Michael Hewitt-Gleeson is known as ‘the father of XIO THINKING’.

He is the acclaimed author of The XIO Memeplex: Multiply Your Business BY Ten! (Prentice Hall, 2000).

An intellectual philanthropist and cognitive scientist he is also Founder and Principal of the School of Thinking and the world’s first Doctor of Lateral Thinking.

He has personally taught more people how to think in English than anyone else in history.

Michael Anthony Hewitt-Gleeson (born Melbourne 1947) is an Australian cognitive scientist and author of the classic best-selling coursebook on neuroplasticity called Software For Your Brain (1989), ISBN 09473511088.

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson first published his invention of the universal brain software known as the digital switch cvs2bvs or cvs to bvs in 1984 (NewSell, Boardroom Books, New York, 1984).

cvs2bvs is based on Hewitt’s-Gleeson’s First Law of Thinking which states: the current view of the situation (cvs) can never be equal to the better view of the situation (bvs) 0r cvs≠bvs.

The Think Switch

Doctor of Lateral Thinking

Hewitt-Gleeson is an acknowledged world authority on lateral thinking who has four published titles on Lateral Thinking. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Cognitive Science, International College, Los Angeles (1980) with an association with New York University (NYU). In 1980, Cambridge Professor Edward de Bono was Hewitt-Gleeson’s tutor for the world’s first PhD in Lateral Thinking in which he proposed The Theory of Newsell. His examiner was the distinguished Professor George Gallup, Founder of the Gallup Poll, Princeton. At that time Professor Gallup wrote, “Newsell may be the first new strategy for selling in 50 years”.

He was a Member of the Advisory Board for the Learning and Leadership Centre for Melbourne Grammar School from 2006 to 2012. In 2005 he was appointed by Victorian Premier Steve Bracks as an Ambassador for Think Victoria and Club Melbourne. He is the first Visiting Academic Fellow in Innovation Thinking at the Biosciences Research Division of the Department of Primary Industries at La Trobe University (2007).

Hewitt-Gleeson is a third generation Australian returned serviceman following his father and grandfather who both served in the 2nd AIF in World War II.

Based on his military training and service as a Vietnam vet, Dr Hewitt-Gleeson utilised this experience to design a “train-the-trainer” strategy for School of Thinking. He contends that, compared to business training, military science has evolved, over thousands of years, some very robust training strategies because of the pressure of a much stronger bottom line. In the 1980s he was the first to apply these strategies to accelerate the dissemination and teaching of thinking skills in the Learn-To-Think Project in North America. This “train-the-trainer” strategy has now become the biggest and fastest growing model in the world for teaching metacognition. When Edward de Bono first saw it he described Hewitt-Gleeson’s model as “brilliant“.

Hewitt-Gleeson is one of only 1800 Australian national servicemen who shared in the Scheyville experience. He also served in the 1 ATF (1968-1969) during the Vietnam War. His military experience and awards include:

Officer Training Unit, Scheyville, NSW Australia (non-graduate 1968)
Jungle Training Centre, Canungra, Queensland, Australia, Graduate (1968)
– Language Instructor, Vietnamese Allied Cultural Association (Vung Tau 1968)
– Flying Officer, Royal Australian Air Force Reserve, (Melbourne 1969-1974)
The Veteran Corps of Artillery (VCA), State of New York (New York 1990)
Order of St John of Jerusalem (1984)

Australian Active Service Medal 1945-1975 (1995)
Vietnam Medal (Vung Tau 1968)
Australian Defence Medal (2006)
Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-1972 (2001)
Vietnam Campaign Medal (Nui Dat 1969)

Dr Hewitt-Gleeson has been an international consultant on strategy and sought by organizations and corporations from the United Nations, and the White House to IBM, Fujitsu, BMW, Jack Welch of General Electric, AMP, Telstra, Vodaphone, Saatchi & Saatchi, Australian Institute of Sport and St Kilda Football Club. He has lectured widely in many nations including Canada, China, Bermuda, Indonesia, Tahiti, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, France, Israel, Japan, Italy, Greece, Malta, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

His work has been featured in Forbes, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Personal Success (cover story May ’91), Readers Digest, Wall Street Journal, GQ (cover story), The Australian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The West Australian, BRW, Financial Review, Australian Anthill and many publications. He has been featured in numerous radio and television programs and internet blogs worldwide.

Hewitt-Gleeson is a best-selling author of books and numerous articles on lateral thinking, selling and leadership. His books are:

– Learn-To-Think: Coursebook and Instructor’s Manual (Co-author Edward de Bono) (1982), ISBN 0884961990
– NewSell (1984), ISBN 0932648568
Software For Your Brain (1989), ISBN 09473511088
– NewSell 2 (1990), ISBN 0947351221
– Software for the Brain 2: Handbook for Lateral Thinkers (1991), ISBN 0947351388
– THINK: An Action Program for Lateral Thinking (1993), ISBN 0947351515
– THINK AGAIN: A Brain Users Guide to Lateral Thinking (1993), ISBN 0947351515
– SELL: the lateral thinkers’ guide to selling and leadership (1993), ISBN 0947351639
– Clever: A Coursebook for Clever Thinking (1993) ISBN 0947351671
– The X10 Memeplex: multiply your business by 10! (2000), ISBN 0724801111
WOMBAT SELLING: how to sell by word of mouth (2006) ISBN 1740664280

English Thinking: The Three Methods (2012), ISBN 9780987319401
The Story of the Edward de Bono School of Thinking 1979-1984 (2012), ISBN 9780978319403


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    I’m Jinyoung Song.
    I work for Kumsung Publishing Company in Korea.
    I recently got to know SOT and was surprised at this program.
    I’d like to use this method(e-mailed lessons) for writing courses in our company.
    By the way, we have to make a profit while you provide lessons for free.
    So I want to know how to manage this site.
    Does government only support this site, or do many corporations have donated?
    I wonder how you earn a profit.
    In addition, I don’t know whether you offer feedback to all of responses.
    I want to know many good sites like SOT as business models for online study site, so I’m writing this mail to you.
    If these questions are not your secret, please answer them.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks for registering me, and I look forward to improve my thinking to better contribute to Society.

  3. At last I found the right place to start with my dream. So far, I was wondering, how am I going to help my people at the rural villages develop their thinking skills. Now no worries, I hope. Dear Sir/Madam, hope to get your kind support throughout my service.

    Warm regards

  4. Impressive.

    I was here because I want to improve my thinking skill…using the methods developed by the founders.

    Good to know what one could do with the skill they have mastered. In the founders’ case, they created methods that others can use to improve their thinking skills.

  5. Its my pleasure Dr.michael,i am a nigeria young graduate of mechanical engineering technology!i was online happly i saw your program school of thinking(SOT).Which enhance my thinking ability to learn and mastered more.its a nice program indeed.i want to think like the founders of this great instituted more especially Edward de bono and michael Hewitt-Gleeson.throughly i must comfase that my learning ability had change.i am glad to have your by my side in order to create and mastered all being told by the founders.thank you ‘God’ bless.

  6. I’m benefiting from the points of view of many thinkers you’ve worked with along the way. Thank you. A collision of minds can create many better views.

  7. Thankyou for such an inventive and sorely needed way of collecting thinkers from around the world. We have been bombarded with the world of social media which tells you what to think daily. This fills a gap where your imagination is still free and not controlled by the hyoe we see and hear daily in newpapers, TV and on radio. Although once we have acheived clarity of thought those mediums have no power over our senses any more!

  8. I am not surprise with the current format of our website. A great improvements since SOT came to the internet I can remember how it was those days and in Ghana our network was dial-lap today we uses high speed broadband. Thank you Michael for your leadership and foresight.

  9. Congratulations on a wonderful achievement with the School of Thinking. I am going to buy your Coursebook and Instructors Manual. I intend to give classes on how to think. I, like you, believe that knowing how to think correctly is essential for humans today. So many people waste their lives because they are not able to interpret situations correctly and then deal effectively with them.

  10. Impressive history !!! I would love to see the SOT teachings spread to all our school systems here in the USA. If we could start this at the elementary school level – Wow! this thought is very exciting. I appreciate the opportunity of being involved in this program. Thank you.

  11. It is wonderful to have involvement, in any way, with such a legacy. With the unique approach the world can become a much better place, filled with people educated in how to think, producing better thoughts and better results.

  12. It is wonderful to have a School of Thinking and create resources and tools that help people and organizations to think. At many places institutions are resultant to introduce a credit course on thinking. I am hoping to see if metacognitive thinking can be weaved into science and engineering courses taught at colleges and universities. I am developing a course design process that is based on taxonomy table made up of cognitive dimension and knowledge dimension, for which I need an operative definition of ‘thinking’. I have not been able to find any in the literature associated with SOT. It would be nice if SOT has one such operative definition for thinking.

  13. Very inspiring. I read Software for Brain 1 & 2 some 20 years ago and have been benefitting from the lessons even now. Thank you for good work you under took. As Hitler said, “It’s good fortune of governments that people don’t think” I think, it’s about time, people learn to think on their own.

  14. MIchael has been an inspiration from the first moment of knowing of him, let alone meeting him in person. I am eternally grateful for the efforts of the team as their efforts have assisted in moving me forward with pleasure and interest in the problem solving of my life.

  15. What an amazing, incredible group of people we SOT students have to teach/help us with our thinking methods . Thank you very much Dr. Michael and your team. Mr. Jenks Guo, thank you for this great user-friendly site.

  16. My first reaction after reading this was that SOT is not in fact a school at all. However, SOT redefines the meaning of school, just as many nations around the world are redefining marriage.

  17. I feel very priveledged to have personally met Michael and be apart of this program. It has changed the way I look at everything in my life.

  18. Certain the top of the top. HI qualifications I feel honored to be a student.
    Time ago I read and practiced Seven hats and found very useful.

  19. Having the opinion of another person is to double thinking power. The trick is to ask the right person with the right exposure and experience to the situation in question. A timely reminder of the value of listening.

  20. I would love to see the SOT teachings spread to all our school systems here in RWANDA starting this at the elementary school level. I appreciate the opportunity of being involved in this program. Thank you

  21. Its a great priviledge to have access to so great a weath of knowledge and experience. Thank you for birthing SOT.

  22. Mike’s backgroung is simply impressive.

    To me, The most important skills a person can achieve is the ability to think and be ambitious. That’s why I am so exited about CVStoBVS and x10.
    I have a degree in Marketing and I speak spanish. So creativity and thinking will be an edge and there is a lot potential in the spanish speaking communities ( in the US where I live) and spanish speaking countries.

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