What is Speed of Thought?

Are you a speed thinker?

First, answer these five questions with either a YES or a NO:

• In any situation can you instantly know how you feel about it?
YES                     NO
• When criticised can you quickly defend your opinions?
YES                     NO
• Is it easy for you to see the mistakes in the thinking of others?
YES                     NO
• Are you good at convincing others when you are right?
YES                     NO
• In deciding, can you see the obvious alternatives and choose the best one?
YES                     NO

If you answered YES to any of these questions then chances are your thinking is much slower than it need be and you can easily double your speed of thought.

Why is this so?

Because the traditional, critical thinking we learned at school is judgmental. It’s Black Hat thinking. It’s the right/wrong method and is about defending your point-of-view – keeping yourself ‘right’.

Speed thinking is about escaping from your point-of-view to find a much better one – thinking outside the square! To do this you may need to upgrade your existing brain software.

What is brain software?

Brain software is the basic program you use to do your thinking. Think of your brain as your ‘necktop computer’. Now, ask yourself: What software do I use in my necktop and where did I get it from?

Many people are slow thinkers, not because they are short on brainpower, but because they’re using very slow, outdated brain software. The software they were programmed at school to think with actually slows them down. This software is the 2500-year-old Greek software – logic – which was spread around the world by the church during the second millennium and is so, so sluggish. Many sportspeople are still stuck with logic as their main thinking software, and that’s about as fast as they can go.

Why be interested in increasing your own speed of thought?

If you don’t upgrade your brain software then you’ll be stuck with what you’ve got.

Although this sounds a bit like a TV advertorial (But wait there’s more!) I’ve listed some of the many real benefits that can come from increasing your own speed of thought:

• be more open-minded
• be better able to escape from your point-of-view
• be able to see more opportunities
• be faster at solving problems
• enjoy making decisions
• increase your survival skills
• be fitter in the marketplace
• be more effective at planning
• get much better results
• find it easier to be creative
• be faster to take advantage of changes in circumstances
• get things done quicker
• think more and worry less
• lower your stress levels
• increase your family’s peace and happiness
• see information in new and more useful ways
• generate better and better alternatives
• apply speed of thought to your personal and family life
• be better at sports and career problems and opportunities
• be a speed thinker!

How can I double my Speed of Thought?

A simple way is by daily training.

If you wish you can get this training pro bono from the School of Thinking.

19 thoughts on “What is Speed of Thought?

  1. I answered NO to the first three questions and I felt a sensation that maybe this was ‘wrong’. And I answered YES to the last two questions and felt ‘good’ about that.

    Then I read on and found out that to answer NO meant that I was a faster thinker! How interesting that I said yes to the last two? In other words, good at arguing a point and staying still and prejudging a situation!

    I notice immediately that I automatically care about getting the ‘right’ answer to YES/NO instead of the actual answer.

    I have to just think at full speed ahead and do and see what actually happens and ignore the feeling of ‘is this going to be right or wrong’.

  2. The author deserves great deal of appreciation,for the way he/she has dealt with the concept of thinking.The questions are stimulating!
    I would be more than happy if School of thinking can make me a better thinker!

  3. Again, there is no end to learning new things and definitely I am interested to learn something which will help me to create things in a more “PRODUCTIVE” way.

  4. I am a speed thinker and it helped me to solve many problems and successful in my life. Still I believe I need training . Ready to take.

    P. Vijayachandran.

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