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  1. As an artist and designer, I am in a constant flux of thinking and when I find a better solution to any problem I am facing, I am quite prepared to change my mind. If that makes me a fool, then so be it. I think it can equally be said that anyone who sticks to their guns in the face of new facts, is also a fool.

  2. When I learn something I don’t say my mind has changed to something. What I would say in this case is I have enlightened myself to a new understanding. And it is a continuous process. Why do we have to go to saying this is right or wrong and that is the reason I am changing my viewpoint? It is a different way of looking at things.

  3. I used to think why alone education is taken as everybody’s child. Whoever come in power, they try to change the system and playing with the mind of young children. Education is a natural process and a system and each one learns as to their potential and ability. People should understand the reality.

    P. Vijayachandran.

  4. This year through my investment newsletters I came to realise that a lot of the environmental activist community is actually being used as pawns for other multinational energy conglomerates in ways that I would never have believed. This learning enables me to see through the emotional based hype commonly used to inform environmental activist types and to change my world view regarding the use of technology to enhance human living. Previously I would have been hard put to accept any point of view akin to the one I have now but the numbers stack up and the science behind emerging energy technology has proven to me that I need to open my mind a lot more than previously thought.

    I do understand that the newsletters are pro mining and this standpoint is opposite the pov of my colleagues but in all reality none of them would do without their cars, phones, general daily electricity. Maybe its time to stop attempts to reduce energy usage when clearly its what humanity needs to be able to solve all energy crises.

  5. What if there were no borders between countries but one sole territory where you could come and go as you wished, stay as long as you wanted, experience whatever you want to experience there and then move on to another place, being welcomed everywhere, finally choosing a place to settle knowing the world is an open space, where noone claims their space because there is room for everyone, everywhere… you just have to get there.

  6. I think Political correctness in crrent society is one of the greatest evils facing human kind.

    By being told what to say and then be criticised and ostracised for not conforming to me is the beginning of an Orwelling world.
    We are being conditioned not to speak our own truths.

  7. It would be scary indeed if we were to demand that alternate energy sources (other than fossil fuel) to power transport and such be made available The super powers of government and petrochemical companies who make their fortunes from oil would no longer have an excuse to invade the oil rich middle eastern countries

  8. What if a critical mass of people realized that the “government” is not needed, that in fact it is an illusion to think of government as an entity that can do anything in its own right rather than a number of people who assumed power over those who let their lives be ran by others rather than by themselves?

    What if people saw “law” as an illusion just the same, realizing it is just a set of words constituting artificial and unnatural rules and conditions on how one should live?

    What if the whole concept of coercive authority was entirely abolished?

    I feel this to be an inevitable progression should enough individuals free their minds to truly independently think and act with 100% personal responsibility.

  9. With the ‘right’ mindset everyone can be liberated to do whatever they want, whenever they want, with whomever they want, wherever they want.

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