Welcome Master Students to Leadership Training …


I welcome you, as a Master Student, to ATLC Training which is SOT’s Advanced Thought Leadership Course.

This lessons in this course work better and better when they are repeated several times. Just start off today by introducing yourself to your fellow Master Students with a few words. You are a unique individual, and so are each of your fellow classmates in this course and all of your comments will be helpful to each other during this training.

So, just say anything you like but also include answers to the following:

DFQ #01 – Introduction:
– What city and country are you in now?

– What is your daily occupation?

– What are two of your personal interests/activities which bring you enjoyment or make you happy?

516 thoughts on “Welcome Master Students to Leadership Training …

  1. Greetings; I am an internal medicine physician working in Sacramento, California for the past 20 years. I am passionate about helping overweight and obese people achieve their weight loss goals. I am a Certified Transition Lifestyle coach specialized in achieving results for people that want to lose weight and keep it off for good. I am working full time at the Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC) as primary care physician. I am also starting a new practice treating obesity exclusively. I am happy to be part of the school of thinking and learning thinking best practices and looking to find out about other fellow student in this class.

  2. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

    I am Head of Product at a small SAAS company which develops remote workforce service management products to Building service providers and maintenance management systems to Facility Management companies.

    I enjoy creating things (websites, beer, insights, memories) and really enjoy the leadership aspects of sports and how we can learn from those that innovate in their teams.

  3. Bring Bathroom Happiness by Reece to all bathroom makers in Australia/NZ, including all forms of customers not just the final home owner.

  4. Melbourne /Australia
    Family, in particular my kids bring me great enjoyment
    Success in sport brings happiness

  5. in Melbourne Australia
    I manage a plumbing supplies store for reece Australia
    love golf and watching my kids enjoy playing sport

  6. Hi I’m Peter. I work in support centre in the IT department. My job is to help design and implement new systems and software in the most efficient way to help make TRS (and other systems) easier to use and add more value. I love spending time with my family and playing competitive sport (particularly tennis and golf). Also love to snow ski.

  7. Hi I’m Joe, based at the NDC
    my job is to assist the network and customers to solve issues
    I enjoy driving my toy and helping my family and friends

  8. Hi,I”m Des and live in Ipswich,Australia
    I work as a manager
    I enjoy coaching rugby league and spendind time with my grandchildren

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