Your DFQ:

WHO can you ask for help today?

Plan to use the WHO strategy today and post your result.

57 thoughts on “WHO

  1. I would usually ask my wife, Eileen, for help. I would also ask my friends , if Eileen could not help me.I could also ask my colleagues for help. If you want help , there is help out there. You only have to ask.

  2. I will ask my oldest son who is wise beyond his years. He will play the “Devil’s Advocate” and challenge me – He will make me aware of any faults in my argument.

  3. I ll like to ask first to my son (Very Newer in thinking) and then My father (Old Experienced) because in family the closer one can observe Me clearly with there attachment with me so this is depends on there different interest in me as a father and as son so I ask them for think on my CVS.

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