How do I grow a business without personal risk and with little resources?

    Escape – Search = Think

    CVS2BVS – the switch went on “I have the product and knowledge, my business partner has the venue”. For now the business does not have to be about rentals and a return on profit.

  77. 1. In your view, what is one of the most interesting insights of this lesson?

    It is a revision of what I have learnt from SOT

    2. Give a specific example of how you deliberately used cvs2bvs in your own life to get a result? The more specific in terms of when, where, how etc the more useful will be your example.

    Just recently I was looking at a procees one of our staff was performing. I looked at the whole procees and thought there is a BVS to this.

    Now I have already done the functional specifications for a technology solution to perform that task more efficiently and effectively. This also is an environmentally friendly paperless solution which also addesses ETS – reducing our carbon footprint.

  78. Escape + search = think
    All too often I am too busy or there are other erason not to escape, I have stated getting into a routine of walking the dog, in doing so getting a bit of exercise and fresh air and the opportunity to escape collect my thoughts and search for better options.

  79. I was on the toilette, where I do my greatest thinking, and I was stuck on a business plan (more specifically a certain approach to this business plan), and it was hard to un-stick to search for new ideas since the idea was especially good, so I simply said aloud “CVS2BVS” and that opened up my mind to alternative approach. It was programmed into my mind…like a switch.

  80. Main insigth is that when you believe there is a better way, the belief triggers the process of finding it.

    In one of my first jobs in the late 80′s we had a problem with customer complaints on invoiced technical support, by investigating the causes, one part was the time approx 30 days between when the job was carried out and the customer received the invoice. By then they had forgot that they had a serviceman at their site. We decided to redesign the process and simplified the workflow and reduced the time from job to invoice to 1-3 days. Less complaints, improved customer satisfaction, reduced accounts receivable….. etc

    From not possible to possible by finding the BVS

  81. Most interesting insights to me is: cvs2bvs empowers you to explore the cognos, the multiverse of possible thoughts and thinking.

    Our mantra now is “the best is yet to come” – regardless of how good our situation is. This has created a level of healthy dissatisfaction in our life and at the age of 60+ with an idylic lifestyle here in Australia, it is now our intention to move to Vietnam with every belief that we will enjoy an even more fulfilling lifestyle.

  82. Having participated in the SOT for a few years now, I find that the skills and techniques of thinking are most beneficially gained through the repeated use of the thinking skills outline in the 59 second course. Repetition becomes the mother of skill and expertise.

    A simple yet powerful example use of the cvs2bvs strategy is with my young daughter who has confronted her desire to swing across the monkey bars on the school playground. She struggled to swing with the ease of some of her friends and was faced with her all too often choice to give into defeat. I presented her with the idea that she could visualize accomplishment and victory over her challenges. Seeing a better outcome, and one that was beyond the personal vision of her abilities. She was amazed at the outcome and has since been observed sharing the ideas with friends.

  83. 1. We probably do this more often than we realise (perhaps more so if we’re glass half full people) – -its useful to revisit this consciously on a daily basis to reinforce the ‘habit’ and to apply it more often (especially when we notice stress or resistance in day to day events & encounters – ie. the stress is coming from a cvs which can be moved to create a bvs and so reduce the ‘stress’)

    2. When my position was made redundant I encountered numerous challenges some of them apparently severe (financial woryy for example) – with assistance from professional coaches I was able to reduce concerns by attaching a timeframe to necessary actions and break down concerns into more manageable packages (this is a very useful exercise in itself regardless of the challenge as many challenges in fact appear less daunting when broken down into more manageable chunks).

  84. 1/ The way you can change your thinking
    especialy when you are disatisfied with your present outlook

    2/a work situation where it was difficult to decide in which direction to go
    by using cvs/bvs was able to decide on a way forward

  85. 1] There is always a bvs to any situation,one only needs to escape their cvs,to be able to search for it,

    2]Today i listened to my brother inlaws anger about being a taxpayer who believed his taxes paid maori their treaty settlements,[his cvs]
    I explained total process is paid by maori crown forestry leases managed by the goverment[my grey cap thinking cvs]
    the look of joy that came over him [bvs for his own reasons]was something to behold,

  86. The most interesting insight of this lesson is: ‘thinking, in any situation, is escaping from your current view of the situation, and searching for a much better view of the situation.’

    Watch the Climate Change debate for signs of cvs2bvs. It is interesting that many bvs-people, in this debate, have been classified as Climate ‘Sceptics’.

  87. 1. The benefit of hitting the “pause”button

    2. A recent holiday project involved updating and organising my music collection.

    There were many issues in the collection including music that had media usage rights, songs that had been downloaded more than once, songs that weren’t linked to playlists etc.

    In the past the process has been to purchase, download and create music playlists in an adhoc manner.

    Using cv2bvs I identified many different ways of streamlining this project. I decided to set up a framework for storing and categorising the music that would provide some structure as I worked through each of the issues in the collection.

  88. 1. Escape from the traditional concept explained to search insight.

    2. De-Caste Concept in Indian Land. I prefer for “Conception of the Castes to Castelessness i.e. Annihilation of Caste” to “New Conception of the Culture of Castes to De-Caste Conception to Castelessness Process”.
    –De-Caste Concept is more better to directly annihilation of Caste which was not practical, or perhaps immpossible.
    – I am implementing the De-Caste Concept which is another name of the Out-Side-the-box-thinking Or CVS to BVS Or Ten time better of present approach of Indian Intellectuals.
    De-Caste Concept is more better to fight inequality in India.
    Therefore, I started the following campaign in India initiated from Pune.

  89. Thank you for collating all the concepts in such a simple way. I will definately we be able to share this with others in my team.

  90. 1. I often forget to try to derive a BVS and merely wallow in the CVS.

    2. In my legal practice, I took 2 dead ends and blended them into a new argument. CVS: voluntary intoxication is not a defense to first degree murder and life w/o parole for a murder committed by a juvenile is legal. BVS: Life w/o parole for a murder committed by an intoxicated juvenile is cruel and unusual punishment.

  91. I find it is the challenge of thinking about a situation or a project in 10 alternative ways, it excites me to the point that I will think of any possibility. I used it today , I needed to sling my kayak so I could fix it and repaint it. I tried different possiblities . SDNT. Finally found the right operation, it worked perfectly.
    All hail CVS2BVSX10.

  92. The insight I’ve had is that that x10 is the key to generating higher quality BVS’s. Don’t just search for any BVS but rather make sure you are searching for the x10 BVS. Why? Because if you search for something like a 50% improvement (x 0.5) or a x2 then your thinking is still likely to remain thinking close to your CVS. When you search for the x10 BVS then your mind has to go to a radically different place to get the answer, and this is where your revolutionary new ideas come from and where breakthrough thinking can occur.

    An example from my own recent experience is that the completion of a new product was dragging and my personal momentum from working on the tasks was dropping off rapidly. So my CVS was a lingering painful drawn-out process. I searched for a x10 BVS – how can I get this finished 10 time faster? Several key answers came to me including outsourcing the development, outsourcing the documentation tasks, and reducing the product features dramatically while still retaining the core features. The last point was especially interesting because under the spotlight of “10X faster”, it became apparent that a lot of “fluff” features had crept in which really were in the “nice to have” category.

  93. It summarised all I learnt from you. Excellent!

    I used it on my team at work to add value to their processes.

    Many times as I keep reinforcing this concept by using PRR!

  94. I try to use cvs2bvs every day, the result being that friends say “what an amazing life you have”. And I do..
    The greatest benefit of cvs2bvs is that incremental changes are achieved every day. It is not the daily change or achievement which is is but a link in the overall change and as the outcome is not so important, one is freed to make best possible choices at every opportunity..that is, decisions aren’t made to fit an outcome, decisions are made to suit the challenge.
    A small example..on the 20th Dec my son was badly hurt in a skiing accident. necessitating a rescue off a mountain and immediate surgery. We had just begun holidaying in a foreign country, with no support systems (ie known medical support,friends or family in place). Despite complications, and the most serious pronouncement by surgeons, several weeks later, this young man is home, healing rapidly (despite all predictions to the contrary), and also,despite not being able to fly back to Australia (and his own fledgling business) for another 8 weeks, is buisly making business plans and reviewing objectives for the year ahead! we will use this 8 weeks as a breathing space and opportunity for “think tanking”.. cvs2bvs in action!

  95. Hi folks, I could not stop reading the comments! All really interesting.

    Insights of this lesson: I tend to think of the cvs 2 bvs in terms of a disc and grooves my thinking has made on it. In between one groove and other, should be new thinking. Hard to move out of the groove!

    Specific example deliberate use: Realising that there is a networked society and a lot of people connected, but not talking e.g., executives struggling to find specific skills and those with specific skills not being able to find the executive…classic case of “you should be speaking to” I broker the meeting if needs be, otherwise I hand over the contact details. In my travels as I come across clients and consultants, I am unconsciously focussed on cvs2bvs. Those I talk to appreciate the referral as they are not thinking strategically. I do not accept any payment directly. Indirectly, the goodwill this generates and invisible network it creates is amazing and a privelege to enjoy. A couple of times career wise, I have had to use the invisible network.

    On a personal level, I also use it as input into my “design for life” eg. “where am I going for the next five years?” otherwise life happens to me instead of me planning it. As we come into 2010, I need to consciously use it.

    Cvs2bvs? best invention since sliced bread!

  96. The idea of a quantum leap …or kangaroo bounds…to escape from the cvs is very attractive….nothing is impossible or has limts within the cognos…so we can in a moment , discover a solution ten times or a thousand times better than the cvs …providing we actively SEARCH for it.

    I just received the accounts for advertising and my cvs was …for a moment…negative, but within seconds I thought…..I have to pay for the OPPORTUNITY to have my ads make an impact, and take the attention of prospective clients ….and thousands of CHECK moves are involved…..out of thousands of check moves (customer attention and cognitive contacts) I need only TEN responses to more than cover costs and make a profit …so the result of my BVS was…JUST DO IT…..ADVERTISE.

  97. 1. We tend to get caught up in our own little worlds and overtime become conditioned to thinking in a certain way (victims of our own environments). The fact that it needs to be an obvious decision to stop and think of a BVS is something that often gets lost. We too frequently want to find the fastest possible solution without opening our minds to other options – it only takes 59 seconds to Escape, Search and Think of other options so why wouldn’t this become the normal way of dealing with issues? I love that it is so simple and can be applied to everything from very simple to the most complex of matters – it clears the mind and ensures you start with a clean slate before jumping to conclusions.

    2. I have used CVS to BVS a lot for work matters – where an objection to somebody elses idea is often seen as criticism,or a put down, or a show of no support – I have asked employees to consider what the other person has suggested and if they don’t like then they should try offering something better as well as commenting on the idea. This has frequently has a snow balling effect where one suggestion that may not have fully addressed the issue has been developed with the imput of others (and more BVS’S) to the point where we had not only a good solution but one that the group readily accepted becasue they had helped develop the solution (the BVS).

  98. One of the things that I find at work is the desire to ‘cookie cut’ processes rather than address particular contexts in their uniqueness. This means following particular methodologies and/or rules – these aren’t always effective and more work goes into making the methodology or rule work rather than finding the best solutions or approaches. So drawing on CVS to BVS we were better able to improvise and co-design (as well as use our resources in a more adaptive way) rather than just deliver the same old. It also meant we approached this process in a way that acknowledged the limitations of the existing ‘good practice’.

  99. I believe e + s = t is only the beginning of the understanding. A nice segue to exploring the intelligence trap… a fundamental and psychological point to understanding repetitive thinking behaviours that actually block cvs2bvs outcomes.
    Cuz…. over to you.. please explain???

  100. One of the hardest things is to escape from our point of view. If we can do that we can open ourselves to a multitude of possibilities.

    It’s easy to stick with what we know. But we can bog ourselves down that way. It takes effort to think of better ways to do something. We have to – metaphorically speaking – climb aboard the rocket to overcome the pull of gravity. But once you get in the habit, establish a new pattern, it’s fun to CVSTOBVS.

    Even one word can change the way we think. For instance the word “yet” is powerful in changing our beliefs. My friend Geoff said to me the other day, “I can’t do public speaking”. I replied, “Yet … you can enjoy imagining what it would be like when you can”.

  101. The thought that there is always a BVS and a BVS beyond that (kangaroo hop) if you take the time to think and look for it.

  102. I love ESCAPE then SEARCH, its about becoming pro-active and not just escaping(switching off)
    My friends and I have been making fishing sinkers and in our last sinker making session we BVS’d a method that enable us to increased productivity and was alot of fun. This example may seem trivial but its an example of practicing the technique (CVS2BVS) in everything we do.

  103. that there is always a better way we just have to look fer it, simple just not easey cvs2bvs huge help.
    when looking to strengthen a brand,i needed to understand it past an present history strengths an weakness to enable brand to move from
    voluntary arganization to cmmercial reality.
    we setup a prototype [sdntcvs2bvs] 6monthfeed back made ajustments to the product to fit clients requirements give them what we were able to,[qrh] an will continue to do so [prr]

  104. There are always many, many different ways of looking at any particular situation. Whatever it is that we are currently doing, someone else, somewhere, is already doing it a “much better way”. Once we escape from the CVS–the current way–we can search for the BVS–the much better way.”"

    We don’t see things the way things are – we see things the way we are. We all see things differently – we are capable of unique valuable thoughts.

    One way I use BVS is in my work as an advisor. When asked to provide advice I always stress that my opinion is just one point of view based on my experience and training – the most value I can provide is acting as a conduit for others to contribute their ideas and opinions.

  105. To me, the most interesting insight is that everyone has on occasion had the experience of e + s = t, without necessarily recognising the technique could be applied more broadly and replicated again and again.

    Typically, many people are only able to suspend their current view of a situation and be open to very different possibilities when they get to their wit’s end. The trick is to escape from the CVS before you get to your wit’s end.

    My example of how I deliberately applied cvs2bvs: A number of years ago I was looking for a new role, and was underwhelmed by the options apparently available to me (via headhunters, employment ads etc) so I took a completely different (but not very novel) approach: take the initiative and target companies that I thought I’d like to work with and contact them directly. The result was a much larger number of far more interesting possibilities – and resulted in a new role. Previously, it would not have been an approach that I’d have considered.

  106. “Because human perception is unstable
    we can always change the way we look at things.”
    In a small group of people discussing vaious topics we did a quick ‘runaround’ the group for 59 sec input from anyone who wanted to give their ‘take’ on the task at hand.
    we ended up with a brilliant team strategy that we all wanted to do..
    e+ s = t
    thank you

  107. During a recent argument with my partner which involved the prospect of us going separate ways I chose to separate myself from much of the normal ego defensive tactics that never are beneficial and turn to looking at the benefits we had accrued and if indeed we parted we had a net gain. It wasn’t a x10 but it was at least better than anger! One must make a conscience effort to alter the course of one’s normal thought (and action) process to make progress.

  108. I like the Kangaroo Thinking.. Keeping It Simple, (I think), you must be sure to go back to Escape not just continue to Search. Quick story (I hope). I decided on a project to modify a Lawn Bowl so that it would run straight. Interesting I’m sure is that the Escape problem already arises, not for me but for you. Like, what does he want to do that for. You can’t use it in playing the game. Wait for it. “Why don’t people listen”, by Hugh Mackay. Any’ow, a “bowl” is not symmetrical, it’s shaped with a miniscule bulge to one side so that it has a “bias” and turns that way at the end of it’s run. We are going to Escape. Search for a modification. Reshape that side so that the sides are equal and it runs straight. Result was imperfect, (like me). Search again for a modification. No good . Stop. ESCAPE. Absolutely escape the modification of that “Bowl”. Make a new unit, spherical, symmetrical. Quicker job, easier job, works fine. Escape this time was not back to the beginning but to a New beginning. Search this time was for a new objective, not a modification but a new original. The method works, in the kitchen or the workshop or Copenhagen.

  109. 1. The greatest insights are first the flexibility on mind to change one’s opinion and the ability to apply repetition to all things that one learns.

    2. Learning how to round my voice as a great thing for me. Once I understand that voice a great value for human beings and that a flat voice is not the best for speaking to others. When a started it was very difficult but when I repeat the practice I notice progress so I continue.

  110. practice e s t 10x daily =10x bvs results, cvs being the starting point

    whenever im asked a question,i percieve it as a starting point.
    i then offer my perception of hopefuly a bvs in answer their question

    in essance i ESCAPE their view, SEARCH for my view,THINK about my response. before giveing them my answer,

  111. for me it illustrates how there is always more to be found by escaping from more of your patterns and underlying psychological habits and limitations, with perfect insight being impossible to attain – although that path can end in madness if you do not practice moderation. So to me the question is just how far to escape? what is the right distance for a particular problem?

    I used to work really hard delivering to clients at work, always doing doing doing. however I was always frustrated by the systems we had and the problems we faced that we created for ourselves in our business by the way we organised ourselves and the way we worked. So I escaped! no, I didn’t leave, but I carved out a role for myself away from those constraints. BUT I TOOK THEM WITH ME TO THE NEW ROLE! It was not until I actively decided to disconnect my self from my work that I really made any progress. that is the aim that guides my escape today. It helps to notice the big elements of your CVS, then slowly chip away at them a bit at a time.

  112. Realising that you can escape is the most important part. Keeping this in mind enables application of CVS2BVS. I used this when renovating my house.

  113. What’s my current view of this situation?
    What is a better way to view this situation ?
    the habit is so powerful that it just makes things that seemed impossible almost easy .

  114. Kangoroo thinking is a good way to describe continual process improvement. However, this learning is about thinking and not process improvement, BVS is what leads us to process improvements in manufacturing. This skill uses thinking and not logic to solve problems.

  115. Since I’ve been learning the CVS2BVS it has really shifted the way I perceive and THINK of my world in a liberating ways. BVS2BVS has gives me many choices to choose from, that’s absolutely fantastic. Another wonderful tools that I really gain great benefit from is using SDNT. WOW! I am so appreciative of the SIMPLICITY, the EFFECTIVENESS and the ETHICAL of the SOT materials. My daily work out for my BRAIN is now X10 PRACTICE, REPETITION, PRACTICE AND X10.

    FINALLY, I found the MISSING tool that I’ve looking for in the past seventeen years. I am so happy that I refused to give up searching. ITS WORTH ALL THE EFFORT I PUT IN. Thanks SOT & Michael. :D

  116. e + s = t there is always a different view. It’s impossible to stay negative if you are searching for bvs. Thank you!

  117. Therefore t – s = e

    Thinking without searching for a better view is really just an escape!

    Thanks for the ongoing mental stimulation.

  118. One step back (or to the side) can equal 10 steps forward. Rather than leaping forward with blinkers on, look left, look right and you will find a quicker/more efficient way

  119. EST is a mirror or the steps being taken in the CVS to BVS
    Outcomes must be targetted to be improvements

  120. To search for BVS, we need to escape from the CVS.
    As soon as we escape the CVS, the thinking patterns get refreshed and provides a chance to re-evaluate and find BVSs.
    Escape + search = think will become second nature with practice and repetitions

  121. Don’t identify with a situation by observing your own reactions. To reach this stage of being it is required self-observation. The later requires repetition and selwareness.

  122. Without escape we are trapped in our current state. Without searching it is unlikely that we will never discover anything new. Combining the two (ie. Thinking) will enable us, with much practice, to make quantum leaps and find new things that we would not have found otherwise. Some of which will be Good, some Bad and some Better.

  123. By disconnecting from your conscious thought processes(escape), allows the subconscious to “think” and provide alternative solutions(search).

  124. Only by removing yourself from a situation or thought pattern can you effectively re-evaluate your position and strategically alter your viewpoint. Take the time to seek out new answers, and allow yourself time to mull over the tidbits you’ll discover.

  125. Escaping from the path of narrow mindedness, my way or the highway is not road to a BVS. Searching and keeping an open mind and considering the ideas of others by 1 or more and adaptation of these ideas to a CVS, will indeed result in achieving a BVS.

  126. Removing yourself from a situation/escaping for a brief peiod of time can often help refresh your thinking process. I find I already do this when attempting a crossword puzzle. I often read and interpret the clue completely differently the second time round. That is why it’s best not to get hung up on finding the best soltuion/answer straight away. Escaping the current situation definitely puts you on the road to a BVS.

  127. Leaps and Bounds by Paul Kelly sprung to mind whilst reading. Like the learnings from Escape + Search = Think the song is about how great the freedom of release is when you escape from the norm. Train yourself to repeat the process to grab on to the feeling and make better decisions.

  128. by escaping from the current situation you able to formulate the best response allowing effective communication even in heated situations

  129. The obvious requirement is to escape.We can never see clearly when we are surrounded by the “cloud” of the situation.I see that pressing that escape button is the most important part of the lesson for me.

  130. If you are not born this way (ie bvs, glass half full), work hard to change and to recognise the advantages this style of thinking can have on success within and beyond the workplace. It is also important to not let the constraints of saying ‘yes’ to endless requests compromise your ability to maintain your ‘BVS’. With increasing demands through IT it is very important not to get compromised to insignificance and use your abilities to ‘BVS’ (No do not handball it all!!).

  131. While it is always valuable to look for alternative ways to handle any particular situation and be willing to do things differently, we do also need to be prepared to accept that sometimes, the current way actually is the best, or is at least as good as any of the other options we come up with.

    The process of examination of alternatives and the thinking behind that, is the valuable lesson, not necessarily the end-point.

  132. We need to train our minds to look at other alternatives to better the situation. I think we get comfortable and don’t look at what could be better. CVS to BVS can be powerful to train your mind to look at better alternatives to the present position.

  133. It will take practise to remember to stop and pause for the cvs to BVS contemplation. I have tried it a few times but the habit is not entrenched – yet

  134. It makes sense that in order to look for a better view point there needs to be a perceptial shift to an acceptance that the current view point can be left behind (escaped)

  135. E and S are often seen as luxuries in the fast modern world. In the workplace, one of the best ways to move from CVS to BVS is to consider the options in a group. Ten people will come up with ten different ideas, and if we are all open to valuing the view points of others I think we always gain a BVS by doing this- even if it just accomodating small things that are important to some of the team which we as individuals or leaders may not of thought of. CVS2BVS can apply to the small things that make a team happy and productive as well as the big ideas.

  136. It is clear that you cannot move forward without thinking differently than you have done.
    Positive changes results from alternative thinking.

  137. I do look for bvs but inherentally but I realise that part of my brain sets up hurdles to move from cvs to bvs. Eventually the brain comes to a really high hurdle which is indeed a locked gate because inherantally I know (or maybe its intuitive) that the bvs will not be accepted by managers and so instead of using the bvs I revert to the cvs.

  138. I think the key is to “Escape” . There will alsways be a better view but we cannot always see it because we haven’t had the discipline. That is where the practice comes in.

  139. There always seem to be practical constraints preventing a BVS to be feasible. Maybe that means we have not thougt hard enough. Or we need to manage our managers better.

  140. For how long can I continue searching for a better networking company without being labelled a junky. Do I have to listen all the talks of focusing on one company at the expense of my yearning for a better pay and marketing plans? There will always be a betterway as I have come to undersatnd it now. Where in then can we place focus? On my/the vision or the means/vehicle to it. How long can I use an idea before discarding or adopting as a standard practice.

  141. Searching for a BVS poses its own challenge to to change. It has alsways been difficult to change one’s habit and especially thinking that is “traitional” way of doing things, it is worth trying.

  142. In a Michael Hewitt Gleeson Concentrated SOT Day (it was VERY wet and COLD outside ) I have just re-read and studied Software for the Brain ,and WOMBAT Selling ,as well as taken in the hour lecture I found from the 10x Conference…..and I taught those concepts to my friend …….my thinking is improving in Kangaroo leaps…..and I am HAPPIER knowing I need never be RIGHT.

    Thanks Michael….looking forward to Leadership Courses again…

  143. I think keeping a journal and asking morning questions like what is a better view of my situation would provide the repition and practice needed to create the new habit of CVS to BVS

  144. We cannot not think, our brain is always in use. But what we think and how we train our brain to really think is the question. I believe that repetition on a regular basis will help me think better so long as I do not think the way I do things is the only way. Phew what am I thinking?

  145. Therefore t – s = e

    Thinking without searching for a better view is really just an escape!

    Thank you for the ongoing mental stimulation.

  146. I constantly see this when I read through my ezines that give me BETTER ways to SEO, SEM, advertising, Social Networking. etc.

  147. Dont be afraid to change the past way of carrying out tasks. Take time out to consider alternatives and don’t be afraid to give it a go.

  148. There is always a better way of doing things, we have to be able to escape the CVS, the way of doing this to repeat ten time at least, then come up a BVS.

  149. Hi Michael. I took your course way back in 1996 and loved it and it helped me break out of a CVS to something much better. Right now I’m in a similar situation in that I am stuck, looking for a BVS. I don’t usually like to repeat lessons but was wondering if you had any advice about breaking into a new BVS–maybe over the past 13 years since taking your course you or someone you know about has developed something new. –David Rosdeitcher

  150. This training has shown me there is awlays a better view and that one should just look for it always

  151. That thinking is a skill, it can be refined with daily practice.Thinking can take you places so if you wish to go, just practice.

  152. x10 is good measurable mechanism, its specific. You dont say ‘think’ you say come up with x10 cvs2bvs please

  153. I was listening to someone this morning chatting about ‘the answer’ always being on a different level.
    escape + search (at a different level/perspective) and thinking evolves into a bvs

  154. True thinking is divinely inspoired from sources that come from outside ourselves- aka revelation

  155. I can develop different solutions for reoccuring problems that obviously have not been solved. Instead of restating the goals and lack of results ad infinitum I will take time to develop memes to take my employees from cvs2bvs.
    I now take time to pause and think instead of plowing the old answers that I am comfortable utilizing. Great changes!!

  156. the miracle of awareness and growth produces a cup that can perpetually be at least half full.

    no matter the situation there is ALWAYS a better view.

    a gourmet meal cannot be had without first learning how to cook, practice and repetition, repetition, repetition…

    I continue to seek an ever better me and participate in an ever better world.

  157. Wonderful! Again, further examoles of REPETITION = we just have to think of how we learned the Multiplication Tables = Repetition; also, when we Think of the Soap = Dove = a Bird = NOT Soap … but what Repetition has done to our Thinking = Now, Dove is a Soap … equally, Mustang = a Horse … No, Now a Car … and so on …

    Change One’s Thoughts/Thinking and One Changes One’s Life …

    Happy Thinking and Trails …

  158. There are so many instances in my experience that i which i had this operating software installed in my brain would have have saved a lot of pain ..I guess there is no excuse now !

  159. This is very good information. I can relate to it easily because of my background in Computer Software Engineering which is a relative of Cognitive Science. The methodology for developing computer software is a scientific method called the SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle. It provides methods, tools, and techniques for going from CVS to 10X+ BVS. This same method can be used to develop software for the brain or what I call Humanware.

  160. I battle often to think of other ways because of my analytical training where 1+1 always equals 2. This leads to one thinking that there must be a correct answer. I have to force myself to think there must be another answer to the question.

  161. Escaping from black and white thinking is the critical part that many people do not do. if you have an open mind many options are possible

  162. The thinking of the glass is half-full or half-empty make me wonder which one is correct. I chose both are correct. Whether you choose the wrong way or the right way, either way you are right.

  163. I wonder can animals use it ?.They will always respond the same way however at times i have seen them using their skills in a different way, can it be cvs to bvs ? . Here i am talking about domesticated ones. However i feel through meditation we can practice cvs to bvs and practice 10 times !

  164. It takes a BVS to recognise that you need to move from the CVS2BVS. Only then can you contemplate the quantum X10 multiple and continuously practise recognising the CVS !

  165. How magnanamous of Mr. Dechadenedes to allow that viewpoints other than his might be “all valid in some way”.

  166. Basically everything is dynamic – so today’s BVS is tomorrow’s CVS – never be satisfied with the status quo no matter how much better it is.

  167. Good point…the desire to feel “righteous” and “right” is a major obstacle, certainly for me! If I can cultivate patience (over and over and over) I can develop the habit of not needing to feel righteous, allow for many other points of view (all valid in some way), and lead toward better outcomes.

  168. By just been aware of the theory of current view situation to better view situation will make you a better leader as you will have many different options to consider and are thus more likely to make a better decision and have a better outcome.

  169. One cannot move from CVS to BVS if they are lazy, scared and apprehensive. Travelling in crowded Mumbai is a good exercise

  170. we can learn to challenge our current way of doing/thinking/relating/points of view (ie our current ways of being)
    by searching for better ways of thinking/doing we will grow past our CVS
    this will require repetition and practice but our BVS will be consderably better than our CVS

  171. Thinking is a skill. To become proficient in escaping from your CVS and searching for a BVS (the much better way) always involves practice and repetition–at least ten times–if we are to build new cognitive patterns and acquire skill and virtuosity.

  172. The key is to escape the CVS…without the escape there can be no effective search for the BVSx10. Thinking within the confines of the CVS = procrastination.

  173. Escape my cvs through deep relaxation. Now imagine, dream & have fun with all the bvs’s – Awesome tingles everywhere. Now multiply all these possibilities x 10. I have much to learn & explore in order to break free !

  174. I see that is important to find the BVS by knowing that there is always a third option, the massess wants to give you the options, want me to take an alternative, right vs. wrong; left vs. right — is almost as if they want to bring me to their level of thinking and reasoning,
    pulling away, – escaping- is almost as coming up with a different solution and a different alternative.
    I need to learn to pull away, to look beyond the option given to me.
    it might be the best option.
    I have to know that when someone gives me two options, is because they themselver are confuse, otherwise, they would not have come up with two options.
    so to move away from their confusion, I have to step away escape, and perhaps find the alternate solution

  175. Hi, When I first learnt cvs2bvs then x10 it was a reality check on changing my pattern of thinking. I have never forgotten the formula. Things always get better. You may not think so but they do. Just be positive.

  176. If we can escape from our current viewpoints, thinking patterns, righteousness and established ways of doing things–our CVS–we can then take a quantum leap ahead of our own experience and jump to ‘a much better way’–a BVS. We can experiment and we can innovate.

    It takes practice to not fall back into the easy, established ways of thinking and doing. cvs x 10 = bvs will take some practice to put into play.

  177. If we always do what we have always done then we always get what we always have, look atside the box and see another way to do it.

  178. It is always good to be aware that there is a different perspective, and that we need to conciously strive to incorporate this thinking through awareness and effort – until it is habitiual.

  179. How refreshing to read this lesson again.

    Naughty me, I had forgot this lesson from when I last heard you speak at a conference. I must repeat “cvs is ok but look for a bvs” x 10.

    To open my mind to bvs will definitely make me a better leader. Surprise, surprise I am not always right!!!

  180. In my field of creative design, I am faced with this type of thinking requirement. It is good to think towards multiple levels of improvement instead of one small step of improvement. 10 times = a quantum leap

  181. The skill in being a leader is that you can see a range of outcomes to any particular problem. You are not constrained by blinkered thinking, conditioned responses that most people have taken on board. Leaders think “outside the box”. they engage in creative thinking by escaping from the commonly held view on the current problem. They then search for their own unique response to the problem , and then think how effective that response would be in solving that problem. Actually, leaders do not see “problems” as problems, but as learning opportunities.
    This separates them from the vast majority of the population.

  182. cvs bvs is how I visualized in the Think Darwin lessons.

    The perfection is in the design and the next copy is a little bit better, and the next copy a little bit better than that.

    It’s always perfect although it can always be a little bit better and it’s perfect every time!

  183. I had the pleasure of learning about this last week at Melbourne Grammar School with Michael. This is a fantastic concept and I am currently trying to adapt it in to my day to day life. The more you practice the better you become.
    Thanks for sharing with us all Michael.

  184. At this very moment I am escaping from my present situation looking to change it for better. Good reminder

  185. i totally agree.i have used CVS2BVS about a dozen times ,every time i came
    out of a manic episode.i also used it when my doctor told me i had to take
    drugs for the rest of my life for the pain in my hip-joint. within a year i healed my arthritis using acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine.
    then i had diabitis,fatty liver and stones in gallbladder and weightgain of 40 pounds in a year.within 6 month
    of diagnosis my blood sugar is normal and i have lost 16 pounds ;using only
    herbal medicine and regular exercise.
    i do not take any pharmaceutical drugs though my doctors told me that
    i had to take drugs for the rest of my life for each of this condition.

  186. The ‘cvs2bvs’ concept is great, but only IF you have a desire or are motivated to make a change. From my observations, most of us (humans) get ‘stuck’ in our on comfort zone. This zone is very prevalent when you address someone’s ‘belief’ system (i.e. religious etc.). The act of change is very frightening for many adults. You see this in ones’ political views and personal relationships. Therefore, to seriously change or attempt to find a ‘better way’ or BVS, one must WANT or DESIRE to do so.

    Lastly, people who question authority or another person’s views are seemingly most likely via ‘critical thinking’ to want to find a ‘BVS.’

  187. I think the hardest thing might be to recognise your cvs…but once that has been accomplished, you might already have escaped….well, at least opened the door.

  188. 1. Escape + Search = Think
    2. Escape + Search = Think
    3. Escape + Search = Think
    4. Escape + Search = Think
    5. Escape + Search = Think
    6. Escape + Search = Think
    7. Escape + Search = Think
    8. Escape + Search = Think
    9. Escape + Search = Think
    10Escape + Search = Think


  189. You are right. Repetition is the only way to change mindset that is so fixed over the years. Common knowledge has it that beliefs and values are the hardest to change when one’s mind is fixed.
    Therefore it’s logical to escape,search and think for mindset to change.

  190. How to think? Focus on the process: escape+search =think So cool in the age of search engines. Escape and search for changes going on around to keep up with reality as it is, not how we think it is.
    My cvs constantly needs updating 100 times a day! Thats both a humbling and liberating strategy.

  191. After hearing Michael speak about CVS-BVS at the “your business success” seminar on the Gold Coast last year it just seemed to click, BUT then I came home and got busy, This is a great reminder to keep revisiting and questioning the CVS.

  192. It is good to have a short reminder like cvs to bvs to make us question the status quo. As well as causing us to have to think harder, it can remind us to listen to others’ perspectives too.

  193. To Escape + Search = BVS.
    With repetitive practice (10x), outcomes must become more varied and more lateral in result and approach.
    In turn, these more lateral outcomes with further E+S = greater opportunities againm of a BVS.
    Such freedom from ingrained thought patterns is liberating. Life becomes much more fun. With more fun, better outcomes again result (good things always happen from a happy place)
    This equation brings great abundance and with that ,best possible outcome living.

  194. I really enjoyed hearing the doctor speek lat week at a conference fr TRUenergy, and love the training. I will do the free lessons! The mind is an amazing tool!


  195. I spent a weekend with you Michael in Wellington N.Z 1992 and have not looked back,THANKS A MILLION (x10) CVS TO BVS RULES. THE GOOD OLD DAYS WINDSOR, RICHMOND.Tim

  196. This is great i’m glad you mentioned this website in yo0ur book Wombat selling. Thanks heaps……

  197. I am so pleased to have discovered this website. I am looking forward to the ten free lessons. Thank you thank you thank you………..

  198. I served many years in the military, after I left, I started to question some of my thinking and understandings. It started with asking myself, if the military can get me to move my left foot at the order, “Quick March”. Then I, can organise my life with “Automatic” action from patterned thoughts. Neuro Linguistic patterning is only developed by repetition, as is, Nuero Muscular patterning. The more you practise, the more ingrained the pattern becomes. It works with good and bad concepts. I have been using the CVS2BVSX10 patterning, since reading the book, I enjoy blocking thoughts that are non productive by using the equation, this changes my focus and allows me to escape. Instruct a wise person and they become wiser still.

  199. It must be me: by what means can one measure that a BVS is ’10x better’? Or even recognise a BVS that’s being run by someone else who is already profficient in its use?

    Before beginning a search – surely it helps to have an idea in mind – even if it is initially negative. ‘Not this – more this. I wonder which areas might be fruitful – even if nothing like my present environment.’ A systematic and intentional search which can allow for serendipity but does not count on it.

    What else might be needed to make the general statement above into a useful tool?

  200. I should not only search for a BVS but 10 times better BVS than CVS, I should not miss 10 and REPITITION which are the keys to build new patterns. I am trying.
    THANK YOU for everything.

  201. I believe I tend to reply on my CVS so making an effort to use BVS will be interesting to start with. I have a positive outlook on life and feel I am open to most changes so this will be good to try to make a habit.

  202. Trying to focus on CVS to BVS over Christmas was really interesting as I was living in a new level of happyness and so many things happened that I was really overwhemed. I forgot to say CVS TO BVS but my subconscience continually reminded me of BVS options and I took them including the power of 10. I’m converted. Just need to finish the lessons. Have a happy and prosperous new year to those who read this, and CVS to BVS to you all.

  203. To find your BVS sometimes sometimes can be hard to do if it is attached to an emotion or even stronger a feeling about your given situation. Sometimes you may find that you have to identify this first and isolate it from the situation in order to progress to BVS. Emotions and feelings can keep us in a cycle that is hard to break and therefore it can prevent us from moving on. You need to learn to let go of the emotions and feelings and then the rest becomes at least approachable.

  204. I have only just got this methodology of training using the DFqs recently. We read then we have our view (cvs) but then we get to read bvs by reading other people’s view. After a while we get used to this. Great technique, thank you Michael. I always appreciate the concept but find it hard to search for other views, here they come for free.

  205. Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    All this thanks to Leo, below, who gave me the blueprint for this idea.

  206. cvs to bvs is great to practice when walking, the rhythm of walking, plus the process of moving forward physically, seem to go hand in hand. Once I return the the seated position, then my mind seems to be cleared, to look at alternatives again instead of cvs.

  207. Thank you , thank you, thank you!! I needed this right now!!!There is always a better view of any situation. THANK YOU!

  208. Change is difficult and most of us are more comfortable not changing, yet we sometimes need the change to see that how we viewed the situation wasn’t the best way….


  210. The big question is, is it a better view of the situation or a different view? A different view is easy, but how does one know it is better?

  211. Thanks for this – escape and search is what I need right now – cvs2bvs – CVS2BVS – CVSx10toBVS – CVS2BVSx10

  212. Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    Search for alternatives, options and possibilities
    cvs never equal to bvs
    cvs never equal to bvs
    cvs never equal to bvs
    cvs never equal to bvs
    cvs never equal to bvs
    cvs never equal to bvs

  213. cvs x bvs on 10 index cards is an excellent journey of self discovery as an exercise preceding goal setting. Once you have established a sense of who you are, you will be in a better position to set meaningful goals.

  214. Nature teaches through repetition and evolution – it needs no words and is fully integrated with harmonious living

  215. [...] The Necker cube is an ambiguous line drawing. It can be interpreted two different ways. When a person stares at the picture, it will often seem to flip back and forth between the two valid interpretations. The Necker Cube is an optical illusion first published in 1832 by Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker. Like the “half-empty/half-full glass of water” the Necker Cube show how human perception can change and be changed–how it can flip/flop. This also shows why the cvs2bvs brain software is so powerful in the human perception system. [...]

  216. cvs x 10 = bvs
    cvs x 10 = bvs
    cvs x 10 = bvs
    cvs x 10 = bvs
    cvs x 10 = bvs
    cvs x 10 = bvs
    cvs x 10 = bvs
    cvs x 10 = bvs
    cvs x 10 = bvs

    Makes perfect sense to me. I hope the next lesson defines the process of being able to call upon this thought pattern at any time….

  217. The hardest part is to be aware of your own current viewpoint. Once we recognise that we hold a certain view and that view is not the only one, then we can take the next step of looking for other views. It is that constant remind to look for BVS that will make the task easier. An example that I have over the weekend is this. It is report week for school children and my son whos has been receiving A reports across all subjects, got his piano report. His teacher gave him 4 As and 2 Bs, and I had thought he would do better than this. So I said to him casually that night whilst practising piano that he should be aiming for straight As. He then replied “I don’t look at things like that, Mummy. I actually thought wow to get As across the more important sections were very good”. Needless to say, I was silenced not because of the differing opinions but the fact that my 9yrs old has just shown me that there are more than 1 way to look at things.

  218. The greater the awareness the greater the result – To escape from a tunnel of thinking and to search without prejudice does indeed expand possibilities x10!

  219. Ask 10 people their view of a current situation and you will often get 10 different views.

    This tells us at least that our cvs is not the only one and whilst their cvs may not be one we wish to take, at least it allows us to move to a bvs.

    A bvs could mean that we need to do something we don’t want to do and procrastination can set in. My way around this was to take the Nike Logo and “Just Do It” and then, canI find an even bvs and “Just Do It”.
    This eventually became habitual thinking for me and whole new worlds opened up for me.

    What I have learned here is that had I taken a bvs x 10, I could have saved myself a lot of time.

    So now I have a new mind set to work on and I know that in time my thinking will habitually become bvs x 10 +.

  220. Both components, Escape and Search are skills in their own right. To “Escape” presupposes the ability to see the same problem/thing/event in a new light: from a distance, through a different person’s eyes, under a different angle, etc, etc, etc. This ability is not innate, but acquired.
    To “Search” involves a sort of dialectic process: what is has to be negated, discarded, or reconstructed from entirely new components. Again, it is an acquired ability, albeit one that seems most ignored by most people.
    If the integrating process of “Thinking” has to bring forth anything of value, then it must be directed and focussed on the topic in point. Otherwise it may result in an alternative that is worse than what was available in the beginning (a frequently occurring result). It is hardly possible to measure precisely the “betterness” of one result of thinking as compared with another, but it still is possible to “feel” that one result offers more added value than another. If that increase in added value is 10 times or just 1,8 times may remain undecided.

  221. Think to move away from the ground of the old system of doing things to find new ways. There will always be alternatives which can be ten times better. By repeatedly searching for a better way is bound bring improvement to the current system.

  222. Escape + Search + Think …..Even more powerful when a group are willing to detach from their immediate ideas and search and search for a BVS .

  223. It is actually not hard to just stop for a few minutes being doing a task that you are so used to doing and think whether there is a better way, quicker way of doing it and this process has helped me many times since attending Dr Michael’s first course to change from CVS to BVS. Or if the task is so boring and consuming, just stop doing it and think how to make it more enjoyable and less consuming. It worked for me.

    Thanks to Dr Michael

  224. We are often locked into a particular view of a situation – without even realising it. The need to create “space” so that it can be viewed from other directions (& create BVS) is essential. This takes practice – neurons that fire together, wire together (medicine is using this to recoup stroke victims etc)

  225. A heightened consciousness to be aware of when you are instinctively using the CVS and deliberately move to the BVS. The repetition of this move will make it become more automatic for you. It will be challenging at first.

  226. I attended that talk in Canberra and sometimes you just hear something that you know is going to sit you on your behind. Michael did that. Building a cognitive pattern that can open up a whole range of opportunities. Bring it on.

  227. [...] Today, I was invited to Canberra (Australia’s Capital) to lecture to an audience of over 1000 accountants in the National Convention Centre. I discussed a number of themes including the need for a BVS–a much better way of looking at how we value the assets of a company. Amazingly, most of today’s investment and business decisions are still based on an invention that has not yet been updated for over 500 years! [...]

  228. leadership is moving people from one level of limitation to a lesser level of limitation or a higher level of sum be able to provide the basis for escape one must necessarily move on the spiral of theory-praxis-theory.for an activity to occupy the realm of praxis it must be repeated so it becomes the practice or the norm.up along the spiral with hindsight that you are looking for a bvs you learn to become more knowledgeable

  229. Repetition is the key to success. It equates to practice and practice makes perfect and the old golf saying “The more I practice the luckier I get”

  230. A lot of time the challenge is against self. When we are in the quagmire of hardship we are momentarily blurred with the cvs and blocked hard and and fast from thinking that there is a bvs.

  231. Being reminded of the fact that we can train our minds to take on a ‘bvs’ is helpful.

    I need to be conscious that there is a bvs out there for the many things we do in a certain way because ‘that’s what we’ve always done’.

  232. CVS’s are often full of constraints. The key is unlock the chains (more perceived than actual) and to be determined to move to a BVS. IT seems to me that even leadership teams are hindered by the black hat thinking mode. I am now conjuring up an image of the tagger’s weapon of chice, namely, a spay can. My challenge will be to utilise the spray can on the balck hats.

  233. This is the real challenge that I face on a daily basis. It regularly takes and effort to take a helicopter view of thinking and my behaviors and how I can make a difference – BVS is a life long challenge.

    Frequently, those personal governing variables get in the way – the need to win in my case, that are built into my thinking and behaviors.

    Always great to take time and take that helipcoter view of onesself – this is my repetition challenge.

  234. Yes! As a voice teacher, I totally agree. I tell my students that repitition leads to habit. And perhaps not the length of time one puts in daily, but the ritual of doing an exercise every day at the same time, for the same amount of time. That puts whatever the activity is on AUTOMATIC!

  235. Thank you so much for the powerful tool you provide us with. I’m sure that with training I’ll be able to master it.

  236. I agree Helen, I never buy the Saturday Age only Herald Sun. And yesterday behold, the paper and I read the section as well. I hope to master this skill!

    Thanks universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. thankyou for this website. i just read about it in The Age. it all sounds very positive and healthy.

  238. When the student is ready – the Master appears – and there you were along
    with your email address.
    This was in a piece of our enormous Saturday newspaper that I do not normally read. I have been trying to put something together and suddenly the puzzle is falling into place.
    The Master is there for us all, if you – I think the word in my case is ‘accept’ that
    there is a great and good force out there that only wants the best and ultimate
    good for you and the rest of the world.
    Thank you….Helen

  239. Now, on my 13th course, I understand what this page means. I get it. I still don’t get how to teach it to my dog.

  240. 10 things to do to use 10power today
    1. think rich (cvstobvs $$$) for 10 minutes
    2. write a thank you letter in 10 minutes
    3. design a sales pitch in 10 sentences
    4. make a list of 10 prospects to ring today
    5. spend 10 minutes to stick stamps on mail
    6. set reminders – 10am and 10pm next 10 days
    7. ring 10 prospects to ask check questions
    8. check my goals list at 10.10am and 10.10pm
    9. escape my cvs and think bvs about HK
    10. repeat cvstobvs 10 times aloud

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