Your DFQ:

WHO can you ask for help today?

Plan to use the WHO strategy today and post your result.

57 thoughts on “WHO

  1. I have asked my young children for their opinions on many issues as they are unbiased and bring a totally fresh approach to things.

  2. Asking a who is easy.
    Accepting the who answer, the challenge.
    This is probably the crux of the matter, the cvs2bvs.
    Back to WhoVille for more…

  3. I would usually engage two ‘whos’ that I think have totally different perspectives, that way I can (reasonably) objectively compare the two against one another and synthesize a new perspective or solution which is greater than my own.

    One current project requires some new perspectives and I have asked an intern with limited functional knowledge of the process, but who could add some great un-constrained ideas. I have also asked a team member who I am specifically developing in our area of focus.

    The responses will be different, but the key insights from both will illuminate the process for me.

  4. Who is great for gaining understanding, the best people “who” to ask are those who disagree with you, your enemies, if you can manage to get past the emotion you may gain insight to a bvs.
    Who along with what, where and when give you the foundation for understanding the now.

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