x10 Thinking: How it works …

x10 is a bespoke enterprise solution designed for the CEO by School of Thinking.

– The purpose: is to create significant shareholder value for the CEO through return on payroll. The dollarised ROI is usually more than 10:1 in the first quarter!

The challenge: is to significantly increase the earnings per share (EPS) by increasing the engagement level of employees across the enterprise.

– The opportunity: Currently, in Australia, 60% of the workforce is not engaged (Gallup, 2013). This represents an immediate opportunity to significantly increase the return on payroll and to help future-proof the enterprise in uncertain times.

– The method: is to raise the innovation intelligence of the enterprise through x10 thinking, disruptive thinking and science thinking. x10 is 100% online.


“By Personal Invitation of the CEO”

It is a bottom-up employee engagement opportunity initiated by personal invitation from the CEO. It is voluntary or opt-in/opt-out. It works through the medium of employee conversations that are stimulated by x10 Thinking lessons from School of Thinking. 
The x10 Lessons are Step One.
The conversations begin with the lessons sent out to those employees who opt-in. Each employee receives a personalised lesson from SOT by email every other day. They can continue, as they please, at their own pace or they can opt-out at any time. X10 is uniquely driven by employee engagement. There is no downward pressure from management.
Each email lesson begins a conversation. The lessons take 5-10 minutes to complete and consist of a short video of 30 to 60 seconds, a brief text describing an x10 technique and one DFQ (Daily Feedback Question).
The DFQ invites those engaged to apply the x10 technique in their own job during that day. At the end of the lesson the employees post their comments online for fellow employees to see and review. Each participating employees can see and review the comments of others.
Offline, x10 conversations spread virally during the day, on the job, over coffee, in meetings, with customers and after work with family and friends. Through practise and repetition over time x10 thinking skills begin to grow. 
Disruptive thinking become more and more practised. Science thinking becomes familiar and easier. The x10 innovations begin to bloom. At the end of each quarter these innovations are harvested and dollarised.
In just the first quarter the potential value of the x10 innovations is expected to be dollarised at 10:1 ROI. This is often exceeded. (REECE x10 recently dollarised 100:1 ROI).
The x10 Harvest is Step Two.
x10 aims to start with an opt-in of at least 10% of all employees because, at the end of the day, those people who never take Step One are very unlikely to take Step Two.