NEW: Lateral Thinking Advanced training ‘at home’ …

Not for everyone.

Lateral thinking is x10 thinking. Lateral thinking is hard. It’s not for everyone. In fact, most people most of the time are thinking inside their box. That’s just the way it is. That is the natural way and it’s hard to escape. Lateral thinking is thinking outside the box. It’s not easy. It takes strategy. It takes effort and skill.

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If you think you would like to be considered for ‘mentoring at home’ you can now apply to School of Thinking (SOT) for special advanced training in lateral thinking aka x10 thinking.

It’s a new no-nonsense, no BS course for grown-ups.

There are ten lessons in the at home mentoring course. This is a new SOT course designed in 2020. This full course includes cutting-edge cognitive theory and instruction about the potential of your PFC. That’s the theory and we call it Warm-up Week. Then comes FutureThink Week which focuses on real life application of your PFC potential. The life results are bespoke to you personally, they are tangible and will be measured.

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You can read this new fastbook (about 10 mins) on the brain and your PFC potential …

The SOT Certificate

If you can complete these ten lessons, and the ten questions, you’ll qualify and attain your personalised Lateral Thinking Certificate-Advanced (LTC-A) from School of Thinking (SOT). In a recent class of 29 businesspeople only 5 finished to receive their certificates so to add their qualification to Linked-In.

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This elite result is quite usual for real lateral thinking skills. About 1 in 5 get through to the end of the ten lessons.

Current feedback from participants

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• FEES: Lateral thinking is not for everyone but anyone can apply for the SOT training. The training is priceless. There are no fees.

• CERTIFICATE: For those who qualify the personalised certificate will cost AUD$80.

• APPLICATION: To apply register your name and email address on this page, or by return email. You will receive a Confirmation from SOT.

• TESTIMONIALS: Feedback and commentary from others:


Teachers & Students


• HISTORY: ‘The Clever Country’

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40 thoughts on “NEW: Lateral Thinking Advanced training ‘at home’ …

  1. hi Michael,

    I attended your two (2) sessions at the Brisbane Ideas festival in March 2009.

    I am writing to request a certificate for attending the course at The Queensalnd State library.

    Mark Reedman

  2. so, I am a clinical psychologist, specialised in intellectual and cognitive problems. I am also based in France though raised throughout the world.
    Just discovered you existence.

    Tell me more!

  3. In science, the power of a theory is the number of things it explains divided by the number of things it assumes. The more things that can be explained by a theory that assumes as little as possible is what gives the theory its power

    answer why : its an interesting theory given by darwin about the power of theory and even explains how to know relationship between explanations ans assumptions

  4. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be with myself guided by your lessons in something that will always be the most personal event in the world: my own thinking.

    The invitation came from the CEO of and I’m really excited to develop my thinking to new heights, because I highly respect David Cameron’s work and have read 3 of Edward de Bono´s books. I’m sincerely grateful and happy to grow …. again!

  5. Excellent site and service. The first ten lessons have seen me through some tricky times and given me renewed faith in the power of improved thinking skills. Thank you so much!

  6. Michael, I am just about to embark on this journey via your School of Thinking and am excited about the process. I will post comments as I go along. Thank you so much for all you do, and cheers to a fun, meaningful and prosperous remainder to 2007.

  7. … and the Truth will set u free. I guess u have to use your thinking to find the Truth, so I’ve been given the directions to learn thinking. Thank your for your work! Hope that I will learn something useful. Corneliu

  8. I’m interested to enhance my thinking skills and The School of Thinking is a wonderful oppurtunity to start today.

  9. I have read Edward de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ and ‘How to have a beautiful mind’. Both books have helped me in my quest to sharpen my thinking skills, and I am keen now to continue with the School of Thinking course.

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