#012 WHY NOT


Your DFQ #012:

How can you ask WHY NOT today?

Choose one of the WHY NOT questions from the lesson and post your result.

483 thoughts on “#012 WHY NOT

  1. yes of course, this is about test and learn. small low risk and invite failure. pretty common approach to be frank

  2. Genealogy research, or family history research, is very ‘messy’. It seems to be a matter of trail & error. Data sources are incomplete & sometimes even inaccurate. Data ‘silos’ are unconnected. How does one discover insights in such an environment? I am trying to ask ‘why not’ questions as I start researching my family history.

    Sounds familiar? The ‘data problem’ confronting genealogists may be a common business problem in today’s world. There may be a connection between genealogy and big data.

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