Co-founders: Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono

The Clever Country” mission of the School of Thinking has been to get thinking taught on the Australian school curriculum as a core subject.

40 years ago, the School of Thinking (SOT) was founded in New York on 17 November, 1979, by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson and Edward de Bono. Since then, SOT has disseminated over half a billion thinking lessons to 51 countries.

Edward de Bono and Michael Hewitt-Gleeson in New York in 1980

SOT pedagogy is founded on Dr Hewitt-Gleeson’s idea of ‘thinking instructors‘.

In 1982 they co-authored the School of Thinking blueprint for training thinking instructors and published Learn-To-Think: Coursebook and Instructor’s Manual, ISBN 0884961990.

Today, after 40 years of teaching the world to think, there are more than 6.6 million thinking instructors in the world. Over 3 million in primary schools and over 3.5 million in secondary schools.

Many are still teaching the Six Thinking Hats method originally developed by the School of Thinking in 1983.

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  1. Where can I buy “Software for your Brain” It was highly recomended to me but I cant find it in stores or online.?

  2. It was really good to read the above, as it gave me a more rounded feel of your background, experiences and what you are about

    I appreciate, admire, respect and acknowledge your passion and committment

    may the sun shine on you

  3. I love your book on Wombat selling it was really help full and enlightening i would love to sit with you and ask you ways of lateral marketing for my type of sales roll

  4. Hi Michael,

    I would like to be a part of your thinking school – I am not one who can bring financial/corporate ties but I am very interested in education (thinking and doing maths at secondary level) If you have a meeting please let me know so I can attend.

    Kind regards Christine

  5. Hi Michael{

    First of all, thank you for inviting me to the Leadership training program; after reading about you , I know I´m in for a very interesting and helpful journey.

  6. Michael.

    Remember this…CVS to BVS! cvs to bvs, cvs to bvs.


    You presented this to me at a CEO’s conference this year and this little phrase and mindset helped me totally come up with an innovative solution to my problem.

    Since your lively and inspiring talk, I have launched my own business and also which contains a free goalsetting and visualisation widget. It’s taking off, and still in beta!

    I can honestly say that CVS to BVS was one of the tipping points in generating the out of the box creative thinking that enabled me to launch the website and keep the cashflow going.


  7. Dear Michael
    After doing 2 of your courses I would like to ask you how you think about the following
    Why does one person’s opinion and voice often be allowed to unilaterally outweight the voice and wisdom of all others as a collective in a so called democratic society? I will give one example -a person decides he does not like some steps on a house near the river. He goes to the Council and asks what can be done to remove the steps -they were approved. The owner of the house is not allowed to know who complained yet this one individual is now expecting the Council to do something about removing these steps. I could give another example that exhaustive community consultation a hammerhead turning circle needs to be built to make our road safer, one person complains and now it is in the Supreme Court What thinking methods could we use – have treid CVS to BVS

    Kind regards

    Sue Minshall


    It has been an wonderful experience for me to learn, understand and sometimes use it in real life. I will keep on using these methods espeically in a diverse society like India

  9. Michael,
    Thanks for helping make ClarkMorgan ‘Training Firm of the Year’ for 2008, two years in a row! Your insights into CVS2BVS, Uncheck2Check, and your ability to inspire my team helped us beat international training companies to the post. As we venture cautiously into 2009, with the financial crisis still ballooning around us, we are now more confident with this latest feather in our cap.


  10. As a school that has for many years considered thinking as an important teaching and learning focus, your studies, your detailed explainations and complex descriptive philosophies will in the future take Baranduda PS to new and exciting levels of educational metacognition. I thankyou for this and the students will be better informed and better controlled thinkers as a result.

  11. Your thinking lessons are quite addictive. The most enjoyable and worthwhile use of the internet I have experienced.

  12. Thank you Michael, I have enjoyed the lessons so far very much and am keen to continue with the Advanced Leadership Training SOT.

  13. I was reading something similar on another website that i was researching. I will be sure to look around more.

  14. And someone wondered why I appointed you on Virtual Board of Directors!

    I am grateful to be taken your lessons through SOT.

  15. i think the school of thinking would have to establish the school of reasoning, as reasoning is a imperative key for convincing and maintaining comprehension!

  16. Few people have virtue of mankind, and I personally believe that yor are one of them this is not a compliment

  17. I recently came across information that challenges the view that in the time of Columbus the people viewed the earth as flat. In the the middle ages Roger Bacon was attributed as saying that the curvature of the earth explains why we can see further at higher elevations. It was stated that the myth that people viewed the earth as flat came from a The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus by Washington Irving 1828 (he also wrote the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip van Winkle among other books). So it was postulated that “the world is flat” belief meme came from Irving Washington.

  18. Dr Hewitt-Gleeson, thank you , you make me happy with your formula; “escape + search= Think” = to improve ourselves… it is great !!!!! How much I have to learn 🙂 I am lucky (-:

  19. THank you. I am beginning to see and feel the difference.




  20. Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson speech at VU, this kind of lectures give a motivation to the mankind and what they are inside comes out by the way of thinking as the story of Elder and Younger brother. Very very useful lecture it is.

  21. Can ones mind think different after reaching 80. I will love the opportunity to find out.
    Just to think of the idea to start a school of such is a great discovery. Thank you for the opportunity to
    begin school again.

  22. Thank you for opening a new door of thinking. I followed the link to youtube and found Edward deBono’s information on the 6 thinking hats which really put a new spin on mastermind thinking or old style brainstorming with better results. Looking forward to the usage in our group.

  23. Michael has constructed a solid Systemic Model, not only to think but, to act intelligently.

    Thank you Michael for sharing this KM Tool.

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    a racing standard. It’s possible to do this and still be more productive at the office,
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    they were quicker as a esult of it’s superior construction.

  25. Here I am again to relearn and rehearse what I learnt three years back from the master trainer. Glad I made this comeback decision.

  26. Had the pleasure of listening to Mr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson speak live at a seminar – very impressed by his presentation.

  27. Hi Michael, I hope this finds you very well! I am wondering if you can send me a document for being accredited to teach your Lateral Thinking. I lost mine years ago in a flood. I am teaching now. I do hope we stay in touch.
    Very best regards,
    Sir T

  28. I’ve often thought that our creativity has been stifled so we could be put into a box. Let’s learn to break out.

  29. Hi Micheal, really wondering your words make me think a lot, and admiring words, great God bless you, Thanks…

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