Welcome Master Students to Leadership Training …


I welcome you, as a Master Student, to ATLC Training which is SOT’s Advanced Thought Leadership Course.

This lessons in this course work better and better when they are repeated several times. Just start off today by introducing yourself to your fellow Master Students with a few words. You are a unique individual, and so are each of your fellow classmates in this course and all of your comments will be helpful to each other during this training.

So, just say anything you like but also include answers to the following:

DFQ #01 – Introduction:
– What city and country are you in now?

– What is your daily occupation?

– What are two of your personal interests/activities which bring you enjoyment or make you happy?

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  1. Hi all my name is Robert O’Neill. I live in the small coastal town of Inverloch which is around two hours from Melbourne Australia. I work for a local builder and we build around 100 homes a year on average.

    2 things I really enjoy are: Dinner with my family and Surfing, which is really the S in CVS2BVS but you’ll find that out when you reach the higher levels of MLTSOT…..

  2. Hi all, my name is Frederic. Based in Singapore, I run The Wise Traveller where we help everyone become wiser travellers and world citizens. My experience is in building revenue pipelines for software companies and have led, trained, coached and been part of numerous start-ups. I’m a mentor with MentorsHub, co-started Francais sans Frontieres (FsF) to support the French community abroad, parkour enthusiast, teach Kali (Filipino martial art) and writes poetry and life quotes and have a 16-years old daughter which reframed what education needed to be : )

  3. Hi Jamie , Craig , Kamyar I am late in this DFQ past few weeks were a bit crazy in Adelaide , Australia.
    I am currently doing implementation management of a $10mil project around migration of customers from one banking entity to other. And my job is also around IT portfolio management which involves stakeholder management , prioritization, financial management , metrics etc.

    I love going on a walk in the conservation park near my home and also playing with my kids or watching them play !

  4. Hi everyone, my name is Eman Hawat
    I live in Tripoli ,Libya .
    I am an NGO programme director. I enjoy family time ,swimming and playing tennis .

  5. Hi everyone. My name is Bong Montesa. I live in Manila, Philippines.

    I am a Senior Policy Specialist on Violence, Fragility and Peace in the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). My work is primarily centered in challenges in Southern Philippines.

    My interests are teaching young children in thinking as well as outdoor sports like hiking, trekking.

  6. Hi Craig, Kamyar and Sonia,

    I live in Melbourne, Australia also.

    I am a solicitor and have run my own practice for 17 years. I mainly perform commercial work both litigious and non- litigious .

    My interests are bushwalking and competitive sports, in particular soccer.

    I am interested in the interaction of thinking ideas and strategies such as lateral thinking, memetics and personal training which appears to make this course unique.

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